Ysadora Ferland
Viva Bianca
Viva Bianca as Ysadora Carys Ferland
name: Ysadora Carys Ferland
father: Sergin Valois
mother: Marisse Valois
spouse: Ser Dyson Ferland (deceased)
issue: None
gender: Female
age: 24
height: 5'7"
weight: 130 lbs
eyes: Forest Green
hair: Golden Blonde
honorific: Mistress
house: Ashwood
position: Castellan


Most of what is known about Mistress Ysadora can be attributed to whispers and rumors throughout the Riverlands. Her beauty is considered to have been instrumental in awarding her a profitable marriage to a favorite Tourney knight, Ser Dyson. When her husband pledged his sword to House Camden, whispers suggest the young wife was less than pleased — wishing her husband to remain free of any sworn allegiances without first consulting with her.

Much like his wife, Ser Dyson, was well-known for his dashing appearance as well as his winsome charm - though sadly not his intellect. When Tall Oaks fell to the Ironborn seige, Mistress Ysadora remained amongst one of the few survivors of the ordeal: her husband, sadly, was not so fortunate. Some rumors suggest it was a bit too convenient that the young woman was away from the holdings upon that specific day, hinting that she perhaps might have had a hand in the ruination of House Camden. Others claim such rumors to be ridiculous and that the woman simply was spared by the hands of the Seven.

What is known is that the woman eventually found her way back to Tall Oaks, now Highfield, and has personally pledged her service to that of Lord Aleister Charlton. The nature of her pledge and true depth of her loyalty remains yet unknown, but she does seem to have quickly risen in the ranks to achieve the position of Castellan. With a careful whisper here or a pulled string there, Mistress Ysadora seems to have secured a definite finger upon the pulse of happenings within the keep: for her eyes and ears are everywhere.

One thing is for certain, there is more to Mistress Ysadora than meets the eye, and some wonder exactly what her presence and quick rise to power amongst the Keep truly means… while others think some answers are just better left unknown.


Physical Features

Standing several inches north of five feet, this lean woman carries herself with a silent grace. Her figure cuts a rather shapely form with soft curves: appealing enough to garner a bit of notice but not so overt as to cause any sort of distraction. Thick golden curls twist up to pin loosely atop her head: a few braids lain about the front to create a circlet while a few locks escape in the back to fall gently to her mid back. Wide forest green eyes peer back beneath a web of dark lashes; her brows slender and arched with care. Sharp features complete the construct of her heart-shaped face, etching a visage of fine breeding despite her commoner roots.

Blessed with a rather flawless ivory complexion, express care is taken to try and convey femininity with competency. A simple gown of softly spun muslin, dyed a warm goldenrod hue, clings comfortably to the varying curves of her feminine form only to be overlain by a woolen bodice of steel blue. The bodice tapers in to hug her form, lacing up the front with ribbons of buttery gold. Golden embroidered leaves trim along the lower hem while a pair of soft black boots peek out from beneath the gown.

The young woman appears to favor no additional ornamentation aside from a small embroidered crest bearing indication of House Charlton of Highfield above her right breast.

Allies and Foes

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