Page 453: Waves
Summary: Real waves, emotional waves and Ilaria leaving for Highfield/Tanglewood.
Date: 20/10/2012
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The Cape of Eagles looms out over Ironman's Bay, a vast, blue ocean inlet, that spreads its watery depths out beyond the horizon. The path that leads down to this coast winds down behind the towers for several hundred meters before arriving at the rocky water's edge. Rather than sand, the coast is covered with innumerable smooth and rounded stones about palm-sized. They stretch up and down the coast in all directions with the battered remnants of driftwood scattered about. Above the beach, one every mile or two, are towers with a large bell and mallet atop them which are to be beaten to warn of an incoming invasion. A small dock is being constructed of thick northern timbers, with mooring space for two large ships, or perhaps a half dozen smaller craft.
Friday October 19th, 289

Morning comes and the sun rises up high on the sky. The green is rather empty, even if the rest of the town and tower is awake. From the tower comes Alric and his sister though. Wandering with Talbot close behind. Smiling as he escorts her. She is a ray of sunshine after all. "What were you thinking of doing today then?" He asks her as he glances over to his sister.

Another new day, more opportunities to explore her new home. "Today?" Arabella's voice is bubbly, much like herself. "Will you take me to see the sea? I can hear it from almost everywhere in town but not seen it yet. I was not certain if you had plans already, so I thought to take Talbot with me if you were occupied already?"

Alric nods, "I got time. We can go right now if you wish. It is quite nice to get some time with you." He offers to her. Talbot get a nod for his services as well. Grateful for the man. "I am glad to see you enjoying yourself, and being happy." He tells her.

"Oh could we?" The exclamation voiced happily as Arabella beams a pleased smile up at her brother. "I could think of no better escort and maybe you could point out the cliff you dove from that you mentioned to Lady Ilaria and myself?"

Alric smiles and nods, "I will do so. And I will show you the cliff. Though don't go jumping alone. You could speak with lady Anais about it though. You should not do so at the moment though." He tells her, guessing that the rumour should have spread about the demise of her husband. "Shall we go then?" He asks and turns towards to walk towards the coast.

Not really knowing the Terricks very well, Arabella listens to her brother, then smiles sadly. "I did hear something about a death in the family, so I would never dream of interrupting her time of grief. There will be time enough for such things, I am in no rush." Walking with him to the coast, watching the waves of water as they clash with the shore.

Alric nods to her as he continues along until they can see the waves. Hearing the sound of the ocean. Looking over to his sister to see her reaction. "Lady Ilaria liked you as well." He tells her. In case she didn't realize as much. Glad that they got along.

Glad of the news, Arabella gazes at him with a sweet smile. "Does she? I am very happy about that, she will soon be my goodsister. How long do you both have to wait to finally be wed? What is it like courting your betrothed?" Her smile turns dreamy. "Is it absolutely lovely?"

Alric smiles and nods, letting out a chuckle at all the questions. "About three months. Two months courting and then the last months goes to preparing the wedding, or some such." He explains. As for courting her, he shrugs. Smiling at her expression. "We have had little time to get to know one another. Hopefully we will get to know one another better, and that it will be quite lovely." So apparantly it is probably still more awkward than lovely at the moment.

In a more inquisitive mood today, Arabella nods thoughtfully as her questions get answered, already considering more to ask. "Then you have three months to make it lovely. You should be charming her with flowers and gifts and smiles. Spontaneous surprises with walks, compliments, poems. Court her and romance her. I thought my brother was a romantic at heart!" A wide grin accompanies her words as she watches her brother, the sea a music all its own.

Alric smiles and nods, "I will do so. I have sent her a poem. I don't know if she did actually care for it or not. I hope so though. And this morning I sent a letter to see to that she get a dress made for her." He explains. Smiling brightly to his sweet sister. "Thank you. And I will do what I can. I think I have made things a bit awkward between us, but I will fix it." He tells her.

Arabella tilts her head, "Things are always awkward between two strangers as they are getting to know each other. How have you made them more awkward, brother?" Again the questions build up, almost demanding answers. "She is quite lovely, and I think you will be happy with her as your bride, do you not think so? It is a good match in every way, is it not?"

