Page 586: Wish Upon a Star
Wish Upon a Star
Summary: Wishes are made, as is swimming and talking.
Date: 01/Mar/2013
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Rocky Cove | Terrick's Roost
To the west of the path leading down, the beach extends below a cliff face and takes a turn inland where the terrain above has collapsed down to be claimed by the pounding waters below. It has formed a small, almost private cove with jagged rocks in the water at the cliffs while the ocean has relaimed most of those from the beach. Due to the elevation of the cliffs, the top of the tower to the north is just barely visible despite the relatively short distance.
Fri Mar 01, 290

After some time of walking, and oblivious to the rumors that are starting to spread, Alric wanders with Martyn following him as the evening is coming along. The sun is still up but it can't be long now until it will start to fall and set upon the horizon until it is fully out of view. A smile is given back over at Martyn. "So. What to do first? Swim? I will let you speak of the beast in the room if you want." He says with a fixed gaze upon the Mallister.

"The beast in the room?" Martyn shrugs a little as he hears that, shaking his head a little bit as he finds a rock to seat himself. "I'll let you decide on what you do," he offers, with a bit of a shrug.

One of her favorite parts of any day is evening at the coast when the sun sets making it look as if the sea is aflame with the vibrant reds and oranges and the hints of purple and blue. Making her way down the rocky path to the shore, Bella is followed by her handmaid Serah and her guard Talbot. The rumors have not completely reached her yet, just murmurings and whisperings as she walked through the green and she had overhead something about a fight. As she sees Martyn and Alric, she decides to make her way over.

Alric shrugs then to the words from Martyn. "Just meant that you have seemed eager for that for some time. I could guess the reason but if you rather say it then go ahead." He offers and strips out of his clothes. Keeping his tunic and smallcloth on though. Not having spotted Bella yet as most attention is on Martyn. "I do apologize that things have not gone your way. Then again it does not always go as anyone wants." Giving a small but attemptive smile at being comforting.

"I see…" Martyn replies, although he goes silent again, expression distant once more. He remains where he is seated for the moment, just looking out at the sea for now. Seems he's retreating inwards now, doesn't it?

A tunic and a smallcloth? Amusement quirks the youngest Fensters lips as she nears the two talking to each other. "Good evening Ser Martyn, dear brother. Whatever are you doing here, dressed such as you are? It appears as if a swim is in your immediate future." Seeing the silent Mallister again, she offers a tentative yet warm smile. "Is everything fine between the two of you? There are already.. murmurings starting about some sort of altercation." Looking between them now.

Alric smiles warm to his sister and decides to hug her. "Dear sister." He offers before glancing towards Martyn, with a sigh. "We are fine." Brushing back some of her hair before looking to Martyn. Moving over to pat his shoulder. "Come on Martyn." He offers with a smile. Looking between them and perhaps seemingly gesturing to his sister in case Martyn was too deep in thought to notice her.

"Come on? With what?" Martyn offers, before he looks to Arabella, offering her a bit of a distracted smile. "Altercation?" He doesn't say much more at the moment. "Need alcohol…" he mutters to himself.

Bella hugs her brother in return, pressing her cheek to his before turning to face Martyn once more when Alric speaks to him. "I do believe drinking alone has zero advantages. How about we make a deal, Ser Martyn." Another one? "If you come swim with us I will go to the inn with you and we can drink and you can talk to me about.. things."

Alric grins and points to the sea. "Swim." He offers and then looks from the lord to his sister. Nodding to her words. "Then I will try and catch you in the morning after the hangover is gone." He says with a slight smirk. "It all sounds good."

"Why?" Martyn replies to the part of swimming. "I don't feel like it at the moment." He shrugs a bit at Alric's words now, "Catch who?" Sounding a bit confused now. Looking back to Bella, he shrugs a little bit. "Lots of advantages to drinking alone…"

"I will not have a hangover. And if Mister Grumpy here does not know how to swim then perhaps he should stay on the shore. Much too dangerous out there for people who are scared." Bella walks over and removed her outer dress, still perfectly respectable as she kicks of her shoes and then goes wading ino the water shrieking in delight as the cooler waves wash over her, ducking under the water then surfacing, the sunset now lighting the highlights of her hair as he looks back at the shore and waves. "Scared, I say!" The challenge has been issue.

