Page 376: You Really Got Me
You Really Got Me
Summary: Teenage lovin' and worrying about war.
Date: 1 August 2012
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Sela Darek 
Town Square & Stables, Terrick's Roost
Its a town square, eventually a paddock, then the stables.
August 1, 289

Sela kicks a bit after the squire as they begin to depart. She huffs loudly, muttering under her breath, "Wanker." Then she glances after the noblewoman with a quizzical look, as if trying to size her up as she goes. Then she shrugs her shoulders and looks back to Darek. His casual statement and question causes her to scoff a bit. "I heard Mara was looking for you. She's been apparently poking around the inn's rooms looking to see if you're visitin' some of the ladies via the rooftops." She crosses her arms at her chest, cocking out one hip.

Darek chuckles at the curse sent after the squire. He eyes Sela as she eyes the noblewoman, then chortles, "Jealous?" And then she continues on about Mara, and he glances back toward the inn, reaching up to scratch at the back of his neck with the end of his bow. "Well, she doesn't know like you do that I only sneak out of inn windows."

"No," Sela says sternly, "I tol' her that she's good for kissin' but not much else." Now, one has to wonder how Mara took that one. She gives her head a small toss, molasses-colored curls whipping from her face at the gesture. She steps toward him now, arms still crossed at her chest. "I think she thought I was kiddin'." Then she shrugs a bit before she offers him a easier smile. "You wanna go for a walk with me and Buttonbottom?" She says, still refusing to laugh at her poor pony's name.
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Darek thinks that over a moment, then nods, "That's pretty true, when it really comes down to it." Probably not the kindest thing to admit, but he doesn't seem all that bothered by saying it. Glancing down at the crossed-arm-boosted-bust, the squire looks quickly back up again, snickering a little, "Wait… Buttonbottom?" He steps past the thief's side to pat the horse on the back, "I'm soooo sorry, Buttonbottom. You've no luck at all with that name, do you?" Looking back over his shoulder, he adds, "Sure. I could do with a walk. Didn't even have to run around the Keep today."

Buttonbottom chews boredly on the rag in his mouth, staring at Darek through that heavy shag of blanched bangs. He snorts a bit indignantly at the boy before he snuffles his nose forward to sniff around the boy's belt. Sela laughs brightly at her pony before she offers him a soft kiss on his fluffy neck. "It was the name he came with, and I tried to call him just Buttons, but he would have none of it." She steps forward a bit more, resting a hand on his cheek to draw the fiddler into a soft kiss. The garron is not big enough to actually disguise the shy gesture, and Buttonbottom even snorts a bit. "I really liked today," she murmurs softly.

Darek steps back from the horse, shaking his head a bit, "Yeah, you keep gnawin' on that rag, not me." Stepping back from the garron, he gives the questing nose a light push away as well. He accepts the kiss, but wrinkles up his nose, "Eeeeew… horse-breath." He teases mercilessly, but immediately leans in to tilt up her chin with one finger so that he can give her another kiss of his own, "It was nice. Shows we can have a good time without any clothes comin' off." Thankfully, he keeps his voice low on that.

Sela scowls at first at his mention of horse-breath, but it smooths into a smile as he gives her a proper kiss. She chases after his lips a bit as he pulls back enough to speak, but she gives him a reprieve of another kiss. She gives Buttonbottom's leads a little tug, starting to lead the gentle garron along the cobbles. "I think we can have a good time regardless," she points out casually. "Though it was nice to swim, and bask in the sun, and just relax." She twists her lips a bit, looking a touch uncertain. "Especially with what's goin' on between the Charltons and Stonebridge," she offers, a bit lamelyy.

Darek swaps his bow to his left hand so that he can sling his right arm around Sela's narrow shoulders and walk alongside her, "Yeah. Shit could drop any time, but I'm sure we'll hang 'round a while. Apparently there's some negotiations going on or something like that." He makes a dismissive gesture with his left hand and bow, "Nobby stuff. Eventually I'll have to head back to Highfield though. Then hopefully some action." There's a pause, and he looks over at the girl under his arm, smirking roguishly, "Not like that."

