Page 016: We Have an Accord
We Have an Accord
Summary: Ryker comes to see Jaremy about Isolde.
Date: 28 July 2011
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Jaremy's Tent
Hookers and blow in copious amounts. Disco ball. Mirror windows. A DJ playing Mark Wahlberg's 'Good Vibrations' next to a weight set. Typical stuff Jaremy likes.
28 Jul 288

Later into the evening, after the games have settled and dinners have been had, word was passed to Jaremy that Ser Ryker would be paying a visit to his tent. Enough time is elapsed for it to not be some kind of play to cause him to panic on the short term. Half an hour or so. When he arrives, the man is dressed in his normal garb and he stands at the flap entrance with his hands folded behind his back. "Your Lord Ser Jaremy Terrick, yes? I do hope I'm in the right tent." Its worded neautrally.

Having already given word to allow Ser Ryker Nayland allowance to the tent (with outside guard, of course), Jaremy has prepared for the man's arrival. The tent is clean, save for a travel mattress that's recently been slept in, and an emptied out brass tub that rests on the side of the living area. A table has been brought in, and a large pitcher rests on it with two goblets.

Jaremy tilts his head towards Ser Ryker, dipping his head slightly in an acknowledging nod. "Of course. Young Lord Ser Ryker Nayland. We didn't have the change to get properly acquainted as the Terrick entourage paraded into Stonebridge." He eyes the young Nayland, making little, open observations on the man. "Do come in."

"Yes, that was something I'd hoped to avoid." Ryker steps farther in but does not take a seat. "When I arrived at the initial arrival, I noticed the attitude of several of the people involved. I thought it best to keep my mouth shut until I had a chance to speak with you privately. Since my arrival I've had no shortage of chances to observe the rather cold hostility between our two families. Considering our current situation, I thought you might appreciate a chance to talk to me in private rather than posturing around that soul-crushing bitch." Valda. "Pardon if you like her but I find the woman and her actions repugnant."

"Valda is…not what I once thought her to be." Jaremy replies, refusing to be the first man to sit. Taking in a slow breath, he motions one hand to the other side of the table, where a chair has been set. "Our arrival was the culmination of a rather creative number of taunts, some of which weren't going to be taken directly on the chin. Though it was likely too public a forum, I've wondered just how avoidable it could have been." Jaremy adds, his facial expression grim and mutedly unfriendly. This man is no friend to Jaremy. He is the man that is taking his wife. Though to show good will, he pours the first mug of wine for himself and takes a sip, offering the pitcher to Ryker.

"I had a chance to meet Isolde's father before I departed for Riverrun many years ago. Lady Valda was a shock to me considering the man. I was an admirer of him, if you can believe that." He flashes a short smile. Ryker probably doesn't expect him to believe that, but its out there for consumption. "Yes, I noticed," he gruffs. The offered wine is turned away, "Thank you, no. I want to be sure I'm wording things as best I can." He clears his throat. "Speaking of the chin, I received a cool greeting from your brother Ser Jarod. He was apparently under the impression I had struck Isolde… which, rather than politics, is the reason I am here." He meets the other man's eyes. "I am not here to gloat or thumb my nose are you, Ser Jaremy. Quite the opposite."

"At the least, Isolde was hit, which is something I placed solely on the shoulders of her Lady mother, even if it was a Nayland hand that did it." Jaremy replies matter-of-factly. "All of these things set in motion go against the departed Lord Tordane's wishes and the wishes of my House, family, and myself. You could have rescued the realm itself once or twice and still have received a cool reception from my family, Ser Ryker, though I'm not sure yet what kind of reception to give you myself." He sets the mug down, looking to the man from across the table. "Quite the opposite?"

"I have told Lady Valda that if Isolde is struck one more time by her hand or orders, I will hold her personally responsible for the actions and that such consequences will carry dire results." By the look in Ryker's eyes, he means every breath of it. "Mmm. Well given the situation, I think we are both speaking about the same thing. You'll forgive me if I cannot directly acknowledge any agreements. Those made between gentlemen should be honored, however it would seem that in this situation paper is all that matters. As for my reception?" He bows his head slightly. "I appreciate not immediately going for your verbal sword." He takes a long breath, exhaling through his mouth. "Ser Jaremy, let me start by saying that Isolde is in no danger from me. The view of the Nayland family, from yours, would appear to be a kind of unbridled violence. Appear to be. When I say to you that I am not my father or like any Nayland you know, I want you to consider what that means to you and how it will effect the woman you take risks for."