Alric nods to her words, sighing a bit. "Mentioning things that you perhaps should not do right away." Not going into details. Though he nods about her being lovely. "She is. And I am sure that I will be happy with her." He offers and smiles. Trying to keep his sister at bay, with her questions, even if it is near to impossible.

As Alric manages to field her questions with a deftness that surprises even Arabella, she offers him a knowing look accompanied by a broad grin. "You managed to not answer my questions without giving an answer at all. How very.." laughing, she gently nudges him, "diplomatic of you. Does this mean you have new confidants now and that you no longer talk with me on things troubling you?

Alric chuckles and shakes his head, "Of course I can confine in you. It is just. I suppose I was a bit too forward with her was all." He tells her, hoping she might understand. "My vows to stay, pure." He finally offers. Feeling odd to speak of such with his sister. Perhaps the only time one would see him blush even.

Vows to stay pure. With wide eyes, Arabella stares at her brother. "Oh." And what else could she say? A blush steals over her own cheeks as she ponders the meaning, drawing what is probably close to the correct conclusion. "Ohhh…" The embarrassed flush deepens and she opens her mouth to speak then closes it again, unable to come up with any other word.

Alric chuckles as he sees the blush on his sister's face. The two of them having arrived to the coast not long ago, with Talbot moving behind them. It is still early, though the time is slowly wandering close to noon. "I am surprised that you hadn't come here earlier." He tells her, trying to change the subject. He was embarressed enough the night before, and it feels unnecessary to relive it.

"I would rather come with someone who knows the area, and I am grateful you made the time." Again, Arabella's eyes glitter with happiness as she attempts to overcome the embarrassment. "Where is it you took a jump from?" Tilting her head back to look up at the cliffs above.

Oh ye fresh salt wind and overcast sky! Ilaria has spent the better part of her morning taking in exercise that is well beyond her usual wont. Behind her, Heolla is panting like mad as she slides down a slightly rocky embankment and begins loping along the shore to catch up to her mistress. "My - lady - please," the girl pants, but her breathless words are entirely lost to the sound of the rolling waves in the distance; the low tide, however, laps gently at the shore.

Wearing one of her fresh new gowns complete with the newest fripperies, Ilaria has taken to pacing along the shore to break in new leather boots by kicking over rocks and outrunning her maid. Only when she finds herself drawing near a pair of familiar faces does she begin to slow. With cheeks and nose pink from exertion and bosom - grandly emphasized by the cut of her new gown - heaving, the girl slows to a stop several paces away from the siblings. "I see he let you out for some, Lady Arabella! How kind of Lord Alric; not all brothers are so conscious of a sister's health."

Alric nods to her words, gesturing with one hand towards the cliffs. "Over there." He offers to her, showing where they had jumped from. "I'm not sure where the ladies jump from though." He tells her. Though noticing the lady moving towards them. A bright smile. Seeing a new side of the lady. Getting closer and chuckling to her words. Offering a bow to her. Only then does he glance the heaving bosom, averting his eyes quickly though. "Pleasure to see you, my lady." He offers before smiling as he studies her face. "It seems that you have gotten some air, and exercise, as well. I take it that Corrin is not with you?" Having only seen her maid.

Arabella looks further up towards the cliffs and gasps as she finally catches sight of the outcropping there from whence he jumped. "It seems so very awfully high." A new admiration flits across her too expressive features as she looks back at her beloved brother. "I hope not that high!" A laugh accompanies her own proclamation. While looking at Alric, she notices his eyes moving somewhere else and seeing the bow and bright smile, she too turns, and upon seeing his betrothed, she offers a curtsy, "My lady! It is so wonderful to see you again!" Amusement dancing in her eyes at the words from her. "He has decided to allow me out of the inn for today. I feel like a new person."

"Hmm? Oh, Corrin! Huh." Turning back, Ilaria shields her eyes and squints into the distance as if capable of summoning the guard by merely a thought. Perhaps she is, because the man appears around a curve of the shoreline half hidden by the rise of a rock wall. "Perhaps he is discomfited by the sight of Heolla bouncing erratically. The girl really needs to learn how to run." Amused, the young Haigh turns glittering yellow-green eyes upon Alric and Arabella, clasping her pale hands together underneath her chin as if giddy.

