Page 468: Wedding At Highfield
Wedding At Highfield
Summary: Lord Ser Saethwyr Ashwood and Lady Tiaryn Flint celebrate their long awaited wedding.
Date: 03/11/2012
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Great Hall — Tanglewood Manor
A true testament to the nobility and grandeur of the ruling family, this enormous hall serves as the main gathering and feasting area of Highfield Keep, with a high, vaulted ceiling and tall, narrow windows lining the outer walls, allowing sunlight to stream through. Two long feasting tables, accompanied by benches, serve as a comfortable place to enjoy a meal or quiet discussion and flank the path to the raised dais at the upper end of the chamber. It sets apart those who oversee this Keep and the surrounding lands - a pair of high-backed, elegantly carved chairs none-too-subtly emulating the thrones one might picture in the houses of royalty. A vibrant display of banners decorates the wall behind these; namely the crowned wolf of Highfield, on its field of gold. Cautiously concealed behind these, hidden behind heavily draping curtains unless tied back to allow fresh air to circulate, a set of smaller double doors lead to the gardens beyond. Above, at the peak of the hall's roof and wall, a vast window allows light to pour in through leaded glass stained with vibrant hues, depicting the Seven in carefully inlaid detail. A huge fireplace along the length of the right wall is more oft than not alight and crackling with every fresh log that is tossed into its embers.
03 Nov, 289 AL

The wedding at the Sept of Highfield has all the usual pomp and circumstance of a wedding between scions of two powerful noble houses, with rainbows cast about by the crystals of the Seven, beautiful clothing, and beautiful people. Flints and Ashwoods take center stage, but there are noblemen and noblewomen from across the Cape and the Westerlands. And at the center of it all, between the statues of the Mother and Father, is a middle-aged septon and two young nobles, Ser Saethwyr Ashwood and Lady Tiaryn Flint. The septon's ringing voice leads the ceremony of seven vows, seven blessings, and seven promises. The wedding song is sung, the challenge unanswered. Young Lord Anders removes her gray and black cloak, and her new husband replaces it with the blue, green and grey of House Ashwood. There is a kiss and not a tentative peck either and then the septon declares the two to be of one flesh, one heart, and one soul. The newlyweds depart the sept to cheers from the smallfolk outside, and return to Tanglewood Manor.

Some time later, the many and varied noble guests of the Ashwoods take their places in the Great Hall of the keep, where tables have been set up for feasting, and the main floor cleared for dancing. The common knights and the bastards will be seated down at lower tables, but those of noble-blood sit close by the top table on the dais holding Ashwoods and Flints. Ashwood men-at-arms guard the hall, with all other guards required to remain outside (and provided with a fine dinner of their own, of course). Maids and septas gather in little knots around the edge of the room, ready to answer the call of their ladies, but if any linger amongst the nobles and the food too long, the guards politely request that they return to their posts. It seems that the hosts are concerned about safety in the midst of these troubled times. Much of the feast has already passed, with boar and grouse and several types of fish, crab, and shellfish served. Hours have passed, toasts and gifts have been given, and now the feast draws towards its end, with the musicians beginning to take their places to play for the dance.

Sitting next to Aeliana at the high table is Lady Lyanna, Lord Walder Frey's ambassador to Highfield and his representative, so it seems, at this feast. She has indeed dressed appropriately for the occasion, her elegant dress accentuating her slender torso while the lower part of it falls down in cascades of cobalt blue over her legs and feet, echoing the pattern of waves from House Frey's sigil with an embroidered silver thread. The light grey dagged sleeves fit loosely around her slender arms, broadening slightly at her wrists. The only part of jewelry she wears is a silver pendant in the form of the twin towers, hanging from a fine-chained necklace of the same material. Her dark brown hair has been braided and artfully twirled into the form of a snail at the back of her head, held in place by several pins of silver.

Now and then Lyanna exchanges a few words, sometimes even accompanied by a light chuckle, with Aeliana beside her, or she casts a curious glance about the Hall at the many faces yet very much unknown to her. The pleased smile on her face does indeed suggest she is enjoying herself very much at these wedding festivities - and as her glance rests for a moment on the newly wed couple it is full of warmth, as her good wishes for their marriage she uttered before seem to be genuine enough.

Some may note the lack of presence of the Young Lord's very.. laden-with-child wife, the Lady Cordelya, and none feels it more keenly than Anders Flint. Dressed in his court finery, black and grey, edged and tinged with silver, now that the ceremony is completed, he can sit back at the High table and be distracted. Doesn't mean that he's not taken his fill, and a cup is raised again for another glass of wine to wash down that final remove. His gaze moves towards the couple, now wed, and back out to the dance floor where the musicians have taken up their cause.

Long and long, since the Lady of Tall Oaks has seen fit to make an appearance in public. Indeed there's been more than a few rumours circling around where the last Camden has been going and what she's been doing. But whatever has been keeping her busy, it seems nothing would have kept her from the wedding of her only remaining blood relative. And if her joy in her aunt's wedding might be tempered by sadness that the fallen Camdens could not be here to celebrate Tiaryn's happiness, she showed no sign of it. Bright and merry, Liliana has been, through the wedding, through the feasting, and now, as the music and dancing seems about to commence. But for her part, the Lady chooses a seat off to the edge of the room, where she might enjoy the music in peace, and not interrupt those who might wish to join the dance.

Tiaryn is radiant, there is no other word. There are moments of somberness, and disappointments, like Corrie's not being able to attend. And a certain missing of her brothers and the rest of her Camden relatives. Still, Lili being here is definitely well appreciated by Tia, and she cannot help but be happy. She is wearing Camden Blue and Gold, honouring her birth house, even if it is nigh non-existent. Besides, it totally suits her colouring and sets off her looks to perfection. She glances around briefly, before announcing. "If I might, I've an inclination to dance every dance, and not just with my Lord Husband." Rumour has it that she might well intend to dance with every male present, though she didn't quite say that.

So many people all around! Katrin's green eyes sparkle with warmth and delight as she has returned to the Great Hall for the real party. Dressed in a rich brown and gold for House Haigh, hair pulled up from her slender neck, the girl skirts the edges of the crowds, watching everything and sipping from a glass of wine. Her maid and Septa trail along behind her, keeping an eye on the lady.

Sat alongside his cousin, well, okay, one of his many cousins but in this particular case it's Anders, Einar is similarly bedecked. WIne has been partaken of along with the food, although not so much as perhaps some of the others around. While certain parts of the day have been tough for him he's kept up his end of any conversation offered and now that the meal is breaking up he takes the wine goblet in front of him and moves to excuse himself from the table. Like the Lady Camden, he's in search of a quiet spot somewhere out of the way, or perhaps a particular face or two to share a drink with. Either way though, he's showing no particular inclination towards the dancing.

Having very properly spent her time around the Great Hall throughout the feast, ensuring everything goes according to plan, now that things are finally leaning toward the less formal the Steward of Highfield permits herself the opportunity to relax somewhat. The servants have little else to do but clear away the remnants of the meal and ensure cups remain well-filled until the small hours and the guests seem perfectly pleased with how things have progressed.

With Aleister distracted, for the time being, in a small gathering of men off to one side, deep in discussion over this season's crop yield or other equally boring topic - well come on, it's a party! - Ceinlys is perfectly free to mingle with those who begin to rouse and swap around their chairs in order to greet friends spotted across or further down the tables. Rather than press upon Tiaryn's time, for the bride looks more than happy with her own entertainment, the ebon-maned noblewoman instead wanders toward Lord Anders, a goblet held delicately, lazily in the fingertips of one hand and a half-smile curved across her lips in familiar greeting. There's no immediate demand for conversation, either. Maybe she just wants companionable silence in which to watch the dancers as they gather.

Sitting quietly, Perrin Haigh seems to be keeping mostly to himself for the moment. Food and, yes, a little wine has been had. He now sits back, his eyes glancing about to take in those that sit near him. He wears his finest, but like most males his finest pales in comparison to the finery that the women wear. The goblet before him, full, is more played with than actually drunk from. He looks up as he hears a particularly funny joke being told, a half smile comes and goes. Head held high, he nonetheless seems a bit out of place for a celebration as this. As his sister wanders, he keeps an eye out on her and those that are around her.

Nerys has been lucky enough to steal a seat next to her eldest brother, Anselm having chosen to remain closer to the Haighs, the House to which he is still in service. And she has tried to make up for the lack of a wife, or at least a Lady to keep her brother's company. And if it isn't quite the same, it's nothing she can do anything about. Lest the Young Lady Flint arrive and the dance floor suddenly become a birthing chamber. AND NO ONE WANTS THAT. "You do still remember how to dance, don't you, Anders? I haven't in ages. I'd hate to embarrass myself with someone I didn't know." The young Flint Lady certainly seems to have dressed for dancing, in a flowing dove grey dress, for her birth House, accented with embroidered wines and winter roses in the deep green of Mormont.

Anders watches his cousin rise to depart for quieter places, and he smirks a response to the action, "Cousin, she'll still find you. They always do." He rises from the table himself, then, and with glass of wine now refilled, he calls, "A dance with the groom, then I declare that the eldest of Lord Tulketh's family claims second." Einar! He'll not skulk away.. not yet.

At the approach of the Steward of Highfield, however, Anders offers a nodded bow, "Lady." Once the greeting is given, however, he pulls back and stands beside Ceinlys, his attention moving out once again.

Aeliana was in good company, at least, with Lyanna to talk to on one side and her escort, the ever handsome Young Lord Groves on her opposite, ever the dutiful gentlemen. At least it meant she never lacked for conversation. Despite the fact that her amused little gaze had kept circling back towards Kerri through the meal. It's once the meal breaks that she rises to mingle, smoothing a hand down her skirts which has the effect of making the wolf neatly stitched into her skirts seem to run. She's going to mingle, damnit.

The radiance of Tiaryn has not escaped notice by her Lord Husband. His attention has scarcely left her, which is understandable. He wears the colours of his house, as is expected, proving to those who may have doubted that he cleans up fairly well after all. There was, naturally, wine partaken along with the feast, though not so much as that he feels the effects of such brews this early in the night. At her announcement, he chuckles softly, his dark eyes holding a sparkle to them, and he inclines his head to her. "You are welcome to dance any dance you wish, my Lady Wife," Saethwyr says softly, his tone holding a whisper of mirth to it. "Though I hope you do not mind that I will lay claim to at least the first and the last of them," he suggests, leaving it open to debate by her if she thus chooses. Softly, he lifts his left hand and offers it to Tiaryn, with the palm up. "Would you away with me to the dance floor, Lady Tiaryn?" he asks, a smile tugging at the corners of his lips.

Having taken to a seat at one of feasting tables where she could sit and observe all that was going around her, Jocelyn sat with her meal and took an abundant amount of time eating. Small bites and even slower chewing. She was stalling from having to get up from her seat. So when her plate was taken from her before she was finished she tried to protest, "Wait—" but a look around told her everyone had already finished ages ago, and truth be told, she wasn't really hungry. The cloth that served as a napkin was picked from her lap and brought to dab at the corners of her lips. Still yet, the young Nayland woman stays in her seat and reaches for her wine cup. Her eyes scan the room at some familiar faces, and some not so familiar.

Tia grins at Anders, at that comment. "Then you are third, good-cousin," she says, good naturedly. Hah. He doesn't get to escape either! Her maid is somewhere around, her guard helping out with the others outside the great hall for the nonce. Tia's attention is then totally taken by her husband, and she reaches her own hand to his. "By all means, my lord husband," she says, blue eyes glinting with her teasing. "The first and the last, we are in accord." She moves to the dance floor with her new husband, perfectly content to dance with him, it seems. The musicians strike up the first song, as the bride and groom start dancing.

The only thing more surprising than the fact that Kerrigan has shown up late, is that he's shown up at all. Wonders never cease to amaze. He doesn't yet seem to be putting much effort into mingling, just yet; he's keeping an eye on things, and mostly just enjoying his relative anonymity, since he knows so few people here.

Nerys is given a sidelong glance, he smirked smile from the comment turning into something more of an amused smile when it comes to his sister. "I.. remember enough. Too many months of war might have made my feet forget the movement, but the music may yet remind me." And he holds a hand up in gesture towards her, at least encouraging her to rise and stand with him and, for the moment, Lady Ceinlys.

There's nothing quite like a family who loves you, Or so Einar has been told anyway. He glances over his shoulder as he first hears Anders calls to him and would give him a look, were it not for the fact that he knows the Young Lord is right. A few steps and he's back with his cousin, or cousins to be more accurate. No point in giving any his chosen hideaway is he's going to be hunted down for the next dance.

With the meal over and the remainder of the festivities beginning, Aemy Erenford and Roisin Erenford arrive, each on an arm of Robben Ashwood. Following the trio are the usual handmaids, a couple of guards and a mean looking Septa toting a cane. Though after they arrive, the common folk go to their designated places where they keep a constant watch over their assigned nobles.

"Lord Anders." Ceinlys' greeting in kind is equally polite, softly voiced and calm as ever, her blue eyes not shifting from the vibrant colors of the couples heading out onto the floor. Still dangling her wine, she smiles to herself as she watches Tia and Saethwyr join the numbers. "..they look very happy." It's an unnecessary statement, any fool can see they're besotted. But it's such a rare thing, it shouldn't go unremarked upon either. "I trust your Lady wife is comfortable? Such a shame she could not attend, truly." Looking past him then, as she notes his gesture toward the seated young woman, she quirks her lips into a pleasant smile, waiting to be introduced should she indeed choose to join them.

