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What next?
Summary: After returning to the Tower, Isolde gives Wayland a few orders.
Date: 31-July-288
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Isolde Wayland 
Stonebridge Stables
Lots of horses, hay and all that stuff.
July 31st, 288

The return trip to the stables went, pretty fast actually. Most of the sworn swords were fighting to keep pace and not fall behind. Wayland has been riding with Isolde for a long long time now, he knows she is a strong rider. The man keeps next to her, going as fast as she is and in complete silence. While he still looks calm, it can be noted that he is pressing his lips together and looking straight ahead.

When they reach the stables, he commands the other sworn to leave the horses in their particular booths and leave. Himself, he gets down of his own and laces it so it doesn't wander. His attention moves to Isolde, seing her still on her horse even after everyone left. "My lady" says Wayland approaching her, extending one hand to help her down if she wishes.

Dem shifts beneath her, the dappled grey gelding hoofing the ground with its fore leg. Isolde shifts and draws from her thoughts when Wayland speaks to her. Her hand about the letters held against her tightens and her other releases her reins. Her hand reaches down to take his and she rises, swinging her leg over to lower herself from the saddle. "Thank you Ser Wayland.."

Curling the letters up to rest against her side, she looks to him and smiles. "The day is just starting."

Wayland moves his other hand to her wist and he helps her down. Taking a step back to give her room, he nods politely to her and says "Of course, my lady" Now, his attention goes to those letters in her hand and then back at her, into her eyes…because her eyes won't lie. "That is so. The day is just starting." He takes a deep breath and then clears his throat "Are you going to tell me what made you cry like that, my lady?" he looks at the letters again "The way you are holding those letters…and how your brother was demanding for them. What is going on?"

Looking down to the letters and then back up at him, "Ser…it is a matter of bad news on a supposedly joyful day. I took what was his…it wasn't right but I need time to read through them all." Isolde doesn't yet hint at the content as she starts to move to take the reins of her horse and lead it towards the stablehand. "It would be best not to speak of what Gedeon did, Ser Wayland and let the other Knights know that as well. There are things we have yet to take care of before the wedding today and such rumors will not do."

"Ah" says the Knight of Stonebridge, still paying full attention to what she is saying. "I have already taken care of that, my lady" says Wayland now "I had a quick word with the other Knights right after you departed in such hurry" He nods politely afterwards and walks with her as she guides her horse to the stablehand. "Rumors will not flow around, at least on these particular…event" adds the man, speaking in a low voice and directly to the woman. Still, he goes silent now since there are many other people around.

As the horse is handed off, Isolde pauses and then turns to regard him, "Good.." A faint smile for Wayland and then she starts to move, briskly through the stables for the exit. "I knew you would see to things." A certain air of stoicism settles about her, choking out the emotion. Her chin lifts and she lets out a slow breath. "Gedeon is not to be allowed near the Tower, I need someone to follow him, Ser Wayland or keep him within view as much as possible. I also want to know as much as I an about House Valentin."

Wayland just nods in silence as he walks with her towards the exit, listening to her orders. Finally, he says to her "I could follow him myself, but that, I think would prove unwise since I am very well known by your brother. But perhaps, another of the Knights, dressed in commoner's clothes…" he nods to this, considering the option "Yes, I think that would raise fewer suspicions, while people are starting to go back to their lands, there are still more than usual in Stonebridge, a commoner would be lost in the crowd more easily" He nods to himself and then adds "I will guard the Tower with a small group and as for house Valentin…" he nods and says "I think we all do, my lady"

"That is a good idea, I will trust you to see it through." She slows and turns, finally stopping as she looks up at him. Isolde presses the letters to her stomach. "Wayland, you won't speak of what happened." It is not a question, it is something nearing an order. "Should Gedeon be found near the Tower, keep him. He is still my brother and will treated as such. My Lady Mother is not to know when he is and the matter is to be brought to me alone. I will not have this day ruined nor this matter drug out longer than it needs to be." She tilts her head, knowing well before hand that he will indeed do so. "Did you learn anything of them while you were at the tourney?"

"I will not, my Lady" says Wayland with a nod of his head, still, showing some concern on his features. "Keep him? Do you mean to capture him, my lady? Or did I just misunderstood?" When she starts talking about her mother, he nods in silence and then again but this time, showing a very faint smile "Your lady mother will not find out" After all, he serves the Lady of the House, not Valda. His smile fades when she asks if he had learned anything about the Valentin "Well, I know Ser Anton Valentin is a formidable adversary, the Terricks tried to subdue him but were unable to do so…that says a lot of the man." He clears his throat "Another small detail I spotted, was that Ser Anton gave Lucienne Terrick a rose…now, of course, this might mean nothing but, it's something to keep in mind, in case it's the start of an alliance." He shows a faint smile "You know all about the small details, my Lady…they can speak volumes" The man clears his throat and adds "And, I do think your brother Gideon was his squire?" His attention drifts to the letters and he says to her "I don't mean to intrude, my lady. But am I to know what those letters hold?"

"Well it is a curious thing then..Valentin." Isolde sighs and starts to turn back around to head into the tower. A brow raises and she hesitates once more, a bite of her lip and dry sigh again. "What letters?" She tucks them closer to her, her gaze sharp as she meets his. "If I had letters I think you would know, but otherwise I do not know what you are talking about." She gives him a knowing look, one that warns him to keep what he knows to himself. "And if I had them I would certainly be bound to give them to my Lady Mother..but since I do not…then there is nothing to concern her over." She starts forward again, stepping out of the stables.

The look she gaves him is returned with one of his own, directly into her eyes. "Of course, my lady" is what the Knight says to her. And that is all he says while the walk outside the stables and to wherever she might be going, unless of course she dismisses him. Hand goes to the pommel of his sword and he quietly scans the grounds around them, taking in consideration every single detail as he has always done in the years he has served her.