Page 279: We're Here for the Baby
We're Here for the Baby
Summary: A few visitors come to The Charlton's temporary chambers to meet the new bundle of promise.
Date: 24/4/2012
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Guest Suite, Tordane Tower
A modest room but with a large high bed that is set with four posts in rich mahogany. A blue rectangular rug is angled in the center of the room. A chest for storing the visitor's goods is at the foot of the bed and a grey blue cover settles over the bed. A hearth to the right of the windows which rests between it and the bed is done over with a iron screen meant to be removed when in use. A pair of chairs rest near the window and about a small circular table set with a candle. On the same wall as the door rests a low chest of drawers, a basin for water and a few wooden mugs rest there for use.
Tue Apr 24, 289

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The guest chambers of the Tordane Tower had two areas linked with one another: the common suite and the bed chambers where most of the activity had been flourishing at. Throughout the day the Lady Charlton had received a healthy dosage of visitors, all of which had been permitted their welcome since the lady was primped and dolled up for the occasion. Her hair brushed and a fine robe of green and red silks was enclosed over the simple chemise, preserving her modesty when in the company of others. Beside her, not too far in distance was her Septa Enya, gently rocking the slumbering babe in its wicker bassinet, bedded with thick grey and white furs as the little one was bound in a bright blue blanket.

When she could, Cherise had shared the same desire for sleep in between the rounds of visitors. Her handmaidens would permit those into the bed chamber after issuing a warning moment to their Lady.

"It will be fine, Desmond. It's just a baby. You do know where babies come from, don't you?" Briallyn inquires quietly, tugging off her thin leather riding gloves. "You don't have to hold it, I suppose. But, I'm sure it will please your sister to visit her. She was not well the last time I saw her." Chattering is normal for the young Lady, but even at this rapid fire pace, she seems more energetic than usual, brimming even on excitement.

Having visited the Lady Cherise in the past, she recalls the way well enough to lead the squire. They're forestalled once they arrive, left to languish within the sitting room so that the Charlton can be properly warned of their presence. And while she waits, Briallyn fidgets restlessly, pacing a few steps one way, and then a few the other with fingers intertwined against her hip.

"/I-know-it's-just-a-baby/," Desmond hisses quickly, head low. He lifts a hidden brow at Briallyn's bubbly pace, though admittedly he's not all that calm either. They're told to wait, and Desmond finds a seat. He sits down for all of three seconds before getting up to fidget with Briallyn. "I-I mean it's not even my child," he laughs nervously, smile quickly fading. "Maybe she doesn't want visitors. Maybe we ought to leave. Yes. Come m'Lady, I'm sure she'll summon us later…"

The furs pulled up to the waist had concealed her lower limbs. The Lady Charlton needed only a few moments before the pair were permitted to enter. For when they do both are presented with a simple, but weakened, smile. "Desmond… and Lady Briallyn." The blonde mass of her mane shifts while greeting them with a nod. "I have wondered when you would visit Desmond. Your visits are just too few for comfort." Septa Enya rose onto her feet, hand still gently rocking the tawny bassinet to award the pair a muted curtsy, her handmaidens did the same before returning to their seated tasks. "Well.. come in then you two." She gestured with a graceful hand. "His name is Aerick."

"Gods, I should hope not, Desmond. Imagine /that/ scandal," Briallyn teases the young man in relative quiet, but any further joking is halted when they're permitted to enter the secondary chamber where the Lady Cherise is resting. Torn between apprehension and interest, the young Lady Haigh is the first one through the door, but she tempers her energy carefully. A small curtsy for the Lady reclining in comfort, elegant fingers sweeping her green and bronze skirts just so.

Straightening, Briallyn casts a sideways glance at Desmond inquisitively to gauge his own reaction, but she is quiet enough when Cherise addresses her twin, and until she is done. She remains poised where she is, despite an eagerness to see the quieted babe, rocking lightly upon her heels. "You are looking a great deal better, Lady Cherise," the young woman intones demurely, clear green eyes studying the other woman thoughtfully and concealing nothing.
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"I'm sorry," Desmond blurts. "I've been busy with… hills…" He allows Briallyn to lead the way into the chamber, not that she was going to wait it seems. Then he pales several shades at the twist of his words. "I don't /ever/ want to imagine that scandel." If only she could see his piercing stare.

