Page 453: Waterfront Woe
Waterfront Woe
Summary: A hooded Martyn is seeking solitude. It is not to be found on the waterfront.
Date: 19/October/289
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Seagard's waterfront was once the gateway to a bustling port, both for the Mallister naval fleet and merchant ships that docked here from all corners of the River coast, West, and even lands farther south. The Ironborn's initial attack on the city laid it low, however, and the wreckage of that initial assault still litters the sea. The Mallister fleet was demolished in that first wave, and the blackened remains of its once-proud war galleys float off the docks. The merchant stalls, customs stations and seedy dockside taverns that once thrived here are largely burnt as well, the Ironborn having looted and gutted them before they were driven from this part of the city. The dock - one of Seagard's three major ones - is still intact, however, and there's enough raw space in the stone buildings that couldn't be burned to house supplies.
Friday, October 19, 289

The late afternoon sun is drifting low over the water, not quite fading into the evening as of yet. Aemy is standing near the water watching the waves roll in, the white caps dancing atop the blue/grey water. Taking a deep sigh, she ducks her head only slightly, looking down at the sand in front of her, a bemused smile playing on her lips coexisting with a faint tinge of melancholy in her eyes.

Two horses are being lead into the area, and from the first a man wearing a dark cloak with a hood obscuring his face dismounts. "You take them to the castle, Xander. If anyone asks you where I am, just tell them you dropped me off just outside the city, and that I needed a bit of a quiet walk through the forest to get here." When Xander saks something quietly, Martyn shakes his head. "I can't face them yet, Xander. So just tell them what I told you. Now go!" Watching the squire heads off with the horses, the knight makes his way through the crowd, still keeping his hood up as his steps take him not too far from where Aemy is placed at the moment.

Having arrived just the night before, Aemy has already broken free of the crowd that makes up her family since the arrival of most of the younger generation of the Erenfords. Her handmaid is her only accompaniment this evening who is obviously with her. Perhaps there is a guard nearby who is watching from a distance. When the hooded man nears her, Kyra, her maid, whispers something softly, drawing the lady's attention to the figure. Aemy offers a nod to the unidentified man, but no other greeting.

"My lady," Martyn greets the lady, trying to keep his voice from being recognized as he also looks down and offers a polite bow. He doesn't say anything else for the moment, looking up to Aemy very briefly, then back to the ground again.

Uncertain how to greet the man, not sure if it is Master, Lord, Ser, Young Lord.. so she settles with a crooked smile that reflects her own melancholy and a short greeting. "Good day, lovely out is it not?" Not really trying to make conversation unless the man wants to. With the hood and everything, he sort of looks like a man who would prefer to be alone, or unidentified. "Are you.. alright?"

That question causes Martyn to chuckle a bit, although it's not the happy kind of chuckle, as he shakes his head a little bit now, "To be honest, my lady, I'm far from alright. Especially being back here…" This time, the voice clearly sounds like it usually does, although the knight still looks down at the ground now.

Somewhat familiar sounding to Aemy, she studies the man briefly. If she now recognizes him, she allows him to have his modicum of privacy until he indicates otherwise. "I would say being in Seagard is a lovely place, especially surrounded by friends and family." She could be talking about herself, she could be talking about him, she leaves it vague. "I am sorry things are so far from alright, and please, call me Lady Aemy, if you like." And to not just anyone would she make that offer, perhaps it is a hint she knows with whom she is speaking.

Pausing for a few moments as he hears that offer, Martyn slowly stands up further, grimacing for a few moments as he brings his hood back now. "Actually, it's the part about being surrounded by family that's the problem," he replies, a bit quietly. Looking out to the sea again for now, he sighs a little bit. "Which is why I'm sneaking around out here, if you were wondering about that."

Aemy takes that as an invitation for identifying him and she does offer the briefest of nods in lieu of a curtsy so she does not give away his identity to anyone else. With what Martyn has shared with her before and the ever so brief conversation she had with Nedra before their departure, she can almost guess what he wishes to hide from. Not offering pity, as that is the last thing even she would want, she gives him an encouraging smile instead. "Sometimes it is better to be alone in ones thoughts. There is a difference between loneliness and solitude. One finds us and causes pain, the other, we seek and causes peace. Which have you found this day? Or did one find you?"