Anais is here to represent the Terricks, it seems, despite the recent loss of her own husband. She's been careful so far, doing her best to walk the line between appropriate behavior for a woman newly widowed and not bringing the party down. For the moment, that means a table off to the side where she can sip at her wine and watch the people come and go.

Stafford was still chucking into his meal, and drinking his ale, and taking his good time about both. For a lean man like he was, he had more than a healthy appetite. Seeing Aeliana about to start her mingling, he made the appropriate rise and bow to her, but rather than join he simply sank back down afterwards, perhaps with some quiet murmur to explain that he was going to finish up his plate before he took to the floor himself. "Save me a dance, though, my Lady," was added in a perfectly polite tone.

He was probably left talking to Lyanna, since she was right there nearby, while watching the room.

With a crowd like this, its no wonder that Bastien hasn't been seen. The stoic Ashwood Lord barely likes the company of small gatherings, and this place appears to be "bouncing" with activity. Slipping into the Great Hall, he is dressed in the finery required for such an occasion, and the look on his face resembles what one might expect of a cat forced to wear a halloween costume. His brown eyes scan the room cautiously, taking in all the faces as he tries to spot a few recognizable persons.

Nerys rises, a flick of her skirts setting them to rights, the silks fluttering easily in waves down to the floor. As dressy as she will ever likely be, but still demure. Putting someone's eye out is never a good option. A dip of her head, an equally pleasant smile to the woman standing beside her brother. "I don't believe we've met, Lady. I am the second of the Lord Anders' sisters, Nerys." Anders has enough to do already, without needing to introduce his little sister around.

Ceinlys' comment to Anders gains a thoughtful nod, though he does spare the glance for Einar. "Almost exactly one year," he murmurs. "Where once there was despair, I'm glad she's found happiness. And as for my Lady wife," he chuffs a breath, "I'm uncertain as to her true condition. You Ladies enjoy keeping such things from us at the best times, so at the worst, we are fully at a loss."

Exhaling in a frustrated sigh at the thought, Anders looks to Nerys, and lifts the hand a little higher in introduction. "Lady Ceinlys, this is my sister, Lady Nerys Flint." As of yet, unwed. "Lady Nerys, a cousin, though distant, and a welcome face in the midst of war, Lady Ceinlys Erenford."

Anais' presence hasn't gone unnoticed, nor has Einar's discomfort(!), and as he looks to the crowd as if to bring them all in at the one, he chuckles, "And there is nothing like being surrounded by life."

Tucking back a loose lock of hair, Katrin looks about her. A brief flicker of surprise crosses over her face on taking note of Anais but she alters her course to come up on the Lady's table, clearing her throat as to not startle the other woman. "Lady Anais," she murmurs quietly in greeting. "It is… quite a pleasure to see you out and about. My deepest sympathies on your recent lost." A small wince. Was it bad to bring that up at a wedding?

"Is there anything else you need, my Lord? My Lady?" Ae inquired of Stafford and Lyanna, over the curve of Stafford's shoulder where she lingered, watching the joyful crowd flow about and marking who mingled where and with whom. She looked content at least, and offered a smile in Bastien's direction when she noticed that he'd joined them, finally.

"They do," Einar agrees to Ceinlys, even if it had been Anders she'd been addressing specifically, "I am glad she has found happiness again." He'll leave it at that though, allowing his knight to offer his own thoughts on both the happy couple and his lady wife. With the first dance well under way he waits patiently with his family, sipping the wine he has left in his goblet with the aim of having it finished before the music.

Similarily dressed in the required finery for such a grand occasion, but unlike his older brother, Robben looks more at ease in those kinds of clothing. He offers a few smiles to the ladies he's been escorting here, before he looks around the room again now. Spotting Bastien, he grins a bit, offering a bit of a grin and a nod at the moment. Looking around rather carefully for the moment, studying the various people present.

"Lady Katrin," Anais greets the other woman, looking up at her approach with a small, warm smile. "Thank you. But the world doesn't stop when bad things happen," she laughs softly at the wince, shaking her head reassuringly. "Besides, it's hopeful, isn't it? Look how happy Lady Tiaryn is."

A good start to a marriage, it would seem. Agreement. Saethwyr smiles warmly at Tiaryn, and he inclines his head to her, the movement enough to cause a lock of his hair to fall forward and partially veil one of his eyes. With her hand in his, he gives her fingers a gentle squeeze then leads her to the dance floor. And as the first song is begun by the musicians, he dances with her, entranced and charmed by her, and free to let it be seen now that they've been wed. At one part of the dance, he whispers something quietly near to her ear. They continue to dance, until the song comes to a gentle close. Keeping Tiaryn's hand in his, he leads her over to where Lord Einar is keeping company. "Lord Einar, I believe the next dance is yours," he says in a thoughtful manner, his tone polite and respectful. Lady Tiaryn's hand, still in his own, is offered to Lord Einar for him to take for the next dance.

Nodding as he is being told something, obviously, important but truthfully not caring in the least, Perrin looks to the Lady that sits on his right. "I see," he says only after the pause became to long. The woman looks at him strangely as Perrin had missed the question posed to him. He sits back, watching the other's.

"I don't believe so, Lady Nerys. A pleasure." replies Ceinlys, with that half-smile of hers and following a sympathetic nod at Anders' bewilderment. "It is a fine line for a wife to walk, I'm afraid.. between shielding her husband from the trials she faces in birthing him a child and allowing him to understand that same burden. To me, if my opinion may be so bold.. your wife must be a very independent sort, with your best interests at heart. Even if it does not seem that way, for now." Letting her gaze drift, and smiling aside at Einar as he, too, speaks up, Ceinlys takes note of the other familiar faces around the hall, nodding in gentle acknowledgement to Bastien as he sidles in, and flashing her poor brother an amused smirk as she catches that look askance from the pretty girl beside him.

Having been called away by word from his squire in the middle of the feast to attend to some duties that require his presence, Erik finally makes his return to the Great Hall still garbed in his formal finery instead of the usual sheriff outfit. With the large doors being opened for him, he can be seen speaking to an armsmen of House Ashwood, dismissing the other man before stepping into the Hall where the great number of Nobles gather. Straightening his tunic as he steps inside, Erik's eyes sees that the feast has ended and festivities moved on. His gaze sweeps over those present, most likely trying to make note of both familiar and unfamiliar faces while his feet takes him off to the side of the Hall for now.

Tia dances with skill and enjoyment, and of course she enjoys the opportunity to dance with her new husband. As he leans in to whisper, she reaches a hand to move that lock of hair back into place, a gentleness to her touch. Whatever he says, her cheeks suffuse with a very becoming pink, and her face lights up with a very big smile. She leans in to reply, before they return to the dance. AS the first song comes to an end, and they make their way over to Einar, her happiness might even spread as she passes. Contagious. Best hope she doesn't pass too close to Bastien or he might find a good mood and end the world.

She'd sat for long enough. Jocelyn inclines her head and makes her excuses to those that were sitting near hear, a soft smile accompanies her departure. As does her cup of wine. Now that she is standing, her primrose gown slinks and falls down her body (see desc for those that want further detail). Taking a fist full of her skirts, she moves away from her seat and manuevers herself away from the tables and towards a more open area where she can start to watch those that have gathered for dancing. Both hands clasp together and hold her cup between the two of them. Head tilting to the side to let some of the dark locks, close to her eye, move away before they become a bother.

"Einar, my good-brother, come dance," she encourages softly.

"No, my Lady Aeliana," Stafford murmured in a decline, fingers wrapped around his tankard as he took another slow sip of the brew on offering. His eyes had flicked in Kerrigan's direction, just to make sure that his younger brother wasn't making a fool of himself. "But thank you for asking."

It was difficult to keep concentrating on his meal with Aeliana hovering like that, however. So the finely dressed Young Lord of Kingsgrove - all those years in the Reach had paid off with a sense of fashionable style - gave up, and set his tankard down. With a whispered sigh he lifted to his feet, and then offered Aeliana his arm as polite etiquette might demand from his role.

"If you promise to politely ignore his occasional less than perfect sense of propriety and etiquette, I'll introduce you to my brother. Recently returned after he fled father's wrath." Dryly said, the last.

Knowing enough about musical theory to spot the approach of the end of the dance, Einar glances into the goblet and drains the last few drops before handing it towards Anders, "I'll swop you it back full for the bride in about, ooo, one dance's time?" As Saethwyr approaches though he separates himself from the bunch to allow an easier handover. Giving the man a brief nod he takes his good-sister's hand and gives Tia a smile. "All right then, but promise to be gentle with me okay?" That said he takes a deep breath and leads her back towards the dancefloor, trusting the musicians to know when to start.

Meeting the welcoming faces of his family in kind, Bastien makes his way into the din of the Great Hall. There is a moment of hesitation as he notices the people dancing, and it is then and there that the large man decides he is better placed at the opposite side of the room. No, he'll not be making a fool of himself the moment he gets a little drink in him. Stopping by Anais' table on his journey, the large man looks down at her and nods his head respectfully in greeting. "Lady Anais, it is good to see you well. I trust your ride was a pleasantly uneventful one?" Lady Katrin is given a curt nod from Bastien, his eyes taking in the features of the woman who he's not quite yet met.

As Robben looks over and smiles, Aemy offers one in return, "Thank you, Lord Robben." Following his line of sight to Bastien as he offers a grin. "Your brother, I presume?" Certainly she had seen him around, though they had never taken the time to conversate or be properly introduced. Looking around at the amount of well dressed nobility, she glances back at her escort. "So many familiar faces, though I know so few names. I certainly should get out more."

"And once your duty is dispatched, to the stables with you, cousin.." Anders teases, to be kicked by a horse again? He looks to his sister, now, his expression is only a little apologetic, though his words are for both Nerys and Ceinlys, "Once I dance with the Lady Tiaryn, then I will be clear, I believe, for a dance with either of you two lovely ladies. I do need to dance with the Lady Anais, however.. considering word to the hall of her husband.. whom I respected."

To Ceinlys' encouraging, however, Anders bobs his head, "A Young Lady duly fit for the position she is to eventually take. I just wish she'd give more of her burden to me.. and take counsel if she does share such." But, what is a husband to do? "As for you, my sister, I will do what needs be done for you. If it pains me to make introductions on your behalf, I'm in a sad position indeed."

Tia chuckles softly at Einar, inclining her head. "When am I not?" she asks him, teasing gently. The musicians are quite adept at their work, switching to the next song and starting up as Tia and Einar make it to the floor. It is at the least a fairly sedate dance with simple steps that has been selected as the second. One that is very easy to dance, even for those of middling skill. "Thank you, Einar. It means a lot to me," she says softly.

"Fled your Father's wrath?" Well that was certainly a nice worm to dangle and the Lady Aeliana bit without thought, a brow climbing and her smile turned curious as she stepped back to give way to the rising Lord and subsequently offer her arm. Neatly joined she looked about the hall for a moment and then back to him in mild confusion. She'd not seen anyone else there when she called on him after all but…Jocelyn was there? Really? After her cozy little visit in the camp? Snapping open the fan that dangled at her wrist, Ae hid that curling sharp edged smile behind it, before turning her attention back to Stafford. "Perhaps I could introduce you to my brothers as well then, since you're offering up one of your own."

"Indeed, Lady Ceinlys, a pleasure." That smile widens, briefly, before Nerys turns her attention to watching the new couple dance. They dance well, and it's entertaining enough, but it's the handing off of Tiaryn to Einar that brings that impish smile to her face. "Perhaps we should have poured him a bit more wine before he began." A sniff, at Anders' comment, "Unlike the other lovely ladies here, I may have your company at any time. And quite likely, they are much better dancers than I. Dance as you will and I will find you later, lord brother." A dip of her head to Steward and Young Lord, before Nerys moves to abandon the high table and make her way closer to the sea of humanity.

"I do hope that you will dance today, Lady Anais," Katrin encourages. "If we are truly meant to continue on, even in the face of grief, it would pain me to see you sit out even one dance since I know how much you love it." She gives a hesitant smile, tapping absently at one cheek, the finger gently touching at one of the scars on her face. "And that we might see you laugh and have fun here. I will do my utmost to provide as many jokes, no matter how bad they are."

Kerrigan does, in fact, catch Stafford looking at him — and merely grins back at his brother. He's behaving! In fact, he's being downright boring, which is almost a fate worst than death for the knight.

Robben smiles a little bit at Aemy's words, offering a bit of a smile. "That is correct, Lady Aemy. That is my brother Bastien," he replies, before he smiles at the words about getting out more. "You're not the only one, my lady. I think we all need to get out a bit more." Looking around for a few moments, he smiles a bit. "Perhaps we should go speak with some of them?"

"As if I could say no to something that would make you smile," Einar answers, dangerous things sisters in that regard after all. Knowing this dance well enough that he doesn't have to particularly concentrate on where he's putting his feet he's free to converse a little in the strange privacy that the middle of a dance floor offers. "I am glad you are happy once more sister, although I will miss having you around as much." Damn husbands and their need to spend time with their wives.

