Page 556: Welcome Return
Welcome Return
Summary: Lady Faline returns late from the wedding at Broadmoor and is met by her sister.
Date: 30/Jan/2013
Related Logs: References to the Haigh/Fenster wedding but nothing specific
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Entrance Hall, Four Eagles Tower
The Entrance Hall is more than two dozen feet high with ornate columns hefting the fresco ceiling above all. Plush seating is arranged around one side for visiting nobility while the other has less comfortable slab stone or wood benches for the peasantry. Alcoves dot the walls for more private discussions and sworn Guards patrol this hall at all times and especially during court. Several hallways and doorways lead off to different areas of the castle with a spiral staircase carved neatly into one corner that winds its way up.
Wed Jan 30, 290

What could have been a day's journey turned into two. Perhaps it was the rest stop in Heronhurst or perhaps Faline's constant need to veer off the road and curiously ride into the countryside. Should father ask all blame was given entirely unto Mortimer's shoulders. But they arrived back in the Roost at last, the small party from Broadmoor, with Faline chirping out instructions to the serving staff on what to do with her belongings. "But not that! Put that in the cellar before anyone sees you." She turns to Mortimer then, smiling brightly with both hands folded afront of her gown. "I relieve you, Deputy, if your duties at my side. Surely it was not all bad for you? You're home, safe and sound."

The sounds and commotion of the trunks being brought in and the voices and the sound of just people in general had drawn Gaelena's attention from her day. Whatever that might consist of. No one ever did know what she did all day long, but it didn’t matter. Coming down the steps and moving into the entrance hall, the same maid- she'd lasted a good while so far- Was behind her, trying to keep up. "Its about bloody time!" comes the voice of the Terrick. "What did you do? Walk all the way here?" she looks her sister over to ensure there was no ill harm and then glances at each face present, pausing at Mortimer to set a frown especially for him, but then dismisses him with a glance away and turns back to her sister. "Really, sister, you should have more commend than this. Urge them on faster. They like to dilly dally back to their duties." obviously her sister could not have been held responsible for this.

It's fair to say that Mortimer would have vastly preferred a single day's journey, but for some odd reason, his hadn't been the deciding vote. He hadn't even had a vote in fact. As Erenford lands had changed to Nayland and then once more to Terrick though he'd certainly cheered, looking for more comfortable about the whole affair (although that's not to suggest he wasn't still on alert for trouble). Now back inside the town once more he's itching to get back to his wife and son and when Faline releases him to do just that there's a definite smile on his features. Bowing as if to depart he offers a brief, "thank you m'Lady. I am, but more importantly, you are." It was sort of the whole purpose of him going after all, to ensure she made it back unharmed. It seems her words were just in time too as Galena hoves down the stairs. Offering the older of the two a nod and customary "m'Lady," he then starts to back off a pace or two with the explicit aim of being elsewhere, sharpish.

One after another her belongings are being relocated upstairs. In that particular direction Faline appears excited to see her sister, a vision of normalcy. "Oh Gaelena, don't fret over such things. I am here aren't I?" A smile for her sibling as she gestures to Mortimer, "He was a decent riding companion." Whom she nods to, no reason to say any more pertaining to his gratitude. "I think I shall like for you to stand in guard for me once more deputy. Who ever more could be trusted with my well being than the man who lead the charge to reunite mother and babe? By the way, how did that meeting go? With you and that child?"

"With the death that surrounds the lands, you can hardly expect me not to worry, sister. Don’t be foolish." And that, was Gaelena caring. "I'm glad you are safe, and have returned…" her eyes scan her younger sister again, "From what appears…unharmed." a flicker of a glance is given to Mortimer, "In that, you are to be commended." But then what was that? "A Mother and babe?" she asks looking between the two of them again, and tries desperately not to jump to conclusions. Who was she kidding? She always jumped to conclusions. "What’s this, Faline? What babe do you speak of?"

Is at that point where he was about turn on his heel and depart when Faline's next words to him make him pause. So close. He has to move slightly to get out of the main thoroughfare again but he doesn't step back up to his previous position. Gaelena's praise is met with a polite nod of acknowledgement before he offers Faline and answer to her query. "It went well, thank you m'Lady." He doesn't yet comment on her statement about him continuing as her guard though, not until he can work out two things. Firstly, if she is referring to now, or some specific time in the future and if the latter, when. Secondly, how he can politely point out that he isn't a member of the garrison any more and has other duties instead.

