Page 328: You Got Fire
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Summary: Rutger runs into Rosanna in the Roost Square. While trying to help he seems to only put his foot in his mouth.
Date: 12/06/2012
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Rosanna Rutger 
Town Square, Terrick's Roost
The town square of Terrick's Roost was once considered well-kept. The stone streets run right up to the building fronts around the edge and the locals have kept the spaces between free of grass and weeds that might otherwise sprung up between them, although dark streaks of stubborn soot have crawled in between the stones. There are several homes and shops located here which show the scars and cinders of the sacking of the town at Ironborn hands. The ruin of the town's Sept can also be seen from here with its ornate stone front rising above the surrounding structures just down the cobblestone road.
June 6th 289 AL

Just outside of the Rockcliff Inn, Rosanna Groves is looking conflicted. She is gnawing on her bottom lip while Laurel holds a list for her to read. Rosanna is too good for holding parchment, obviously. "I don't know," she whines in a manner that does not invite actual response from her handmaiden.

Coming down from the walk that leads back towards Terrick Roost, is another-though his hair would denote a certain dampness that comes with being in the water. At least he has clothed himself, and looks ready to be presentable to man and lady. Sword worn at his hip, Rutger Nayland finds himself in the direction of the Rockcliff, and the promise of ale that also awaits therein. However, upon coming closer the knight notices two ladies standing outside. A faint raise of brow and amused look crops up. "Lady Rosanna?" Hello.

Rosanna looks up a bit sharply, as if the sound of her name was startling. Then she relaxes, and the faintest hint of color shows in her cheeks as she smiles. "Lord Rutger," she replies in greeting, dipping in a graceful curtsy for him. "I had heard you were in town with your sister."

Rutger grins as he catches the colour in her cheeks, and with the curtsey that comes, he bows neatly at the waist. "My Lady." and there he is back up and poised perfectly-or well courtly enough, and smiling. "Indeed I have been." he adds. "We have business with the Terricks, and I with your brother." Rutger says, apparently forgetting about the inn as he turns to face Rosanna and Laurel, full on. "But, your brother did not say, that you would be here."

"Well, that is not very surprising, is it?" Rosanna says with a mild tease in her voice. "Considering our last meeting. I'm surprised he didn't insist I was in Dorne or someplace equally far away."

A laugh there as the Nayland shakes his head. "No, I believe, it is not entirely that surprising at all." A faint grin given and Rutger comes closer, but he is careful, given the watchful eye of Laurel. "I am as well, though truth be told Lady, I would travel to Dorne to find you." A flash of teeth given in his smile for good measure. "I will be coming soon to Kingsgrove." he idly tosses out.

"I should think that would be terribly forward of you if you did," Rosanna replies in a warm tease. She cants her head, amusement plain in the sly curve of her smile. "Will you?" she asks innocently.

"Would it lady? I am sure there are many great knights who would go to the ends of the continents and back in order to find their one.." Rutger adds wistfully before breaking into a chuckle. "Indeed, I am escorting meeting your brother there." he adds back. "We might go hunting, and I will likely get to meet your father."

"Their one what, my lord?" Rosanna asks with utmost innocence. There's a hint of interest in her smile as he shares the rest. "Well," she says. "I certainly hope you are on your best behavior when you do, Lord Rutger."

"I believe I shall be Lady Rosanna." he states with a faint grin. "Their one? Oh Do you not know?" he asks back before looking briefly to Laurel and then back to Rosanna. "I hope I am not keeping you and your ladies maid from some errand? If you wish I could accompany you, and help." he offers before glancing back to the inn. Ale can wait. "I am told Kingsgrove is the prettiest hold in the riverlands. If so, I can see how you would be the apple of it." Rutger grins after that, before moving to offer his arm.

"I was merely asking you to be more specific," Rosanna says, a mischievous glint in her eye. She considers his offered arm with a canted head before accepting. "I am late in finding a nameday present for Kittridge," she sighs. "I cannot think of what to get him."

"Is that so, perhaps I might help." Rutger offers. "From what I know of Ser Kitt, he enjoys hunting, and the outdoors as do I. Perhaps a new hunting knife with a fine hilt would make for gift for your brother. I know there is a good smith here, as there is a finer one in Stonebridge." he offers. "I would say a hunting bow, but those can be quite costly." Rutger notes. And when she accepts, he moves to draw in her closer. "I know what you were hunting for, Lady. And I know you know what I speak of." Rutger replies, "But I can acquiesce. I believe their one is their beloved." How is that for a forward word?

"Oh, come now, Lord Rutger," Rosanna demurs, even as she looks up at him with a hint of humor in the curve of her lips. "We are not romantics, you and I." She lifts her chin and looks ahead of them, considering his idea. "Perhaps," she says. "The gift he gave me this year was terribly thoughtful, though. I suppose I should have started to consider his own earlier if I was going to match him." OH WELL.

"Then a bow of fine wood, with carving in the body would suffice. It would show, your brother, that you do think of him-and his hobbies." Rutger adds with a thoughtful look. However it son turn right into an amused grin. "No, We are not entirely romantic ones.." he states "Though I believe we both can be romantic if we wished." he adds before falling silent, content to walk the paces of the cobbled road alongside the Lady Groves in silence for a moment. "When you do think of your brother-What first comes to mind?"

"Just moments ago you were advising against a bow," Rosanna points out. She shrugs at the question. "Home," she says.