Saethwyr inclines his head to Einar, relinquishing Tiaryn's hand to him and then watching her be lead to the dance floor. A smile warms his features, and his attention turns to Anders and those who are near him. And he offers a bow to the knot of people gathered in conversation. "I hope you do not mind, Lord Anders," he begins, his dark gaze upon the man first, then turning to the ladies. Settling on Lady Ceinlys, in particular, for the moment. "Might I steal you away for a dance, Lady Ceinlys?" he asks, offering his left hand to her if she chooses to accept. There is no expectation to the invitation, for he will go along with whichever choice she makes.

"Even my Lord Father occasionally loses his temper," it was just common knowledge that Campbell Groves was about as good natured a Lord as one could hope to come across. So it probably took quite a bit to accomplish the feat. Stafford inclined his head to Aeliana's offer of returned favor, accepting.

Down and away from the high table, then, and down towards the lesser tables, wherever Kerrigan had ended up being seated in the end. A slow and unhurried advance, and in the end there was no doubting who the bother was. Since Stafford stopped right in front of the younger nobleman.

"Brother," he said dryly. "I see you've decided to forgo any sign of House Groves. These might be Frey vassals, but I'm sure you don't need to worry about being completely ignored just for bearing the purple," said with a roll of his eyes. Then he looked to Aeliana, and gestured. "My Lady Aeliana, let me introduce Ser Kerrigan Groves, my youngest brother. Ser Kerrigan, this is Lady Aeliana Ashwood, whom you were so eager to talk about."

He murmured conspiratorially - albeit still loud enough for Kerrigan to overhear - in Aeliana's direction: "He'd returned home by way of Heronhurst, and apparently you'd made quite a splash in the local social circles."

Anais smiles swiftly to Katrin. "I do love to dance, though I think I must be careful," she admits, a regretful note in her voice. "It is too soon after the loss to spent too much time smiling and laughing." Even if her toes are tapping under the table. Young widowhood. Basket of fun. "Ah, Ser Bastien," she greets as the knight approaches, smile flashing once more. "The trip was as uneventful as might be hoped, yes. Thanks, no doubt, to the efforts of Highfield's men on this side of the road, I'm sure. Lady Katrin, Ser Bastien, have you met? Lady Katrin Haigh, this is Ser Bastien Ashwood, the master of arms here at Highfield. Ser Bastien, Lady Katrin Haigh."

At the offer of a later dance, Ceinlys merely smiles faintly, neither leaping at nor dismissing the idea as Anders moves off. Though Nerys' comment about Einar's sober state does elicit a low-throated chuckles from the young lady, and she inclines her head in kind as the Flint sister takes her leave. Overhearing the passing conversation of Aeliana and her companion as they drift by not too far away, the Steward watches them for a moment, with a slight, fond smile twitching her lips at the sight of Aleister's sister in her element, then turns to respond to a young couple who approach her. Questions about agriculture. Oh, sweet irony. She was trying to avoid work, for once. But saviour comes in the form of the young Ashwood brother, of all people!

Turning her vibrant blue eyes upon the groom, the Steward at first hesitates, as if to gently decline.. then appears to change her mind. Setting her goblet down on the closest table and demurely flitting her gaze downward in acceptance, she takes the offered hand with a vaguely rueful expression. "Who am I to deny the man of the hour?" she enquires, lightly, as her other hand takes gentle hold of her long golden skirts, keeping them out of the way of her slippered feet.

Though Nerys knows, well, save for her own family, by blood and Tiaryn's first marriage, and now the Steward, no one here, that does not seem to darken the young woman's expression, and she moves easily enough through the tables and those milling about, chin slightly lifted as she attempts to see through, around and over bodies for her Nayland(ONLY IN NAME) aunt, and the younger brother she brought in tow.

Tia beams at Einar, his comments only improving her already good mood. She steps with little flourishes here and there, relaxed and enjoying the dance, and the chance for conversation with Einar. "But you will not be so far away. We will be able to visit," she says, a smile on her face. She catches sight of Saethwyr now dancing with Ceinlys and smiles. Though her attention is for the most part upon her partner on the dance floor. "Come now, Einar, it is not so bad, is it?" she asks, teasingly.

Bastien nods to Lady Anais' praise of Highwood security, "They're a talented lot." The comment is paid like so many at court, half-handedly out of obligation towards his house. "Though I suppose had they not been up to par, you could have hidden up in a tree." Those words are strange to hear coming out of the large, stoic's mouth, but the way he says them hints at a joke. The introduction given to Katrin causes the large man to nod his head respectfully, though before he can speak a word, a young squire is tugging at his shirtsleeve. "Excuse me for one moment, Ladies." Moving aside, the young boy's words are lost on the crowd and cause Bastien's face to go slightly annoyed and relieved at the same time. Shooing him away, Bastien returns to the table and bows his head. "It is not my wish to be rude, but duty calls and I must attend to an issue. It was pleasant to see you, Lady Anais, and just as pleasant to meet you, Lady Katrin. May you both have a wonderful evening." Bowing his head, the large man turns away and stalks off the same way that the squire went.

Dismay catches Katrin a little off guard but she nods. "Then perhaps we shall have to find you the oldest, non-toothiest gentleman here tonight so that you might enjoy a dance but not have to worry for your propriety, Lady Anais," she says warmly. She tilts her head curiously at Bastien but does not. "A pleasure, Ser," she says, both in greeting and at his departure.

Casual sips of her cup in her hand, Jocelyn moves her head from side to side, allowing her eyes to shift as if in search of something or someone. The lack of a smile on her lips would indicate that whatever she was in search for, she had not found it. In her sweep of the room, she'd seen the brief look given to her from Aeliana. The look at been met evenly and kept until the other Lady opened her fan and looked away. When she'd looked away the young Nayland girl decided it was time to move. Slow steps allowed her to take a bit of a stroll around the open area that she'd come into.

"But your Mother is, I must say, absolutely charming. It's a pity that she couldn't be here for the festivities," Aeliana sighed, a faint slump of those slim shoulders as her hand rested lightly above his own; never settling the full weight of it on his completely, like the ghost of a touch and more than proper.

Yet there is a growing look of suspicion on the woman's face the closer that they get to Kerrigan and a dark measure of accusation in her eyes that flits between serious and playful. In the end, she looks between both Kerrigan and Stafford as if they've conspired, on purpose, to pull some prank. "Ser Kerrigan Groves," his name rolls heavy off her tongue, while lips purse, "It's a pleasure to finally have your name. I can see that you and your brother have quit a lot in common."

"For now at least," Einar answers with a confirming nod. Long term he has no idea where he'll be, but then that's not Tia's doing so he leaves it unsaid. "I think Anders will still be basing us here while the construction continues, so we should not be too far no." As for her final question he simply smiles back to her and shrugs, "ask me tomorrow?" His eyes then shift to the crowd, noting here Anders is sloping off to so the exchange of bride for booze can happen on schedule.

"I would love to, Lord Robben, if you are certain I would not be intruding?" Aemy arches her brows in question as her attention is turned back to the man at her side. "Would you like wine?" As the servant pauses before them, she reaches first for one and offers it to Robben. If he takes it, she will take one for herself before the servant moves on. With a smile, she offers in a soft voice, "Perhaps once the dancing is over, we could congratulate the couple as well."

"I'll paint it on my forehead next time, Stafford, if that would make you happy," is Kerrigan's easy reply, unconcerned in the wake of Stafford's dry remark. "You know how I aim to please." He rises to his feet, gives a small bow. "I was not aware that you had asked for it, my lady; it would have been yours." He just grins at Aeliana's accusing look. "My brother is trying to stir up trouble," he informs her, glancing sideways at Stafford. "I only said to him that I'd heard we were to have guests at Kingsgrove."

A brief glance is given to those who have questions over agriculture, but his attention returns readily to Ceinlys. A smile quirks at the corners of his lips, and he half bows to her, lightly closing his fingers about her own as he leads her to the dance floor. "Thank you, my Lady. You're looking lovely this evening. Have you enjoyed the feast and the festivities?" he asks, a thoughtful note to his voice. Saethwyr's attention holds upon his dance partner rather than drift askance, and he's skillful enough to not tread on toes or skirts.

"In common?" Asked Stafford somewhat dubiously, looking between the Lady and his younger brother, obviously trying to guess exactly what kind of relations had already been established. Then he brushed it off, bearing a charmingly innocent smile as Kerrigan accused him of trouble making.

"Nonsense, brother. What need would *I* have of stirring trouble as long as you're still around?" He snorted with droll amusement, before looking away from the two and instead giving the rest of the wedding crowd a considering look.

"Isn't such an event, aside from congratulating the happy couple, all about people getting to meet each other where they otherwise might not do so?" Robben offers with a smile to Aemy. "And some wine sounds wonderful." Taking the glass he's offered, he looks out into the crowds. "Looks to be so many interesting people here. Lead the way and we'll see who we find?"

Anais' smile flashes at Bastien's words, half hidden by the dip of her chin. "Do enjoy yourself, Ser Bastien," she says politely before turning back to Katrin once he departs. "Do you know, I think he's actually rather shy?" she observes with quiet amusement. "Rare enough. But I suspect so long as I limit my dances to the married gentlemen, that should be propriety enough. Or at least I hope so."

The song that is played comes to a stately finish, freeing Einar from the social obligation. Tia keeps her hand upon his arm, as she curtseys, a soft smile and a nod. "We none of us know what the future will bring," she says. "For now is what is important." A brief pause, and then, "Shall we find Lord Anders and see if he will rescue you, brother?" Good brother or no, the true affection that resides here is obvious, and not the least bit romantic. (For those trying to matchmake Einar and Tia, uhm, no.)

Finding an easy rhythm as she settles to the dance with Tia's new husband, keeping a very ladylike distance with one hand upon Saethwyr's and the other continuing to keep her skirts gracefully aloft, Ceinlys responds to his courtier's compliment with a smile and a downward cast of her eyes to her golden gown; a nod to the colors of her own House, rather than Ashwood hues, for once. "Thank you.. and I have, actually. Everything has gone even better than I could have hoped, and it is a wonderful occasion to open the doors of the Keep, wouldn't you agree?" A party, rather than discussion of warfare, or business. Easy to see why the steward has enjoyed the distinct change of pace.

An elegant pirouette beneath the young man's hand as it's raised aloft sends her gleaming skirts a-whirl about her for a beat or two, before she returns to their former posture, beginning to relax her usual rigid manner and actually enjoy herself, like any other young lady would. Ok, not entirely. But for the most part. "The two of you look so happy together.. you are a very lucky man, I think." Her icy eyes wander beyond his shoulder to the bride, laughing and twirling with her rather less gifted kin.

"Your brother," Aeliana cast a wry glance in Kerri's direction, "Was my dance partner at the party we inadvertently stumbled upon yesterday. And would you believe, my lord, that he made himself out to be some mysterious knight with no name," she mused, in an amused little playfully awestruck tone, before flashing Kerrigan a grin. "I will give him this though, he kept up! Though as for you," a playfully warning look cast in Kerri's direction, "I should not think that Ser Stafford would ever stir up any trouble at all. Surely you must be mistaken."

Dressed in some elegant, yet simple clothing in the Mallister indigo and silver colors, it would seem that Martyn has kept a bit to the side so far. He looks rather relaxed and at ease with being at such a celebration as he makes his way through the crowd, offering some smiles and nods to other people in between the sips of the glass of wine he's carrying with him. Nodding a little bit at something someone says as he moves along the crowds, studying the various people present at the moment.

Kerrigan gives a vague shrug in Aeliana's direction. "I can't help whatever assumptions you may have made about me," he says, his grin broad. "It's not my fault that you didn't ask the name of a poor, humble knight, or offer your own when asked." To Stafford: "I'll take that to mean 'we missed you terribly, Kerrigan, don't ever leave us again, we're dreadfully bored without you'. In any case, just because Stafford doesn't get /caught/, doesn't mean that he doesn't have his moments."

Einar bows to Tia as the dance ends and then starts to lead her towards the Young Lord. Reaching the end of the dance floor he accepts his goblet back with one hand while passing Tia over with the other. "I shall see you later then sister," he offers with a smile, even if it is a faintly relieved one as he managed not to make a fool of himself in front of everyone. Handover complete he watches for a moment or two before glancing around. He almost heads for Liliana but then realises that all he can think of to say are empty platitudes and words that she must have heard hundreds of times in the past year. Vowing to himself to think of something to approach her with before the night is out he instead heads for the table that Anais is sharing with another of his cousins. Nodding in greeting as he approaches he offers a simple "Cousin, Lady Anais," before waiting to see if they're open to another and if so, what the topic of conversation is.

In her movement about the room and her searching eyes still sweeping the crowds, Jocelyn seems to have made her way to Robben and Aemy. One of the two was a familiar face at least. "Lady Aemy." a warm greeting bestowed on the Erenford. "How good to see you." A curtsy is given to her and her male company, "My Lord." she says to him. "I hope the evening is finding you well? The festivities are very beautiful, are they not? What is more beautiful than a happy couple, indeed?"

Her search seeming coming up empty, Nerys diverts her course through and small gathering to find one of her maids in the crowds milling about the servant's tables, "Jaqlyn, will you see if you can find out of the Lady Anathema and her brother have set out yet for Stonebridge?" The young girl gives a vigorous nod and skirts the table, heading off on her errand.