"I must correct myself a bit," Martyn offers a hint of a smile now. "It's not being surrounded by family that's bad, it's being surrounded by *happy* family." He shakes his head a bit as he looks out to the sea again, expression a bit thoughtful for now.

"If I promise to be in a fairly grumpy mood, would you mind my presence awhile longer? I am a good listener, I have heard, you may talk to your hearts content without fear of judgments. Perhaps sometimes one needs to vent to an unbiased audience?" Aemy offers, her eyes still holding that hint of melancholy even when she attempts to disguise it.

Martyn shakes his head, offering a bit of a brief smile. "I don't mind your presence, Lady Aemy. It's only my own presence I mind at the moment, I fear." Another brief pause as he studies her for a few moments. "And exactly what is it that you have heard, if I may ask?"

"From you? We once had a talk in the Roost about the… war and your role in it. And the wishes you would have made for yourself, other than to survive." Aemy gently reminds him of the discussion they had upon the green back at his temporary home. "As for anything anyone else says, I listen and do not repeat, that would be very unbecoming a lady, Ser. I would prefer to hear from you, myself."

"Ah, yes…" Martyn shrugs for a few moments, turning back to look out to the sea again, shrugging a little to himself. "That…" He doesn't say much more for the moment, just looking out into the sea.

Standing near the edge of the water is Aemy Erenford with her handmaid. The lady seems to be in a conversation with a man in a hooded robe, perhaps concealing his identity. There is a sort of stilted conversation from the part of the man, though the lady is attempting to draw him out a little more in conversation. "Is there anything you would like to say? To add?" Words softly spoken, though carry perhaps a little on the same wind that carries her own blonde strands dancing merrily about her face as they refuse to disturb the somberness of the mood of the man in the hooded robe. "We are friends, are we not?"

The sound of hooves digging into soft ground near the seashore. Otto was exercising his destrier, letting the large horse run. The massive horse wasn't as fast as a courser but had a great deal more strength and actually looked large with the Erenford giant riding. As he rides, Otto sips from a wineskin, occassionally spilling a bit as he jostles in the saddle.

"We are," the hooded Martyn offers to the part about being friends, before he shrugs a little bit. "But I'm not really sure what to say. About anything, really…" Looking a bit thoughtful for a few moments, before he sighs a little bit. "I mean, the last time I told someone about that, I was slapped and then had to make peace again, promising something I wish I didn't have to…" Looking up at the sound of the hooves, he frowns a bit as he studies the man riding, then looks back out to the sea again, a bit quietly.

"I thought we are." There is more than a little relief in the Erenfords words as she regards the hooded figure. "Being so, you should trust me to listen and not judge, as when we spoke before? I give my word not to lay my hands on you in anger, though I make no promises regarding comfort." Earning a brief glance from her handmaid Kyra that contains a warning that any impropriety would not happen on her watch. Alerted to the presence of another, Aemy lifts her head and notices her cousin out riding. Immediately a welcoming smile is given as she lifts her hand in greeting. "Ser Otto! How wonderful to see you!"

Otto may have kept on riding, but when his name was called, he reels Demon in, steering the horse gently towards the two as they were talking. "Aemy, I had heard you might be coming, I'm glad to see that you made it safely," he says as he dismounts, still a bit away, though a curious glance is given to the hooded man trying to discern whom it might be.

Martyn nods a little at Aemy's words, "I trust you, but I do not trust me to be ready for talking yet." As he hears Otto speak, he looks down a bit again as he gives the man a polite bow. "Ser." Not saying much more at the moment, he raises his head a little more now. Still trying to keep at least part of his face hidden at the moment.

