Page 427: You Shook Me All Night Long
You Shook Me All Night Long
Summary: Darek and Sela catch up back at Highfield.
Date: 21 September 2012
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Darek Sela 
A Room, Ash and Oak Inn
It's a room, mate.
September 21, 289

When you're in your late teens, and you've been apart for several weeks, and one of you has been through a life-or-death struggle, there's really only one thing to do when you get back together in the same location. Darek and Sela have done that. Now Darek sprawls under a light sheet, sitting up against the wall behind the bed, and picks at the bandage around his left arm. He never really had a chance to talk about his first experience with war before they got distracted, but right now he appears quite content to sit close, letting his breathing and heartrate return to normal. "Mmmm… I missed you too, Blue-eyes."

Sela is curled up against him, her dark curls sprawled out across the bed; the pillows had long been discarded, as has the comforter. The thief is drifting a bit toward a happy sleep, but the words of the squire draws her attention from that warm, cottony place. She glances up toward him with the faintest smile curving her lips. "Next time, I follow the supply trains." She snugs up closer to him, buring her face against his side as her arm remains sprawled across his belly. She looks up toward the bandaged hand, watching him pick at it for a few moments. "You gonna tell me what happened to your hand now?"

Darek lets his right hand drop back around her frame, his thumb brushing lightly over her sprawled shoulder, "Next time we both make your Da let you follow the supply trains." The agreement comes quite cheerfully, if a little hazily. Apparently he's still coming out of the 'happy-place' daze. "Hrm?" He looks down at the bandage, blinking a bit, and then continuing, "Oh. Right… um, I tried to block a fuckin' huge hammer with my shield." He shrugs one shoulder a little defensively, chuckling as he does, "It worked… mostly. It's not so bad, just a splinter off the inside of the shield." Holding his hand up, he works his fingers to demonstrate that they retain their dexterity, "Still works. Should be about able to play again soon."

Sela blinks. "A hammer?" She rolls up a bit, bracing her weight onto an elbow to look down into his eyes. "A big hammer?" She clarifies with a wrinkling of her nose. "You're lucky that all it did was hurt your hand," she notes almost reproachfully. As he mentions playing again, she slides her hand up around his own, looking over the paw carefully. "Momma always said to keep the fingers moving, flexin' and such, you doin' that?" She asks, probably the hundredth person to do so. Her brilliant eyes hold his, brows lightly arched.

Darek gives a helpless one-shouldered shrug at the mostly-repeated question, laughing helplessly, "It was my shield or my chest, Blue-eyes." He lets her study his linen-wrapped hand, but at the question that follows, he rolls his eyes, snatching his hand back and sending it diving down to tickle at her fingers, "I dunno, Sela, you tell me?" A smile splashes across his lips, sending a dimple into one cheek, "Am I keepin' my fingers movin' and flexing?"

Sela starts to giggle, squriming away from him a bit. "Cease, Squire!" She grasps at his own hands, pulling them away from her as she pins him down. "You are nothing but trouble," she growls playfully before she tilts her head with a kittenish quality. "So, you're taking care of your hand. Good." Now she smirks a bit, though there is a pause before she sinks back down against him. "So, you managed not to get crushed by a huge axe. What… what was it like… out there?"

Darek ceases his tickling… a few seconds after she requests the stop. He looks up at the pinning thiefette above him, laughing softly as he tosses a stray curl from his face. "Would you want me to be anything but trouble?" He relents as she settles back down against him, wrapping one arm around her shoulders and resting his other hand at her side. Unusually for him, he actually thinks about his response before giving it, "Like nothing I've ever seen, Blue-eyes." The words are quiet, thoughtful, "More of a rush than almost anything I've ever done. There's no time to think, no time to do anything but act. I kinda like it. It's like… I dunno… filtering out all of life except what really matters."

Sela flashes him a grin at first. "No. Trouble is fine." Then she sinks down against him once more, naked curves touching his own. She listens to him as he speaks on the feelings he felt, the emotions that ran through him. She does not speak up until he has finished, and she tilts her head once more, chin propped on his chest. "I've never heard you talk that way," she murmurs. "I guess you don't agree with Papa about it being… how did he phrase it?" She asks him as she holds her gaze steadily with his own. "Did you… did you feel the Warrior?" Says the one who follows the Old, while her squire follows the New.