With no further encouragement needed, Aemy is intent on leaving the relatively quiet area they had found themselves in to join the rest of the party when a welcome familiar face joins them. "Lady Jocelyn, it is indeed a pleasure seeing you again. I am doing very well, thank you. I hope you are, also?" Offering a warm smile that lights her vivid blue eyes. "Have you met Robben Ashwood? Lord Robben, this is Lady Jocelyn Nayland." Once the introductions have been given, her smile widens, "Oh it has been a lovely wedding and a beautiful day indeed. The bride is radiant, and they both seem so very happy."

"For your sake, I hope so as well, Lady Anais," Katrin replies. "I have always found it saddening that after a death, we mourn. And we are meant to feel guilty for each laugh and smile we offer, even if that may be the only thing keeping us going." She shakes her head, reaching out to very lightly touch the Terrick's shoulder. "I hope, my Lady, that if there is anything I can do, that you will think of me. I know that we did not have much opportunity to speak while I was in the Roost, but I consider you too fine a lady to see you shut yourself away."

"A mystery knight," Stafford murmured with a sudden knowing in his tone. This time it was a critical look that passed over his younger brother, as if trying to size him up in the same light that Aeliana might have seen him. "Well, I suppose there are worse ways to get one's thrill. And if he managed to keep up with *you*, my Lady, I'd say he probably did our House proud."

He nodded in mild agreement as Aeliana took him in defence. After all, Stafford never did anything bad, ever. Or if he did, there was no proof. "Careful, brother. I'll not have you slander my name with false accusations, unless you intend to bring proof to the table."

"I am thankful to hear that, Lady Ceinlys," Saethwyr says, his smile returning with her honest answer. "I would have to agree — it's been a lovely day, and everything has turned out rather perfectly. I'm glad to bring a happy occasion for people to gather… it seems it's been a while since there was one," he muses, a thoughtful note to his voice. Warfare and business have their place, but so do happy times as well. His dark gaze follows her blue one over to his lovely bride, and he chuckles softly before giving a nod, his attention returning to Ceinlys. "Aye, we are happy together. I'm thankful to have the kind of luck that brought me to meet her," he says softly, his dark eyes sparkling. As the song ends, and thus their dancing, he takes a moment to glance to a few knots of folks mingling around the dance floor. "To whom might I escort you, my Lady?" he offers, tilting his head faintly to one side as he watches her.

The slow circling path that Erik has been taking around the Great Hall does result in something good, he now has a goblet of good wine in his hand which he enjoys with long sips from time to time. His eyes continue to watch the festivities around him, though he is not entirely relaxed and enjoying himself. Part of his mind is still occupied by duty for the time being, most likely to catch anyone who may be too deep into their cups that would end up causing a disruption to the day's events. The Sheriff's eyes do find the Lady Jocelyn, widening slightly in surprise that she has chosen to step into the Wolf's den, making a note to avoid her for the time being since the Great Hall is a little too public.

"Ah, you are too kind, Lady Katrin," Anais smiles softly to the other woman, reaching up to set her hand over hers with a grateful squeeze. "But you needn't fear. I'm not really the wasting away type. Ser Einar," she greets as the Northern knight approaches, smile flashing broader for just a moment. "How are you? Your goodsister is radiant, and it seems everyone involved is pleased with the wedding."

Robben looks about to say something to Aemy, but goes quiet as Jocelyn join them. Nodding a little as he hear the introductions, he studies the Nayland Lady a bit carefully for now. "Lady Jocelyn. It's a pleasure to meet you," he offers, offering her a polite bow. "It's good to hear that you are enjoying yourself." Taking a sip from his wine, before he adds, "And there are not many things more beautiful than a happy couple, that's true."

Aeliana's gaze passes briefly beyond the Groves brothers for a moment and alights with a polite dip of her head with an easy smile, before tis the pair that hold her attention again, for the moment, "How could I offer my name when Ashwood women are what was it you said, fat and warty and covered in hair?" Aeliana teased Kerrigan in turn, while offering a polite squeeze to Stafford’s arm, least her attention seem unbalanced. "He did indeed do your house well, an honorable gentlemen was he, even if he's a glib tongue. But really, gentlemen, must we talk of slander when there's such lively dancing to be had." And no one's asked her, for shame. "Shall one of you care to engage me before or after we make a circuit and I introduce the pair of you about?"

As she is passed over to Anders, Tia pauses to give Einar a little hug. Then she moves out to the dance floor with her good cousin. As she passes Liliana's area, she waves to her niece, very happy to see her there. Family is important after all. The musicians play a common, easy and lilting dance next, one meant to encourage everyone up to the dance floor, if possible. Tia now takes to dancing with Anders, whirling about the floor in time with the music, and taking quick glances around as she watches to see who is where, and who might need a little encouragement.

Kerrigan waggles his eyebrows at Stafford's look, apparently not taking it seriously. Not that he ever takes anything seriously. He's taken off-guard by Aeliana's reply, and dissolves into surprised laughter. "You forgot—" he says, trying to catch his breath, "they smell like onions. I'm very lucky you have a sense of humor, my lady. I'm certain your revenge is as sharp as your wit, when called for."

As their dancing slows and then halts, Ceinlys politely steps back and applauds the musicians for their efforts, before quirking a faintly mischievous brow in Saethwyr's direction. "Oh.. no doubt I will make the duty rounds of dignitaries and ambassadors alike, before they are too deep in their cups.. in the meantime, however, I would gladly settle for being escorted back to my wine, if you would be so kind." Smirking a touch, the Steward raises one hand to imitate a lain position upon the groom's arm without actually touching him, sweeping aside the lengths of her gown as she turns to face back the way they had come. "You do realise you won't have the chance for respite again until you take your leave..?" she adds, with a pointed look around the many young ladies, bedecked in finery, that would certainly vie for a dance with the young man. "I do hope your boots are well worn-in." As they arrive back near the top table, the young woman gratefully takes up her goblet and turns to regard the crowd once again. Thankfully, the dull 'let's talk about farming' bores have moved on. Fingers crossed to Aleister. Hah. "Thank you for the dance.. it is a rare thing to find my own toes so intact afterward." Especially by this hour, really, when most everyone has enjoyed at least some of the fine strongwine and ale on offer.

Liliana seems to have been paying much more attention to Tiaryn than to the rest of the guests. And who could blame her? She must be mother, father, brother and niece to the now Ashwood. But still, that warm smile, as she returns the greeting, just before she shoos her aunt back towards the guests come to celebrate her wedding.

"Not quite yet I'm afraid," Einar replies to Anais, "I am still squired to Lord Anders until he deems me ready for that honour." A quick glance towards the thronging masses and he nods his agreement to the most of her statement. "You are right, it seems to be go well and I believe that I used that word myself earlier to describe her." He'd had to think a moment to find an appropriate one, but now having someone else say the exact same thing does give him hope he was along the right lines. Cradling his wine a moment before taking a drink. "I am well though, thank you." A quick glance between the poses of the two women and he then thinks to ask, "I am not interrupting a private conversation am I?"

A bright smile rises on Katrin's lips. "Oh, I would never think you the type for that," she says brightly. Seeing Einar, her smile only brightens. "Oh, dear cousin, it is so good to see you again," she greets. "But if you both might excuse me for a few moments…"

At the introduction of Robben Ashwood, a shimmer of surprise washes over Jocelyn's face. But why should it? Considering where she was, it only made sense. "Lord Robben." she pauses to give herself a moment of time. "I'm pleased to meet you, My Lord. And under such happy circumstances…" she trails off and clears her throat, taking a drink from her goblet to wetten her drying throat. "Lady Aemy, How very stunning you look in your dress." The Nayland gushes when the cup is lowered from her lips, "Very tastefully done and your hair looks as it it was put together by angels themselves. Beautiful." From where she stands she can still see the crowd and her eyes make a sweep of it again. Still no sign of her desire, "You've not seen Lady Nedra have you?" she asks of her companions. "I seemed to have lost her in the crowds." though, when she does find is the Sheriff, and her body stiffens with her gaze stuck on him from some distance.

"No, nothing private," Anais shakes her head, offering a smile to Katrin as she starts to depart. "It was a pleasure speaking with you, Lady Katrin," she says politely. Turning back to Einar, she shakes her head. "I keep doing that to you, don't I?" she laughs softly. "One of these days, I'll call you Ser Einar and I'll be right."

Still making his way to the crowd. Martyn pauses for a few moments as he takes another sip of his drink. Looking around for a few moments, before he moves further along, pausing again as he sees Anais and Einar, starting over in that general direction a bit slowly. He comes to a stop again as he sees who just departed from them, before he continues forward, keeping quiet for the moment.

Stafford's lips pursed into a thin line of disapproval at hearing of how Kerrigan had been describing the Ashwood women, while a guest on their lands. He shook his head, his eyes bearing a subtle message that they would have words later on that. Hmph. On the other hand, calling attention to it right now only underlined it. So instead he leaped at the change of topic.

"I think I would prefer to let my food sink a little, my Lady. A circuit for me, though don't let me stand in the way of my brother taking you out for another dance you'd like." A gesture to say it was perfectly fine to take off to the dancefloor and leave him to circle on his own for the time being.

Until now hidden within the crowd, Ilaria finally surfaces between two startled servants. Offering them both an amused smile, she plucks a fresh glass of wine from a tray and glides along. Cradling the cup within her palms and lacing her fingers together, the young Haigh's restless gaze flickers among the faces of the gathered guests. So many seem unfamiliar or at most the vague reflections of a one-time acquaintance. Her smile begins to falter until hazel eyes alight upon Ceinlys' form at the high table. Shimmying between two groups of conversing noblemen, and without spilling a drop of wine to boot, she makes her way toward her cousin.

"Of course cousin," Einar offers to Katrin as she departs, "I am sure I shall see you later." Then, attention back to Anais he notions to one of the empty chairs and asks, "would you mind?" He doesn't want to intrude after all if she'd rather have time alone. "One of these days perhaps," he repeats with a smile, "or so I would hope at least." Not that he seems overly concerned at the possibility it might never be mind. He almost asks about the talks, but thats a boring topic for a feast so instead he continues with, "how is your archery coming along? Have you had much chance to practice while you've been here at Highfield?"

As Erik continues through the crowd, offering the proper greetings and nods without fully engaging with anyone in conversation, the Sheriff of Highfield find his steps bringing him towards the high table where the Nobles of importance and the Lord and Lady of honor are situated. It appears now is the appropriate and perfect time for the Jast Knight to offer his words of congratulations though he does allow the Haigh girl, Ilaria, to proceed before him with a gentlemanly gesture with his arm, "Please precede me, My Lady." He adds with a warm smile as well as a bow of his head.

"I have to agree with you, Lord Robben, and they do so look very happy." Aemy allows her gaze to follow the bride a moment before looking back to Jocelyn. A blush steals across her cheeks at the compliments from the Nayland lady and she lowers her demurely, "Thank you, my lady, I was about to say the same about yours. Such a lovely hue," her voice perhaps a bit wistful, having been wearing nothing but black and muted color since the death of her cousin. "I have not seen Lady Nedra since the wedding, nor Lady Muirenn." Taking a sip of her wine, she does remove her hand from Robben's arm, should he like to move around a little more freely. Cradling her goblet now in both of her hands, she watches the change in Jocelyn and tries to follow the line of sight, "Is something the matter, my lady?" Seeing nothing that seemed untoward, but she does not know Eric.

"No, please," Anais invites Einar to sit with a wave toward a chair. "You can sit and be appropriate with me here," she adds with a touch of humor in her smile. "I'm less likely to be tempted to run out and dance with everyone if I've someone to talk to. As for archery…" She trails off, smile crooked. "Now and then. I try not to do it too much when I'm not at home. Different families have different opinions about that sort of thing, and I'd prefer not to offend anyone."

Dancing with her good cousin gives Tia a chance to chat with him, and she and Anders do carry on a quiet conversation as they are on the dance floor. It's a lovely sight, all the dancers enjoying themselves, while the wallflowers and schmoozers do their thing on the sidelines. Once the dance is over, Tia takes a short break to get a goblet of sweetwine, sipping at it briefly, as she glances again over the crowd. Her husband is noted, as is Einar with Anais. She has a moment to herself, as she takes a short respite. And then her voice calls out. "Come now, everyone do dance." She turns her gaze on Robben, moving towards her husband's cousin. "My lord Robben, would you please dance with me?"

Robben pauses for a few moments as he sees Jocelyn's reaction, both to himself, and to the Sheriff's presence. At the question about Lady Nedra, he pauses for a few moments, looking around a little bit. "I do not believe I have," he replies, looking about to say something more, before he hears Tiaryn's words, offering her a bit of a smile. "Ah, the Lady of the Day," he offers, with a smile. "Congratulations, Lady Tiaryn." Another brief pause, before he nods, smile widening a little bit. "It would truly be a bad thing if I declined that offer, wouldn't it?" Looking to Aemy and Jocelyn for a few moments, he offers them a smile. "If the two of you would excuse me?"