"And is Home precious to him?" Rutger notes. "And indeed, I was, because of the cost-" But he does not press on. "What about Home evokes fond memories of Kittridge?"

"Oh, the orchards and the lake," Rosanna says, casual and near dismissive. "I suppose it's precious to him. He loves it as well as I do."

"Of course. I've heard so many wonderful things about it. So as your brother did that carving for you. What could be something similar done for him that either shows the orchards, or the Lake? " A turn of his head "A good cutler here in town could etch the scene on a nice fat hunting blade. It would be manly enough for him to wear and thoughtful enough to show you care?" At least Rutger is trying. "Or perhaps a fine quiver.."

For all that Rutger is trying, Rosanna is sighing. Dramatically. "Why are gifts so hard?" she whines. "I suppose a hunting knife would do. How long do these things take?"

"When is his name day?" he asks, looking back towards Rosanna, a faint smirk given, despite her whining, it seems Rutger is still in fair spirits. "Did you know there was cliff diving today?"

"Yesterday," Rosanna sighs. Again. "Yes, but I thought I could find a gift for Kittridge while he was preoccupied."

"I believe it can take a week to a month depending on what you want done and the skill required." he states with a faint frown. "Though a wood carving-would be done quicker and easier. As would leather working. Does he have a fine knife already?" Rutger asks " A sheathe would be a very visible sign. More so than the knife."

"Well, that won't do," Rosanna says with a fierce frown. "I wish I could go to Stonebridge to shop, but nobody wants to go there since you started /imprisoning/ people." Stupid Rutger.

Did Rutger's arm tighten? No, surely not. Still he stops walking and then he looks over towards Rosanna. "I did not imprison anyone, If you're angry-then take it up with my brother." Rutger notes. "And To his credit he acted to a threat, Two dozen armed men fortified up in an inn." A pause as he looks back to Rosanna, and then a pause. "There are fine craftsmen in Seagard, and will likely be there for Lord Patrek's tournament." How does that sound? "Or, I could buy the gift for you..Before I come to the Kingsgrove?"

"Well, whoever did it and whatever his reasons, clearly no one wants to visit," Rosanna points out as if this is the important thing. "The Haighs, the Baneforts, the Westerlings, the Mallisters. Nobody cares that the Charltons sent men to Stonebridge. They care that you might keep their daughters." She glances over at him with a hint of annoyance. "You cannot purchase my gift to my brother, Lord Rutger."

"Believe me, I know that." Rutger replies, as his jaw tightens. "And believe me, I said my peace about making sure not to take any ladies in such an action." Well, he didn't say take at least that is true. Still he looks hard a Rosanna. "I am trying to help, Lady." he says back "I am sorry." relenting there. "I wish to help and I am frustrated-with the whole Charlton debacle."

Rosanna sniffs in a dignified manner, lifting her chin in challenge as his gaze hardens on her. She considers him a long moment, then turns her gaze away, her face pursed in displeasure.

Rutger is quiet as he looks back towards Rosanna. "Lady.." his voice softer. "I would not offend you, in in my wildest hope or dream. And to do so.." he shake shis head. "I wish I could make it easier and thus allow you to go to Stonebridge. I would take you-though I fear your brother would not care for it." And then his voice drops softer. "I have worried after you. Since the rescue."

"You've had nothing to worry about," Rosanna says a bit primly. "I am perfectly fine."

"You are now." Rutger admits "At the time though, my heart stopped. And I was worried you had been hurt or worse." the knight admits, before he tries something a bit forward. His hand comes up, looking to catch Rosanna, at her cheek, if only to get her to look at him. "Forgive me, my boldness and my temper. Please."

"You ask me to forgive your boldness while you take a step even further," Rosanna says with a hint of her own temper. She slides her hand from Rutger's arm. "I am sure you have business of your own to attend to, my lord."

Her hand drops and he drops his. A glance back to the Lady Groves. "I did" he admits easily "And I do. But, even when you are angry, or displeased with me, I do enjoy your company." A chuckle there breaking out. "You have fire, Lady Rosanna." He admits. "And it seems my words are no good for today." silence. "May I make amends? And try to help you with your brother's gift?" Rutger asks.

Colored with the heat of her temper, Rosanna nonetheless offers him her hand. "You may have that," she says, as if she is being very generous. "And you may return to your business, however enjoyable you find my displeasured company."

And there he takes her hand gently, the amused look still riding on his face, before it is washed off, and knuckles, are gently kissed. Careful to not offen danymore, his lips linger only so much before he does pull away. "Before you go. I am certain the Cutler here could do an engraving in a weeks time, Which means a Blade would be done by the time everyone returned from Seagard. I think-it would be a fine gift for your brother. And if you give a description it will be made to look as fine as any. I have seen his work here before." Rutger says before looking to the inn. "I am sorry."

"I will consider the suggestion," Rosanna says in an appropriately haughty tone of voice to let him know she will consider it just as much or as little as she pleases.

"Of course, Lady." Rutger intones, as he watches the Groves woman. "I hope you have a good day and even. And that our paths cross again soon." And Rutger turns to head on towards the inn before he stops and looks over his shoulder. "Lady Rosanna?"

Rosanna is just in the midst of smoothing back an auburn curl when he calls after her. She turns back to him, brows arched expectantly.

"I am glad you are alright. " Rutger says as smile given. "And I do care for you." a beat. "Deeply." And with that he is turning back to the Inn.

Maybe Rosanna softens. Maybe just a little. But all she does is look at him long enough to acknowledge his words before turning back and heading on her way.