Page 289: Wildflowers
Summary: Rosanna and Roslyn pick wildflowers and discuss dreams.
Date: May 4, 2012
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Rosanna Roslyn 
Outskirts — Stonebridge
The trails are worn and well tended here and the fields on either side are lush and full of wildflowers amidst the lightly scattered trees of the central Cape of Eagles. A few packed dirt trails converge with the main road from outlying hamlets around Stonbridge.
May 4, 289

A short ride brings the Ladies Groves and Nayland to an area amid the outskirts of Stonebridge pleasantly lush with wildflowers. Likely there are guards of both houses present, although they know their task well enough to leave a reasonable distance to the ladies to allow them their fun. Rosanna is better at admiring flowers than picking them, and she's better at admiring her new riding gloves than the flowers. Look, she has priorities.

A deep red riding gown clings to Lady Roslyn's frame, a dark spot amongst the jumble of wildflowers. Her fingers trail along the silky soft petal of one for a moment before she plucks it neatly in half, laying it carefully into the curved basket she has found to bring with her. "Do you like them, my lady? My lord brother worried over what you would like best as a gift," she offers conversationally to her companion.

"Oh, they are lovely," Rosanna says, drawing her fingers over them once more where they are tucked in the basket she carries amidst her picked wildflowers. "A very generous gift. Your brother is certainly gallant, Lady Roslyn."

"Gallant and well-pleased by your lord brother's permission. I am sure he was eager to give you a token of his affection once Lord Kittridge allowed," the Lady Roslyn replies quietly, her gaze sweeping over the flowers near her in a careful look before she chooses another flower to pick. "Thank you for accompanying me out, today."

"He asked my permission as well," Rosanna muses with low-voiced humor. Her wandering through the field draws her closer to Roslyn. "It is my pleasure, Lady Roslyn. I do always like feeling active."

Smiling politely at the other lady as she twirls the flower between the pads of her fingers, Roslyn questions, "What activities best suit you, Lady Rosanna? Dancing, that I know."

"I love to sing as well," Rosanna shares, leaning over to pluck up a flower. "And ride well enough. Anything to keep myself occupied, I suppose." That involves attention squarely on her, naturally.

"And what of studies? Do you care to read much?" Roslyn presses curiously, a friendly tone of conversation to her words as she tucks her own flower carefully into her basket with the flash of a smile towards the younger lady.

"Not so much as I should, I suppose," Rosanna says on the breath of a dramatic sigh. "Or not as much as Day would like me to." She lifts the flower to tap idly against her nose. "You do, though, I believe. I recall my brother teasing you about your interest in the Wall."

Humor lightening the way Roslyn's lips curve, she nods even as she replies mildly, "I imagine your brother teases many ladies, though with no seriousness to it." She pauses to twine her fingers around another flower and pull it from its stem, depositing it in her basket immediately. "It is something that is left to a lady, to read on those things she will never see. Battle, the Wall, Dorne and Braavos."

"I'm sure he teases everyone with no matter behind it," Rosanna agrees, rolling her eyes over her absent brother. She pauses, her gaze flickering to Roslyn in brief study before sliding away once more. "I can't imagine why you want to read about battles," she says. "They don't sound very appealing."

"Because, Lady Rosanna, they impact the world that we live in. They resonate over things still in place today, and there are lessons to be learned that translate to more than swords and spears," Roslyn replies quietly, her brows drawing briefly together as she examines a flower that shifts softly in a play of a light breeze.

"Well." Rosanna considers this a moment, twirling a flower between her fingertips. "I suppose that is true enough. Is that where your interests lie, then, Lady Roslyn?"

Roslyn is quick to shake her head softly, answering, "In battle? No, that is no fitting place for a lady. I only wish to be well-learned and able to advise any man I marry, Lady Rosanna." Her smile does hold a bit of wry humor at the statement she makes, however. "Though, I will say that it is almost as satisfying to read the accounts that others have made about the world, if you cannot see it yourself."

"I intend to see some part of the world," Rosanna insists in the undeterred fashion of the already-convinced.

"Which part of it?" Roslyn questions with interest.