But he moves on in favor of properly greeting his sister. "Indeed you do, yet you still have that glow about you. Faring all right?" And like Briallyn, he tries to peer over at the bassinet.

The sleeping Aerick has a crown full of dark brown hair, pudgy cheeks and a blushing red color about his skin. His arms are laid to either side of his head, fists enclosed as the sounds of others within his domain stir him to make disgruntled baby noises. None of which seem to bother any else within the chamber.

"Thank you Lady Briallyn, I feel a bit better." She skips over sharing how sleeping at this moment would be ideal. "You may feed your curiosities about him." An invitation to the both of them as clearly one was very interested in looking at Aerick. "Now that his arrival has come and gone I am very eager to take up horse riding again." Cherise shares all to excitedly. "Or hunting… gods just anything outdoors to be truthful." She folded both hands across her lap while occasionally changing the source of her attention. "Hills is that so?" She can just imagine what that means for her sibling. "Well I suppose it could have been worse." Not that she had endured any 'hilling'.

The Septa had reached into the bassinet, taking Aerick into her arms in order for the pair to have a closer look at the writhing young. Aerick protests, grunting at the movement before settling comfortably again all without opening his eyes. "How do you fare Lady Briallyn? You were not at the Nayland Feast."

"If my Lady permits, I would not be opposed to joining such outings, when you are better able," Briallyn offers readily. Her own restlessness and boredom with the town of Stonebridge is readily obvious, but Cherise might have already surmised as much about the brash youth. At the offer to have a closer look, the young woman doesn't bat an eyelash, closing the short distance between herself and the Septa. She lingers out of reach initially, before finally settling closer to stare down at the newborn infant with wide-eyed curiosity. "He's so very small, but… not." The young Lady sounds surprised, head tilting just so as her dark moss colored eyes rake over the bundled baby.

However, at Cherise's comment, Briallyn frowns minutely and straightens away from leaning over the Septa's grasping arms. "I am well. Bored, mostly, and lonely. The company I keep these days are trying at best, and damnable at w-" Her lips purse, glancing more cautiously towards the worthy woman holding the Lady Charlton's child. "I did not feel particularly festive, and I've not had pleasant experiences with drink. It allowed me to come upon Ser Garett when he was returning to Stonebridge that day, as well. In the company of my Septa, and my lady's maid, Adelia, of course."

Desmond is a bit too occupied with cooing at the child to really chime into the conversation, or keep up with it. At least until Briallyn touches on the feast. "I'm, ah, somewhat glad they couldn't come along." He pauses to wave his fingers at the infant, playfully. "Well if the both of you are feeling so repressed, I'd be glad to accompany you outdoors." Aaand he's going to try and hold the baby, if the Septa will allow it. Well, if Cherise allows it. "What do you mean, not small?" he smirks at Briallyn.

The Septa said nothing as she belonged to those who worshiped the Mother. Cherise nodded, hardly able to contain her smile as sleep deprivation was to blame. "I am afraid it may not be for quite some time, until the Maester finds me capable." A small hitch to her coveted outings, Cherise listened as the Briallyn relayed her dismay for having a guardian. Such a thing that she herself did not mind all that much. "You should befriend a great many of the ladies here, they may be able to provide you with some entertaining engagements." She tells her, "Your time here is what you make of it."

When Desmond attempts to reach for the baby the Septa looks to Lady Cherise for verification, "For the love of the Seven Septa that is his nephew." Her eyes roll heavily as Enya, oh so carefully, offers the wriggling Aerick into Desmond's arms. Of course she's issuing her words of caution of how to properly hold him, manipulating his arms if need be.

Cherise watches for a small amount of time before continuing, "I would like that Desmond, as I am sure would a great many of others." Who she doesn't say. "Garett would not have enjoyed such an event, his face is not a pleasant one for feasts." It could have went without saying. "Just as well, at least he's returned so I trust your company with my cousin was appropriate." Another thing she could have left tucked under the rug. "They're all small Lady Briallyn, I was told he was a normal size. Any bigger and well…" She makes some gesture with her hand as if trying to brush that thought away. "He will not be this small for too long I am afraid."