Einar nods in thanks and sets his wine down on the table before taking his seat. Reclaiming his wine he takes a sip as Anais speaks before a faintly confused frown edges it's way onto his brow. He's not entirely sure if that was a hint or not and ponders it over for a minute before deciding that the easiest way out is to simply ask. "Would you like a dance?" he offers, setting the wine down again just incase before moving onto the far safer topic of archery. "If you feel the want, myself and Master Vis try to practice each morning and you'd be more than welcome to join us. Although," he glances at the wine again, "maybe not tomorrow morning."

"It is indeed, Ser Kerrigan," Aeliana replies, mischief twinkling in those dark eyes. "And of course I understand, Ser Stafford," is the oh so neatly given response. "But yes, to touch upon your aforementioned topic of guests in Kingsgrove, it was my intention to travel back with your party as the Lady Nedra and I intend to meet there. A bit of…painting, apparently," the lady laughed. And then said something else, quiet enough not to carry beyond the trio.

Saethwyr inclines his head to Ceinlys. "Of course, my Lady," he says softly. He then escorts her over to where her glass of wine had been left. He chuckles softly, and then gives a small nod. "Aye, I had suspected as much," he comments, his tone amused. "They are a favourite pair of boots, though I fear they may be in need of retirement come the end of the night. I do rather hope they survive it," he muses, and he can't help but to chuckle again with mirth. "Thank you, as well, my Lady. It was a pleasure, and I hope you enjoy the rest of the evening," he adds, inclining his head to her. Leaving her in the company of her wine, he surveys the lovely ladies and rather than seek to steal one for the next dance, he weaves his way amongst folks in favour of finding a glass of wine for a bit of refreshment, contenting himself with watching the others on the dance floor for the time being.

Seeing Ilaria approach, Ceinlys lofts her goblet a touch in a silent little toast and greeting toward her, before she draws close enough to address in voice. "Having a good time?" she enquires, seeming in a relatively pleasant mood herself for the moment. "You ought to drag your intended out onto the floor, put him through his paces, so to speak." A fleeting expression of wicked amusement wanders through her cold blue eyes, perhaps a hidden tease in the jest. But Ilaria is the good one, isn't she. And tonight is just the night to remind everyone of that.. and of her impending nuptials. The union with Young Lord Fenster is a clever one, and let's face it; she could have been faced with some awful choices. She's a lucky girl.

Easing down to a seat on the bench running the length of the trestle table, the Steward waves to a spot beside her, with a last grateful smile toward Saethwyr. The sudden interjection of Highfield's Sheriff, though, gives pause to her invitation for her cousin to sit, and she affords him a similarly good-natured glance and a nod, not interrupting his shining moment of gentility.

Kerrigan just rolls his eyes at Stafford's unspoken promise of a lecture. He smirks at whatever Aeliana whispers, murmuring something back, before straightening. "Seeing as how I've survived this long without causing a scene," in his opinion, anyway, "I shouldn't test my luck." He gives a small bow, apparently intending to make his leave.

"I will bring him back in one piece, I promise," Tia says to Aemy and Jocelyn. "But I do believe it's time for everyone to dance, if they will." And perhaps even if they won't, in this case. Tia is somewhat determined. She pauses to curtsey politely, giving Robben a smile. "And thank you, my lord good-cousin." Eyes dancing with that new appellation for Robben. "It is good to see all the guests getting to know each other, though I had thought there might be more folks dancing." A touch of disappointment in Tia's voice.

"What?" Jocelyn jumps at at Aemy's words, having been lost in her own trial of thought. "Oh. No. Everything's fine." Where was Nedra? "I just- I just thought I saw someone I knew. But I did not." she replies. "How odd that Lady Nedra and Lady Muirenn are both missing. I hope they are alright and have not gotten ill." Though the sound from behind her has her moving to the side. Lowering herself into a small curtsy as the bride arrives within the fold of their group, casting her eyes downward. "My Lady. Congratulations." remaining silent as the arrangements are made for the two to dance.

Having finished his glass of wine, Martyn has gone back to circulating through the crowd, speaking a little every now and then with a few people. Looking around a bit carefully as he does, as if looking for someone.

"I would also like to offer congratulations and best wishes to you, my lady. May you have many blessed years ahead of you." Aemy offers a nod to Robben, "Of course, my lord, it does indeed look fun, please, enjoy yourself.." As Jocelyn talks, she smiles, "I am sure they are both doing wonderfully, perhaps checking on Lady Saffron." Just then her eyes drift to a certain Mallister knight. "Oh dear, please excuse me as well.." Her eyes already roaming briefly around the great hall. "I just need to go and speak with a friend.."

Katrin comes teetering back from wherever she had disappeared to (bathroom maybe?) and once again tucks back that one stray lock of hair that repeatedly insists on falling into her eyes. "Do… you think he came?" she whispers nervously to her Septa and maid, biting on her lower lip. A hard poke on her shoulder. A reminder of the person she should be. Katrin nods her head, lifts her chin and pulls back her shoulders as she saunters back along the edges of the crowds, unintentionally right across Martyn's path.

Stafford's smile at Aeliana's quiet murmur briefly flickered out of existence when he heard Kerrigan's reply. When it came back, it was quite a bit sharper than it had been, white teeth showing there amidst his scruffy beard.

"Of course, brother. I'll see you at the pavilions later, I'm sure."

The lean lordling couldn't help but hear the bride's plea for more dancers, and whatever reluctance he might have had earlier to take to the floor this early, faded. Replaced with stoic determination to be a polite guest and surrender to the will of the bride.

"Shall we?" Asked of Aeliana, with a gesture towards the cleared space.

"I don't think anyone here will be rushing out tomorrow morning," Anais agrees with Einar with a soft laugh. "And thank you. I may join you before I depart, though I should return to the Roost soon. Lady Tressa is excellent, of course, but after so much change, I'd like the people to still have a familiar face around." At the talk of dancing, she looks out to the floor, catching her lower lip between her teeth. "I'd like to dance, though maybe a little later would be better."

Hazel eyes sparkle with amusement as Ilaria lifts her glass in return to Ceinlys' toast, smiling cheerfully as she draws close. The sight of someone looming on her periphery causes the girl to draw up short with a swirl of skirts about the ankle, and slowly she turns her gaze up toward Erik. Dark lashes bat together quickly as she studies the man, decided after a moment to offer him as warm a smile as she can conjure. "Thank you, good ser," she murmurs before breezing past him, flicking her hair over her shoulder with a free hand. "I shall not tease the Young Lord, cousin," the semi-bashful girl murmurs as she lowers herself into the seat beside Ceinlys. "I would not want to disrupt his enjoyment of the celebrations. You looked beautiful dancing, my lady."

"Of course." Jocelyn says when Tia and Robben leave, watching them move towards the dance area. Turning her gaze back to Aemy she smiles just a touch and looks about to say something, when she too excuses herself. "Of course…" she finds herself saying again and then standing alone when Aemy walks off towards her friend. Glancing around her aimlessly, Jocelyn draws her goblet of wine to her lips again.

Robben smiles a bit at Tiaryn's words. "Ah, the night is still young, right? Hopefully more people will be dancing as the night goes on, after all." A brief pause, before he offers a broader smile now. "You both look so happy today," he says, before he adds, "Congratulations. And welcome to the family." Moving out onto the floor a bit more properly now, and into the dance. "I hope the day has been as good as you've imagined, so far?"

Aeliana chokes back a laugh at Kerrigan's murmur, those dark eyes flashing high amusement at more than simply his words but also, his brother's response. "Oh I imagine that he does, Ser Kerrigan, I imagine that he does. But I do look forward to seeing you around," dutifully replied as she offered a little dip of courtesy for the departing Groves, before her attention shifted back to Lord Stafford at his question.

She'd missed Tia's remark over Kerri's but the notion of dancing wasn't entirely a bad idea. It suited her purposes at any rate. "It would be my pleasure, my Lord, though I really would like a chance to play herald and introduce you at some point." Sigh. "But for now, your will is mine; lead the way, my Lord."

After Ilaria continues on in front of him, Erik's eyes gazes up towards Ceinlys and gives the Steward a smile and nod in return of her greeting. Though he had made it to the high table, the Lord and Lady of honor are not to be found, much to the Sheriff's dismay. It appears the Jast Knight had just missed both, one in search for refreshment while the other is occupied once more with dance. Now he will have to make a decision on what he is to do next, either back patrolling the outskirts of the gathering here is in order.

Martyn was speaking with someone, and thus didn't really notice when someone ended up in his path. Bumping into Katrin, he turns in her direction, about to apologize when he sees who it is. Open mouth, close mouth, pause, and then he manages to say something at least. "Hello…" Spoken a bit quietly now.

"I'm sure," Kerrigan agrees with Stafford, looking very much like he's suppressing laughter. He just smirks at Aeliana, bows once more, and departs with only a polite entreaty for the pair to: "Enjoy your dance."

Tia finishes her glass of wine, and then offers Robben a fluttering of lashes, teasingly. It's not too far to the dance floor, of course, as Tia makes good her promise to try to dance with every male present. Except of course those who escape early. She chuckles as she is swept into the dance, enjoying it and stepping lightly. "It is a lovely day, in every way," Tia says, perhaps exaggerating slightly, but only a bit. "I do hope everyone is also enjoying themselves. I cannot but worry that perhaps they have eaten too much and are somewhat sated with food and unable to move. Perhaps they will be here tomorrow as well, still unmoving." There's even a touch of mock worry in her voice.

That last second of turning away to reply to a comment to her Septa leaves Katrin colliding full on with Martyn. Her hands reach out instinctively to not only steady herself but her target as well. "O-o-oh…" Her green eyes get big as she stares up at the Mallister. She manages a shy smile. "Hello…"

Daryl steps out of one of the off shooting paths into the great hall, fixing his jacket and peering about the room with a raised brow. "Hm. Where to start," he murmurs, passing through the crowd and offering quick, polite greetings to various guests. "Pardon me," as he slides past a pair heading to dance. He's about to head towards a group when a passing maid servant with drink catches his attention. "Halt!" He says, though a grin on his face reveals good nature. He snatches a mug and looks about once more, taking a sip.

"I must confess that I never meet your good-aunt," Einar replies, hoping he's got the relationship right. "Nor I must say, any of her side of the family bar perhaps in passing, I shall take your word on them though and I think you are right, familiar faces should help smooth things." Since Justin isn't here he's assuming he's been left behind to do just that. Taking his wine up again now the talk of dancing is past he has a quick drink then adds, "I may be required to ride escort for my cousins back to Stonebridge" Nerys, EMrys and Anathema that is, "but I also find myself in need of a word with your good-brother once more. So if I am still around here when you come to depart I will happily ride escort again to bolster the numbers."

"Do you ever feel like strangling your siblings in public? Until their faces turn purple?" Asked Stafford as he watched his brother go. He had said it quietly, but not quite so muffled that it couldn't conceivably be overheard by some other dance couples, as he guided his young companion along. His eyes flicked back to her, while he positioned himself into the dignified and straight backed poise that courtly dances required. Not for him to act as if he were in a barn dance, swing-a-linging around with peasant wenches. No. Regal and graceful, lordly confident, that was the way of things. Bodies not touching, except at the appropriate and designated spots as etiquette dictated. Hands and shoulders and nothing else.

"How could they not?" Robben offers to Tia with a bit of a smile. "After all, I'm sure the happiness radiating from both you and your husband rubs off on everyone present." So far he's managing the dancing rather nicely "I think it has been quite a lovely day so far. And I'm sure the rest of the evening will be as well."

Once the collision course meets there is no stopping it, so instead of approaching and sort of acting like a buffer for her friend and cousin, Aemy glances at Jocelyn. "Ah.. too late." Her voice is soft though, not wanting it to carry too loudly. Her eyes linger only a moment on the two, before she quirks her lips in a smile, looking back towards the Nayland. "I hope you enjoyed your stay in Heronhurst, my lady. It was lovely having so many friends around." Cupping her goblet in her hand still, she watches the dancers moving across the floor.

Pausing a bit at Katrin's reaction, Martyn offers a smile, more genuine than most of the other smiles he's offered people lately. "I was hoping to run into you here," he offers to her, before he seems to realize what he just said. "Well, not quite as physically, of course," he hurries to add. "How have you been?" Glancing around for a few moments, then back at Katrin.

"Ah, thank you," Anais smiles swiftly to Einar. "I appreciate that. You and Master Vis do make me feel a good deal safer from ambush on the road." She pauses then, smile slipping crooked as she tilts her head with a playful arch of her brow. "Do you know, I didn't think you enjoyed dancing much, Lord Einar," she observes. "And yet you asked."

"Did I?" replies Ceinlys, absent-mindedly. "Well, thank you. It's been a while, I must admit. Not since we visited Hollyh-.." The steward halts herself abruptly. No mention of that place, today. No ma'am. Clearing her throat and taking a sip of strongwine to clear her thoughts (!), she continues on another topic, flashing Ilaria an apologetic smile. "But how would dancing with a beautiful young lady disrupt his enjoyment? I'd have thought it would make his night. quite honestly." Tilting her head a little, she studies some of the less familiar young faces within the crowd, as many take to the floor at Tia's request. "You know, I think I may have been working too hard. I used to know so many people, at court. Now I find myself rather at a loss. Who is that, over there? And that?" A forefinger rises from the clasp of her goblet, subtly pointing out a few people that have piqued her curiosity. Ilaria's younger and well-liked; she might know better, in this instance. That gaze does fall upon Martyn and Katrin, in the distance. But she can't discern much from here, can she?

