Your Family Awaits
Your Family Awaits…
Summary: Cordelya writes a missive to Tiaryn inviting her south, so she needn't be so far from what family she has left.
Date: 1/30/289
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Cordelya Tiaryn 
From Seagard to the Roost
Monday Night, January 30th, 289

(The letter is written on hastily folded paper and sent by a courier straight for the Roost. The sealing wax is slightly sloppy, but it bears the Flint F within it's gray press.)

Dearest Tiaryn,

First off, I do hope you are well. I feel horribly that we left you mostly alone in the Roost, but I did not think a war camp was any place for you after all you've seen. I hope you've found friends and business to keep you well while in the Roost. In truth, I've missed your company. All that now fills Seagard is soldiers, injury and sickness. If I trusted Maesters a little bit more and my own hands a little be less, I would have never rode, but I did not. What's done is done, and the worst of it is passed, which is why I write you now.

My husband took severe injury to his neck. While I no longer think it may be permanent broken, I do not know when Anders will be able to ride again. Even worse, in the final battle, Lord Aleister Charlton took a severe wound to the head which has put him in quite a fever. Apparently, they sent for his wife who just arrived this night. While I am glad to see her, where I feared this was no place for those of a delicate constitution, apparently the war camps have been opened to any women who wish to come.

So, I beseech you, join us. It will not be the prettiest thing you've ever seen, nor the most comfortable. If you think you can steel your heart against the battles which have been raged and now finished in partial vengeance of your family, I would love to have you here with us. The ale flows freely and at least the men are starting to show they are now in better hearts. I could use another set of hands in the sick tent, and I suspect the walls of the Roost are growing boring.

I hope to see you soon, good cousin. I miss you dearly. Your Flint family awaits your smiling face.