Sela frowns, her brows deeply frinkled. "Aylene says that most squires aren't involved in combat, that you guys take care of the camps…" There is an obvious worry in her voice. "I mean, what good does it do for a squire to be out on the field?" She clasps her fingers lightly beneath his jacket and onto the edge of his belt. There is a demured moment from the young bastard, and she tries to keep at the conversation as if worried he will start to think less of her. "And maybe I could go back to Highfield with you… Papa says the Haighs and Charltons are marching together, and Lady Briallyn is a Haigh. I could go to Highfield if there's family alliances there." There is a hopeful note to her tone.

Darek shakes his head at Aylene's repeated story, "Nope. That's pages." He pauses, "Well, and some of the younger squires. But those of us who actually have some training go out with our knights. It's where we make a name for ourselves. How little common bastards like me get knighted." Well, that and actually taking their time being squires. He looks down at the fingers on his belt, and he chuckles, "Wait… are you really worried about me, Blue-eyes? I'm gonna be fine." He blinks at her offer, pulling back just a little to study her from more than four inches away, "You want to follow me out to Highfield?"

"No!" Sela says in instinctive denial, though she is a sudden brilliant red. She turns her gaze away, looking at the braids in Buttonbottom's mane. "I mean… yes, I'm worried about you. My momma looked after a lot of women who had lost their husbands and sons to the Ironborn when the war was done. Some of them just as old as you are…" She does not look at him beyond a shy glance as he asks her if she would follow him, if she would go to Highfield. She does not seem able to meet his eyes. "It's not like I'm playin' around with you for nothin', Darek. I like you." She continues to lead the stubborn pony along who has dropped his rag and now starts looking around Sela's belt for something else to chew on.

Darek squeezes her shoulders with his slung arm as she turns bright red, "You're great fun, Blue-eyes. But you don't have to worry 'bout me. The only real father I ever had's dead, my mom barely knows where I am, and I certainly don't have any wife." That draws a dimpled smirk onto his lips, even as he laughs a bit, "And it's good that you like me. I'd hate to think you were just gettin' naked for any guy who came around with a fiddle." And that causes him to laugh again, and lean in to nuzzle his nose into the side of her neck, nipping at the edge of her jawline.

Sela tries to regain a bit of composure as he squeezes her shoulders and offers her words of comfort. "Just remember, a squire can't become a knight if he's dead," she offers, almost warily. Though then she smiles a bit, centering herself a bit as she pulls gently at his belt to swing him around to face her. "No, you're the only one I've ever gotten naked for… a boy up at the Finger tried a few times, though." Buttonbottom slows to a stop with patience for the silly teenagers. Her arms curl beneath his leather jacket, snuggling herself in between the flaps. She stands on her toes to press a kiss onto the boy's mouth. There is a touch of heat there — but there always is when she kisses Darek Boldt. The kiss lasts a few moments with a slow elevating heat, but then she parts from the kiss to look up into those familiar brown eyes.

Darek lets himself be drawn to a stop without complaint at all, his own hands rising up to her shoulders and then running down along her back, helping to draw her closer. "Well that's good to know…" he might say more, but her lips rise toward his, and he lowers his head to meet them. His lips part almost immediately, moving, pressing and tugging at her lips as his tongue flirts and flickers as well. He chases after her mouth when she pulls back, but allows her to escape for now. "Not that I was gonna ask, anyhow. Didn't really want to know if you had been."

Sela laughs warmly. She brushes her nose across his even as she remains neatly cocooned in his jacket. Her brilliant eyes glimmer warmly as she looks up at him, and she bites softly at her lower lip. Then she gives her curls another signature toss before she gives his belt a little tug. "Cm'on," she murmurs. "I have something for you." There is something suggestive in her tone, and matched with the warmth in her eyes, she must have something wonderful for him. She starts to slip out of his jacket, grabbing for Buttonbottom's lead again. "Back at the stables."