Full lips purse, and Briallyn's expression is a pinched one. "Could it have been any other way?" It seems unlikely that the young Lady could accomplish more than small talk in the presence of a Septa. "It is somewhat exaggerated that Ser Garett's face is made purely of stone. It isn't. It only mostly is." A vulpine, but cheeky smile accompanies the remark as Briallyn steps closer to Desmond, not entirely hen-pecking him for a closer look at the infant.

"He has been known to smile once or twice, even. But, you are right enough, Lady Charlton. He has told me that it is not in his nature to fuss over such events, but would tolerate them if I were to take him along." That's about as close as Garett is ever likely to come to willingly enjoying such festivities, no doubt. The young woman crowds Desmond unintentionally, nearly pressing in at his elbow to peer down at the bundle in his arms. "And well what, my Lady?" Pause. "What was it like?" There's no excitement in /that/ question, and likely not a question Desmond wants to hear answered.

Desmond is pretty receptive to the advice, and soon cradles Aerick carefully in his arms. "Hello there, little one. Aren't you charming," he croons, letting the infant toy with his finger. Though he's sure to keep him from chewing on it. "Mostly," he chuckles, catcing Briallyn's comment on Garett's face. "Chiseled from granite." When the Haigh crowds him, he turns away to hoard the child a bit longer, obviously enjoying himself, his face lit up. "You truly want to know the details? Why?" he asks of Bri, finally allowing her to behold Aerick closer. And even hold him, unless Cherise protests.

Desmond is pretty receptive to the advice, and soon cradles Aerick carefully in his arms. "Hello there, little one. Aren't you charming," he croons, letting the infant toy with his finger. Though he's sure to keep him from chewing on it. "Mostly," he chuckles, catcing Briallyn's comment on Garett's face. "Chiseled from granite." When the Haigh crowds him, he turns away to hoard the child a bit longer, obviously enjoying himself, his face lit up. "You truly want to know the details? Why?" he asks of Bri, finally allowing her to behold Aerick closer. And even hold him, unless Cherise protests.

her blonde brows perk at Briallyn's question, "Yes there are ways, of course." She explained effortlessly, "Both you and denounce your houses, tarry off into the fields of flowers of who knows where to which you would have no expectations of composing yourself thusly before a Septa. Not a single person would care." Enya nodded as if she agreed. Aerick griped onto Desmond's finger with all his little might, not smiling but the features on his face respond to the baby talk. The Lady Charlton's legs shifted beneath the blanket of furs. "Or you will do the song and dance be ever grateful for your wedding night." Quite frankly the world was quite restrictive for women unless they knew how to unbind themselves.

There was no protest from Cherise for Briallyn to hold Aerick, again the Septa would guide and ease the transition. "She is curious Desmond." She tells him, able to speak so frankly before her brother in a room full of women. And one ignorant baby. "Difficult Lady Briallyn, very difficult. Exhausting, painful and extremely time consuming." Cherise had smirked. "And yet entirely worth it." Her eyes of course sweep over to the gurgling Aerick. In a return to the subject of Garett she probed, "Would he now? How fascinating that he would go through such lengths with you."

It's difficult to tell whether the young woman is horrified, or merely shocked at Cherise's words. Whatever she may be, or whatever she may say, it's clear that the particular situation the Lady Charlton speaks of is not one that Briallyn has ever truly considered. "Gods," she breathes, brows furrowing at the thought. "An idle fantasy, at /best/. I should never shame Ser Garett or my House in such fashion. I can suffer two months, gladly." Even her fair complexion pales at the thought. But, before she can consider the ramifications, the baby is taken gently from Desmond and placed in her arms.

She is awkward about it, clearly an indication that, in spite of her gender, holding infants is not really something Briallyn has done. But, holding the child very carefully, very tenderly, is a distraction that takes her mind from such a scenario, grounding her thoughts. "Don't be ridiculous, Desmond," Briallyn chides softly, peering down into Aerick's miniature features curiously. "Do you think I would remain childless forever? Or that maybe your sister is the last woman to do so?" There's familiarity there; Briallyn is clearly ribbing a young man, a friend rather than a stranger, or worse, an enemy.

