Page 152: When Parallels Meet
When Parallels Meet
Summary: When Lady Kathryna and Lady Elinor encounter one another, it makes a knight uncomfortable.
Date: 14/12/2011
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Elinor Kathryna Kell 
Courtyard, Terrick's Roost
Common streets in the evening.
December 14, 288

At this hour the courtyard would most likely be found barren save for the patrol of some guards. It was decided to take in the evening's cool air while others were sojourned to particular destinations, private quarters or otherwise. Part of Elinor's routine had included a walk of some sort, either around the castle or along the green to observe the men practicing their militant drills. After a few circular rounds of the courtyard, Elinor would guide her retinue towards the gates, apparently interested in venturing beyond the castle walls. A small interest.

Kathryna isn't exactly drunk. Not -precisely-. She's not exactly sober either. Several glasses of wine over 'diplomatic conversations', and her eyes are a bit bleary with the bore of being now paid and charged with professional -talking-… and red wine. So, now alone, without any sort of guard or companion, she steps down out of the castle mostly smoothly. Still in her leathers with her sword, blonde hair a bit more wild. She's going to need to cut it or put it in dreadlocks to tame it soon. She looks over the courtyard, arching a brow to see the female figure. "Goodness… the lady is walking out this time of night?"

Having escorted Lady Banefort to the Roost the other day, Kell was given liberty to stable his horse here in the Four Eagles Tower so his arrival from the direction of the town isn't out of the question. He had taken some time drinking ale at the Rockfall Inn, in fact it was pretty much since Kathryna had left that inn to meet with Lord Jacsen. The Hedge Knight isn't drunk either but he is feeling pretty nicely tonight though he is atleast still coordinated to walk straight, just in a good mood right now.

That familiar voice drew Elinor to search for the source, being as she was the only one of status to walk about at this hour it was assumed to be her. For Harlaw to be the source the lady's features barely scraped together a pleasant facade. "Lady Harlaw." A neutral greeting. "I am not alone this evening." A graceful gesture motions to those behind and beside her, maidens and the Banefort guards. "Although I am not surprised to see you about unescorted."

Indeed, Kate's voice is really rather remarkable. Scratchy, rasping and low from years of shouting across the deck of ships. It's feminine, but not much else. It might do well on a whore, not really proper on a noble lady. but then, that's Kate. Nothing is proper on her. Kate laughs warmly, "No, but still… it is late. You do not tire of the hour? It's good to see a lady with energy. And I needn't an escort. I've been taking care of myself for many a years now… that's what the blade does best." She pats her sword at her side. She then looks over to Kell, "And the common knight right after. Turning to be a true party in this court yard!" She laughs loudly.

As Kell ventures up the path, he wasn't paying too much attention to who is present in the Courtyard of the Four Eagles Tower, assuming it would be guards and whatnot patrolling. But his head does swing up as he hears the familiar voice of Kathryna addressing someone, a Lady apparently. When he sees the target, the Hedge Knight can't help but wince as it seems like this confrontation was just meant to be, a Banefort and a Harlaw. "Oh boy…" He mumurs to himself, pondering if he should turn around and head back to town for some more ale. However, his decision is locked in apparently when Kate's eagle eyes spot him, causing him to wince again. So his feet carries him onward, towards the Ironborn who is alone and the Banefort retinue. He inclines his head respectfully to Elinor and then Kate, giving his usual greeting, "Good evening Lady Banefort. Lady Harlaw."

"Whether or not you require an additional blade hand at your side, it is out of necessity for your safekeeping. Desired or no. You are still… a lady." The last word said as if trying to call the sun the moon or the grass the ocean, it just did not fit. "If you are as you say you are, a diplomat, I would think your kind would take better care in assuring you're safeguarded." Elinor overlooks the rest Kate had mentioned, not willing to share her reasons for venturing through the courtyard at this hour. She does look over her shoulder, normally one to greet with warmth she carefully says, "Ser Drakmoor. You are an unexpected sight this evening."