Darek rubs his hands over her back, "You cold, Blue-eyes?" As she tugs at belt and steps back, he unslings his jacket, revealing the sleeveless nature of his undershirt, and the thick black leather bracelets. The same move continues, aiming to sweep the jacket around her shoulders. Settling it there, his hand remains at the back of her neck, rubbing gently, "And just what is it you've got for me back there? Is it gonna be better than the skin of wine I've got back at my stall?" By the heat on his voice, he seems pretty sure it is, but he's still making the offer of wine and doing it in what he thinks of as a creative manner.

As the jacket is draped around her shoulders, she smiles warmly and almost shyly up at the squire. She holds it around her without pulling her arms through the sleeves. She continues to hold onto the lead as she leads the horse along. "It's a surprise, Darek… don't you like surprises?" She asks him with a small laugh bubbling at her lips. She continues to lead them toward the paddock and thus to the stables. "I would like some wine though… it's not that awful watered stuff, is it?" She continues to hold onto her smile as they walk on.

Darek shakes his head, "Hells no I don't like surprises. That's what knights give squires when they're feeling mean." He walks alongside thief and pony around the side of the inn and toward the stables, "Eh, it's probably a little watered, but it's supposed to be straight." There's a pause, "So what in blazes were you doin' in Stonebridge anyhow, Blue-eyes? Just going over to check out some more roofs? Whole lot more slate roofs over there than in this shithole of a town."

"Well, I promise you will always like my surprises," Sela says with a smile as he continues to walk alongside her. They pass through the railed fences of the paddock and toward the open stable doors. She glances over at him with his question, and she offers a small shrug of her shoulders. "My da' needed something from Stonebridge that he can't get here, and I had never been there before. But their roofs alright — lot less thatch, which means faster crossings." She glances over toward him with a quirk. "Why were you there?" She starts to lead Buttonbottom into the stables now, and since she is associated with Ser Garett, there is a stable boy perking up to take the shaggy pony off her hands. This allows her to focus on the squire more heartedly.

Darek snorts at Sela, "So long as it's never a bucket of water over my head to wake me up, or throwing things at me to test my relief, or any other fucking lame things like that." He eyes the stable boy a moment, then shrugs his shoulders, settling his slung fiddle again and tucking his thumbs behind his relatively miniscule belt buckle, "I told you that, Blue-eyes… were you too busy watchin' my ass?" He relents then, and repeats himself, "Gettin' a new fiddle-string. They cost a fuck-ton here in The Roost. I only found like one here, and it was a star on it's own."

Sela blushes. "Oh… well… in my defense," she murmurs shyly. A small package is removed from Buttonbottom's saddle, and she tucks it under the flaps of hte jacket. With the pony off her hands, she starts to guide him down the length of stalls only to pause a moment with a sudden uncertainty. "Um, where is your stall?" She asks, as she has never been taken this way. She tilts her head a bit as she looks over toward the squire, his jacket still held around her shoulders. She does glance down to his buckle before she looks back up at him, smiling brightly still.

Oh, she didn't just mean 'the stables,' she meant Darek's stall. Moving back to her side, he moves to sling another arm over her shoulders to lead her down the row. Pointing with his other hand, he adds, "Last one on the left, right up against the wall. That makes it a little warmer." When they get there, he pushes open the door, showing some nice clean straw, a bundle of clothes, and a wineskin. Apparently, any valuable belongings he has are elsewhere. Or he just doesn't have anything valuable. "Welcome to House Boldt, Blue-eyes. A little drafty if the wind's blowing, but it's not so bad in the summer."

"Its lovely," Sela murmurs as she sets her market packages on what is usually a shelf for holding grooming tools. She steps fully into his apartment, and she sweeps off the jacket to reveal the tunic and jerkin. It is hung on a hook neatly, and she turns to face him briefly before she collapses down into the clean hay. She stretches out a bit, curling her arms under her head. She looks up at the ceiling thoughtfully, and then to the squire. "It could use a better view, but very lovely." She taps her boots together as a smile starts to brim on her lips.

