Page 350: We Need To Talk
We Need To Talk
Summary: Rutger has some bad news for Rosanna.
Date: July 14, 2012
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Rosanna Rutger 
Orchard — Braeburn House
Apple trees!
July 6, 289

Rosanna is being — mildly unsettling. There is something a little off with her, a little distant, like maybe she knows something…except she's not screaming or throwing a tantrum, so maybe she doesn't? It's hard to pin down, at any rate. She accepts Rutger's request for a walk through the orchards graciously enough, setting Laurel to follow them at a short distance. Her conversation is not as lively as normally is, even among such a beloved setting as the Groves orchards. They are lovely, at least.

At least, Rutger has had the graciousness to not do this some where where she could not scream or throw things at him. Still he walks with her, though perhaps not as close as once before. Clad in leather, he looks more or less ready for sparring, or perhaps hunting, still there is a look back towards his companion as they come to stop beneath one of the many trees. "Lady Rosanna.." How does one start this? " We need to talk." Yes, that always means something good is around the corner.

"Do we?" Rosanna says in an airy, deliberately ignorant tone of voice. OH PLEASE, TELL HER WHAT THEY NEED TO TALK ABOUT.

There is a pause and a look given back towards Rosanna. "We do." he states firmly, before arms cross over his chest. "It is no secret that I have come shortly after my own sister takes up a room in the inn, in your village. Nor do I doubt, that you've heard at least some inkling that I was here to talk to your brother." And with that Rutger tilts his head. "So, let us lower whatever masks we are playing behind and be frank with one another."

"I am not playing behind any mask, Lord Rutger," Rosanna tells him a bit coolly. "I have been nothing but honest with you as to my wishes."

"As have I, Lady Rosanna." Rutger replies. "But, I must also look to the needs of my family, my sister in particular." he states back. "I know she holds feelings for your brother, and I would see an alliance still between our houses." A pause. "Let us be honest-your father would never accept me, nor would your family, despite how I do enjoy their company." he says softly. "You are a wonderful woman, Lady Groves. And one who should have her own castle. Not be one having to wait on one, let alone worry about two sons." he says with a look. "Two sons, whom I adore."

"I know exactly what the needs of your sister are," Rosanna says with a hint of acid on her tongue (even if she doesn't really know know). She watches him a long moment, her countenance lightly flushed, but composed. "Is that all, my lord?" she finally asks in a terribly polite sort of voice.

"Do you?" Rutger replies again, his eyes narrowing for a moment. "I have come also to inform you, that our courtship is over. You may keep what gifts, I have given you, that you prefer." he adds there "I do not require them back, nor would I take them from you." And he looks on down. "In the long run, this is much better, for the both of us."

"You mean the Nayland-stamped riding gloves that I will never appropriately be able to wear again?" Rosanna tries and fails to keep the accusation out of her voice. "You made every effort to gift me with items I would not be able to enjoy were our courtship to end, my lord. It rather undermines your attempt at graciousness now."

"Those, I believe were the only Nayland stamped item. For your namesday, you recieved a poem and dancing slippers with no markings other than the craftsman's own." Rutger points out before he looks to her. "I am sorry." That much is true. And he turns, looking off into the distance. "I wish you had been born sooner- Older than your brother, else we would not be at this juncture."

"A very pretty sentiment, my lord," Rosanna says, looking far less taken with his silver tongue than usual. "If ultimately empty."

Rutger shrugs, slightly. "I have said my peace, and only hope in time we can become friends." After all they will be family. "I also shall let you know, that my sister shall be wedding your brother." A dip of his head, as he turns from her in that moment, and begins to stalk back towards Braeburn House. "If you will excuse me, Lady. I owe your brother a hunt."

Rosanna says nothing at all to this expressed wish of his, and fails to look at all surprised by this other piece of news. She turns her gaze away from him and waits for him to be gone.

Rutger glances once towards Rosanna, and then with her gaze turned away, he checks himself, in case some how she has stabbed him or lit something on fire that he does not know about. Finding his person to be whole, he turns and walks off, whistling. Perhaps not the best move.