She nibbles sharply upon her lower lip, shifting the baby ever so slightly within her arms. Unlike Desmond, she doesn't coo or speak to him, but stares down at him with wondering green eyes. "Worth it?" Briallyn almost sounds like she believes that, cradling the babe as she is.

Desmond actually manages to avoid looking too queasy from the talk, though he is vaguely surprised by the idea of offspring from his knight and the Lady Haigh. Not /too/ surprised. "Perhaps not. If my darling, sweet twin can do it, surely you can, Lady Briallyn. He's really fetching, isn't he?"

"I'm afraid I have to get going, Cherise, but I'll return to see you and Aerick soon enough. And we'll see about that jaunt, hm! Mind your grasp, Bri."

When Desmond makes his need to depart Cherise smiles and lifts her hand to offer a departing wave. The female count was one less, so most of the talk could be frank rather than taking her brother's sensitive ears into account. "I am glad the reputation of our houses are of a great concern to you Lady Briallyn, as they should ever be." Cherise watches as the younger females holds her infant, still wiggling and lifting his limbs on occasion. Testing their strength and limitations. "He was very worth it. I am fortunate to have a healthy child and most of all a son." She'll offer her prayers later that he remains that way. "It is something we all must endure, it is our own battlefield against our bodies if we were to equate it with something familiar and known." Her brow perks, "Perhaps you should inquire with your Septa about the in depth details. Everyone's experience will be different however much of it remains the same."

"It is not a burden to be borne pleasantly," Briallyn remarks soberly, once Desmond has excused himself. To her credit, she seems comfortable enough holding onto the baby, though the Septa makes a few minor adjustments now and then. She becomes accustomed to the proper amount of pressure, and the way in which to brace her arms beneath the swaddled infant. Though she addresses the older woman, Briallyn doesn't draw her attention far from the baby's face, curiously peering into it even as she very gently rocks the child at the Septa's direction.

"I suppose I might, but talking to Septa Darna is rather like pulling teeth. She seems less interested in teaching me of anything useful beyond harping on me about prayer." There's contempt enough in her voice to garner an idea of what she thinks of /that/. "And I almost wonder if knowing too much wouldn't make me eager to reconsider the prospect of children. Then again, could I? I suppose that is a woman's lot in life, but I… I don't think I would mind doing it for Ser Garett." Well, at least she seems to /feel/ as awkward as those words /are/ to say aloud.

Listening, Cherise remains lounged against her pillowed comforts while everyone had remained on their own feet or taken chairs. A few more days of this and she may move about freely in small measures. "Small step Lady Briallyn, I suppose Septa Darna had before her a great task in seeing to your proper demeanor. At least when eyes are upon you. As it draws closer to your wedding night you'll be given all the knowledge you need. No sooner than it is necessary." As if reading from a scrip Cherise recited all the mandates given to her by the Septa in her maiden days. "It is your duty to provide children of noble lineage. Otherwise…" One may find themselves unwanted or ostracized by their kin. "You do not want Garett fathering bastards do you?"

Her expression is both one of confusion and discomfort, as if the subject is one that leaves a sour taste in her mouth. As it should. Absently, she continues rocking the baby under Septa Enya's watchful eyes, but Briallyn has since looked away from the babe's tiny form to look across to Cherise. "Yes, I know that much, but I-" A significant pause, as if the young woman isn't entirely sure what she ought to say, what she /could/ say. "I'm not entirely sure how you meant that," she admits, instead. "If you are saying that he will, or that he would be more inclined to do so if I didn't give him any children."

A graceful gesture is made with her hand, beckoning Briallyn closer as it was just the pair of them. The Lady Charlton had even tucked in her legs to afford the woman more room for seated. That and the clear desire to have her child become closer. "Men are men Lady Briallyn, their desires change as often as the winds on the sea. You are young and you have wealth. A coveted thing for now until your youth fades and a man's eyes is lured to the next easy target." She intones softly. "Men may sate their desires where ever they wish and are not a single punishment is given for it. If you are not the model wife for him his attentions will float elsewhere. A husband's house is ever watchful."