Darek hangs his bare arms over the sides of the stall, watching her settle into 'his' stall. "Yeah, no windows, and not enough privacy." As the sounds of shifting and breathing horses from a couple stalls over attests to. Still, after a moment watching her sprawl, he steps forward, past her boots, and then slowly crumbles down to kneel on either side of her own knees, bracing his hands just outside of her shoulders. Chuckling softly, he murmurs, "So you'd better keep quiet when I'm kissing you…" And then he dips down to suit actions to words, ducking past her face to lay a long, sucking kiss under her jawline.

There is a rustle of straw as he crumples, and she adjusts herself beneath him just a bit before his mouth sinks onto her jaw. She gasps a breath suddenly, but she immediately bites down on her lips to silence whatever common noises often spill from her mouth. Her body must arch to exhibit her excitement at the sudden attention, but she must find her voice. When she does, she is breathing out soft words, "Isn't that half the fun?" She twists her head just enough to nip at his ear lobe. "I really do have something for you," she growls playfully. "It's the top package on the shelf…"

Darek grins at the mostly-silent reaction, taking his weight off one hand to run it down along her side, settling at the top of her hip. "The sounds or the lack of privacy, Blue-eyes?" The nip at his earlobe causes him to start, yelping just a little and nipping back at her throat, "Hey!" That word, unlike the yelp, is just a growl against her skin, but he looks up at the shelf quizzically, "Oh?" There's a pause, and then he can't resist, pushing himself up and snagging the wineskin on the way. He pops the top and offers it out to offer it out to his little thief as he gets to his feet. The squire picks up the package, holding it up to his ear and shaking it.

"Lack of privacy," she points out. As he picks up the package, she laughs softly. "I won't tell you where I got it," Sela says as she takes the wineskin. She immediately takes a pull from it, tilting her head back to send a gush of wine down her throat. She swallows it down thickly before she looks back up at him as he shakes it. It has almost no sound, but there is a certain weight to it. There is a warm smile on her lips as he starts to open it. "I thought… you needed something new."

Within the folds of cloth is a heavy belt buckle that is quite similar to the one he left in her rooms. It is a bold rectangle of sterling metal with the vertical sides bowed outward slightly. The metal has been darkened black around the varied levels of engraved relief. There is the rearing horse of the Bracken that was the previous centerpiece of his former buckle on the left side of the buckle, facing out to the edge; beside it, rearing the opposite direction, is the Highfield wolf. Both are lacquered in red. On the back of the buckle, his initials have been scratched into its surface.

Darek laughs under his breath at her words, "You just like the idea of gettin' caught." By the spark in his eyes, that idea doesn't exactly bother the squire. Pulling the package back in front of him, he studies it as he starts to tear it open. The sight of the buckle causes his mouth to drop, "Shit, Sela…" he doesn't sound angry, more amazed, and he turns the weight over and over in his hands, "I can't… this had to have… the cost…?" Dropping back down to his knees, he reaches out with one hand, aiming to snake it down behind her neck and draw her up for a heavy, hot kiss. It doesn't last all that long, and when he draws back again, he murmurs, "Thanks."

Sela bites softly at her lower lip, both at the comment on privacy and his reaction to the gift. She is all bright and warm at the sight of his shock and hearing his words. It looks as though she is about to respond to his words, but he is on his knees and pressing a kiss into her mouth. She moans softly against his lips for the short length she is consumed by him, and then she colors a vibrant red again. "It wasn't that bad… I actually had been saving up my allowances from Ser Garett… and I had some trinkets to sell." Luckily, he doesn't have to know they were things she stole. She bites softly at her lower lip. "I'm glad you like it…"

A little bit later, collapsed and curled up against each other on the stall floor, a pair of teenagers whisper to each other.

"I'd really like it if you came with me to Highfield, Sela."

"All right. I'll come…"