"I only arrived last evening with Lady Nedra Mallister. We decided to travel together since we were both in the Roost. I have not seen much of you as of late, so I have had no chance to offer you my best wishes and happiness with your betrothal. Lady Muirenn is quite lovely." Aemy steals a glance at Martyn, allowing him to let himself be known should he like, hoping he does. When he does not, she smiles her encouragement anyway, "I hope you remember when you have need of it, I am a willing friend to listen." When her eyes shift back to her cousin, they hold contentment. Family, she has seen very little of them lately. "Did you bring everyone with you when you traveled here?"

"My three youngest sisters," Otto says with a smile. "The twins have their name day coming up and they desperately wanted to travel outside of Heronhurst," Otto says. "Next they want to go to Terrick's Roost of course." He just shakes his head and smiles, walking the large horse closer, wineskin still in hand. "I'm just hoping that Roisin, Raina, and Ryleigh behave themselves while here." While his attention remains on Aemy, he keeps glancing towards the hooded man, a slight sense of familiarity going on, but he can't be sure due to the hood and the downward glance of the man, masking himself in the shadow of the hood and refraining from speaking more than a one syllable word.

"Lady Muirenn seems to be a treasure to her family, from what I have heard," comes the words from the hooded Martyn, while still keeping his gaze down for the moment. "You must be a very lucky man, Ser." It's spoken quietly as he otherwise listens to the others.

"Oh I do so hope to see them while we are all here together. It has been so long since I have seen any of my family, I feel so out of touch with everyone." Indeed, her vivid blue eyes are alight with delight as she regards her cousin. "I have been keeping to Terricks Roost, though I am uncertain where I will go from here." Perhaps not really feeling needed anywhere in particular. Noticing the glances Otto casts to Martyn, Aemy inputs perhaps a hint. "All of the Mallisters treasure each other equally, my friend. There is value in everyone, should one spend enough time seeking it."

"An extremely lucky man indeed, though I believe she is a greater treasure to me," Otto says, looking to the hooded man. "You have me at a disadvantage though, or are you always so secretive? One might take offense." A glance is given to Aemy, "We miss you at Heronhurst, but I am very happy to see you doing well, cousin."

Martyn pauses for a few moments at Aemy's words. "Even the broken ones?" It's said without him really noticing he said it, before he looks over to Otto, lifting his head a bit more now. "I could tell you, but you will have to promise not to tell Lady Muirenn or any of her family right away," he offers, a bit quietly.

"Especially the broken ones. For they are the ones who need it most." Aemy wants to let Otto know with whom he speaks but it is not her place to say. Giving him an apologetic look, she shrugs helplessly offering only the reassurances she can. "I can assure you he offers no threats, Ser Otto. I do miss everyone at Heronhurst as well, and shall eventually return there."

It's then that the identity hits the large knight. "Ser Martyn," he says, "your secret is safe with me. While I do hope that you present yourself, and that your sister is ready to forgive I believe, it is your choice whether or not to allow her. I do not pretend to know the whole story, however." He extends a hand to the man. It was not Otto's place to judge, and he was not married yet so wasn't required to take Muirenn's side in all things. "I had heard you might be coming as well as Ser Kamron," he says. Otto gives a polite nod to his cousin, but his focus remains on Martyn for the time being.

Martyn removes the hood as he's identified, offering another nod to Otto as he hears that, along with a bit of smile. Taking the offered hand and shaking it, he shrugs a little bit. "I will let her know I'm here at some point later today. Otherwise, she'll send out our mother and a whole army to turn around every stone between here and the Roost, I believe." A brief pause as he looks out to the sea again then back to the other man. "I'm not sure if I'm ready yet." Aemy's words makes him offer her a bit of a smile as well, but he doesn't reply at the moment.

Much more comfortable now that all have been properly identified, Aemy offers another apologetic look to her cousin. "I am sorry, Ser Otto, it was not my place to betray a trust…" Letting the apology fade off in lieu of drawing out the moment. Though as Martyn removes the hood, her expression turns grateful. "I am sure Lady Muirenn will be pleased you have come to Seagard. This is an important moment in her life and I am glad that you have come to share it with her." Preparing a wedding! How romantic.