She acquiesces to the gesture, sauntering to the bedside easily, though careful of each step so as not to jar the infant as she carries him along with. Sitting down proves more of a trial, maneuvering so that she needn't alter the way in which she carries Aerick too drastically, but to make certain that her skirts do not bunch as she seats herself. Briallyn turns just so, should the Lady Cherise wish to lighten her of little Aerick. She is an attentive listener as the older woman, still in own youth, speaks to her. But, what she thinks of the Lady's words is hard to decipher.

Her face is a calm mask, but her dark moss green eyes hide very little of the turmoil she experiences from hearing out the woman's words. "I do not think that Ser Garett would do such a thing," Briallyn says softly, carefully selecting her wife. "Regardless of what I think he would or would not do, that does not mean I do not want to please him. But, I don't know what being a model wife is. I think I know what he wants of me, but.." She lets the unasked question linger, as she needn't speak it aloud for Cherise to understand.

Her head cants to the side, adoring her vision of the slumbering Aerick who stirs occasionally in Briallyn's arms. Uncontrolled bouts of pouting, squirming and stretching. Movements the infant had become restricted from preforming. "Our ideals are not always met with wholesome hearts Lady Briallyn. I am not forewarning you of my cousin's possible course of action, just a probable one due to his sex." Enya moved closer to the Haigh woman, should she seek relief from the little Charlton. "Be guarded on the roads of misfortune, be prepared."

Aerick opened his eyes a little, looking upon Bria in his sleepy daze. All of a sudden those huge grey/blue eyes of his squinted. His little mouth opening wide to cry loudly for something he was not getting.

She doesn't jump, but looks near to when the baby abruptly begins to wail. Loudly. Briallyn's expression is a startled one, eyes widening, brows lifting. She doesn't immediately throw the baby at the Septa bodily, but she does carefully lift the squalling infant and offers it towards the woman with a rather lost look. She doesn't really know what babies want, or why they might cry, or even why they might cry so /loudly/. Unaccustomed to such behavior, Briallyn takes a moment to settle, warily turning from the baby no longer in her arms to focus upon his mother, instead.

"I see," she says above the crying, awkwardly. "Doesn't mistrust breed so in others?" She pauses again, sighing, but the sound is drowned out. "But, you've not told me what you think it is a man sees as a model wife. I am not sure what that is, or even if all men share the same ideas in what that is."

Both Cherise and Briallyn are upon the lady's bed, with the latter closer to the end. Should one enter they'll be assailed by the small wail of a hungry Aerick, now being taken into to Septa Enya's arms in an attempt to console him. Cherise inhaled slowly, rolling her shoulders back as the sounds became muted. Just a little for Aerick was still making his displeasure known. "No, preparation is not distrust. Should the worst come upon you, you'll be ever ready to bid it back. The better you know your husband the more inclined you are to understanding his wishes or desires." Enya had asked for forgiveness for her interruption, informing the Lady Charlton that the wet nurse should be summoned. In lieu of company Cherise agrees.

"Their desires are different. Some wish a wife as docile as a lamb while others would have theirs as brash as a rabid beast. It would be improper to outright ask him Lady Briallyn, the fun is reading him and discovering it for yourself."

Briallyn is not good at concealing her emotions for too long, but she doesn't say anything that gives away her thoughts, at least. Her face colors, ever so slightly, cheeks flushing a pleasant pink as she utters a throaty chuckle in response to Cherise's words. Despite the conversation, the young woman's attention swings towards the Septa curiously, listening to the brief exchange as if there is something to be gleaned from it.

Once the Septa is set to summon the woman who would give the infant suck, Briallyn glances down at her lap, smoothing away wrinkles from the dark green and bronze silk with elegant fingers. "Right," she says primly. "Of course. I do not think that should trouble me over much. I do not always consider the future in such preparation, I must admit, and certainly not the distant future. Too much in the here and now can change to think that far ahead."

There's a knock at the door, a quick double rap of knuckles against the wooden surface, before it's opening so that Aleister can make his way through it. There's not even a cursory glance as he steps within, the door coming to close behind him as he's offers, "Cher .." The rest is trailed off as the sound of voices slips into his senses and with a turn of his head in the direction of the bed, he's catching sigh of Cherise and Briallyn. There's a slight loft of his brow and a dip of his head in a respectful incline as he offers, "I hope I am not disturbing."