Darek frowns a bit more at the questions, settling down, his fingers stroking down her back as he thinks, "I don't know if I felt the Warrior or not… but I certainly understood how you could. Maybe that is what I was feeling, being close to the Warrior, like I feel close to the Mother when I play real well." That seems to set him to thinking again, probably the most thoughtful the little thief has ever seen the squire. Even as he considers this possible religious revelation, he remarks off-handedly, "And I don't remember just what your Da said about fighting, but it was something nasty and horrible." Tilting his head to one side, he notes, "Makes sense, I suppose, if he couldn't feel the Warrior like that." He blinks hard, chuckling softly, "I never did ask… you get your present, Blue-eyes?"

Sela rolls her chin so her cheek rests onto his chest, listening to his heart thump lightly against her ear. "Papa doesn't remember much, maybe he once did hear the call of the Warrior. But, he follows the gods like Momma and I do. Only the Mountainfolk really hear such warrior cries, I'm told." She then peeks up at him with a brightening smile. "I did!" She then begins to scramble off him, slipping past the sheet to stand up. She sweeps along the cool floors, the moonlight highlighting the lines of a young figure. From her jerkin, she pulls the roll of parchment that her gift had come on. As she returns to him, she starts to unroll it.

Darek nods his head, "I don't know that I'd much like to live life without that feeling." There's a pause, and he laughs lightly, "Then again, I suppose you get somethin' like that out in the woods, yeah?" As she bounces up off the bed, he leans up on one elbow, scrubbing back his hair and bracing his head. His eyes admire the moonlight on the not-Maiden's skin, and as she returns, he lifts up the edge of the sheets again, welcoming her back into the warmth still retained within, "Whadja think, Sela? I'll totally play it for you once I can again."

"No, I get somethin' like that when I'm free-runnin'. That's where I feel the Gods the most… I guess," Sela says uncertainly, perhaps unsure of her own faith at the moment. She climbs into bed as he holds the sheet back, and she slips up against him once more with her skin pressed to his. She unfurls the parchment entirely, looking over each note and word pair. She tilts her head a bit toward him, offering him a wide smile. "This was the best gift," she whispers to him. "And I would love nothing more than to hear you play it for me."

Darek drapes the sheet once more, nodding his head, "Hey… wherever you feel it, Blue-eyes." The whispered words draw his head down to press a light kiss to her lips, his own perhaps a little sore from their enthusiastic reunion, "When you're piss-poor, you've gotta be creative. So I thought I'd give you somethin' that no one else had." He chuckles softly, bringing his bandaged hand up to stroke over her wild mass of hair, "At least not until I play it in public, although you'll still know it's written for you. An' besides reading over notes and sending me those great little figures, what'd you get up to while I was away?"

Sela laughs, nuzzling her nose against his jaw in the wake of the soft kiss. In the wake of such a reunion, the little thief is calm and subdued. She strokes her fingertips along his jaw and throat, tracing down the center of his chest. "Nothing will ever compare, and you'll have a lot to do to surpass the gift next year," she teases him softly before she scoffs. "Fuck that, every little doe-eyed girl in the common room are gonna know that song is mine, and so the man singin' it. They'll swoon over you all they want, but I'll turn their noses inside out if they think you're singin' about them."

Darek laughs softly, "Well fuck-a-duck. I didn't even think of having to beat it next year." Wait, he's not freaking out about the idea of still being with the girl in a full year? Her scoffing words cause him to laugh aloud, however, and he leans down to draw up her lips so he can give her another kiss, "Bah… let 'em have their delusions, Blue-eyes. I get more tips that way. I'll just make sure to drop any keys that end up in my pockets." Teasing gently, he adds, "Besides, I've snuck out of your room before, and you've snuck into mine. I still have to slip in your window some time." As he speaks, that half-cocked grin punches a dimple into one cheek.

Warm light illuminates her blue eyes, making them glow like sunlit cornflowers. She tilts her head a bit. "You have all year to think about it," she pipes in helpfully. Then she is drawn up, and she rolls up to lie parallel on top his body, her elbows resting on either side of his head. She sinks into the kiss, nuzzling her nose with his gently. "Alright, fine… I'll let them have their delusions, but I get to knock out the first one who tries to sneak into your bed before I get there first." She smiles again. "I can teach ya, if you like. Though I learned the hard way…"

Darek shifts under her a little as she sits up, finding a comfortable place with his hands on her thighs where she straddles him, the sheet pooling around her back and his legs, "You gonna get in trouble with your Da then? I mean, it ain't like he's going to marry you off to someone for politics, and you've made your majority. I mean, I suppose he could cut you off, but you've been without that before, yeah?" Okay, so maybe he's blathering a little bit, and his hips shift again as if somehow his comfortable place isn't quite so comfortable, "Um… I dunno, Blue-eyes. I go where Ser goes, and he's been real busy with the war and little Aerick and all that."

