Page 456: We Need A Drink
We Need a Drink
Summary: Justin and Einar find they agree on something, and plan accordingly
Date: 22/Oct/2012
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Justin Einar 
Courtyard, Four Eagles Tower
The Courtyard of Four Eagles Tower is floored with a fine grey stone that match the color and tone of the interior structure of the castle's yard. Plants have been potted and placed around the entrances to add some color, the greenery accompanied by several trellises of flowers that climb the support columns. The most prominent structure in the area is the set of large slab steps that lead up to the great oak doors of the Great Hall. Several hallways and accesses lead off into different sections of Four Eagles which makes this the hub of noble activity when court is not being held.
Mon Oct 22, 289

Someone has been hard to find, out riding patrols or busy in between those to deal with issues in town. Where he's not to be found has been up at the tower. Not these past few weeks. Justin arrives now on foot without his horse. He's dressed in a black surcoat very minimally edged in his House colors, the black of mourning. Even if he wasn't too close with his brother.
The Sheriff glances over the courtyard and turns his strides to head for the stables where inf act his horse is tied outside in the better light. A horse doctor has been tending to the gelding, doing something that involves soaking one of the grey's hooves in a bucket. The gelding stands quietly enough despite the unpleasant smell of whatever he's standing in. Justin sets his hands to his hips to study his horse, "Any better?"
The elderly horseman stands up from the bench and bows, "Na yet, m'lord. Another round or two o' hot soaks'n it should open right up."

His gear in hand and ready to strap to his saddle, Einar exits the tower and starts down the steps to the courtyard below. A quick scan reveals the usual movements of servants and retainers before the form of Justin is spotted over by the stables. He's heading in that direction anyway, so makes no move to change course, he does however offer a friendly, "Good morning Ser Justin," as he draws near.

The youngest and singly remaining son of Jerold Terrick turns at the sound of the voice. Justin had been watching the old man lift his horse's foot out of the wooden bucket to show him where the abscess was swelling more but not yet opened and draining.
"Lord Einar, the very man I hoped to see this morning." The gear carried is noted, "Are you departing us already? I do believe I owe you my thanks, and indeed, my House owes you." Not that his tone suggests Justin expects the Flints will get much thanks from Ser Bolland or Ser Ozric. "You certainly have my gratitude for what you found and brought back."

Einar takes a moment to eye the horse and bucket for a moment before turning his attentions to Justin. "We're sharing the road with Lady Anais. Since we're all making for the same destination it makes sense to ride together." Both for companionship and security. "We already have the thanks of the good Lady," he continues, "but I shall add yours to them as well. I am leaving you with Lord Anders though and he is wanting a word with you if you can find the time." He smiles a little at that, not that he considers Anders to be a burden, but it's a running joke between the pair of them none-the-less. On a more serious not though he nods and adds, "I'm just sorry we couldn't have managed a better outcome. At least though this allows closure."

"Yes, well… only my father and perhaps my sister, will miss my brother. At least his suffering is ended and he didn't have to return to … find himself cast out as well." Justin lifts a hand to rub it over the stubble of his jaw, "I'll seek out Young Lord Anders. I know he's been wanting to speak with me. My horse is laid up for at least several days so I won't be riding any more patrols until he's better anyway."
Yes, a rueful look for his poor horse. A stone bruise sometimes causes such infections but the grey will be sound once more in a few days.
"Where is it that you and my Goodsister are going? Do take plenty of armed escort with you. Men you can send back later. Bandits and sell swords are still out there." Justin's grey eyes slip to glance at the dungeon door, needing to interrogate those who have been brought back, where ever they are being kept. In the keep or below it.

"Myself and Master Vis are travelling, I believe one of your cousins is also numbered among the escort, although I would doubt severely that your good-sister has not planned accordingly." Anais has always stuck Einar as the prepared sort after all. "We're bound for Highfield. I will confess I am not sure of the nature of her trip, but we're heading back to help prepare for both the wedding and the birth, both of which are not that far away from us now." He takes a moment then to glance around, his expression thoughtful, but with the older man still close by, along with others in the courtyard he decides against saying whatever it was he was thinking on and says instead, "find my cousin when you can. I do not know how you will like what he has to say, but you should hear it." It's overly cryptic he knows and his expression is apologetic, but it's not business for open speculation. He does add though, "if you feel the need for a break and can get away, do come and find us before the wedding, or at least at it. If you'll forgive me for saying so, you look to have the weight of the world about your neck and I'd be sorry to see it break you."

That gets a light huff of breath out of him, "Not much weight at all, these days." Justin quips back, lighter. He shrugs, stepping away from his horse and hooking his thumbs into his belt, "Have a hard time keeping my days filled. Go on a lot of patrols to stay busy, in the hope I can catch some of the bastards that are likely still loose."
Justin studies Einar and only nods about the cryptic remarks, "All right. You have me curious, at least, lord Einar." The old man behind him goes back to soaking the horse's foot and hollers for a groom to go fetch another bucket of hot water from the tower.
"Whose birth am I not keeping track of this time? I assume you mean the Lady Muirenn's wedding?" Or is there some other Einar means?

Einar seems amused by Justin's response and quips back, "Typical Riverlander, we Northerners do exist outside of the stories and legends you're told told to scare you as children. No, I mean the birth of Anders' heir and the wedding of my good-sister which, I might add, I'll be most disappointed if you are not at. I shall need someone to get me so drunk I can't stand up after all." As for the patrols and such he just nods once more, "we shall be just North of you for a long while yet. Should you need us again then you know where we are."