The return of the soft voice at her side brings a smile to her lips. Jocelyn turns to see Aemy coming back so soon, and for her own selfish reasons she is glad to have her back at her side. Lifting her gaze to see where the Erenford could be looking, spotting Martyn and Katrin, maybe? "I did. Thank you." The subject was changed and she followed suit. "My Mother is an Erenford, you know." speaking of her Mother or Father always brought a warmth to her face. "I had spent some time as a child at Heronhurst, but that was years ago." A servant walks by with a tray, and her empty goblet is placed on it, while taking one that is filled. "Thank you." inclining her head to the servant.

"Strangling? No," Aeliana shook her head, those dark fey strands bouncing where they'd come free from the steel pins that held them, the pieces elegantly topped with the snarling head of wolves. There was no mistaking her house today. "But I have had the inclination of running one or two of them through with a sword," she laughed; her murmur as quiet in turn as his own had been and her steps, as his, just as graceful. Her hand against his shoulder; one within the folds of her skirts. Light steps. "Regardless, I rather like that brother of yours, he's a quick wit to be respected, so few are capable of actual banter. They try but…you look at them and see nothing but rehearsed lines and empty eyes to match their heads," the lady sighed.

The music plays a lively dance, but still one that has elegant and graceful steps to it. Tia dances happily with Robben, her skirts aswirl, as she moves gracefully. "I hope it lifts up everyone into good moods and good deeds," she says softly. The musicians are hard at work, each song played very well, and timed to be eminently danceable. Tia might have had a hand in that, truthfully, though she wouldn't say. Still, the music is superb, and the dancing quite a sight, as more and more folks do get to the dance floor. "But, my lord, once this dance is over, you are tasked to find someone else to dance with, and to keep dancing," Tia offers lightly.

Savouring his glass of wine for a little bit, the Ashwood knight doesn't appear to be drinking to excess tonight. Once it's finished, he sets it aside on the nearest table, and then he starts to wander amongst the guests. He finds himself to be near to Nerys, and he pauses near to her, then half bows to her. "Good evening," he offers, a smile coming readily to his features. He lifts his left hand, offering it palm up to Nerys. "Would you care to join me for a dance, my Lady?" he asks, his dark eyes showing a sparkle to them. Saethwyr lifts his right hand, catching a stray lock of his hair and brushing it aside.

The smile that lights Katrin's face is reserved only for Martyn. For a moment, it's like the scars are not so prominent, and perhaps a little bit of the Haigh girl's former beauty shines through. "I had hoped to see you as well." Her eyes drop down for a moment. "As much as I like Tiaryn, I fear that was my primary motivation today." At the question, her head tilts slightly. "I… in truth, since our parting, I have been quite miserable. To not see you everyday." She frowns. Her fingers discreetly reach out to touch the Mallister's arm and she leans in to murmur quietly to him before she steps back and offers a curtsey as her feet take her elsewhere. Almost anywhere but where she currently stands.

Daryl looks about and indulges in another sip from his mug.

The nobleman moves away from the dancing some, weaving through people as he moves towards Lady Ceinlys, emptying the remaining contents of his drink into his mouth before reaching to give away his empty glass and receive another.

"I had no idea. I imagine you feel as if you are returning home then, when you come. And please do come as often as you like, I would enjoy the time with you there. My mother is a Haigh." Unable to conceal the amusement in her vivid blue eyes at that notion, Aemy shares a smile with Jocelyn. "I ponder how such a match as that even occurred. Though I do adore my cousins, there is a polite distance between myself and my mother's side of the family, for some reason." Goblet still a little left, she follows suit and drinks down the rest and trades it out for a full one while the servant is nearby. "Do you plan on staying in Highfield for very long?"

Another slow half circuit is made by Erik which also means that his goblet of wine is running low, check that, the cup is raised to his lips and the remains are drained clean. Finding a passing servant with a tray, the Sheriff neatly places the empty goblet on the tray without much word or attention to the common servant before his feet is on the move again. For now, he chooses to pace himself with the drinking, needing his sharp wits and eyes with him for the moment. And those very same eyes locate the young Lady Ashwood, with someone he does not recognize. A smirk on his lips appears and Erik apparently decides to entertain himself, making his way towards Aeliana and Stafford who appear to be enjoying themselves in their dance.

Nerys seems to have been caught out. She's been, seemingly, deep in conversation with a few of the ladies maids. Tiaryn's ladies maids to be exact, just as He Who Must Not Be Named…er…her goodcousin's new husband comes up behind her. The maids all manage to look serious and giggly all at once. They, rather than Nerys, saw the knight approaching. And.Did.Not.Tell.Her. A hand to shoo the lot of geese away, the mischief in their eyes evident, as Nerys turns, her expression merry, and the hand accepted, "Of course, my Lord." She leans in, her voice just above a whisper, "Did you by any chance…wear hardened leather boots? Perhaps some plate mail?" She looks down, and then back up, "I am not so light on my feet as your Lady Wife."

Einar shrugs once at that, "until the roads are clear once more it makes sense to travel together when able. ALthough your Master Kain is more able than I I would warrant." Between Kiana nd Pariston, that's a closer contest for certain, and each of them may be slightly biased as to suggesting who the winner might be. Moving on he answers openly, "I'll confess that is not something that comes naturally to me, not like it does to some. I'm not suggesting that I'm worried about tripping over my own feet mind, but I do sometimes find that I need to concentrate to a degree that it limits the enjoyment I can gain from it." It being so dislike archery in that regard, where the concentration level is half of the draw of it. "I know that Tia wants to see more people up there though, and I wasn't sure if you wished to or not, so I thought it better to ask than to leave you wanting. Especially since, with us being in conversation, it might imply to others that you did not wish to."

Rather than staring out at the crowd, Ilaria instead gazes down into her winecup. Resting an elbow on the table and cheek in hand, she swirls her drink quietly and only looks up when Ceinlys mentions Alric. "There are plenty of pretty young ladies with whom he can dance. It will not wound him to spare him my presence tonight, I think," she replies in as bland but delicate a manner as possible. Heaving a sigh, the girl straightens her posture and finally turns her attention outward to the crowd, squinting and leaning in closer to Ceinlys in order to follow her cousin's line of sight. "I do not know many of these faces. I see Lady Anais down there, and my sister—with Ser Martyn?" Her surprise is evident only for a moment before being erased by clearing her throat. "And Lady Jocelyn - a Nayland; Lady Aemy - an Erenford, distant cousin of some sort. Her mother is a Haigh. That is all I know."

"I must admit that I know that feeling," Martyn offers before he adds, "But you should remember that you were meant for smiles, and not frowns, my lady." He listens to what Katrin murmurs, offering her a bit of a smile, nodding a little bit. As she steps back and curtseys, he offers her a bit of a bow. "It was good to see you again, Lady Katrin," he offers, watching her leave.

"Unfortunately my brother might be a trial, but he paid attention to the Master-At-Arms. I fear if I tried to stab him, he'd give as good as he got." Stafford remarked to Aeliana. "That and kin-slaying is rather frowned upon in most courts of the land." And Stafford did not ever do anything that was frowned upon, right? At least he didn't get caught doing it. Dancing around the floor, he made it look easy to both glide and talk at the same time.

Around and around. He was pulling it off better than he had at Heronhurst. Perhaps a dry run had been exactly what had been needed to shine properly here. A dash of growing comfort with the way she moved, allowing him to anticipate. "He has a way with saying whatever comes to his mind. It's not all witty. Perhaps more amusing in small doses, though." Than having to live with it. He cast her a wry smile for her laughs.

"Dare I ask who last fed you empty eyes and rehearsed lines?"

"It's such good music for the dance," Robben remarks, before smiles a little as he's tasked with something. "Truth to be told, there are a few people I was considering dancing with, my lady," he offers, with a bit of a smile.

"Excellent, then you shall have joy from this task. That is all to the good," Tia says. She spins in a circle, and then turns back to Robben, joining him again and matching him step for step. "The musicians are very good, I am very pleased and impressed." She continues to dance, the music of course cheerily played and easily heard throughout the hall.

"Ah, well." Anais smiles to a servant who stops by to refill her glass, taking another sip of wine. "Much as I enjoy dancing, Lord Einar, the last thing I want to do at this point is start a scandal. People will be all too quick to talk about the young Terrick widow and how she must not have any respect for her dearly departed husband." She falls silent a moment, finger tapping at her glass.

"Well, then there's nothing to stop you dancing with someone else, either, now is there?" Ceinlys nudges her cousin gently with a shift of one elbow, smirking aside at her. "Though that makes me something of a hypocrite, seeing as I'm content to just rest my feet for now." Taking another sip of her wine, the ebon-tressed Haigh (or Erenford, depending on your point of view) follows Ilaria's gaze outward again. Though she already noted who Katrin was with, she offers only a soft 'hmm' as it's pointed out. No, not everyone's as lucky as Ilaria. The mention of Jocelyn similarly draws little surprise - the Steward, though not having met the girl herself, is no doubt aware of who and what she is. But Aemy? There's a new name.. and an interesting history, too. "Is that so..?" the noblewoman muses, regarding the young lady from a distance with a curious cant of her head. "I don't recall.. but then, it's been a long time since I visited Heronhurst." This last is uttered with a wry glance sidelong to her companion.

A glance is given to the maids whom Nerys has been keeping company, a flicker of curiosity passing through his dark eyes. A smile tugs at the corners of Saethwyr's lips, and his dark gaze settles upon Nerys, his fingers closing over hers as she accepts his offer. "Thank you, Lady Nerys," he says, and then he chuckles softly before lightly shaking his head. "Nay, my Lady. I fear the plate mail would be a mite out of place, and make dancing more than a little awkward. Worry not, I'm sure that we'll fair well enough, and if my toes are tread upon then so be it. 'Tis for a good cause, wouldn't you agree?" he asks, his eyes showing a sparkle to them. He doesn't mind, it would seem. With that reassurance offered, he guides her to the dance floor and then starts to lead her through the steps of it.

"There is some familiarity at Heronhurst, its true." Jocelyn nods slowly, "A place of comfort from a distant memory and even more so with the aid of your family to mine. My Mother thinks highly of her family and its spread onto me, I would be happy to come to Heronhurst as often as you would have me. It is an easy distance from Stonebridge, I think." The amusement causes the young Nayland to laugh softly and avert her eyes from the Mallister and Haigh match that speak together a bit away from them. "I do not know, My Lady, though couples come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Sometimes it can leave us all in wonder." Though, she turns her head, "I had no idea your mother was a Haigh. Huh- how little we know one another even though we have family in common." the question of her remaining in Highfield gets a laugh, followed by a shake of her head, "No. Not at all. Lady Nedra asked me to accompany her here. I should be leaving as soon as it is reasonable to do so. How about yourself? Will you be remaining here long?"

"Ah, so there's more to him than wit then, that's delightful to know. His cleverness must come from years of bantering with you," suggested, by way of polite compliment as she completely let talk of kin-slaying fall to the wayside. She twirls prettily, it must be said, and it was easy to dance with Stafford, even if they'd only done it once prior. "At least he is funny though, it could be worse, he could be boring," she shrugged and caught sight of the approaching Erik; a smile flashed in his direction over the curve of Stafford's shoulder. "Have you met our Sheriff, my Lord? He's a very remarkable young man."

Einar partakes in a re-fill too, since the chance is there. He ponders over Anais' words a moment, expression thoughtful as he answers, "Yes, I suppose there is that. It's a shame really, to have to miss out on something you enjoy, and at an occasion such as this, just people of loose tounges." A sip of his wine, then another before he quips, "although I suppose they might not care so much about your archery practice then." It's an attempt to lighten the conversation away from dead husbands, which are always a bit of a mood killer, but he can not help but hold his breath a little in fear that actually, it might have been a little too close or a little too soon.

Robben smiles as he hears Tia's words. "That I shall, which is quite good. And yes, they seem to be very good at what they do, my lady. Have they been preparing specifically for this event for a long time?"

The Sheriff that was mentioned by Lady Aeliana makes his appearance by the dancing pair of Ashwood and Groves, perhaps an interruption though there is no expression of challenge just yet, only a warm smile for the Lady first and then a respectful nod for Stafford following. The Sheriff's attention returns to Aeliana first after the acknowledgements are made, "Lady Aeliana, you look absolutely stunning tonight." And finally back to Stafford, "My Lord… Groves." The brief hesitation was because Erik had to glance at the other man's House sigil, "I apologize for the interruption, but I was hoping to steal the Lady away for a quick dance. Duties have kept us from getting a chance to speak and I am afraid it will be the same tonight if I don't take the opportunity now." His expression doesn't look exactly apologetic but Erik is still grinning at the moment, keeping the mood light.

A look to his companion when she gave her side-ways complement, and Stafford's expression was for a moment completely unreadable. Then he smiled, a mild and polite thing, while they spun on the last few strings of the dance. To finish with the same flourish with which they'd started. "In friends and companions you want banter and fun, which I suppose is why it would appeal to you. In kin, dull and steadfast is far more appealing than willful and unpredictable." He made her a sweeping bow in the end. "For all that, I do have a brother's love for him. I'm glad he's returned. Just don't tell him that, my Lady, or he'll never let it go." A roll of his eyes, before he turned to meet the Sheriff.