With a wistful sigh, Rosanna declares, "King's Landing."

"What of the rest of the world, Lady Rosanna? King's Landing is impressive, but it is not where the world begins nor ends," Lady Roslyn replies quietly, for all that she has not actually seen King's Landing herself. Surely she has read about it.

"Well, certainly I should like to travel the entire Seven Kingdoms," Rosanna says, as if this should be obvious. "And beyond. But one must start somewhere."

Smiling at the younger girl's answer, Lady Roslyn's tone implies agreement though she says, "We should all like to, but it is certainly not the most realistic of goals." She pauses. "I do hope that you get to see King's Landing, Lady Rosanna."

"Your brother was telling me of it," Rosanna says, dropping another flower in her basket. "It really does sound exciting."

"I know that he wishes to return, some day." Those simple words are offered mildly as Roslyn gathers another flower with a thoughtful spin of its stem. She asks, "What interests you most of it? The royal court?"

"So he'd implied." Rosanna studies Roslyn from beneath the shade of copper lashes. "Oh, just the — activity of it. The court and — all of it."

"One can rise high, or fall far, within the attenion of the King," Roslyn muses quietly, a smile playing at her lips as she meets Rosanna's study steadily. "I am sure you would make a good impression at the court."

"I'd certainly hope so," Rosanna says, in a tone that says, 'I know.'

Roslyn laughs, a soft sound that she buries into a flower she lifts to her lips and nose. Then she's carefully placing it in her basket, saying lightly, "Where else would you like to see?"

"Everywhere." Rosanna smiles wide and warm. "Perhaps for the next few days, I will be content with a seeing a celebration for my nameday. It's quite soon."

"Is it, Lady Rosanna? Well, we must do something to see it celebrated. Tell me the day and I shall see that my brothers are well aware," Roslyn replies easily, looking expectantly over to Rosanna.

Rosanna looks pleased by this development. Shocking. "Four days' time, my lady, but you certainly don't need to put yourself out on my behalf." Except you totally do.

"Nonsense," Roslyn dismisses as expected, mild where she offers a smile to the young woman. "Of course we do. You are a guest of our house, and should at the very least be celebrated on your nameday."

"Well, if you are determined, Lady Roslyn, I will not argue," Rosanna acquiesces oh-so-graciously. "But I am sure I will end up indebted to you for your generosity."

"I could not be so generous if I were not sure that my lord brothers would be so kind as to help with such an endeavor." Roslyn pauses as she considers her basketful of flower with undue thought, finally adding, "I shall have to seek out your own brother for his permission, of course. I would not want to overstep any plans he has for celebrations."

"Oh, I can't imagine he has anything so special planned. Certainly nothing with as much taste as you'd surely supply." Rosanna sidles up in a friendly manner, holding the basket on one arm and slipping her other hand through Roslyn's arm.

"Then I am sure he shall agree easily to leave it in my capable hands," Roslyn replies wryly, a touch of warm humor to her words where her fingers touch to Rosanna's arm lightly. "So, do you have much experience in making crowns?" She lifts her basket in a gesture of indication. Flower crowns, obviously.

"I am sure you will be able to convince him," Rosanna agrees cheerfully. She laughs at the question, light and mirthful. "I do," she says. "I used to make many of them when I was young, at home in Kingsgrove."

Smile easy, Roslyn nods in a gesture as she says firmly, "That is what we must do, then. I must admit, I am rather unskilled at it, but if you teach me, perhaps I can replicate one on your nameday."

"Oh, then surely we must sit and make crowns until your fingers are deft," Rosanna says with a warm smile. "It is an invaluable skill to have."

"Is it? Do you use it often?" Roslyn questions with a subtle hint of teasing to her words where she guides the younger woman back to a blanket already laid out by her own lady's maid, with a packed basket in case the ladies are hungry.

"Well, I certainly used it to crown myself Queen many times as a girl," Rosanna shares with in a conspiratorial undertone. She settles down on the blanket and begins the process of teaching Roslyn the correct way to make flower crowns. It is a very thorough, knowledgeable lesson, but they'll have several examples by the time the outing is through.