Page 552: Well That Was Faintly Awkward
Well That Was Faintly Awkward
Summary: Kaelea, followed by Pariston arrive at the Roost. Mortimer and Nathaniel both put there foot in it with well-meaning comments related to the engagement.
Date: 26/Jan/2013
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Town Square, Terrick's Roost
The town square of Terrick's Roost was once considered well-kept. The stone streets run right up to the building fronts around the edge and the locals have kept the spaces between free of grass and weeds that might otherwise sprung up between them, although dark streaks of stubborn soot have crawled in between the stones. There are several homes and shops located here which show the scars and cinders of the sacking of the town at Ironborn hands. The ruin of the town's Sept can also be seen from here with its ornate stone front rising above the surrounding structures just down the cobblestone road.
Sat Jan 26, 290

Even during hard times, the people who run a town manage to supply its major public spaces with light. While Nathaniel walks away from the stable, a woman's bright laugh draws his attention. He looks to the girl, whom he recognizes as one of the Rockcliff's servers moving away from another young woman. The second might be a stranger to some in the town, but he recognizes her instantly in the torch-light. He smiles, and his steps quickly toward her. "Kaelea!" he calls to her. "What a lovely surprise!" He waves. Seeing Mortimer beyond her, he waves to the deputy as well. "And Master Trevelyan! Well met! In case your lad hasn't told you already, we had a fine time on the coast!"

While Nathaniel's hail might be a delay to Mortimer's plans it's not exactly an unwelcome one. Turning to head towards the man he gives him a nod in greeting, before he glances to the other hailee and offers her a nod too, along with a quick, "Mistress Steele, it's been a while." Good memory for names and faces it seems, comes in useful in his work. Turning back to Nathaniel he offers a broad smile, "oh he told me alright, loudly and repeatedly until he fell asleep on his mother's knee. Doubt he'll be up with the larks tomorrow I can tell you."

Just as Kaelea was leaving her brief talk with the acquaintance, she hears a familiar voice calling her name. Turning towards him, her face breaks out into a smile and she closes the distance between them, offering him a brief hug, if he is agreeable. "Nathaniel!" The exclamation relays her happiness in seeing her friend. "It's good to see you again." If Nathaniel allowed her to hug him, she'll just now step out of the embrace to face Mortimer. "Deputy Trevelyan, what a pleasant surprise. How is your family? Yes it has been awhile, I came home to visit my mother for a few days."

The hug might be brief, but Nathaniel compresses his enthusiasm into that short time by curling his arms around Kaelea and hugging her tight before he steps back, beaming sunshine from his smile. "Welcome home, if only for a while!" he greets her warmly. "I don't want to delay you if your mother is expecting you, but how could I see you here and not welcome you?" Then he looks around the area, and he lowers his voice to ask, in a concerned tone, "Where is Paristan? You shouldn't be out alone at this hour."

Mortimer seems faintly amused by the way young women seem to throw themselves at Nathaniel, some more literally than others. He doesn't say anything though, preferring instead to simply let the pair have their reunion in peace. At Kaelea's words he nods simply, "I'm sure she'll be pleased to see, and they're fine thank you." There's a moment pause as he wonders just how formal to go when referring to the younger man before plumping for "Master Nathaniel" as a relatively safe middle ground, "here has very kindly just spent his day bouncing the energy out of my son for me." At Nathaniel's question to her he puts two and two together from the conversation of the previous evening and his smile broadens a touch more, "ah, so it is to you that we should be directing our congratulations. I hear he is a good man and I hope you'll be very happy together."

No matter how brief the hug, it was nice and when he lets her go, Kaelea smiles almost as brightly in return. "I saw her earlier when I first arrived, I had to leave for awhile. You know how parents are, always trying to get you to come home to live again. I told her I would think about it." At the mention of Paris, she glances towards the east, the way out of town before looking back. "He didn't come with me. The trip was fine, no hazards along the way."
As the redhead listens to Mortimer, her smile brightens, "I can imagine the both of them had a grand time at the coast. I remember a time or two I went there myself with Nathaniel. Maybe we could do that before I go again?" Glancing back to the courier at the question. But the. The congratulations come about the pending marriage and she winces just a little. "Thank you.. Though we have decided to wait awhile." Not really clarifying further than that.

Nathaniel looks from Mortimer to Kaelea. He nods and opens his mouth to answer her request, but his smile fades slightly when she unveils the next bit of news. He nods slowly and confirms in a quieter tone, "We could." Then he bites his bottom lip as he often does when some question or doubt rattles him. Turning to Mortimer, he inclines his head and a fraction of that former smile returns. "It was a fine morning, and he flies a kite well. If he'll continue with his letters so well, he should do well for himself, master."