"I do not believe I have," he said, his dark eyes scanning over the Jast knight, waiting for the introduction.

"Well, I don't suppose it is your toes my goodcousin will be concerned with when the time comes." Nerys flashes a smile, as she allows her goodcousin-in-law (is there even such a thing?) to lead her out to the dancefloor, "I think I know this one," she offers, as they thread their way through the crowds. For all that she may cripple or maim Tiaryn's new husband in the dance to come, she at least seems nimble enough to avoid causing any catastrophes on the way there. "It's…Oh, Lay My Sweet Lass Down in the Grass…I know the melody, but do not ask me to sing the words." Once they finally do arrive at the dancefloor, Nerys turns, her skirts imminently more graceful than she, as she curtsies, "I am at your whim, my Lord."

"Of course," Stafford added to the request of a dance. It was impolite to refuse, after all.

Daryl looks about and indulges in another sip from his mug. His path is changed when green hues spot the chatting Jocelyn and Aemy, and he gives a small half shrug and dons a welcoming smile as he moves towards the Erenford and Haigh. "M'ladies…I do hope you're enjoying yourselves?" A polite bow of his head and the Ashwood introduces, "Lord Daryl Ashwood." His eyes shift between the two as he retains his grin.

As Katrin takes her leave of Martyn, she finds another glass of wine to continue her drinking to merriment and all that other good stuff. Her gaze flickers around and she shakes her head. "I think I need some air, Septa. Far too many people. And too many happy people." With a frown, she begins weaving her way from the room.

"Archery, mmm. I think I can pass that off as hoping for vengeance on my husband's killers, don't you?" Anais asks with a small, tight smile toward Einar, apparently able to take at least some grim humor in the situation. "I will say, the chambermaids at the Roost have been…particularly cautious since the new came in."

Tia smiles as the song comes to an end, finishing up in a very graceful curtsey. "My thanks for your company and a dance, Lord Robben," she says. "Though you know, this will not prevent me from teasing you whenever opportunity arises." She glances around, noting that more and more couples are up on the dance floor with some satisfaction. She also looks for her husband, making sure he is still enjoying himself, and not yet ready to depart. A quick glance locates him on the dance floor with Nerys and smiles. "Perhaps we can return to where we started from, my lord?"

"You are more than welcome anytime you like," Aemy reaffirms the invitation with a glad smile. "They do, indeed, my lady, though I have noticed the last few weddings I have attended were matches of love. I had thought that to be a rare thing." Her musing drifts off as she takes another sip of her wine. "I am not yet decided how long I will linger long in Highfield, though probably I will return to Heronhurst when I leave." At the arrival of an Ashwood, a curtsy is offered the nobleman, "Lord Daryl, I am Lady Aemy Erenford," offering a warm smile, "This is Lady Jocelyn Nayland. A pleasure meeting you, my lord."

With a polite curtsy in response to Stafford's bow, Aeliana smiles though her eyes search his own at the way his face became a mask of the unreadable. "You are correct as ever in your assessment, my Lord and I bow to the wisdom that you so often share," the lady murmured in polite response, before her attention slid to the Jast Knight. At least he was not so difficult to read. "Ser Jast," Ae greets her smile warm, as she offers him her arm, "It would be my honor to dance with you. And to talk, since it seems you've ulterior motives," she teased.

Robben chuckles a bit at Tiaryn's words, "Of course not, Lady Tiaryn," he replies to the part about teasing. "I wouldn't expect it to prevent you from it. And returning to where we started from sounds like a good idea."

Going back to circulating, Martyn takes a moment to get himself another glass of something to drink. Sipping it a bit thoughtfully as he makes his way around the room, he finally finds himself near the doors leading outside, and finishes off his drink before he slips out for the moment now.

A bit of colour creeps to Saethwyr's cheeks at Nerys' comment, and he laughs lightly before giving a nod of agreement. "Indeed, I fear my toes might gain the least of her attention," he comments in turn, his dark eyes sparkling with amusement. "'Tis a rather lovely melody, though I'd not be able to sing all the words myself," he muses. Then he bows to her and with one hand kept paired to hers and the other hand to the side of her waist, he leads her through the steps that pair well to the melody being played. "Have you been enjoying the feast and festivities, my Lady?" he asks, a note of curiosity to his voice. A moment passes, and he smiles warmly at her. "You're doing very well, by the by," he adds, in regards to her dancing. His toes are still intact, after all. He is, indeed, enjoying himself.

"Thank you, My Lord, you are most gracious." A more respectful bow is offered to the Groves Lord by the Jast Knight when the other man allows the interruption with grace, something Erik certainly makes a mental note of. Then his attention returns to Lady Aeliana once more, taking the offered arm gently and acting as the proper escort, leading her to where the others are dancing and enjoying themselves. Once there, he separates slightly before offering a hand to lead between the pair before giving the Lady a mocked expression of hurt, "I do not know what motives you speak of, My Lady." His tone is quiet and full of amusement, showing that he is not actually offended, "My motives are pure as I wish to dance with a pretty lady that I know." As opposed to some that he does not know or worse, do not have good… relations with at the moment.

"Thank you, thats very kind. I will take you up on that offer and visit again very soon." Jocelyn looks back to Katrin and Martyn and see that they have parted ways, "I had thought the same thing, Lady Aemy. Perhaps it is still rare, however, these passed marriages have just been blessed? I should hope the streak continues and there will be more weddings of love rather than the alternative." she sighs, "I may just be a dreamer and believer in love far more than what I really should." she was laughing when another Ashwood approaches them. A curtsy is given as the introductions are maid for her. "Lord Daryl." she repeats his name as she bows her head.

Ilaria's nose wrinkles and she casts a less than approving glance toward Ceinlys at the mention of dancing with anyone. "Dancing is a social tool used to secure acquaintances and explore personalities without obliging one's self to follow through - you know, lest they reveal themselves to be a great boor." She heaves a sigh, a sound far too jaded for one so young, and tosses back the second half of her wine in two gulps. "Now that a marriage has been secured for me, I find it less appealing. That and my slippers are too new to be destroyed by clumsy feet and clumsier wine-hands." Ilaria lifts her glass lazily into the air, swinging it to-and-fro in a beckoning gesture for a refill. She glances sidelong to Ceinlys and arches one thin eyebrow. "I am not sure what her mother's relation is to the family. Do you want to meet her?"

"I believe you could yes," Einar replies with a smile, "although I would also imagine that those who disapprove in the first place might also disapprove of the implication that you might be going out and hunting them. Perhaps saying it's for hunting… deer or such would raise less eyebrows yet achieve the same result." He takes a sip of his wine then adds, "I must admit though that I do not fully understand their stance. For all that you are from the south and I the north, in the scale of the seven kingdoms themselves there is not that much land between us, yet on the Finger and elsewhere to the north we have less of a.." he pauses a moment, struggling for the right words, "less of an assumption that our womenfolk will do nothing to defend themselves." Another sip of wine before adding an example. "Take my cousin over there, Lady Nerys who is dancing with the groom. She was fostered by House Mormont and has been taught the use of both armour and sword, yet it is not thought such an odd thing."

"Mmm, of course you don't, Ser Jast," Aeliana replies, her smile more than just a hint bemused as he guides them elsewhere about the floor. Yet she settles against him with an easy grace; her hand folded comfortably within his own while the other takes perch on his shoulder as settles in to allow him to lead. "Though I will say that you're looking particularly handsome today," those dark eyes gleamed with mischief. "And did you miss me, I wonder? For all that I hear you've been busy with distractions."

Nerys' expression is still happy, but it's dimmed by the look of intense concentration, as she starts to follow Saethwyr's lead, needing to give that extra attention to learning the way he leads in the dance. It will be most of the dance before she gets comfortable. But the conversation helps to distract her, "Very much. The ceremony was not one I had ever been to before, I enjoyed that very much. And the feast was wonderful. Rich and festive and the music has been wonderful. I know it is too much to ask of a bride on her wedding day, but…I cannot help hoping that Tiaryn will grace us with some of her harp." The woman truly is a wonder on the instrument.

Stafford acknowledged Erik's respectful bow with a courtly one in return, appropriate to the younger knight's station, before he made his departure off the dancefloor at a leisurely pace. Back towards the high table where he'd had a seat of honor, while his eyes casually wandered the crowd, perhaps attempting to decide where it would be best to socialize. As it happened, he was stopped somewhere halfway there, to schmooze with a few of the guests. Polite smalltalk, where he offered just enough attention not to be considered rude, without actually engaging much mental effort.

Moving along with Robben, Tia flashes a smile at those folks still near the table he is returning her to. Her drink is finished, so she gathers another. "Do not forget your task now, my lord good-cousin." She smiles though, and turns her gaze to the masses of guests, as she strives to mingle with them all. And dance with all the men. (Stafford, Martyn, Daryl, Erik, you are all on the list.)

"The pleasures all mine," Daryl Ashwood responds to the two, brow raising in curiosity as he catches the very end of their conversation. "Weddings of love you say?" A small sip of his drink and he chuckles softly. "A dreamer, perhaps, but thats not exactly a bad thing now, is it?" His attention shifts to Aemy, "Perhaps there's something good about this time to be wed. Or…Perhaps its the location?" A smirk and he asks, "What did my Ladies think of the ceremony?"

In turn, Ceinlys offers Ilaria a sympathetic look levelly right back. "And once you're a married woman, you'll have to use social tools to secure and explore acquaintances for the gain of your House, rather than personal motive. It's all good practice, sweetling, even at a party and even with drunk Lords and Ladies. Things can't always be done elegantly over tea, after all. More's the pity." Shaking off the glimmer of a reprimand’s threat, Ceinlys sweeps back a stray tendril of dark hair from her cheek and looks back toward the Erenford girl they speak of. "..all that being said.. no. Not quite yet. Actually, I was pondering getting a little fresh air. Strongwine does tend to make me sleepy, alas. Must be my age." The jest is cast toward her cousin with a smirk.

Once his dancing partner appears to be ready, Erik finds the beat of the music in the background and follows the beat rather smoothly and easily, one having some training in the courtly necessities. A grin appears at Lady Aeliana's compliment, "I do… don't I, I strive to please." The hint of arrogance is of course there though tempered with smile, "And of course I missed you, My Lady. No one else was around to help me with my studies and those books, I swear they are devices to steal a man's soul." As for the tidbit about distractions, the grin turns into a smirk, "Distractions are distractions, temporary amusements."

Saethwyr is willing to give her the time to become comfortable with the steps of the dance and the way he leads. "That's good to hear. The kitchen staff seem to have rather outdone themselves with their efforts towards the feast," he says thoughtfully, a smile returning to his features. He turns thoughtful for a moment, and then gives a faint shrug of a shoulder before chuckling softly. "There is but one way to find out if she would find it an imposition or not, and that is to ask her. She enjoys playing, and she is talented in the doing of it. I will ask her, if you wish?" he offers. Tiaryn wouldn't deny him the delight of it, now would she?

"I've heard of the ladies of House Mormont." Anais' smile flickers as she follows Einar's gaze to Nerys. "And I'll admit, I've been curious. As I am of the ladies of Dorne, who I'm told sometimes study similar things. Granted, I'm in no hurry to rush off to war," she adds, taking another sip of her drink. "I much prefer to avoid a fight. But if worse comes to worst, I prefer to be able to defend myself with something other than tears."

"Of course not, my lady good-sister," Robben replies to Tiaryn, nodding a little bit as he looks between the others present. "I'll make sure to take my task seriously." Looking around for a few moments, he steps back over to the ladies he was talking with before. There's a brief pause, before he looks over to Jocelyn, offering her a smile. "Lady Jocelyn. It seems Lady Tiaryn gave me a task to keep on dancing. I would be honored if you would let me have this dance?" Another smile is offered her at the moment. "Please?"

"Yes, and when the time comes, I will force myself to mingle." Wine restored, Ilaria takes another sip and sets it atop the table. Lacing her fingers together, she looks to Ceinlys once more and laughs quietly, shaking her head and drawing locks of brunette hair forward over her shoulders. "Yes, of course, it must be your age. Take in some air for me; I must go mingle lest my House's reputation fall into obscurity." Her lower lip protrudes in a faux pout as she pushes away from the table, rising up in one graceful swoop that gives way to teetering on her toes and grasping her chair for balance. A giggle escapes, but she silences it by coughing politely. "If I do not see you before you retire, my lady, have a pleasant evening."

"Then we will have to remedy the lack of tutoring then, post haste lest you fall behind and my lord, I could never have that," the lady laughs, dark eyes reflecting the lights that surround them like so many little fires in their depths. "But it is good to know that I was missed," the lady replied and added another give of quiet conversation that didn't carry. "Yet you were amused, which is all one could ask for. Having you bored, I fear, would be such a waste. Rather like having myself bored, come to think of it."

"Perhaps it is, my lady. I, too, hope it continues." Aemy takes another sip of her wine, listening to the Ashwood lord laughing. "I agree, dreaming is a wonderful trait. I try and look on the bright side of everything, though sometimes I admit I falter on that." The mention of location elicits a light laugh, "Highfield is indeed a lovely place to wed, though the last love match I attended was in Seagard. The next ones shall be in Heronhurst, and I believe they are both for love as well." His final question gets an unhesitant reply. "The ceremony was quite lovely, the music is wonderful and the wine plentiful. The evening is quite a success."