Ok, that finally coaxes a half laugh out of him, "Ah, yes. I thought you meant the Lady Cordelya's baby, but so many getting married, I don't keep track of that so well. The lady Tiaryn, then?" Despite the dark mood that has ridden him these past weeks, Justin manages to look a little pleased, "She's a fine woman. I am glad for her. Wasn't it a … Charlton?" Nope, he's not going to remember who she's betrothed to. "I may come depending on how far it is to ride. If you are having it all the way up in Flint's Finger, I may have to pass."
A wry twist of his mouth before Justin adds low, "All right. Past time for me to lead a hunt back up into western Highfield lands myself anyway. Maybe some of that House will join us if things are more settled for them, then."

"It's at Highfield," Einar answers quickly, "so no excuses, and yes a Charlton, or whatever Lord Aleister is calling his branch now." Einar assumes Saethwyr has stayed with Aleister at least, given no one has mentioned a need to move the wedding to Hollyholt. "I am glad for her too," he admits with slightly less cheer, although no less honesty. Moving on though he notes, "If you're thinking of heading towards the coast with your hunt then we may be able to help you more then before. My cousin finally has a place for his port and building has started. That is part of what he wants to see you about."

"Ah," says Justin, "I remember him seeking something from my father about that, and how he had been held at bay and put off. I'm pleased to hear it's going through. That, I hope, will be good for the Roost also when our docks ever get finished." That /had/ been one of Justin's goals though now, who knows.
The bucket of hot water is brought out. The old man pours what is mostly dried sea salt into it but by the smell of it, must be other less savoury things too. The hoof is picked up and the old bucket moved out of the way once it's stirred up, then the foot put into the new bucket. The grey horse's head rises suddenly and he tries to step back out of it, but both groom and older man hold the grey's headstall closely to keep him still, "Steady, boyo!"
Justin is for a moment distracted, watching the proceedings as concerns the only horse he owns. He nods to Einar, "Aye, Highfield's close by. I can make that easily. Someone or another will need to let me know the date."

"It would seem that his long-standing friendship with Lord Aleister paid off where your father did not," Einar admits with a nod, "although it may also have something to do with Lord Tully granting him all the old Camden lands. Your father was involved mostly as Lady Liliana is still his ward?" He's not sure on that last bit, especially with the recent upheavals, but it explains the link at least. A glance to the horse and then the question comes to Justin, "Is it bad?" before he's back onto the wedding again. "The first Saturday of next month, although I have no idea how long they intend to stretch the festivities for I will admit." It might end up being an all-weekend do after all.

A slow nod from the Terrick Sheriff, a bitter twist of his mouth into a hard line at further mention of his father, "Yes, well…" his tone, if not his words, bespeak his disgust with his own sire. Better not to go into that. "It is wise of him to have taken his suit elsewhere. I am glad for the port." Justin nods to the part about the Lady Liliana though he's not seen her in months and has no idea where she's been visiting.
"Horse will be fine. Abscess inside the hoof. Such things I am assured pass and heal quickly once it breaks open. Hot water is supposed to force it, make it less painful for the animal." Or something like that. Justin falls quiet for things unsaid as his mind travels back to the things Einar and Pariston helped out with. He gives a nod, "Well, you travel well. Master Pariston refused my gift I wished to give him, and you and he both have earned whatever help I might repay you with in kind, should you have need and I be able. Come join us for the hunt if it pleases you. I'll send word to Highfield when it's planned."

Einar is not one that can not take a hint and the obvious reaction to commends concerning Lord Jerold is clear enough. He nods to the diagnosis regarding the horse, it's something he's heard of, but not an issue he's encountered with his own so he can't really offer anything advice or comment on. "We shall do our best to deliver both ourselves, and your good-sister safe to Highfield. After that, do send word of any hunts, I know Master Vis is always keen on such things." Slightly more seriously he then adds, "If you insist that you have ought to repay though then please, come to the wedding. I was not joking about needing someone to drink with."

Justin actually eases his stern mouth into a partial smile, his boot toe to nudge something dropped on the ground - a piece of broken tack, a strip of thing leather with a small iron ring set into the end of it. Who knows what it used to be before it worn out and broke, ignored as it fell half between two stones of the courtyard. "That's not repayment - I could use a bit of drinking and the company would be very welcome. I'll make the effort to be there, assuming nothing more dire and pressing crops up, here. I expect things will be a bit exciting shortly, then quiet back down in time for that occasion." The Terrick doesn't say what but Einar knows there's people for the Sheriff to question and a funeral to attend.
Justin puts a hand out to his horse, the grey quieter now as he stands around waiting with his foot in a bucket. The old man rubs the gelding down on the other side with a soft cloth, humming to himself and half deaf. The gelding flicks an ear, a kindly brown eye turned to regard the Flint.
"If you know where Young Lord Anders is staying, I'll go and see him. Or leave a note, if he's out."

"I left him in there minutes before I headed out and found you here," Einar answers, notioning briefly back towards the tower, "I shouldn't imagine he's gone far. Well, unless he's decided to bury himself in his maps again." As the horse looks at him he takes a moment to return the look and offers to Justin, "that;s not a bad looking beast you have there, although I should probably go start attending to my own. I will look for you at Highfield though, or your word if you have need of us again." If details need to be checked or some such. "Just be sure to send my cousin back when you're done with him would you? His wife will fret he is is not there when her time comes."

Vaguely amused, Justin nods though his amusement is likely not to last past the moment. "Aye, will do. If I can find him and corner him for some of his time myself, I'll be as brief as he needs." Trailing his hand off of his horse, the Terrick knight smiles a little at the compliment to his animal. "Seven keep you, lord Einar." Even if he's not so sure he has much faith in the gods, anymore. Justin turns and walks towards the tower to see if he can find the Flint Lord.