Page 442: We Need to be Careful
We Need to be Careful
Summary: Einar and Pariston set out at Justin's behest and discuss what they know, and more importantly, what they don't.
Date: 08/Oct/2012
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Einar Pariston 
The road to Middle March
There's a track, and some trees and stuff.
Mon Oct 08, 289

Having finished speaking with Justin, Einar had first found Pariston and then settled up for the pair's accommodation at the Inn. Gear having been already packed and waiting it was then a simple case of preparing the horses and riding. He didn't say much until about an hour or so into the trip, far enough away so as any idle ears in town would have been left behind. "Lord Justin wants us to make for Middle March," he explains, "it's a fortified manor here that was once his mothers. The Lady Lucienne has been using it recently, or so I'm told, and it is there that the Lord Jascen's trail goes cold." He's put his horse into an easy walk for this part of the journey, so he can concentrate on filling Pariston in on the details. "His horse was apparently found nearby along with a note, and his saddlebags in the stables there."

Pariston had offered his goodbye to Kaelea before they needed to set out. Getting his gear ready and moving out. Going along with Einar and being silent. Listening to the words uttered from the Flint lord, a nod where appropriate. "Is the road there often traveled upon? Else we should be able to find distinct tracks easily enough. Though if they are smart they will just walk along with the already existing tracks, for as long as possible at least." He offers in return. Looking to Einar to see what more information there is.

"In general? I'm not sure," Einar answers, "although a large party was there recently as part of the search and so they may have obliterated anything that might have been of use. I'm told though that the only tracks they found along with the horse lead back to the Manor though and I think that’s a big part of the reason that we're heading there." He doesn't say because the locals are Terricks and there could be a confusion about who to be loyal to between Lord Jerold's siblings, although that is at least in part in his mind. "That party apparently found a place to camp for a few hours not far from the house but secluded enough that they were not spotted, that might well serve as an initial point for us until we can get a feel for the lie of the land and such."

Pariston nods to the words. Not being the best about the noble situations he doesn't really think too hardly on that. Nodding as Einar goes on. "Indeed a good starting spot. As well as if the tracks were leading to the manor it should be possible to find any tracks that lead away. Or perhaps around the manor itself so we can try and find something out of the regular. I am not the best speaker, so if anyone else couldn't get things out of the people I'm not sure I can. Except for pointing an arrow at them. Though perhaps we could ride around and search then have some whispering between us that we have found a track to find the bandits. Perhaps one of the retainers will lead us there, if they have been tricking the Terricks all along." Not thinking about it being conflict withing the house it seems.

"I don't believe that there should be many people around to question," Einar replies, ducking a little to avoid a low branch, "I think for a start though that we should keep our heads down and not let them know we are there. Until we get a feel for what movements there are of course. The house has apparently been searched, but I suppose if we see people going in and out then it might not hurt to re-check once we do make our presence know. Just in case they've started moving stuff in or out since Lord Justin's departure." He takes a quick glance around. There is no one around but them and he knows it, but he still checks anyway. "I'm not sure exactly what has been going on here, but I did get the feeling that there is more to it that a simple missing Lord. So we need to be careful."

Pariston nods as he listens, "That would be wise. Hopefully we can move as swiftly as we have before. And be silent as well. Check around outside and see if anyone comes or goes. As well as seeing which rooms are attended to. Tracking a pattern could give us something. As if they are keeping the lord alive then they need to feed him, so they would need to go to one part at least one a day." He offers and shrugs. Looking around just a bit as well, nodding to the last words. "I have no doubt. Ser Justin did mention these might not be bandits but could be mercenaries with a lot of troops. And he did mention someone that might be trying to help. Which means that perhaps it is the retainers and that one is helping us. I don't know though. And if it is mercenaries, they might as well just be Terrick men that turned on the house." He says and shrugs again. "Though indeed, we need to be careful."

Einar thinks that over for a few moments as they ride on. "I think it unlikely that Lord Jascen will be there. The previous party didn't find him and I doubt the house would be deemed safe enough to return to given it is now known that he was there." Why he was there Einar doesn't know and had got the impression he didn't want to ask. "I think perhaps our best bet might be to catch any guilty parties in the act of covering up what they can. I'll agree about being swift though, we only have a few days. There is apparently some sort of deadline in the note that was left and Lord Justin has asked that we be back by Friday. I am assuming he'll want you to track someone or something at that point."

Pariston nods at first words, "Perhaps. Then they might at least screw something up while we search the surrounding area." He suggests. Not asking about why he was there either. For now finding him was priority. Then nodding about the deadline. "Either to track someone or they are going to raid to find him." He says and shrugs. "I think that either they have the heir and want money. Or they are using this to cover it up and he is dead." He suggests, shrugging. Gritting his teeth a bit.

The thought that this might be a hunt for a dead man has also occurred to Einar, although for now he's choosing to think that the existence of a ransom note is more of an indication that he is alive. If he was dead then why leave the horse and note, why not just disappear him totally. He nods though and after a slight sigh agrees, "It is possible, but we must pray it is not so, and that he can be safely recovered and returned to his family. His Lord Father and Lady Wife must be missing him terribly."

To keep people on a wild goose chase while something else is planned perhaps. "Indeed. We must hope that he is still safe." As for Jacsen's family missing him, Pariston nods. Though does not speak. Perhaps still trying to puzzle things together. "What is your take on all of this?" He finally asks, trying to see Einar's own opinion.

Einar stays quiet for a while after that question is asked, using the time to work out in his head exactly what his take is. "I think," he ventures eventualyl, "that there is a lot more going on here than we know. I don't think however that Lord Justin would have held back anything that we needed to know for this search." There's another pause, although this one not as long as the first. "I suspect that Lord Jascen is alive, somewhere and I would not be overly surprised if those mercenaries had something to do with his disappearance. Nor though it seems, can we ignore the fact that it might be someone from Middle March itself. In short Master Vis, I'm keeping a very open mind."

Pariston nods to the man's words, thinking as much. "Let us just hope that it is not someone that would know about us going to scout. If they are expecting us to come around then we might not find anything, also it is possible we will have to defend ourselves." He says and shrugs. "So stick close." He says a bit more lightly and offers a smile.

Einar nods a little resignedly, "I hope not, but you're right that there may be trouble. I suppose we'll have to keep watches through the night." Remember how fun that was on Harlaw? As for Pariston last words, he just smiles back and replies "I shall try not to stick too close so as to get in the way of your tracking so long as you promise not to ruin my ego by pointing out everything I missed. How does that sound?"

Pariston nods in return, "Indeed. At least they shouldn't be able to spot us too easily." He suggests and shrugs. Though at the last words he does chuckle, though in a rather low tone. "Deal."