Nerys' face finally seems to be losing that scrunched up 'I'm thinking really hard' look, once they get about midway trough the dance, and her steps grow more even and more certain, "I think they were glad to be celebrating the first joyous event for your House. Weddings and births are proof that a House is strong and flourishing. And though we are no Riverlanders, it is no bad thing to be allied by marriage with a vassal of House Stark." Bounds of marriage are powerful things, "I think…perhaps it might be best. She would not deny you anything."

Tia smiles as Robben takes his charge seriously enough, a nod of satisfaction on her face. She finds Lord Stafford for a turn, continuing to make her rounds, as she does so. And in between dances, she sips at the wine in her glass. With that dance done, she returns to stand, eyes agleam as she sips wine, the exercise of dancing keeping her from getting more than just a touch tipsy.

"I will admit that I have heard little of Dorn," Einar answers, but if you wish I will let her know of your interest so you might have a chance to talk before she returns to Stonebridge." Looking back from his cousin to Anais he thinks something through for a moment before saying, "I trust you don't take offence Lady Anais, as I fear some here might, but your sentiments do seem rather northern." Practical, useful and the like. "It is one thing that has shown as a marked difference while I have been here in the south, but it is heartening to see that we might not be so alone in it." Maybe it's just the Riverlands that are odd after all.

There. She'd been caught speaking about dreams and love, overheard by a male and not just any male, an Ashwood. A blush creeps up her neck and onto her cheeks. "No, I think there is nothing wrong with have dreams or being a dreamer for that matter. Though it can be dangerous and one has to be prepared for what reality really is. You can not always have your head in the clouds and live in reality at the same time. It takes a sensible person to be a true dreamer." Jocelyn make no comment about it being the location of the love match, biting the inside of her lip. She glances between Aemy and Daryl listening and nodding where needed. "The ceremony itself was very beautifully arranged." and thats what she has to say about that, before Robben comes back to them and throws her completely off guard. She's visibly stunned and hesitant at his request, taking her time to think of replay, which eventually is… "Alright." Turning she sets down her goblet of wine, "A task given and made by thee Bride can not be ignored. That would just be rude." And Robben had asked nicely, after all. "Lead the way, My Lord." glancing at Aemy and then Daryl, "If, you'll excuse me…"

"I think you to be right. Glad tidings are always a blessing for a House, and a wonderful reason for drawing people together," Saethwyr says in thoughtful fashion. "I am thankful to have been given the freedom to choose for love rather than have the choice made for me for an alliance to be gained. Though the alliance gained is equally welcome," he comments. As the dance draws to an end, Saethwyr gives Nerys' fingers a light squeeze. "I will ask of her to humour her husband, then. I would not deny her anything, either. It makes the world a better place, seeing her happy and smiling," he says softly, his gaze finding Tiaryn for a lingering moment before returning to Nerys. "To where shall I escort you, my Lady?" he asks, giving a slight gesture for her to lead the way.

A quiet but genuine groan can be heard coming from Erik as tutoring appears to be on his horizon, a slight shaking of head is the response but it does not disrupt the graceful dancing that the pair is enjoying at the moment. "I do believe that recent events and festivities is good enough excuse for my lack of learning these days. Too much to do, too little time, My Lady." The grin does reappear as the subject turns to boredom, "Indeed, I must find my sources of amusement to alleviate boredom, one just cannot live like that." One part of the music and dance does allow Erik to lean in slightly, perfect time to perhaps whisper something to the Lady he is dancing with.

Looking amused as Ilaria rises unsteadily, with that petulant look she pulls off so well, Ceinlys follows suit with more practiced elegance, leaving an empty goblet on the table and smoothing her long skirts with an absent sweep of her palms as she straightens. "Cheer up. It could be worse." Rather than clarify, she simply watches her little cousin set off determinedly, with a soft chuckle and a shake of her head, then discreetly begins edging around the fringes of the crowd. Offering nods and murmured words in passing to those who address her, she makes her way with relative ease toward the entrance hall and disappears out, for the moment, leaving the party to continue in full swing.

"Bah, perhaps I should wed quickly, then. Before the streak is broken." Daryl looks at Jocelyn as shes swooped away, "Have fun." His gaze returns towards Aemy, "Well. In the meantime, what kind of man would I be if I left you here by your lonesome." He extends an arm to escort Aemy, "Care for a dance, m'lady?" A look between her and the dancing floor.

Tia, now on her own, has reason to watch the crowd briefly. She has spied Ser Martyn though, and there is quite a look of pleased determination upon her face as might give anyone pause. They're all going to dance, since surely they cannot refuse the bride, can they? It's such an innocent request at that. So, she begins to make her way towards Martyn, oblivious to Saeth and Nerys' conspiring.

"I would adore a dance, my lord, and I am honored you asked." Aemy offers a warm smile accompanied by a polite curtsy before gently placing her hand upon his offered arm, for him to lead her wherever he chooses to go on the dancefloor, lifting her skirt with her other hand.

"Glad tidings are what all of the Riverlands needs. One can only hope that the joy you have shared today will find its way into the hearts and minds of the many who have come to help you celebrate." Nerys falls still, offering another graceful curtsey, in answer to the tough on her fingers, "Oh, I will go and visit with my brother for a time, I think. He could use some company to brighten his mood. I know he is glad of your joy, and of Tiaryn's, but the Young Lady weighs ever on his mind, for he loves her as dearly as you love yours." Bastien isn't the only one who might bring the world to an end if he caught a smile. It's not a far thing, to make her way back to the high table.

Robben smiles a bit as he hears Jocelyn's words, leading the way out onto the floor. "I hope you have been enjoying yourself today, Lady Jocelyn?" he asks, glancing around for a few moments, before he offers her another smile.

Tia finds herself frowning as she glances around, now discovering that Ser Martyn has made his escape. That leaves her purposeless as she has to reset her expectations and glance around. Who else has she not spoken to, who has she not danced with? her attention leads to Anais, and she heads over that way, pausing to smile at Einar as well. "Good evening," she greets. "May I join you briefly?"

"Northern," Anais laughs. "Well, possibly. I am a daughter of the Banefort, and if that calls to mind another place as well, then I suppose it says something about us. Ah, Lady, Tiaryn," she greets with a swift smile as the other woman approaches. "Please, you've no need to even ask at your own wedding. Congratulations, my lady. You look beautiful."

"And it would not do to have you worn out, My Lord, not at all. However would you protect us if you were tired?" Inquired, a grin teasing at the corners of her lips. With a twirl though, as the music changes, the lady shifts and for a moment her back matches to his chest, their arms entangled before her so that they sway in unison and the Lady Aeliana matches the Jast knight quiet word for word.

Saethwyr inclines his head to Nerys and offers her a warm smile. "I would hope it spreads to everyone who has come," he says softly. He walks with her back to the high table, to leave her in her brother's company. "Thank you for the dance, my Lady. I will intercept my Lady Wife at the earliest opportunity, and I hope that you enjoy the rest of the dance," he says softly, a smile returning to his features. He tarries a moment, but then he will set to finding a glass of wine and looking for Tiaryn in order to make good on the promised conspiracy to get her to play a harp.

A smile is given to Aemy and Daryl as she walks away, having heard the offer of a dance to Aemy. Glad that she would be able to dance along with her. Jocelyn walks out to the dance area at Robbens side, when they've found their spot, her skirts are pushes and brushed to allow for easy moving. Setting herself in the distance from him needed for this particular dance, and waiting for him to lead her into the sound of the music. The distraction of the music and the dance gives her some time before she has to reply to him, "I have, My Lord. Thank you. Even if I do I feel a bit out of place here." She looks to the side at those beside her, "And you? Lord Robben? Have you enjoyed this day?"

Einar nods to Anais' words, but any reply he might have been about to make is lost in Tia's arrival. A Seathwyr has not yet made it to the table he pushes himself to his feet and offers a chair to her before asking with a smile, "I trust you are still enjoying yourself sister? The dancing seems to be picking up now and I have not yet seem anyone I thought not to be enjoying themselves."

Daryl escorts the Erenford noblewoman to open floor on the dance floor, assuming the position to lead and waits for her to as well before he steps in rhythm with the music playing, and continues for a few minutes, remaining in conversation with her during this time. After they finish, he bows his head politely and parts ways, moving to retake his forsaken mug. He takes another long swig of drink and observes the others about, eyes settling on Erik for a second, Aeliana the next.

Tia smiles at Anais, and will actually lean over to offer the other woman a hug, if she'll let her. "Anais. It is good to see you. I'm glad you've come. You will dance at least once? With my lord Saethwyr?" That should be perfectly unremarkable, and it seems that Saeth is not the only one who can plot for the good of all. Einar gets a broad smile, and a nod of a blonde head. "It seems most everyone is enjoying themselves, I think. Though you are lucky I only thought of the way to get more people dancing after I'd finished dancing with you, goodbrother." She's aware she's not done dancing yet, there still being one or two fine gentlemen who have escaped her so far.

A soft laugh of amusement is given in answer to Aeliana's concern as the Sheriff looks anything but worn out, "I believe, as I have been told, one of the benefits of youth is bottomless energy. Though I will admit, during my squiring, I could have used some of the so-called bottomless well that I had hidden away." The twirl is supported properly where there is no risk of Aeliana falling but also no hinderance to her fluid movements either. She is then safely caught and her quiet words causes the Jast Knight to chuckle again before the Lady is released.

Robben smiles a bit, nodding as he leads the way in the dance. "I can understand that, with all that's happened recently. I must admit I was surprised to see someone from House Nayland here tonight." Studying the lady for a few moments, he offers her another smile. "But I'm glad to see it."

Anais returns the hug with a warm smile for Tiaryn. "If your husband has the opportunity, I will not turn down a dance with him," she assures with a low laugh. "Though I do hope you'll make sure the other ladies all get a chance first. I've danced enough for my time, and it's too soon to be pushing ladies with more claim to it out of the way."

"I do not think you were the only one that shared that surprise this day, My Lord." Jocelyn says as she moves easily into the dance that Robben leads her in. "From some of the looks that I received this evening… It was well understood." tilting her head back so that she can look up at him. "Lady Nedra." she offers in way of explanation. "It was her idea that I come along with her. She wished for me to accompany her to the wedding and well.." eyebrows lifting in gesture, "Here I am." his smile is returned with a small one of her own. "I'm glad to see that my presence has not cause any hindrance. Even for you."

With a low chuckle, Ae turns about to face her companion once more, those dark eyes gleaming with amusement, "I have heard most recently of the trials of being a squire and the energy required for it. I must say that I don't envy you the years of service, my Lord, though I must say I approve of the end result," Aeliana compliments, offering him a smile, before her head demures in near coquette fashion at something that was said; once more the return given as the dance itself begins to draw to a end and in turn, brings them close for the moment.

Einar with Tia seated Einar sits himself down once more and takes another drink from his goblet. It's almost dry, but there seems to be no lack of serving staff still circulating so he is not worried about it remaining so for long. "I dread to think what plan you devised," he jokes to Tia, "but if you reckon me lucky for having missed it then who am I to disagree." Anais's comment gets a glance though, before he remembers her previous one about gossiping tongues. "If my good-sister has her way and dances with the men I am sure the Lord Saethwyr will have to hold up his end and dance with the ladies too."

"Indeed, My Lady, indeed. I now look back at those grueling days appreciatively, thankful my masters were extra hard on me." Certainly part of growing up and being more mature for Erik, understanding the grander scope of things. With this particular piece of music growing to an end, it also signals the ending of their dance as well and one that the Sheriff focuses on completing properly and gracefully. When the movements do bring the dancing pair close for a moment, Erik does nod his head with a grin again before the Lady is released. Then a step backwards is taken, to give room for a courtly bow to his partner.

Daryl kills the last of his second drink and moves to exchange once more. For the moment he seems content standing on the sidelines, but his attention seems quite sharp on the group gathered. "I suppose it beats a night at the inn," he mumbles softly, though an overly warm grin is given to some passing nobles. "Evening," he comments at their passing, before losing the over the top cheeriness. A look over to a maidservant, and a hushed command, "Just bring me two mugs next round." An approving nod and he whisks her away with a flick of his wrist.

Tia dances with Erik and with Daryl and with all the men, so that no noble can say he did not have his chance to dance with the bride. Of course, this now means that not a one of them will ever again be able to claim to Tia that they cannot dance. She even will settle and play a song on her harp, as requested by her husband, giving everyone a combination of a saucy tune followed by a romantic ballad. Tis about this time that there's a rowdy cheer, the musicians changing the tune to one well known as 'The Queen Took Off Her Sandal, the King Took Off His Crown,' easily recognizable as one played often in a lead up to the Bedding at weddings. Tia blinks as she looks over, wondering which of her relatives she can blame for this turn of events at this point in time. She sets her harp safely aside, her maids coming to get it, as she rises to her feet, looking for her husband now. "If you will all excuse me," she says, her cheeks flushing a bit pink. "I believe duty calls."

"Maybe it's for the best for everyone that you came?" Robben offers to Jocelyn, with another bit of a smile. "Some would say that it shows people things are moving on from what happened earlier in the year." A brief grin, before he adds, "Besides, if you hadn't come, this dance wouldn't have happened."