Page 510: What Was That Look
What Was That Look
Summary: Aemy stumbles across Visenya on the Green and has to ask a question. And then there's Martyn!
Date: 15/12/2012
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The Green - Terrick's Roost
The Green is a large field of deep green grass, nearly flat, that runs along the base of the towers. The road into town runs along the far edge, hemming it in neatly to a confined area where beyond a line of trees serves as a subtle windbreak. This area is most often used for drilling or practice for the guards but also serves as home for festivals, tournements, and another other gathering that might require the space for a large number of the local residents. A well-trodden path winds around the side of the wall and moves towards the coastline. Another heads southwest, toward Kingsgrove.
December 15, 289

It's a lovely evening on the Green. Somewhere off in the distance, some minstrel is practicing their songs and leaving a drifting tune in the air. Visenya is taking full advantage of this, having found a pleasant enough spot to sit on a blanket, legs curled beneath her as she speaks in low tones with her maid. Standing off at a slight distance, but allowing the ladies to have their chat is a Nayland guard, grim faced and on high alert.

If only there were one guard only on Aemy. The Erenford is passing by, leaving the keep as a matter of fact. Afoot for the first time in awhile. Beside her is her maid Kyra, Near her are her guards Redmond and Symon. Along with them are two Terrick guards watching the surrounding area with guarded caution. They have one job. Keep Aemy away from Daryl. Easy enough since he is assigned two of his own intent on keeping him away from her. Hearing the music, Aemy looks that way, though before she sees the Minstrel, she notices Visenya, the one Daryl had been eyeing at the wedding.

Curiosity gets the better of the Erenford and she walks near her, "Good day, my lady." Her voice is soft and somewhat inquisitive. "The music is lovely."

And if those guards present aren't enough when it comes to armed men, from the direction of the town comes a Ser Martyn Mallister, conversing a bit quietly with his squire, Xander Paege. The conversation seems to be about weapons and such things, but after a while, Martyn pats the younger man on his shoulder and sends him off on his merry way. The Knight comes to a stop after a little while, letting out a bit of a sigh now.

Oh, it's that blond one. Visenya looks up as she's spoken to, her expression reserved as she takes Aemy's appearance and stature in. And then a friendly smile rises to her lips. "Good day," she offers in reply. "The music is just the perfect touch for an evening already so lovely." She gestures to the blanket. "There is plenty of space if you would care to sit and join me for a short while. At least until the minstrel finds something else to attract his attention."

The blonde one indeed. With the same curious expression, Aemy manages the last few steps. though at the neutral look, her demeanor becomes tentative. "If you are certain you do not mind, my lady, I think I would like to join you after all." With grace, Aemy carefully lowers herself to the blanket. "I am Aemy Erenford, I believe I saw you briefly at my cousins wedding. Though I fear we were never introduced properly." As Aemy moves her entourage goes with her.

He may or may not have noticed the noble ladies, but for whatever reason, Martyn's path as he starts walking again takes him close to where they are at the moment. He glances around to study some of the other people on the Green, and so isn't watching as his course seems to take him straight for the group now.

"Visenya Goodbrook," the dark haired girl replies. Her guard is eying Aemy's people up and down but seems to determine that they are of no threat to his charge. "I was present at Ser Brennart's marriage," she confirms. "I was a part of the Nayland party that went." The black clad woman is all friendly smiles now as she regards the Erenford, a well practiced expression that veils whatever her true feelings may be.

"A pleasure meeting you." Not quite as capable of such duplicity, her expression is probably too openly curious. "Nayland, I see. I admit I know so few Naylands, other than Lady Jocelyn." After a brief pause as the minstrel continues to play, the Erenford offers another look, this one perhaps a little uncertain. "You know Lord Daryl Ashwood.." It is not a question.

Having looked back in front of him now, Martyn comes to a bit of a stop as he sees he was about to walk straight at someone. Studying them all for the moment, before he focuses on Aemy for now, offering a bit of a nod in her direction. She's the one he knows, after all.

"Lady Jocelyn is my cousin," Visenya supplies. "It was a beautiful affair. I am sure the very best that Erenford had to offer for such a joyous union." Her shoulders lift into an absent shrug. "I am acquainted with Lord Daryl. He is an Ashwood, however."

"Lady Jocelyn is quite lovely, I enjoy her company when our paths cross." After a moment, Aemy nods, acknowledging her words. "Yes, my lady, he is. I just wondered about something I saw at the wedding. I was not sure if ot were a cause for concern. I had hoped you would be more open." Looking up just then, she notices Martyn and a true smile forms, "I had hoped to see you again this day, Ser Martyn. I wanted to discuss the message I wanted you to deliver to my cousin in Broadmoor when you go." With a conspiritoral wink, she lets him know there truly was no message, just having him get another reason to see her cousin intentionally.

