Page 019: Whatever the Cost
Whatever the Cost
Summary: Valda speaks with Rygar about Gedeon's documents. Blood may run.
Date: 31/07/2011
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Rygar Valda 
Lord and Lady's Chambers - Tordane Hall
The door opens to show the bed to the left, further from the entrance and the foot settled with a heavy locked chest with a few woven blankets draped over it. The carved posters of the bed hold wrappings of green cloth held by golden tassels, a heavy woolen blanket settled atop the stuffed mattress. On either side of the bed are removeable steps. A thick circular rug has faded over time and with foot traffic and takes up most of the wooden floor. A hearth at the corner of the room directly inward from the door is soot covered and crackling with embers. A heavy oak chest of drawers is fitted into a corner to hold the clothes and blankets of the Lord and Lady. Two chairs are set near the slitted double windows between the hearth and bed.
Sun July 31, 288

+Hell hath no fury like Valda Tordane in one of her moods. Word had been sent to Lord Rygar and waiting within her own chambers tha will be Isolde's this evening, she stands staring down into the hearth. A tap of her foot keeps an impatient beat to measure her own chaotic thoughts. Never is the Lady still in her pursuit of control over matters. This little kink is something that needs to be seen to before too many cracks are formed.

Asha is sent away after a fuss with her bindings that has Valda nearly biting her head off. The girl is still quailing as she rushes down the stairs to leave the widow to herself.

Rygar passes the frighted girl on the stairs, frown drawing his brows together as bootfalls draw him down the residential corridor toward the intended room. Knuckles rap on the timber of the open door, as the severe knight greets standing in the doorframe, "My Lady."

Turning slowy from the heart, she nods her head, "Come in, shut the door. There are matters to discuss that might very well put Stonebridge at the center of attention." She looks back away, having gathered her cool, she is eaching for her untouched goblet of wine, drinking of it with a sip. "My late-husband's bastard whelp has arrived back..and bringing some unsettling memoirs he claims are truth."

Rygar steps inside as indicated, the door closed at his back. A short turn of his harsh eye passes about the room, counting the ears privy to the unfolding discussion. The frown has not relaxed from his eyes as the Nayland knight hears the cause for the summons. "The Rivers knight in the Valentin retinue?" he clarifies. "And what do these supposed memoirs claim, Lady." Phrased as a question, but lacking the inflection of one.

"That is exactly what they are, supposed." Valda turns with goblet in hand to face him. "He claims to have letters of proof to show my late-husband was at the Crag during my daughters conception. My daughter has said that there is a letter directly from her father's hand that she is not his. HOw this came to be other than forgery…I am not certain. What the aim is in this I do not know but the wedding must continue." She moves the wine with a bend of her wrist. "Yes this matter needs to be taken care of before rumors are spread enough to reach important ears."

"If the bastard has wit enough to set forward such a forgery, we must presume he has wit enough that your family never hears of it before others already have," Rygar muses aloud, canting his head forward as he considers. It has the effect of making the man look angry. "Even should the letters be accepted, the bastard gains nothing. Illegitimate sons cannot inherit, such is the King's Law. We shall proceed with the wedding, to secure the alliance, but these letters must be addressed. Even should your daughter declare herself a bastard, the next in line to rule of Stonebridge.. is yourself, Lady." A drawn breath as he raises his eye to fix anew on the lady. "Where are these letters. Know you whether they bear the Tordane seal?"

There is a frustrated sigh, "I do not know, save to say my daughter saw them and the claims they are Gedeon's possession at present. Despite her foolishness I do not think she would accept those letters as possible fact without the seal. So we must assume that it does. But if they are forgeries…who did he get them from?" Her gaze narrows and she moves to set down her goblet. "This new house in the area, Valentin…would have they reason to help this farce the whelp has hatched?"

Rygar regards Valda a long moment as he analyzes her choice of words. "Where a forgery comes from matters naught. It is clearly an agitation in favor of the Terricks. If the Terricks had wit enough to employ a forgery, they should have conjured up a betrothal contract for your daughter. No, this is another who seeks to give the eagles cause to contest a lawful marriage. It shall fail," he states with the certainty of forgone conclusion. "Isolde marries Ryker tonight, and words shall be had with the Knight of Oldstones and his bastard vassal. I will suffer no slights upon this marriage, nor threats to the planned alliance, though the blood of your husband's son may need to flow." That last spoken with detached calculation, before he regards Valda to wonder, "Does this deter my lady?"

"Would I that it flowed sooner. I have no qualms with what needs to be done. If the whelp must die, it would be a grander day for it." Valda smirks some and then lets out a vexatd sigh, "In either instance, I must send my sister to see to my daughter and calm her. To have her …speak up to her husband to be is not to be allowed. I would hope that you can keep him suitably occupied and apart from her til the evening." She gazes at Rygar then, moving towards him and the door before she stops next to his side, lifting her hand to settle on his arm.

"Blood shall be spared if it may, and spilled if it must. To falter from such conviction is weakness," Rygar voices back with an approving nod to Valda's willingness to see violence done if needs be. "Ryker will lay eyes on Isolde for the ceremony which makes her a Nayland, and not before." His eye ticks briefly to the touch on his arm before fixing again on Valda's. "After that, there is no stopping what we have wrought, Lady."

"Good, then we shall see to it. Let us worry of the letters after the day's deeds are done. To worry now, would bring attention." Valda draws a long breath. "After they retire…we can begin this search for the whelp and his 'proof'." That said, she withdraws her hand from his arm and moves for the exit. "I will trust you can execute whatever needs to be done with as much decorum as you do everything, Lord Rygar." She slips out the door to head back down and help ready the rest of the household for the wedding.