Page 370: Water Under the Bridge
Water Under the Bridge
Summary: Wayland and Catryn don't entirely see eye to eye, but at least Stupid gets fed.
Date: 26/07/2012
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Wayland Catryn 
The Stone Bridge, Stonebridge
An ancient bridge crafted of shaped stone, built in the long lost days of the River Kings. Narrow- only wide enough for a single large wagon at a time- it is of double arched construction, leaving a lane to either side of the Green Rill River's center for boats and barges to pass beneath. This bridge marks the furthest point upriver which a masted vessel can reach. The best crossing between Seagard and the Twins, the bridge is well worn, with the newest addition being a row of six pikes mounted into the arch of the bridge, each displaying the tarred heads of Ironborn raiders.
Jul 26, 289

Stretched along the ledge of the bright on the side opposite that with the pikes, flat of her back with a flask of wine resting where her skirts pool between her thighs, is Catryn. She's sunning, for all that it seems to keep disappearing behind the clouds. And there isn't very much leg upu for viewing either, for all that her skirts seem to fall on either side of the ledge, clad in leather as they are; listening to the wagons that roll by with the air of one who's being steadily lulled towards sleep.

It is not often that Wayland Frey gets to wander around town, not lately at least. His guarding duties have been taking a lot of his time and this has generated problems not only for him, but for his page as well, who hasn't been receiving the training he should. Today, the man decided to add extra time for the boy's training, and so, they departed to a nearby forest for proper, 'hunter' type skill set teachings. The young boy returned a while ago, while Wayland stayed behind, to do what, is unknown. However, the man finally reappears in town, or at least in the now so familiar Stone Bridge. With easy step, he makes his way towards the plaza when something gets his attention. His gaze moves to his size and he finds Catryn there, laying on her back and more than likely, enjoying some wine. Since it's not unfamiliar to him, to see younglings enjoying some wine from now and then, he doesn't really make a fuzz out of it and continues his walk towards the plaza. The man is currently wearing a brigadine chestplate and the colors of it would tell that he is from House Frey. Yes, one of those weasels.

Except that Cat couldn't tell one house from another, an more, wouldn't care. But the yapping of a mutt, hardly more than a puppy; all gangly legs and feet too big for 'em, comes bouncing along the bridge, until its teeth are tugging in against the hem of her skirt. With a groan the girl sits up right; legs draped on either side, a hand clutching against the wineskin to keep from loosing it, "Gods be damned, Stupid, what did ah tell you about chewin' om mah fuckin' dress?" She growled, but there was a measure of affection in her tone. "Stupid mutt," which is probably how it got its name. But at least it had the sense to duck the light kick she sent in its direction; not enough to hurt it, nor with any intention of hurting so much as just, getting it to leave her alone. So…it started chasing Wayland's heels instead.

Wayland does not notice the mutt right away, he is pretty much just lost in his thoughts at the moment. When he does, he stops, turns his body just a little and looks down at the puppy. The man puts one hand on the pommel of his sword and pushes it down just a little, that way lifting the tip of it, so when he fully turn, he doesn't hit the animal. Now, the Frey Knight kneels down and extends one hand to the animal, placing his fingers under it's chin. A faint smile appears on the man's lips and then, he is digging for something inside a leather pouch attached to his belt. He retrieves a few pieces of semi dry cheese, giving them to the small puppy. He did hear the cursing, and that makes him lift his gaze, looking at Catryn for brief seconds before looking down at the puppy again.

"Sorry," the girl says, swinging a leg over and sliding down from her perch. There's no skin on display, at least for her legs, though her arms are bare and tan, as befitting one who spends a lot of time in the sun. "Pathetic little thing, aint he. Beggin' ye fer ye lunch. Conned me too, tha first time ah met 'im." Her gaze fell down towards the mutt, "Stupid," she scolded, "Stop bein' such a lil shit, eh?" And for all that she sounded stern, the mutt just smacked his lips and lapped at Wayland's fingers, chomping on its prize.

The Knight looks up one more time, this time, studying the girl a little more. Now, he looks back at the animal and takes some more food from his pouch for him "There's nothing pathetic about a hungry animal.." says the man, now gently petting the puppy behind his ears. He looks at the girl one more time and he adds "And this one seems to need the food…" He looks down again and motions with his fingers as if showing the ribcage of the animal, or..well…how noticeable it is. Wayland takes a deep breath and says "I haven't seen you here before" and just to make sure that the girl knows he is talking to her, he looks up right after the question is asked.

With a sharp narrow of her eyes, Catryn takes a step back an then another; straightening and puffing out her stomach just enough to look like there's more weight on her than there is. "It eats. It aint dead." She says, her tone defensive, the wine skin disappearing into the satchel that rests on her hip. As for not seeing her, he's stated the obvious and as such, it bares little need for a reply. Instead she's watching the pup and him, with a stubbornly resigned air that's set in anticipation of disappointment.

Wayland does see her reaction, and the motions afterwards. The man looks down and ruffles the puppy's ears before he finally stands up, looking at the girl "I'm sorry, did I say something that upset you?" asks the man now, tilting his head and showing a genuine expression of 'did I say something wrong?' "Of course he is not dead, and by no means I was implying that it is your fault he is so skinny…but one thing to be sure is that, food is somewhat lacking, everywhere. With that said, it is not such a horrible thing to feed a small puppy that asks for a little bit of food." Now, he takes a couple steps forward, trying not to step on the puppy "What about you? Are you hungry?"

Cat knows what her Pa would say, she does. But…it don't help much here. Instead there's just the stubborn squaring of her jaw as she takes in the state of him, this time paying more attention as she notes the fineness of the fabrics that he wears; her arms fold in beneath her breasts, hip cocked out to the side with the shift of her weight. "Beggin' ye pardon, milord, but I aint no fuckin' charity case. Mah apologies too, fer the language." Well at least she'd managed to school her tongue.

Wayland can't help but to raise both eyebrows at her answer, it is not really suprise…or maybe it is. Still, what happens next is not something people have seen Wayland doing much. He cracks a smile and starts laughing, not evilly, it is more a natural laugh, a whole heartedly laugh. It ends with a few chuckles and he shakes his head still carrying that smile "Well…" starts saying the man "First of all, no need for the 'milord', I am no lord nor I am really interested in being one." He nods his head at this and then covers his mouth to clear his throat "Second, no need to apologise for the language. And third, fuck charity, I just asked if you were hungry and wanted something to eat" He can curse too, dammit!

"Right after ye went on about how ye food was scarce an give me a lecture over the damn mutt!" The cat points out, dainty nose wrinkling with her frown; clearly unsure as to whether or not he was patronizing her. "Sounds a lot like someone tryin' t'cover somethin' a lot like charity. Or wuz ye gonna tell me 'ow purdy ah next, an that ye'd just like t'spend a lil more time in me company, eh?"

Now, there's something there, something that Cat says that makes Wayland's smile completely fade, pretty much die. The man takes a deep breath and says "No, nothing like that." And just like that, the man nods to her and offers "Have a good day" And with that, he turns around, looks down at the little puppy, throws a couple more pieces of cheese and resumes his walking, away from her and towards the Town Square. And he doesn't look back either, the man is back in full focus mode like he was when he took that bridge just a few minutes ago.

"Ya 'appy now?" Cat inquires of the mutt, before crouching down to give the feller a scratch on the top of his head. "Gotcher belly full twice in one day, dinnit ya?" An with a bark of laughter an a shake of her head, she returns to her perch on the bridge, while the mutt flops down against the wall an laps at its paws. She'd not so much as looked back at the man as he wandered away.