Kathryna smirks a bit more, rolling her eyes…"I had a man around here somewhere, but god knows what he's gotten off to. Besides, I could whip his as-… ah… behind in a fight anyway, so not much use when the guarded is far better than her guard!" Kate barks out another comfortable, warm laugh, just a touch of hubris riding her husky words. She then looks back to Kell and gives him a small salute, "Ser Kell! Did you enjoy the ale? Did it assauge a touch of your ego from last night? Or at least your wallet?"

Kell continues to watch in silence as the war of words begins between Kate and Elinor with the latter firing off the first broadside salvo, the Hedge Knight feeling like he is caught between a rock and a hard place. He just wanted to come check on his horse named Horse. When he is addressed by Elinor though, Kell does nod his head in her direction, "Unexpected but I came to check on my horse, M'Lady, not that I doubt House Terrick's hospitality, I just wish to see him." It would sound very lame if he said he misses his horsie.

As for Kate's response, Kell does arch a brow slightly as she mentions the man who is suppose to be protecting her, one she ended up beating around. He is now pondering, as if the dots connecting but he wonders if it could just be coincidence between Nares and the Ironborn Lady. The Hedge Knight does smile weakly when she mentions his coin pouch though, "Indeed, Lady Harlaw, the ale was fine tonight and my pride is just fine, thank you for your concern. What is coin but something to be spent?" Though he is the type to count his pennies, being a Hedge Knight and all.

The lady absorbs steel into her posture while pulling the edges of her cloak closer together until it would conceal the majority of her attire. "And this, matters how Lady Harlaw?" She asks, concern void from her tone. Elinor does look to Kell then, brows aloft, "You two are acquainted then? If it is your horse Ser Drakmoor you seek then do continue onward."

Kathryna looks between the two, her brows arching, especially as Elinor encourages the man to go on to his horse. "Ah… I thought he said he was just coming from his. Perhaps I am wrong! It's been a long night. But if you two wish to catch up, I can be on my way. The inn calls far too loudly and I doubt I can find a better distraction for the night." There is a sauciness to her husky voice as she mentions looking for distracts. Swords or sex, probably. She then looks back towards Kell and grins. "Aye… coin means nothing if it is not spent in good heart and happy times, right? It is just metals."

"Chance meeting, M'Lady, at the tavern in town yesterday night." Kell says in answer to Elinor as his attention returns to her, "Just a chance meeting." Instead of going into a lengthy explanation and whatnot of what occurred, the Hedge Knight decides to leave it at that since there is no reason for him to argue his case, even though for some reason, something is urging him to but he manages to beat that advice away." Kell does look back to Kate though before nodding, "Indeed, M'Lady, indeed. Though Lady Banefort is right, I should proceed to check on my horse. Please enjoy your evenings." Kell first dips his head respectfully towards Elinor while saying, "Lady Banefort." Then the same for Kate, "Lady Harlaw." With that, the Hedge Knight continues on though the warm feeling of his ale has faded, replaced by an icy feeling as he had stumbled between the ire of the Banefort and Harlaw.

"Of course Ser Drakmoor." The lady nods her head to him before he is destined for the stables, in seeing to his horse. "Then it is certainly not my wish to keep you." Elinor adds, "Lady Harlaw." A mute incline of her head would initiate her departure. Especially having little to not interest in what sort of night the Ironborn could find herself in. If the rumors were true, of course they were. Kell provided little insight on how the two met and as such she did not question, the man's business being his own. Before leaving Kate's presence entirely, Elinor pauses to say, "Lady Harlaw, do try not to cause further embarrassment upon yourself. There are some to may care to have a relationship with the Ironborn against the strong wishes of others. Your very actions may recall those future opportunities." A diplomat should know this, at least Elinor believes so. With those words said she reignites her walk through the courtyard.

Kathryna furrows her brow at the two, about to say something more to Elinor, but then she just shakes her head instead. "Good night, Lady Elinor… Ser Kell." And with that, a small salute of her hand, she turns on the ball of her foot and stalks out the courtyard.