Kaelea's wince is not missed by the deputy sheriff, that combined with her answer to Nathaniel about the Flint man not making the journey with her is enough to garner a raised eyebrow. It's a private matter though and he'll keep out of it unless it becomes his concern, preferring to leave it to those such as Nathaniel who knows those involved far better. It leave him feeling slightly awkward though, having just put his foot right in the middle of it entirely unexpectedly. Fortunately there's a whole other thread of conversation to keep him going though and he turns to give Nathaniel a brief nod. "I've been trying to make sure he works on them at least a bit a day, then let him go down to the shore afterwards. As a reward like. Seems to work, although he's more enthusiastic some days than others."

Then the one that wasn't joining Kaelea does come riding into town. Upon his usual and trusted horse. Having ridden after the redhead most likely. Looking to those present. "Masters, Lea." Paris offers from his horse before moving off the horse. Smiling to Kaelea. He can not have been too far behind Kaelea. Perhaps enough to see her in the distance or so perhaps. "I hope you are all well?"

"I would like that, Nathaniel." Kaelea smiles as the discussion turns to the deputy's child and his recent learnings. "He sounds like he is a very bright child. And like he has grown alot since the last time I was here." Giving Mortimer a grateful smile when he doesn't question or comment further about the broken engagement. When Paris arrives, she looks a little surprised to see him, but her warm smile is as genuine as they come. "Hi Paris, I'm glad to see you here. We were talking about a visit to the coastline this weekend. And of how smart young master Trevelyan is, learning his letters and flying kites."

Nathaniel again slowly inclines his head to Kealea. "I'm honored," he says simply. "The weather on the coast was wonderful this morning," he adds with a look to Mortimer. "The kite flew far above the gulls, and I must say that the lad is quite skilled. He fishes well, also. He knows the art of quietness that seems to elude most children of his age." He laughs. Then the approach of hooves in the otherwise quiet square draws his attention into the darkness. He peers toward the sound, and waits. When Paristan comes into view, he exhales the breath that he was holding, and calls, "Master Vis! Hail! Welcome to Terrick's Roost!" He glances toward the stables, where a torch still burns near the door. "The livery still has stalls open to you, if you need one."

Mortimer glances over his shoulder at the sound of hooves on the road then half turns towards the new arrival, taking a moment to be sure in the dark of who it is before offering a polite nod and a "Good evening Master Vis." Most curious, but still none of his business unless the man is here to cause trouble. He's guessing from Kalea's reaction that that she doesn't guess that to be the case, so he simply turns back to the conversation at hand, offering first to Kaelea, "Aye he is, gets it from his mother. Turning into quite the charmer too it seems as he's managed to wrangle a kite from Lady Nedra and a book from Lady Saffron." Turning to Nathaniel next he nods as the day's activities are listed, "Aye, he was talking about the fishing, although well done for keeping him still long enough, normally he's off to go roll in the mud or chase something after a minute or two."

Pariston smiles a warm smile to Kaelea as he moves over to her. "Ah, okay. That sounds quite lovely." Nodding as he listens about the young master. "Sounds like he is doing mighty fine." Turning his eyes to the deputy at that last part. Eyes then shift to the courier that is greeting him. "Master Corbitt. It is good to see you. And thank you, I should let Wayren go rest." He says with a pat to the horse. Nodding and will be gone briefly to see to the horse. Nope, no trouble. Yet. So it is only briefly that he will be gone before coming back without the horse.

Pariston smiles a warm smile to Kaelea as he moves over to her. "Ah, okay. That sounds quite lovely." Nodding as he listens about the young master. "Sounds like he is doing mighty fine." Turning his eyes to the deputy at that last part. Eyes then shift to the courier that is greeting him. "Master Corbitt. It is good to see you. And thank you, I should let Wayren go rest." He says with a pat to the horse. Nodding and will be gone briefly to see to the horse. Nope, no trouble. Yet. So it is only briefly that he will be gone before coming back without the horse.

The arrival of Pariston certainly wasn't foreseen, but indeed Kaelea doesn't seem to be distraught over it. Though there is another look at Nathaniel, she notes his words with an easy smile. "You honor me as well Nathaniel." Watching Paris a moment, she nods when he goes to stable his horse before looking back to the deputy. "He sounds like a bright young man. I haven't seen him since I went to Highfield."

"The master asked me to teach the boy to read and write," Nathaniel explains to Kaelea. "I've added numbers, so that he'll have better prospects for the future. He is quite a sharp one when he sets his mind to a task." He nods to Pariston when the man leaves to stable his horse, and then he returns his attention to the deputy, "I'll admit that at times, his mind wanders." He grins. "I reminded him occasionally that if he wanted a fish to take home for supper, he would need to be still and quiet." He adds a conspiratorial wink to his words. Finally, he uses a hand to indicate a child's height. "He has grown a bit, and he rides quite well. I won't be surprised if he has all of the marks of a fine page before long, possibly for Ser Justin." He nods to Mortimer with those words.