As Gaelena points out the very real threats that exist beyond the tall walls of the Roost, Faline nods her head appropriately, almost mocking the motherly concern. She understood the meaning behind the chastising. "Completely unharmed. I didn't even participate in the bedding ceremony." She waved a hand dismissively, "Seen one, seen them all." But Mortimer was dragged back into conversation again and the younger of the female Terricks still smiled. "Well? That's all? Surely you have more to share than that." He was probed before she waved her fingers in the air, attempting to grasp at some scattered thoughts, "That woman." A hand waved again. "Who lost her child and was bedding that, man the um.. Lord. Ashfords."

"I do so dread bedding ceremonies. Who really wishes to see that anyway? I know I do not and I certainly will not like it when it is my turn. But what say have I?" Gaelena sighed and shrugged a shoulder, dismissing the thought from her altogether. "I'm glad to see you home, its been boring here since your departure. I /almost/ had wished I'd accompanied you. But then I thought on it and realized, I had no real desire. Even if I should rightfully start to get to know some of our neighbors. They probably think me a ghost or something." But besides that, there was this matter of a child and it interested her to know whatever she could of the subject. Perhaps she'd get more out of her sister later, for Mortimer and Lady Gaelena had never had a bonding chatty type of relationship. Though now, she paused and was staring at him expectantly with her hand clasped together in front of her.

"Lady Ceinlys Erenford," Mortimer supplies to Faline, although he doesn't go on to add to anything else she had used to try and convey the identity of the mother in question. "It was only a brief meeting m'Lady," he replies, "I knew you were wanting to depart and the Lady Steward had other matters to attend to as well." He can not help but notice Gaelena's obvious desire to know more though and so he offers a brief explanation in the hope that he'll then be allowed to leave. "It was her daughter, the Lady Hafwen, who was the last child abducted by the Ironborn bandits at the end of last year m'Lady. She wanted the little Lady to have the chance to meet those that were involved in her rescue." There is a faint clenching of his jaw as ironborn and abducted children come together in his head once more, although this time he's far enough removed from the situation that he isn't about to go do something stupid, like punch a tree.

"Some traditions are hard to rise above." Faline comments while reaching a hand out, grasping for Gaelena's into her own. "It is alright, I was quite bored and wouldn't wish that upon you." A small squeeze then to ward off such sensitive topics. Then Mortimer was speaking and her honey green eyes switched focus. "How sweet." She relays, too sweetly. "Surely there were other involved who deserve praise. Those of noble birth?"

"Oh, yes. The Haigh girl." Gaelena remarks at the short tail of who the people in question where. "I heard of it." it was old news. Right, Mortimer was a hero for a day in her mind and then it faded. Nodding she tells her sister, "I had a feeling it was to be boring, it’s why I wished not to attend. I see, I was right." as she always thought she was. The clench in Moritmer’s jaw was noticed and really, it surprised her. Was he annoyed? Oh, how interesting. And it had nothing to do with her? Shocking. "What has you so ill-minded, Deputy?" calling him out on the emotion that he seemed to want to hide.

"Aye m'Lady," Mortimer replies to Faline, "I believe though that they had had the opportunity before now." Darek he's not sure on, but certainly the lords and knighs involved would have all had a chance to speak with both mother and daughter months ago, closer to the event itself. Or so he figures anyway. The question from Gaelena catches him by surprise though and he glances quickly back to her before straightening his shoulders ever so slightly and answering, "Ironborn m'Lady." The sensible part of his brain tells him to stop there but he then adds with a faint hint of something akin to angry bitterness, "an' their want to do harm to our children."

"I see." Gaelena responds to Mortimer, her head tilts and her eyebrow raises, "Could I tempt you to expand on that thought, Deputy?" for the life of her she didn’t know why, but she wanted to know what he was thinking and so had to ask the question. "I fear you've gone and done the worst, you've attracted my attention by intrigue." It very possibly could be a deadly thing, but it was done now and he would have to answer her. Or if he denied her… well, that would be interesting, too.

Faline turned away from the topic, just briefly. She waved for the attention of a kitchen maid, on her way to deliver an empty small wooden crate. Perhaps for the gardens. "A drink, I am ever thirsty." The request given and her attention resumed, more so to Mortimer. "Poor poor deputy." She teased.

The reasons for Mortimer's particular dislike of the Ironborn, bar their generally bad influence on the peaceful running of the Roost, are not exactly a secret and it's likely that most of the commoners in the castle could tell Gaelena at least the basics if called up. Some of the Terricks to, although not perhaps those so newly arrived. Seeing no point in hiding something so well know, even though he's still wanting to get home rather than be dragged into conversation, he answers frankly, "I lost my daughter to them a year back m'Lady. Finding it was two of them responsible for the kidnappings was.. an unpleasant reminder." Yes, lets put it that way, he is in polite company after all so choicer expressions are best left for other times.