"Whenever you are ready, Ser Martyn," Otto says to the man, releasing the grip. He looks to Aemy, "You did right, cousin. I'm here to meet with her family, which has me a bit on edge, I have to admit." He looks back to Martyn, "Any pointers with that, Ser? Your father and Ser Patrek are two that I have yet to truly meet with other than brief correspondence through Lord Miraz at Heronhurst. Sending ravens is not quite the same as a face to face meeting." It was apparent that the large man was a bit nervous about the whole thing.

There's a visible wince as his father and Patrek are mentioned, before Martyn simply nods a little bit. "Just be yourself, Ser Otto, and I'm sure things will go well." He offers a bit of a smile to Aemy, "I'm not sure how much help I will be able to be, but when she asked, I couldn't stay away, could I?" Looking away from the two Erenfords for the moment, back out to the sea, as if looking for something he can't see out there.

What is there to not like about you, cousin? I think you will find that since they have agreed to have you wed their treasured daughter, that they already approve of you." Trying her best to ease the anxiety Otto is feeling about 'meeting the in-laws'. "I am glad I could be here also, for such an exciting occasion as the planning." Concern is perhaps obvious as Aemy, ever the optimist, brushes her fingers over Martyn's hand. "Of course you could not, Ser Martyn, and the very fact she sent for you should be seen as a positive thing."

"Well, if there is anything you may need of me, Ser Martyn, feel free to call. I will be here for a week I believe. Even if it is nothing more than for someone to have a drink with, I am available," Otto says, offering forward his wineskin. While not a fine bottle of Dornish wine, it was strong and not a poor grade. His gaze lingers back to Aemy, "How were the roads between here and the Roost? My sisters desperately want to travel to the edge of the Riverlands for some reason, so I promised I would take them after their name day. I believe that the wedding will be a few months away as of yet. As for the planning, the wedding will be at Heronhurst, but Lady Muirenn has some rather set ideals as to what she wants. Personally, I'd prefer a small ordeal, simple and outdoors, but I do not truly believe that what I'd prefer will come into play," he says with a chuckle. "I'm sure Ser Martyn here will attest to his sister's grand visions of things. I only hope that Heronhurst can afford it." There's a bit of a chuckle as he speaks, jesting, but only partially so.

Martyn just nods a little bit as he hears what's being said, blinking a few times as Aemy brushes her fingers over his hand. Pausing for a few moments as the wine skin is offered, he then takes it and offers a bit of a smile as he takes a sip. "Thank you, Ser Otto. I will keep that in mind," he offers, before he takes another sip and then passes the skin back. "She tends to have her very clear wishes about a few things, that's true." Going quiet again as he looks between the others for now.

"The roads were thankfully uneventful, no sighs of anything dangerous. No… bandits," Her smile dimming somewhat slightly at the mention of bandits. With the recent loss of their cousin, Aemy thinks about it at any number of odd times during the day. "If you would not mind so terribly, Ser Otto, would you mind if I were to ride back to the Roost with your group? Safety in numbers and such." As he continues about the wedding and his role in the planning, she does nod sagely, "I am quite certain you have the right of it, it is a special day for her and I am glad you are giving her a free hand in the planning. I am equally glad it will be at Heronhurst. As beautiful as it is here in Seagard, in my humble opinion there is no place as beautiful as home." When Martyn blinks at the gesture of comfort she had offered, her smile widens ever so slightly and gives him an innocent look.

Taking the skin back, Otto turns it up and takes a long draw from it. The man wasn't a drunkard, but he did enjoy his wine. "Ser Martyn, I assure you, I may need the excuse for a drink more than you," he says with a grin. His attention then draws to Aemy. "We'll be heading back to Heronhurst for their name day celebration, sixteen is an important one for ladies I am told," he says with a smile. "Mother would kill me and father would disown me should they not be there for the celebration."

"Maybe the excuse, but at least you don't have a cousin that will terrorize you if you're drunk one day," Martyn offers to Otto, before he pauses for a few moments at the mention of the man's mother killing him. Opening his mouth to make a comment, he goes quiet again, shrugging a little bit. "The roads were clear and quiet when I came down today, as well," he finally offers.

