Page 163: You Are Not From Round Here
You Are Not From Round Here
Summary: Raffton and Nares find they have a common heritage.
Date: 27/12/2011
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Raffton Nares 
Roost Lane, Terrick's Roost
This small lane winds around the west side of town and circles back on itself towards the end. Most of the people that come down to this area are looking specifically for one of the many fine craftsmen that have their shops along this well-kept dirt road.
Tue Dec 27, 288

Raffton lingers outside one of the shops that line this lane, eyeing the fine leather goods displayed on the wall beside its door as he is eyed in turn by a protective-looking young man who is probably one of the craftsman's apprentices. Though still dressed in Terrick livery, Raffton has tugged the neck of the purple and yellow doublet open in a way that suggests he is probably off-duty, if his lollygagging about in front of the shop didn't already.

Nares is on his way from the town square up towards the keep. If he's been in the inn then he hasn't been induldging but given the time of day it's likely he's had lunch somewhere, and that is the obvious place for it. With his right hand on his swordbelt and his left swinging by his side as he walks, he finds his route through the masses not particularly difficult, although if thats because they're subtly avoiding him, or becuase he's constantly scanning around for gaps and whatnot, it's heard to say.

A saddle seems to catch his attention, and Raffton turns it around on the hook it hangs on, eyeing the shape and the workmanship with idle curiosity. A belt and sheath he seems to look at more seriously, at least until he checks the little tag hanging off it with the price written on it. He glances around at the shop's wares once more, and then steps backwards to begin heading away, coincidentally stepping back directly into one of those gaps that has opened up in front of Nares.

Had Nares been going at any kind of clip, then then things could have ended poorly, but thankfully he's alert enough to sidestep out of the way before any actual contact occurs. He does pause though, taking a moment to glance over Raffton in his Terrick colours, then to the leatherworker's store and finally back to Raffton. His eyes narrow ever so slightly as he apprases the man infront of him, but figures that if truth be told, it's not worth making anything of it, beyond a brief muttering, "Careful boy."

Raffton turns to glance at Nares out the corner of his eye, and shifts to aid in avoiding him. "Sorry," he says, though brows lower at the mumble, dropping into something of a frown. He doesn't say anything more, however, just turning back into the stream of traffic to walk along, heading in the same direction as the captain, at whom he glances once more, still silently.

Nares gives a brief nod in acceptance of the apology, dropping his hand from where it had instinctively moved towards, but not yet onto, his swordhilt. Stepping back into the flow of the crowd he only makes it a few paces before he's certain he's still being watched. Stopping again he eyes the man again before asking, a tad annoyed, "Can I help you with something?"

Brows lift as Nares stops and addresses him, and Raffton just shrugs. "No?" he replies. It's not the clearest answer ever, slightly mumbled at the other man, but after a moment he asks, with better enunciation: "Not from around here, are you?" When he speaks up, the faint hints of an Ironborn accent can still be heard.

Well, the accent, when noted, does cause a raised eyebrow. "No," he states after a moment's pause, "but then neither are you." His own accent is clear anough as he turns to fully face this new aquaintance. "Been a while since you were home?" he asks, guessing from the livery, eyes still slightly narrowed in thought.

Raffton's eyes narrow a shade further as Nares speaks, though he doesn't appear exactly surprised, more like a guess has been confirmed. "Yes," he replies simply. After a beat he asks, "You come with the Lady Harlaw?"

Nares nods slow in confirmation. Okay, he came slightly after, but that's just a minor complication. "So what brings you here?" he asks, a faint hint of curiosity seeping into his voice. e's certainly not moving along the road anymore and seems oblivious to the obstruction in the crowd that the conversation is now causing.

Raffton nods slightly at that confirmation, and then shrugs at the question. "Raid," he replies simply. He reaches up to scratch at his chin and the short beard he wears there, fashionable for the Riverlands, less so for the Isles. "Been here a long time. You some sort of guard of hers?"

Nares laughs gently at the question posed, "You have been gone a while haven't you." He's quite obviously more relaxed than he had been before, but he's till glancing around and watching the crowds. "The Lady is not so weak that she requires a guard like the Riverborn do. I was simply sent by the Lord Harlaw to assist."

Raffton shrugs. "Last time I was there, highborn ladies had guards," he says simply. "Assist how?" he asks, just as plainly. Like Nares, he keeps part of his attention on the crowd milling about them, pale gaze alert.

"How ever she requires," Nares replies, tilting his head ever so slightly to the side before addressing the other conversational thread. "You should go back one day, remind yourself of your origins." Given the circumstances he's guessing the boy is has gone irreprviably native, but there's no harm in trying. "Do you still keep your God?"

Raffton snorts at that suggestion, and shakes his head, "I would never be welcomed back. By the time I might have left here, it was too late, I had been gone too long. Like I said to your Lady Harlaw, a shipful of Mallister gold wouldn't buy me back a life there after a dozen years gone."

Nares shrugs slightly at that, "You're probably right, but there are ways and means if you seek them out. Captains looking for crew and the like." He pauses briefly then glances up twards the direction of the reen again, figuring he should probably be about his previous business. "If you change your mind, let me know."

Raffton shakes his head, "No captain would take me. I've got no name or reputation, I've spent half my life in these soft lands. The Lady Harlaw said something similar, come see her if I want to prove myself, or… something like that," he waves a hand vaguely, and shakes his head, "Doesn't seem possible, to me."

"Many things are possible lad," Nares replies, a faint smile spreading accross his features. Something Raffton has said has obviously amused him. "You just have to want it hard enough and act. It might get you killed, but life is boring if you don't take the odd risk isn't it." He takes a couple of paces then turns back again, "as I said, if you change your mind, let me know."