"Good morning - or is it afternoon now?" Unclasping her fingers, she waves away the question as rhetorical before one hand curls unconsciously about the tail of her girdle belt. Toying with the uneven amethys beads, Ilaria looks from Alric to Arabella and back again. A nearly imperceptible level of suspicion is lurking in those hazel depths today. "I have received a letter from my cousin. My things are packed, and in a few short hours my sister and I shall be on the road to Tanglewood Manor."

Alric chuckles, "We weren't at the highest point either." He tells her. Not sure where the highest point is though. Smiling to his sister before letting his attention stay on his betrothed. Smiling brightly still. As if he doesn't remember last night's awkwardness. Chuckling to Ilaria's words about Corrin. Giving the guard a raised brow. Getting a stupid grin in return, as to which Alric just shakes his head and looks back to the Haigh lady. Glad to see her happy. Nodding to the woman's words. "I understand." Glancing to his sister about them leaving. Guessing that she might have some input to that. Then he looks back to Ilaria, "I can come along, if you wish. And if the lord allows of course." Though seeming more interested to see if she wants time away from him or not. Raising a brow at the suspicious look.

As Corrin joins them, and the explanation given, Arabella laughs, looking between the guard and Heolla. The happiness is contagious, so much the Fenster lady echoes the grin with a silly one of her own. "The sea is a lovely place for conversation, I am very pleased we could all accidentally meet like this." Tucking her gently blowing hair behind her ears, an attempt to tame it as it dances around her face. "You will be leaving the Roost soon then? Traveling to Highfield?" Her smile slips only slightly, but she recovers quickly enough. "I do so hope you have a safe trip, my lady."

"It would be much too boring for you, my lord," Ilaria replies to Alric, coiling the tail of her chain around a finger as she talks. The stones clink together gently, a sort of pleasant chime that she repeats at even intervals. "I fear it is mostly a ladies' gathering as my cousin directs me in the ways of - well, 't'isn't a place for men, that is most certain. And in any case, you have your lovely sister to look after; I would never think to rob the Lady Arabella of her gallant guide and protector. You would never forgive me, would you, my lady?"

Moving forward, Ilaria slips her arm into Arabella's as she talks, joining them at the elbow like sisters or very close confidantes. "It will be a short stay, my lady - a couple weeks at the most! I make no assumptions that Lord Aleister will be able to tolerate my presence for even that long." Smiling, she turns that same bright expression upon Arabella and nudges the girl playfully. "Lady Anais is, of course, in mourning - Stranger keep him - so our afternoon adventure will have to wait anyway. When I return, perhaps I can see about organizing the outing that we want. In the meantime, my lady, you can make yourself indispensible to Lady Anais."

Alric nods to his sisters words, but not saying much. Paying more attention to his betrothed. Shaking his head. "I could never be bored." He offers lightly before he chuckles and nods, "I understand. Though I would think that perhaps my sister should join. If you two look out for each other." Being a bit overprotective. "Then both Talbot and Corrin can go with you as well. More guards." He offers. Though as they mention lady Anais, he nods. Guessing that being there for her could be wise as well.

With the stilted relationship between Ashwood and Fenster at the moment, Arabella is relatively quick to decline her brothers attempt to include her in the impromptu trip. "Oh I agree with Lady Ilaria, I shall remain here and help Lady Anais where I am able. It must be terrible to have something so tragic happen to one so young and hale." As Ilaria takes her arm, she beams a smile of approval. "A couple of weeks is not long, and I do hope you have a very lovely stay there. Highfield is a nice place. Perhaps upon your return, the three of us could plan a trip to one of the other nearby places, such as Seagard, Heronhurst or

A soft, fond smile graces Ilaria's mouth as she listens to Arabella, noting silently the girl's wisdom. She pats her future goodsister's arm in a gesture that would be patronizing were it not coming from her. "Lady Arabella has the right of it, my lord. I must beg this favor of her to replace me as companion to Lady Anais, because I am practically consumed by the guilt I feel for abandoning the lady in her time of need. But familial duty calls, and I am sure Lady Anais will understand; an offer of your sister in my stead is meant to placate her. I fully submit to being deemed selfish for this."