"It is indeed a very important one." Being seventeen, Aemy remembers her sixteenth very well. "Will it be a large celebration? I think lighting paper lanterns would be a lovely ending to the celebration, should they want to do something like that. I imagine it will be much fun." Though as Martyn mentions his cousin, her brow furrows ever so slightly. "I believe it could be called unconditional love," she teases him, still trying to elicit a smile.

"Oh, Ser Brennart may make an appearance at some point to chase me down," Otto says to Martyn with a grin. "He is the noble son of Miraz, after all. I believe the hardest part of the wedding will be getting your sister to say her oaths while there are Freys present. Sadly, Lord Walder and Lord Miraz have had a long-standing arrangement and Heronhurst swears fealty to the Twins." Obviously, Otto wasn't thrilled about that himself. With a bit of a sigh, he turns back to Aemy and smiles. "Raina would love that, I'm sure," he says. "Though, Roisin might try to outdo her sister and end up setting the entirety of the Riverlands aflame. Those two…" he trails off shaking his head. "It seems like yesterday that they were just little girls that I used to threaten to sell to the next fisherman that came down the river, but now they are women grown."

Hearing what's being said now, Martyn nods a little bit. "That only proves all I've ever learned about love, Lady Aemy," he replies, expression carefully neutral for the moment. "Love hurts…" Trailing off again, before he offers a bit of nod to Otto. "That might be the hard part, that's true," he comments, a bit quietly.

With the talk of the long standing arrangement, Aemy silently agrees, though could never manage to verbally express her opinion of such, her father was a very strict man and ordered her to keep the politics to the men. Therefore, she remains silent about the matter. Though as he mentions the twins and the fires, she has to chuckle. "I think I heard it said.. To have a child is to be a parent. To have more than one, is to become a referee in between them all. That said, I would love some of my own someday."
When Martyn speaks, Martyn speaks the truth. Aemy agrees quite readily to what he says. "Indeed it does, Ser Martyn, indeed it does. Love has never promised to equal out the bad things, only to remain standing steady and true when you need it. And eventually, you will need it, I am almost certain of that." As her guard Symon approaches, he tells her of a message awaiting her at the keep. "Please, excuse me, both of you, it was lovely seeing you both and perhaps we could meet again soon. I am afraid I have something to tend to," offering a curtsy to both accompanied by a warm smile. "Be well."

Otto gives a bow to Aemy. "My lady, be safe," he says to her. He turns back to Martyn. "Ser, love can be a great and powerful thing, but like all great and powerful things, it can lead to pain." He sighs, "The loss of a loved one, or loving what you cannot have could be worse pain than an arrow to the knee, or in my case as of late, a crossbow bolt to the thigh." He shakes his head. "Well, Ser, I do hope to be seeing you around soon enough. Give your sister a chance, for all her stubbornness, she does care deeply for you and I believe wants to make ammends." His horse though, is not the patient type. Bred for combat and trained for jousting, Demon was not one to stand around while his master conversed.

Martyn nods a bit as he listens now. "Loving what one cannot have and being inches away from losing one's head. I have no idea what's worst of those two, and I've experienced both," he comments a bit quietly. As Aemy takes her leave, he offers her a bit of a smile. "Take care, Lady Aemy," he offers to her, before he nods a little bit at Otto's words. "Of course I'm giving her a chance, Ser Otto."

Otto smiles to Martyn, "Thank you, ser. It will mean a great deal to her, and her happiness means a great deal to me." There's a bit of a pause as he moves to calm the large horse. "If you'll excuse me, Ser Martyn, I should exercise Demon before he lives up to his name," he says. Granted, exercising Demon was probably easier than exorcising a demon. "Ser Martyn, again, if you need anything, feel free to call upon me." At that the large man moves to climb into the saddle, struggling a bit but managing.

Martyn nods a little bit as he hears that, "Thank you for the conversation, and the wine, Ser Otto. We will speak again in not too long," he offers.