Mortimer keeps half an eye on Pariston as he walks his horse over to the stables but most of his attention is on the pair in front of him. He really could stand and listen to people complimenting his son for hours, and talk about the lad himself for even longer but for now he simply nods along to most of it before expanding on Nathaniel's last point. "The Lord Sheriff did mention he was looking for a lad, but I think he's planning to take on one of the orphans if there's one who seems suitable." Not that the deputy seems upset by that mind. Page might not be so bad in itself, but it often leads to squire and then knight and he'd vastly prefer it if he sole remaining child doesn't end up as one of the first into any fight or battle.

"I do think that the boy will becomes quite skilled then." Pariston offers as he moves away. Only having heard that part of Nathaniel's words. It does take a moment but he does soon enough return. Resuming his previous spot and if Kaelea allows he will offer a kiss to her cheek at least. Perhaps out of habit. Eyes then go to the others again as he tries to catch up with what they were talking about while he was gone.

Hearing about children that are on the right track seems to catch Kaelea's interest and with a look of admiration, her green eyes rest on the courier. "You are teaching him? I wonder if it would be possible then if he were to apprentice under you when he was older to learn of the courier trade?" Upon the arrival of Paris, she smiles again, missing his intention of kissing her cheek until it already happened. "I was just about to go to my room, it's getting late and I have many things to do tomorrow. If you gentlemen would excuse me." Offering a bright smile. "It was good seeing you all again and hopefully we'll all meet again before I go."

Nathaniel grins and nods at Mortmer's explanation about the Sheriff's page, and Paristan's comment about learning. "If he learns his letters and numbers well enough, there are few limits on where he might go," he predicts. "He might even become a maester for all that we know," the courier adds. "He has a thirst for learning that could take him in any direction." He again looks to Paristan, and adds, "Master Trevelyan's lad might even welcome some lessons from a master hunter, although I'll warn you that keeping him still for a fish was challenge enough for me." He chuckles. When Paristan kisses Kaelea's cheek, Nathaniel again bites his bottom lip for an instant. When Kaelea suggests an apprenticeship young master Trevelyan, Nathaniel blushes briefly, and bows his head. "His father should decide, and probably not for a few years yet, but … when the time comes, if he still holds to his learning at this rate, I would be proud to teach him." Her next words about retiring elicit a deep bow from him, and he offers, "May you rest well, Kaelea. I hope to see you again soon." He sighs and nods to the hunter and deputy. "I, too, should find rest. I need to return before first light for Molly. I'm leaving her in the stables tonight to rest her foot after catching a splinter."

"He's a few years to go yet before we have to be making decisions like that," Mortimer offers with a faint smile, the lad is only six after all, although it isn't too many months until his name day now. Even in the low light of the evening the blush is noticed, though a faint smile is the only indication of such as he replies, "we'll just have to see what he shows a liking for when the time does come. Plan is to give him as many options as we can though, hence letting him learn from you rather than just me." Not that his reading is too bad, slow but adequate really, it's just his writing is best described as terrible, and possibly thats being overly charitable. As both Kaelea and Nathaniel declare their intentions to depart he considers for a moment, then adds his own, "not perhaps the worst idea I've heard all night." Turning then to Kaelea he offers, "if I'm not much mistaken Mistress we'll be heading the same way. I can see you to your door if you're wanting." Not a particular comment about Pariston mind, more the general dangers of roaming around on your own in the dark, but the offer is there anyway.

Pariston nods to Kaelea's word about going to her room. "Okay." Leaning in to whisper to her before his eyes go to the other two. Nodding to them. "Ah, apprenticeship sounds quite nice of a thing." When Nathaniel excuses himself, Pariston nods. "Be well, master Corbitt." Eyes shifting to deputy then. Nodding. "It is alright, I can escort her if you got somewhere to be." He suggests and smiles.

"I will see you all again hopefully on the morrow. It was nice seeing you all again. Perhaps a visit to the coast is on order if the day breaks to be a nice one." At the offer of an escort, Kaelea gently declines. "Master Vis has offered to see me safely delivered to the inn. I trust him, thank you, Deputy for the offer." As Nathaniel also plans on leaving, he offers him another brief hug then nods to Paris, in response to his whispered offer.

Nathaniel answers the hug in kind. "Be safe and well," he wishes, speaking the words in a reverent tone. Then he steps back and inclines his head and shoulders in a half bow to the men. "Masters, may daylight find you well and at peace." He adjusts the strap on his courier's satchel, and turns to head toward the outskirts of town and onward toward the keep in the West.

With the offered escort proving unneeded, Mortimer simply nods his understanding to Kaelea and then Pariston. "I'll wish you both a good night then, Master, Mistress. Enjoy your time at the Roost and please, don't hesitate to let myself or Lord Justin know if anything goes amiss." Then to Nathaniel he offers a slightly more informal, "goodnight, and thank you once again for today." That said he's off himself across the square in the direction of his own home.