Sela scowls a bit. "I'll talk to him, though I doubt any of that is gonna happen. I'm not worth anythin' to anyone in a marriage. I'd rather marry meself a knight." And she blushes a bit, tilting her head a bit as if shy to that confession. Then she looks down at him as he shifts about, her brows arching high with curiosity. "Do I gotta move, Darek?" She asks him before she is swept up in the thought of Young Lord Aerick. "I still can't believe he died. Lady Cherise must be in a state." She twists her lips a bit. "I thought about goin' to visit her, but I don't know if she'd have anything to do with me." She twists her lips. "Maybe… maybe you could…" Then her words taper off and she sighs. "I dunno."

Darek laughs, although there's a bit of nerves behind the laughter as well, "Yeah… I dunno that bringing up marriage to your Da's such a great idea, Blue-eyes. He might decide to find you a knight." His hands tighten just a little on her hips at the question that follows, "No. No, I like you right there." He shivers a bit at the mention of Cherise, "Yeah… Lady Charlton… yeah, she's not doing so good." Again, his fingers tighten just a bit on the outside of her hips, although this has a bit of a beckoning gesture, "Maybe I could what, sweetheart?"

The grip on her hips and legs causes her to laugh in a warm, almost secretive manner. She leans forward again, sinking onto her elbows on either side of his head. She smiles gently, tilting her head. "Alright, I won't bring it up." She shakes her head a bit, sighing. "I dunno, don't worry about it. I'm just Garett's bastard in her eyes." She nuzzles her nose gently against his before she offers his lower lip the tiniest nip. "Let's talk about something else… I don't wanna think about it… I want to think about somethin' else."

Darek shakes his head a little at her sighing, "And I'm just a common squire. She don't even know who I am." Tilting his head up to meet that nip and turn it into a slow, soft kiss before letting his head sink back down, "So have you seen Aylene or what's-his-courier? I haven't seen 'em in ages." There's a pause, and he snickers softly, letting a smirk build on his lips, "I wonder if she's gotten into his pants yet." Which would, of course, be the reverse of how people usually have to try to go.

Sela laughs, almost comfortingly. "It's alright," she says dismissively at first before she is absorbed into that kiss. Then she pulls back to look down into those dark eyes. "I haven't, really. I think she's been doin' her bard thing," she says with a touch of a sigh. "I miss her." Then she smirks a bit. "I don't think she's managed, no." That smirk turns into a crooked grin before she sinks down against the boy, pressing chest to chest, her head nuzzled against his. "We should maybe go to the Roost, once peace is declared… maybe we can find her and Nathaniel loitering about."

Darek nods his head, reaching up with one hand to brush back her hair behind one ear, "Never good to miss a friend." When she sinks down, he runs one hand over her shoulder and down her back, the other one sliding over her hip and up her back to meet the first. "I'd like that, Blue-eyes. I dunno if I'll be able to, but I bet Ser'd let me have some time off to make the trip." He tilts his head, nuzzling into the side of her neck where he just brushed her hair aside, and he murmurs softly, "You know what I found loitering around though…? A pretty little thief, all stripped to her pretty little skin…"

The little thief giggles softly at the nuzzling, though she does stifle it a moment to lift her head to gaze down at the squire. "I'll talk to Ser myself if I have to," Sela says firmly. Then she blushes a bit at his words, her gaze soft and warm as she reaches down to touch his cheek. "And what're you gonna do with that little thief?" She inquires with a lift of her brows, her brilliant blue eyes glimmering with curiosity. "You're not about to kick her out of bed, are you?"

"Well, I already did most of what I want…" Darek nibbles slightly at her neck, sending a trail of kisses up toward her earlobe, "But I think… that I'm gonna hold onto her, 'cause she's the best thing that's ever made it into my bed." There's a devilish pause, and then he actually turns that into a compliment, "Including me."