Alric chuckles to Bella's words and follows her towards the water soon after. But not before offering a smile to Martyn, "Just keep on to any small hope. Also, catch you, later." He offers to him and heads after Bella more fully. Diving into the water. Chuckling as he resurfaces to hear the issued challenge. Waving for Martyn to join before lifting Bella and tossing her. Making sure not to get her hurt.

Martyn shakes his head a little at Bella's words. "I was swimming before you were born, little girl," he remarks, as he starts to remove the shirt he's wearing now. Not removing the trousers, however, as he kicks off his boots. Looking to Alric for a few moments again. "What do you think I've been doing? But…" He trails off again, shaking his head as he wades into the water a bit slowly now.

When Alric joins, Bella gives him a pleased grin, sort of lopsided and silly. She is caught by surprise when he lifts her and tosses her into the waves and she emits another playful shriek. ""I'll get…!" she does not get to finish as she goes under. Surfacing soon after, she is spluttering and laughing. "You." finishing her sentence then. Though she hears Martyn and looks over at him. "Little girl?" She shakes her head, getting some of the water out of the long dark locks. When he undresses he grins again. "It is so fun, come on!"

Alric grins and shrugs to Martyn's words. "I don't know. Perhaps wanting a spar?" He teases him before looking to Bella again. Starting to laugh at her words after she was tossed and she resurfaces. Keeping a bit of distance from Bella as he grins playfully at her. Glancing towards Martyn as well. With that slight playful nature still showing.

A brief pause as Martyn starts moving for Alric now. "I'll punch you again…" he begins, before he starts moving past the man no, further into the water, almost so far that he can lie down and float now. "Yes, little girl," he remarks to Bella.

Far from being offended at the words of the Mallister, Bella laughs at the name. "Maybe so compared to old people, I guess." Good humored, she watches him swim out then begins swimming around lazily herself, seeing the moon coming in the wake of the sunset across the other side of the sky. A single star glitters in the sky. She stops swimming and closes her eyes, her lips moving as she makes her own wish. Only when her lips stop moving does she open her eyes and her smile is brighter as she looks at the others. "Make a wish," she says softly. "It is the first star of the night. Magical." Perhaps a seafaring story with little truth, but Bella takes no chances.

Alric grins at Martyn's words, "Perhaps." Winking as he passes him. Not seeming particulary worried. He never does though. Glancing over to Bella as she mumbles and then hears her words when her wish is finished being mouthed. Nodding and just follows suit. Closing his eyes and floating towards Bella. Opening his eyes a moment later. Looking first to find her and then trying to find Martyn with his gaze.

Martyn dives down under the water for a little while, moving a bit further out, before he surfaces just in time to hear the words about making a wish. Closing his eyes, he mutters his wish to himself, although whatever it is, he keeps to himself for the moment. It's probably quite obvious what it might be, though. A brief pause as he looks back to the others, before he dives underneath the surface again.

When everyone has made their wish, her smile seems brighter as she looks at the single star one more time. "I can only hope.." But Bella is tired of hoping for that particular wish. If she was good enough it would have happened by now. Slightly more melancholy, she looks over at Alric and since he is near she hugs him one more time, closing her eyes, glad she can still stand here. "Someday, I will be able to think of him and one day I promise I will not be sad when I do." And that is as far as she allows the mood to take her. Like the Flint camp ordeal, she pushes the unpleasant thoughts away and steps away from her brother as she opens her eyes. "Shall we go find him?" Looking over to where Martyn swims out, moving to swim out with him also.

Alric does look to Bella with a small smile and hugs her as she hugs him. "I am here for you, dear sister." He offers in a low tone. Kissing her cheek. Nodding to her question as he swims with her towards the Mallister.

Martyn remains under the water for a long while now, probably long enough to worry people a bit, before he resurface further out along the coast. Hoping it'll happen without the others noticing him.

Bella does go too far out, but then there is the undertow of the tides with the moon coming out. Instead of going further, she calls out. "Come back in now, the tide will take you out!" And with that said, she swims back towards the shore, not willing to risk her own life..

Having spotted Martyn's disappearance and swimming out far early does make Alric gesture to Talbot to try and head around in attempt to get to Martyn from another angle. "I'll try to get him." He tells Bella and is starting to move past her to try and head towards Martyn.

Martyn starts making his way into the shore now, shaking his head a little to himself. Still trying to avoid detection if possible now. Starting to move over in the direction of his shirt, a bit slowly.

Bella watches Alric go with a slight frown but she does not stop him. "Be careful," is her only warning before she is swimming back to the shore, unaware Martyn was beating them there. The sun is all but gone now.