"Heard of my verbal sword, have you?" Jaremy replies, one part shame and one part pride. His long, dark brown hair sways as he shakes his head. "My house has had a long, standing feud with yours for as long as I could remember, though save for Nayland's decision in Robert's Rebellion it's not been known to come to blows. The unfortunate part is that even if you're not the kind of man that Ser Rygar would approve of, or even Lady Valda herself, you are still to wed the woman I love, was promised to, and loves me in return." Jaremy's gaze rests heavy towards Ryker, eyebrows lowering. "I have no interest in war between our houses, and I've no aversion to meeting as fellow lords to rule these lands. Kindred souls you and I will never be."

"I believe I heard some of it at the greeting," Ryker allows simply. "I was raised by my father to continue this fued between the homes. As it stands, him and I do not see eye to eye on many subjects. Whether or not that will be the case between the homes we are to head, I will let time and circumstance dictate. I will make you no promises either direction for politics, though that is a subject we should broach another time." He clears his throat, nodding to the words about Isolde. "I am aware of her affections for you. I have no doubt that they remain strong. Her and I have discussed that very topic several times. I encourage her to be open and honest about it. What she has said I will keep between her and I, but I will say that I'm not ashamed of how she feels about you, Jaremy. I have been married before to a woman I loved more than life itself. Sickness took her from me. As I told Isolde, I will tell you: I no more expect her to replace you with me than I would have her expect her to replace my passed wife. Some things are not possible. Neither of us are going into this situation willingly, but her and I have a very clear understanding for each other."

Jaremy's hands come together, rubbing at the palms while the younger lord silently decides just how to respond to Ryker. One thing is for certain, however, and that is that although Jaremy is unhappy, he's not enraged. He's discerning the situation, allowing himself to listen to Ryker. "Then perhaps you have an idea as to my thoughts." Jaremy says, perhaps a bit vague as he turns, resting a hand flat on the table's top. "Ser Ryker, you know well there's little that I can say. The deal is done, and in truth the folly comes in the form of the six years in which the marriage could have taken place. I will judge you in whether or not I see her happy. If you purpose today was to come here to show me that at the least you will treat her with kindness…then I thank you. It eases me."

As Jaremy listens, as does the other man. He stands there with hands folded behind his back, eyes on his opposite number while he explains his thoughts. At the end, Ryker dips his head and nods a few times. "I will share something with you that may put you more at ease. You know her far better than I so this should mean something. These words we are to agree to, her and I.. in front of witnesses. We will speak them. But the oathes we take to each other, the ones in our minds, are more important. That is the same in each marriage, Jaremy. Her and I have agreed to do our best to earn and build the trust of the other. To make this situation, now and in the future, mutually beneficial. I will see her happy if it kills me. I no more want Isolde to be turned into a some abused babymaker without a voice than I would like to cut off my own arms. My intentions for her, so you may find some sleep, are to see this woman you love happy and content. I want her to be as strong willed as you and I both know she can be. I encourage her to speak her thoughts. To challenge assertions. I will see Isolde be a woman that her father would be immensely proud of. One that I, my sworn, and even House Tully, will respect." He takes a breath. "When I married my first wife, her father Lord Haigh told me that a woman's heart should be your temper to all situations and that her fire should be tended and fed. Not stifled. I believe that to be true."

Jaremy's eyes don't leave Ryker's, and his face remains expressionless for the duration. It would appear that, all tempers aside, he's inherited his father's quiet stare. A heavy, uneasy silence falls across the distance between them, and comes to an end as Jaremy's head slowly, thoughtfully, dips into a nod. "I will not interfere." Jaremy says flatly. "Should Stonebridge not disrupt the land and smallfolk of Terrick's Roost, we will be proper neighbors. Though, do not expect me at your wedding, Ser Ryker. Perhaps with time things will fall into place, but although you are not my friend, you are not my enemy."

Ryker nods. Its not an agreement so much as an understanding. "I do not expect you to join anything with her and I voluntarily. Especially so soon. If her and I had our ways? I would still be in Riverrun and she would be prancing around the tower, excited about her wedding to you. As for being neighbors." She takes a heavy breath. "As I said, I make no promises. Like you, I am bound to follow the direction of my father until his passing. That is the way of things. However, despite that, like you said. Not friends, not enemies. We simply 'are'." The smile on his face flashes, the flat shape indicative of his intention of neautrality for now.

"We have an accord, Ser Ryker." Jaremy nods sternly, reaching for the mug of wine. Ser Ryker's smile is not returned. "Send word to your family that I would like to meet to discuss the matter of the Nayland soldiers on the other side of the bank. There is a concern about security at the tourney. We should speak about this soon." Jaremy turns, rudely, but not wholly unexpected, bidding Ser Ryker to take his leave. The conversation is a baby step, one that Ser Jaremy has willingly taken.

Ryker dips his head, but does not verbally respond. The man just stands like that for a brief second before turning and heading for the flap without another word.