Ser Wayland Frey


Having the last name Frey can only mean one thing, you come from a big family. It is more than possible that, the year 258 saw the birth of many Freys, and among them, was Wayland. He is the son of Lord Walder Frey and Amarei Crakehall.

Surrounded by other children who he soon learned to call cousins, his early years were full of play and mischief. The Twins would often witness kids running around and shouting, at least until his father Walder would stop that nonsense and send them all to do their chores. In an attempt of Walder Frey to create even more connections, he decided that young Wayland Frey would become a page. Because of this and after many negotiations, when the kid turned 7 years of age, he was sent to Stonebridge, to the Tordane Tower. There, he became Geoffrey Tordane’s page and started his long long path to Knighthood.

Practically the first thing Lord Tordane did for him, was to asses his strengths and weaknesses. It was found that Wayland had great potential with swords since it was a very natural thing for him. Of course, there were weak spots to him, for example, the work with Bludgeons, but over the year. While he focused on working with Blades, Geoffrey Tordane forced him to also pay attention to other aspects, that way, he could at least increase his skills there. Not everything was basic combat training, he also spent countless hours with Lady Tordane, learning proper etiquette, learning how to behave in a society that was going to expect much of him.

Years went by and with those years, Wayland was showing things that Lord Tordane valued a great deal, for example, Loyalty. His training kept moving forward and he was soon proving that he was ready to move to the next level of his path. Because of this, at age 14 he became a Squire for Lord Tordane. He started receiving more private lessons in combat and started going with Lord Tordane pretty much everywhere. He would carry his shield, armor his sword; sometimes he would also carry the flag of the house while riding next to Lord Tordane. He would help his Lord to dress in his armor, he would jump into battle right next to him, never hesitating, never thinking about running away. Tournaments and the battlefield, Wayland knew them well and he even won a couple prizes when the different squires met to fight in a tournament.

Years kept moving forward for Wayland, he kept training, kept working with Lord Tordane, kept working with Lady Tordane when she needed him. He became a really strong young man, and Lord Tordane told him that he had shown his courage and dedication enough times for him to receive the rank of Knight. An 19 years old Wayland explained that, for him to be a Knight, he felt he should be able to make his own sword. He was allowed to take a couple hours a day of training with the Swordsmith in Tordane, but his skills on that art didn’t really show solid promise. He tried, that’s for sure…but making weapons is an art, and he was no artist. He would wield a sword, that’s for sure…at least, this gave him comfort.

He kept acting as a Squire for Lord Tordane, kept doing his duty and when the Rebellion took place, as always, he was ready to jump in right next to his Master. They would be Rebels, they would help Robert Baratheon in his fight against the Targaryen. Before going into it, Lord Tordane told him once again, that he was ready to be Knighted and that he would take a no for an answer, not from his Squire. And so, Wayland received his Knighthood. He received the seven oils from the Septon and stood vigil at the Sept. He got his armor, his sword and his horse…all of this with Frey money, as it was promised long years ago.

He fought bravely next to Geoffrey and Geonis Tordane. But destiny had plans for the Tordane and they perished in battle, at the Trident, during that great fight that in the end, won Robert Baratheon the overall victory. Lost with grief and with the help of a sellsword, Wayland carried the bodies back to the Tordane Tower and from that moment, he swore his sword to Lady Valda and Lady Isolde, telling them that while he cannot bring the lives of Geoffrey and Geonis back, he would stay with them; if they would have him.

About a year after he returned with the body of Lord Tordane and his son, Lady Valda named Wayland, the Champion of Stonebridge. And this created a bigger interest across the closest households. Different tournaments -smaller ones- were designed. They took place at the Twins, Raventree Hall, Harrenhal and a few others. The best Knights of the area would attend the tourneys and find that the words were true, Wayland was shaping to be one of the best swordsmen. But his trips had another purpose as well, they would help Wayland face different set of opponents, polish his skills, get better. He would also spend a couple months away on each place, working closely with the Master-at-Arms in each household. Lady Tordane wanted him close, and so, his trips were never long and never far, but they helped, and the Champion improved.

Since he was 7, he was part of the Tordane Household, and years have moved forward, stories have been created and told, and a 29 years old Wayland finds himself in a world that is quickly changing and shifting underneath his feet.

“It's not enough that we do our best; sometimes we have to do what's required."

— Winston Churchill


Niece: Lady Valda Tordane
Adopted Sister: Lady Isolde Nayland
Sister: Lady Firth Frey
Sister: Lady Bryliesa Frey
Sister: Lady Serica Charlton

Physical Features

Wayland is a man that was blessed with a good height, he stands 6 feet and 5 inches from the floor and his weight can be set at around 220/230 lbs. His overall look denotes that it's a man of the outdoors, a man who stays fit. He sports a nice tone of muscle mass that is well balanced with flexibility, allowing him ease of movement when needed and strong blows as well.

He has dark hair, almost black; he keeps it short, but not enough to prevent a few curls to form on the top of his head, the back and the sides when it gets a bit longer. Normally, he keeps it that way. Thanks to the sun, he adopted a tanned skin tone that goes well with his dark hair. His eyebrows are thin and long and his eyes are small, dark and warm. He always seems to be studying people, but aside from offering a warm gaze, they also look calm. His nose is long and thin, having a slight curve that forms mid way. Nostrils are thin as well and the tip of his nose arches down just a little bit. He can be seen either completely clean shaven, or with a shadow beard that matches the same blackness of his hair; however, he never lets it grow more than that.

He is normally wearing a full brigandine armor, the main color being of a dark blue that goes well with the natural colors of the house. Not only that, they also go well with the color of the Freys, which helps a great deal, in his opinion. Secured in his belt, on the left side, he carries a long sword and on his right side, he carries a curved dagger which he apparently grew to love and cherish quite a bit.

RP Hooks

Bladesmith: Wayland does have some skill in this area, but it's something he gave up when noticing that he didn't had the 'natural' skills that the most known blade-smiths have. After different failed attempts of making a proper, proper weapon, he ended his attempts. However, it is still a fascinating topic for him, one that can always call for conversation. He also carries a dagger of his making with him, one of his less horrible failures.

(More to come!)

Allies and Foes

Character Activity