Alric smiles and nods to his sister. Losing sight of Martyn as he swims towards the shore. Where only the maid is by now and Alric is about to head out further.

Still making his way back towards his shirt, Martyn glances out towards the people in the water now, looking a bit thoughtful as he watches Alric swimming out further.

Arabella continues swimming in towards the shore, not aware Martyn is further in than her and that Alric is going out further. She inhales a mouthful of water and splutters a moment before managing to cough it all back out and swim back in, making it to the shore before walking over to her clothes and sitting on the large log to dry off, her under dress clinging to her.

Still not having seen Martyn back in shore Alric only continues to search for the Mallister. Slightly worried and submerges to try and find the lord. Coming back up and looking around a bit.

Martyn spots Arabella now, and after he retrieves his shirt and puts it back on, he heads over in her direction, stopping a little bit away from her as he looks out at the sea, and Alric swimming around now. He keeps quiet, though.

Bella nearly jumps out of her skin when Martyn arrives at her side. "What are you doing? He is out there looking for you." Frustrated now, she stands and walks to the edge of the sand. "Alric!" She calls out to him. "He is safe here!" Casting another look back over her shoulder perhaps a little disapprovingly before moving back to the log and looking at the Mallister. "Did you think further on what I said?" Since her brother was not here, it was safe. She speaks very softly, the sounds of the waves covering most of it for her maid.

With the shout from Bella, Alric does manage to hear and seems to understand that Martyn is safe back in land so he does try to swim his way back. By now being quite a bit out though so he does try his best to swim steadily back to land.

"Keeps him occupied?" Martyn comments with a bit of a shrug and a grimace, before he looks to his left hand for a few moments. "I think he almost broke my finger earlier on, though." At the mention of what she said, he sighs a little bit. "I haven't really gotten around to doing much thinking at all since last we spoke, I fear," he replies.

Bella watches him swim back towards the shore, glad he had heard and changed his course. Her frustration has gone since the worry is over for the most part. "Did you hit him?" Her voice is quiet a moment before adding. "Did he hit you?" Looking at his face now to see if he had. Seeing no obvious wounds she nods. "I may be young, but I am no little girl. I know very well what I want and I know what I cannot have. So, since you do not know what it is that you can and cannot have, your family has to decide. Is that what you want? Should you not try and have some input into it? What I said makes sense, you have to see the reason of it."

Alric continues to swim in but not hearing what is said. Had he, he might defend Martyn at some points while agreeing with Bella. But since doesn't really have any idea he just sighs as he comes closer to them. Himself not having much sign of being hit, other than it hurting a little bit. Though it hadn't been Martyn's intent to knock him so there are no clear signs. "So… You both sent me on a wild goose chase?" He asks, in between panted breaths. There seem to not be any ill feelings though.

"He assaulted my hand… with his face," Martyn remarks, before he shakes his head a little bit. "No, I don't want whatever my family decides," he replies, before he shakes his head again. Looking to Alric for a few moments, he offers a bit of a shrug. "Nice exercise?" he asks.

Bella had not meant for Alric to hear so it is rather convenient when he does not manage to over hear it. Hearing about the assault though brings an almost defensive look. "He needs friends, Ser Martyn, not more enemies. You should remember he considers you such and is protective of you because of it." The Fenster does like to have her say in matters that involve her and her family. Hearing the other words gets a quick nod before her brother approaches. "Alric, I thought he was further out. It was not intentional. Now we just have to worry about Talbot."

Alric chuckles and shakes his head, "I think Talbot noticed and is laughing his ass off somewhere. Either way, he is probably at the coastline. He'll probably return when he notices that neither me or Martyn is showing up." Grinning to Martyn as well, "Indeed. Next time, you go on the goose chase." He looks between them for a moment. Raising a brow ever so slightly before he glances to Serah. "Fallen asleep?" He asks the maid playfully before looking to his sister and the Mallister. "And what are you both talking about?"

Martyn looks about to say something more to Bella, but he doesn't say anything more at the moment. Shrugging a bit again at Alric's words as well, but being quiet for the moment. Expression once more turning a bit distant.

"I do believe I promised to go drinking with you tonight. I will keep my promise. Shall we?" Offering her own arm to the Mallister, she smiles at Alric. "Just how brave Ser Martyn is since he came to the water when he did not want to." Teasing her brother in return. Serah, for her part, was worried about Alric.. and Talbot of course. She was there with her lady watching her.