Of course, who is going to call Ilaria selfish to her face? She turns that charming smile upon Alric and bows her head to him briefly. "Perhaps, if you would not mind my lord, Corrin could serve in my escort? Then I would feel like I am bringing a part of your family with me; a pale comparison to your company, I assure you, but a small comfort nonetheless."

Alric smiles and nods to them both, "I understand." Yet no one understandsor thinks the same as him when it comes to the Ashwoods. As for her saying that she is selfish, he grins, "Indeed. Though I am selfish in wanting to join you." He says, a bit teasingly. Nodding about bringing Corrin, "Of course my lady. How could I refuse?" He asks and smiles. "You don't have to flatter me." He tells her with a wink. "Not that it isn't appreciated."

"Though I admit not knowing you as well as I would like yet, it is my humble opinion you are further from selfish than I have ever seen anyone. Family first, that has always been my rule of priorities. I do hope you have a wonderful stay and have the peace in knowing I will remain at Lady Anais' side and attempt to keep her company and her thoughts away from her loss." Arabella falls silent a moment, letting the two of them talk as her gaze drifts back up to the cliffs, then out to sea, her expression a touch wistful.

"It is hardly flattery if it is true, my lord," Ilaria murmurs, blushing faintly at the teasing accusation and glancing away to recover her composure. Luckily she is distracted by Arabella, and the girl's words are enough to practically melt her heart. Inspired, she rises up onto her toes and brushes her lips over the young lady's cheek in a gesture usually reserved for sisters. "I will bring back gifts for you, my lady, so you can look forward to surprises upon my return. And Lord Alric, if you have any letters or parcels that need carrying to Lord Aleister, I am willing to play courier."

Alric smiles but doesn't blush as his betrothed does. But he seems quite happy. As is he by his sister's words. Glad to see her be the smart and caring woman that she has turned to be. A bit saddened only by the fact that he hasn't spent as much time with his sister as he had hoped, during this last year or so. "I do not. Not yet. Though do send my regard to the lord. And be well. For selfish reasons I hope that your stay is short so that I can get more time with you, my lady. Though my sister speaks truth. Family is most important."

"I would be honored that you would think about me while you are away, Lady Ilaria, and I look forward to your return so that I may get to know you better." Feeling the brush of a kiss across her cheek, Arabella smiles with warmth, "I am so glad you are to be my good sister." And she is. Hearing the banter back and forth, the teasing, the shy smiles makes her glad. Happiness would come to them in time, she was sure of it.

With a soft smile, Ilaria bows her head to Alric a second time. "Of course, my lord. I will relay your respects before all else when I meet Lord Aleister. I hope you will write, too." As she speaks this last sentence, Ilaria looks toward Arabella, leaving it in doubt as to whose letters she is hoping to receive. "I am afraid that I must be returning, however. I am sure Kitty is chomping at the bit to be on the road; she so dislikes being 'cooped up' in any one place for very long. She has my father's spirit, I think. Until I see you again, I bid both of you be safe and enjoy yourselves." Regretfully, she slips her arm from Arabella's in order to dip into a proper curtsey. "I will send word as soon as I can when I have reached my cousin safely."

Alric nods. Smiling at the both of them. Grinning a bit about letters. "I think my sister might be better at it. Though if you wish for my letters, then I will send them." He tells her. "Do be well, my lady. Know that I will be awaiting your return. As, am I sure, will my sister." He offers to them. His smile being warm and bright.

With one last fond squeeze for Arabella's hand, and one last silent gaze for Alric, Ilaria turns to head toward the tower once more. Heolla and Corrin, both of whom were involved in a polite exchange of conversation, offer the Fensters the proper courtesies before turning to hurry forward and catch up with the Haigh.

"I understand, Lady Ilaria. It was quite wonderful getting to know you, and of course my brother will write, I imagine. As will I." Arabella offers a curtsey as well to the departing lady, along with a bright smile. Almost immediately, she turns to her brother and smiles, "I should be going to the keep and accompanying Lady Anais for the duration, perhaps I will begin now, in case she needs me."