Her eyes follow the Septa's departure into the common chamber, where she then orders a handmaiden to retrieve the wet nurse. In watching her sons face blush red, his hunger growing, Cherise replies calmly. "There are two kinds of people Lady Briallyn: The ones who forge their own destinies and the ones who allow others to do it for them. One is significantly more unpleasant than the other, I can assure you." She tells her just before catching the sound of her husband's voice coming from the common chamber. A smile instantly deepened in the woman's full cheeks. "Of course not." She tells him. "Lady Briallyn Haigh, my husband Lord Aleister." The pair was introduced she adds, "Though she may not be a Haigh for too much longer, if the marriage agreement with House Westerling succeeds."

"I have found that attempting to forge one's own destiny too strongly often ends up with a barking Septa who follows you about as if you cannot be trusted to even dress yourself," Briallyn replies lightly, dryly. She pauses at the knock, stiffening somewhat until the cause appears. Aleister, and she recognizes him, at least in passing. Enough so that even while Cherise smiles, she does not. But, her expression is an amiable one, polite and attentive. "Thank you, my Lady, but we've met, albeit only briefly. And as to that, the only thing left to do is wait until the ceremony and celebrations are settled and finalized."

Another knock at the door perhaps as Tia has an opportunity to sneak over. She's without her harp completely at the moment, though she does have a small but cute piece of baby wear, as a gift for the new arrival. Knock knock. "Is it safe to come in?" she calls softly.

A quick nod comes to be offered in the direction of Cherise and it's followed by a soft chuckle as Aleister allows his eyes to shift in the direction of Briallyn, "As the Lady has said, we have met. A pleasure to see you again, Lady Haigh." Shifting a touch, the Charlton Knight makes his way over towards the wine and cups are stored, so that one can quickly be filled, even as he continues to speak, "Has word returned from Westerling and Haigh already as to the acceptance of such a union? Or do you happen to all be waiting for word." The knock at the door draws his attention, a shift of his head so that he might look over his shoulder towards the sound, even as he calls out, "Indeed it is. Please, enter."

Aleister, Briallyn and Cherise are currently in the bed chamber of the entire guest suite while Septa Enya holds a wailing babe in her arms in waiting for the wet nurse. Aerick's cry wasn't loud enough to disturb their conversations, still easy to speak over. Cherise is lounging upon the bed in her outer fabulous outer robes, tailored of green and red silks while Briallyn is seated near the edge of the bed. As more faces entered the chamber their original girl talk was left to die out, taken over by another. "Waiting was indeed a challenge." She freely admits, glancing over to Aleister until a familiar voice broke through their talks. "Tia…" She said fondly, "Of course it is safe, there are no glasses being thrown here or swords swinging."

Her answer isn't immediate, and instead she lets green eyes follow Aleister's movement, watches him help himself to the drink. "A pleasure, my Lord. It's already agreed that we are betrothed. Terms have been reached, agreed upon, and such. Yes. As I said, there is naught to be done but wait until the day arrives that-" Briallyn pauses, gives a small shrug of her shoulders, and the attention settled upon Aleister shifts towards the entrance of a pleasantly familiar face, Tiaryn's. The young woman brightens visibly, sculpted features transforming with a genuine grin that flashes pearly white teeth. "Tiaryn," she says, abandoning titles in favor of familiarity.

Tia steps in with Aleister's call, a pleased smile on her face. "Good day to you all," she says. Cherise gets her attention first. "Cherise, congratulations." There is a warmth there, that says there is a building friendship for sure. She sets her little package for the squawling infant on a nearby table, before she says, "Lord Aleister, I'm certain congratulations go to you as well." She steps over towards Cherise, but pauses briefly to offer a grin to the other woman in the room. "Briallyn, it's nice to see you too."

The wes nurse enters the common chamber to which Septa Enya begins relaying the orders. The crying Aerick is handed off as the comically large breasted female cradles the little Charlton and begin to sate his hunger.

The female ratio had increased and so the Lady Charlton was completely in her element. "Thank you Tia." She returns, hands still folded upon her lap, buried in the furs. "Aerick will be ready for visitors soon." As they can all witness it is his feeding time. Not a peep was heard from the little one as he suckled. "How are you? Since the feast."