Wesly Parala
Wesly Parala
BooBoo Stewart
BooBoo Stewart as Wesly Leeam Parala
name: Wesly Leeam Parala
father: Unknown
mother: Lesly Parala
spouse: None
issue: None
gender: Male
age: 18
height: 6'1"
weight: 170lbs.
eyes: Light Brown
hair: Dark Brown
honorific: None
house: Terrick
position: Squire


Wesly was born fatherless. According to his mother, Lesly, his birthing was of divine conception, and there was never the involvement of a man. Since the spooky woman lived alone deep in the woods outside of Terrick's Roost, there was no one to corroborate the tale - and no one to argue it.

Lesly kept a small cottage, overgrown with moss and vines, nestled near a small spring in the woods. Followers of the Old Gods, they lived well off the path of anyone's travels. Lesly was sought after, however, as the Parala reputation as prophetic mystics was fairly well known. Specifically, the family practiced Ceromancy, the study of reading candle wax, and had done so for generations. The hopeless and downtrodden, and sometimes simply the gullible, would pay to have their futures read fortunes told. Others would come to see the weirwood sapling that grew behind their cottage. The family insisted it was real, and most believed such, but the few skeptics who visited would argue it was a white-barked oak that happened to look a lot like a weirwood. The truth was, it was just an oak, but whether Lesly believed it was a weirwood or was lying is unknown.

None would stay long, however. As well known as the family's eerie mysticism was their family's curse. For as long as anyone could remember, ill luck would befall the Parala family. Some say an ancestor sold their soul to the Old Gods for the ability to see the future, and that this was the price they all pay. Others rumor that the family was cursed by a great dragon spirit after giving an unfortunate reading to a Targaryen. Exactly what the origin is, no one knows, but those who find themselves close to male members of the family tend to meet unfortunate ends.

When Wesly was twelve, a group of bandits fleeing Terrick's Roost stumbled upon their home. They ransacked the cottage, taking whatever supplies they felt they needed, and then burned the home to the ground. As they left, one of them trampled the "weirwood," and Lesly stepped forward, filled with rage. The bandits cut her down, and rode off.

A knight from the Roost was pursuing them, Ser Talon Merrick, and when he came across the young boy alone, he took him in. A few days later, they came across the bandits, all dead. They had camped within the mouth of a cave in which venomous snakes nested, and it appeared they had all been bitten in their sleep. Wesly was quick to note it was the Old Gods seeing to their end for what they had done, but Ser Merrick dismissed the notion.

Ser Merrick offered the boy a chance to be his squire. He took it, and for many years, served the knight well in service. Wesly accompanied his knight to the Iron Islands as the invasion was fought back. Unfortunately, during the battle there, Merrick fell victim to the Parala curse. After a fierce battle, while simply walking up the stairs of a building they had taken to report to his superiors, he tripped. Tumbling down the stairs, Merrick's neck was broken. Merrick left most of his wealth to his wife, but did leave Wesly his horse and sword, a step towards his eventual ability to become a knight.

Wesly is now seeking a new knight who would take him as squire so that he may complete his training, though given his family history and religion, it's not easy.


Physical Features

Wesly is a tall young man, nearly 6'1", about 18 years of age. He has tanned skin and long, raggedy black hair that hangs nearly to his chin. He has a narrow jawline beneath high cheekbones, making him almost pretty. His light brown eyes are vibrant with life and conviction, though they are narrow and a bit sleepy in shape. He has a thin waist set beneath wide shoulders, making him look imposing even in his youth. He wears the general accouterments of a young squire of House Terrick.

Allies and Foes

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