Offering a bit of a smile to Aemy, Martyn nods a little bit. "I'll deliver any message you would want, Lady Aemy," he offers with a bit of a smile, nodding a bit at that conspiratorial wink, as if indicating that he understands. Looking to Visenya as well, offering her a bit of a nod. "My lady," he offers in greeting.

Visenya's brows lift as she looks over at Aemy. "Cause for concern, Lady Aemy?" she asks politely. "Just what are you accusing me of?" She sniffs, a highly insulted look crossing over her features. When Martyn arrives, the Goodbrook Lady offers a smile in greeting but does not move at all from her comfortable position. "Good evening, Ser Knight," she says politely. "Visenya Goodbrook," she introduces.

Of course her intention was never to offend, that was the last thing she had wanted. "My lady, please, honestly, I meant no offense, I assure you. There were no accusations real or implied. Forgive me, I meant nothing untowards against you." Again, uncertain, regretful, Aemy tries to reassure, "Just.. it was a look on the face of Lord Daryl. I.. had never seen it before and wondered.. would it truly be me who would make the Ashwood Lord happy.. Or another he was perhaps longing for. Again, I beg your forgiveness." Looking towards Martyn. "I will have to relay the message later, I fear I must be going for now." Having offended, she was quite certain her welcome was worn now.

Martyn pauses for a few moments as he listens to the two ladies. "A pleasure to meet you, Lady Goodbrook," he offers, before he adds, "You seem to be a long way from home." Another brief pause, before he adds, "I'm Ser Martyn Mallister." A brief pause, before he looks to Aemy. "You seem to be in a hurry all the time today, Lady Aemy." Sounding a bit worried, it would seem.

"That is perhaps something you should discuss with your betrothed, Lady Aemy," Visenya advises mildly. "I barely know the man and tend to try and avoid relations with Ashwoods whenever possible, considering their dealings with House Nayland." Once again, she glances up at Martyn, shaking her head. "Not far from home, Ser, but finally home," she corrects. "I am a Goodbrook through marriage. I originate from House Nayland."

With another look at the Nayland, Aemy bows her head, submitting to the older lady. "Perhaps I should. Thank you for the invaluable advice. As well as for your time. It was a pleasure meeting you finally, I have heard only good things about the Naylands, hopefully I will be going to visit Lady Jocelyn soon and our paths cross again." With as much grace as when she had seated herself, she rises. "Please have a day as lovely as you are my lady." Dipping into a curtsy. Only after straightening does she look back at Martyn, "I hope things will be different should we meet again this day."

There's a few moments when Martyn's expression goes carefully blank as he hears that particular house name, before he offers a bit of a smile. "I see, my lady," he offers after a few moments, before he adds, "Welcome home, then." Turning his attention to Aemy again, he offers her a bit of a smile. "I hope so," he offers.

Visenya tips her head toward Aemy. "I do wish you the sincerest congratulations on your betrothal, Lady Aemy," she says quietly. "I do hope that you possess the patience to wrangle such a… free spirit from what I have heard." She also rises to her feet, her maid gathering up her blanket. "Please, do stay and make use of such a pleasant spot so you might conduct your business. I should be on my way as it were."

Again, the reference to Daryl as such. What had her cousin arranged her into? Then again, Aemy was fairly certain most noblemen were free spirits. "Thank you my lady. I believe it would not be my intention to tamp the free spirit. It is one of the most refreshing things about him, I have found. Would you have me tame him when his sheer sense of adventure is one of his most admirable traits?" Perhaps the question is rhetorical, though inquisitive blue eyes rest on the Nayland. "Thank you for the pleasant spot, I am sure it will be enjoyed for as long as the Minstrel continues to play." Looking now at Martyn, her smile widens. "Would you like to remain a bit longer?"

"A free spirit…" Martyn remarks as he hears that. He doesn't say anything else for the moment, offering a bit of a nod now. "Take care, my lady," he offers to Visenya, before he looks over at Aemy. "Sounds like a good idea," he offers after a few moments of pause.

Visenya just shrugs. "As his wife, Lady Aemy, that will be for you to decide." She offers a bow to both and then begins to step away. But her voice does trail back, "…If you had the fortitude to even be capable of taming such a man." And then she's ambling off, back toward the town.

"Thank you, Ser Martyn, perhaps a walk as we talk?" Aemy looks back as Visenya makes her parting shot. "I wonder what causes such bitterness." Her voice is softly musing, choosing intentionally not to take offense. Be better or bitter right? "Thank you for the good wishes, my lady."

Martyn considers for a few moments now, offering Aemy a bit of a smile. "Sounds like a good idea," he offers, after a few moments of pause. Looking between Aemy and Visenya for a few moments, he doesn't offer much for the moment.