Page 334: Visitors
Summary: Lady Muirenn, Retainer Nathaniel, Huntmaster Kain and Mistress Dania all come by to check on Ser Justin.
Date: 19/June/2012
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Terrick Camp, Seagard
Interior of a section of pavilion with a sleeping pallet and travel trunk.
June 19th, 289

Whatever time of day it is out there, late morning, afternoon or whatever, it is dimmer inside the pavilion. It's one of the plainer pavilions some of the Terrick House knights are using, rather than the ones the ladies use. Sections within are divided by hanging canvas or tapestries and a youth of around 12 years loiters around to run errands, directed by an older House Retainer. Asking where Ser Justin is laid up, the boy is told to lead the lady and the hunter to show them.

Justin himself lays upon a pallet dressed in nothing but his trousers and the bandages that bind his chest and ribs. Nasty bruises mar his flesh around his left shoulder as well as below at his abdomin. His maile and helm is missing, taken to Ser Fredericke to be ransomed with his horse. His surcoat, sword belt with blades, boots with spurs and various other things are laid out over a travel chest or set next to it, freshly cleaned and mended. There is an empty cup and a tea kettle on a tray next to the pallet. Justin himself is awake, eyes half lidded as he rests and probably bored.

Following the page in, Muirenn is escorted by her Septa, maid, and one of her guards. The other seems to be posted outside. She carries a large bunch of flowers tied sweetly with a ribbon. Joining her is one of the Flint men at arms. Reaching the young nobles pallet she gives a soft tsk, "Just look at you my lord. I leave for a few days and you go off injuring yourself." No stranger to a sick room, she moves closer "Minnie…go find me a stool to sit on please."

It's rather warm in here else Justin would have a blanket to cover himself. A patch of canvas is open in the wall and rolled up to allow light and fresh air. Justin turns his head at their arrival and smiles thinly, "You chide me, yet I did well in the joust, did I not Lady Muirenn? My liege lord himself sent message to bid me ride as champion, on the second day. I could not refuse Lord Patrek."

"I am inordinantly pleased with you Ser Justin Terrick." Along with the sweep of skirts as she sits is the delicate fragrance of roses that always seems to be associated with the young lady. It is a fresh change from the more masculine looks and scents of the pavilion. Seating herself, the girl leans forward and passes the flowers to Justin "We are all very proud of you..of your earning your spurs as well as your performance in the tournament." The warmest of smiles lights up both her face and her green-grey eyes.

Justin's voice is somewhat thin, pausing for breath every few words. But he doesn't look like he's dying for his color aside from bruises is normal, not too pale. Ehm, what's he to do with the flowers? He's got one good arm and the other is pretty banged up, "Flowers … might do well in water, set … on my trunk?" Justin looks to Lady Muirenn's Septa in the hope she'll take them, as he's not to get up. "It is better … that you be pleased, thank you Lady Muirenn." Justin speaks slowly, "For I have tasted the wrath of your tongue to scold me, before." He manages a faint smile, somewhat short of breath with speaking.

Although not his job, Nathaniel has remained throughout the night outside Ser Justin's pavilion, helping Mistress Dania to keep a kind of vigil to watch over the knight. He was sitting outside the tents when Muirenn and her companions swept into the encampment and enquired about the knight. When the boy leads the small entourage into the pavilion, Nathaniel ducks into the enclosure after them. Evidently, he wants to see for himself how the noble is faring. When the lady speaks of collective pride about Ser Justin's recent accomplishments, the courier nods silently, and stations himself near the door in case he is needed.

Of course the Septa takes care of things most efficiently. Soon the cheerful bouquet is perched in a tin cup of water on a trunk. "As I have felt your wrath." Smiling fondly, she begins to eye his chest critically but ends up blushing madly and looks at his face instead. For a moment she is quiet, "I know you could not refuse but I am so sorry you are hurting." The girl clasps her hands "I saw when you fell…I was so tempted to run to go aid you but was afraid you would be upset with me." Grinning "I would not wish to impede upon your manly status or give your friendship with Lady Roslyn any grief."

There's not announcment of Kain's arrival. He is simply 'there', cloaked and hooded as he usually is, like some kind of woodsy spectre that comes and goes as he pleases. If there's one thing he enjoys about large groups of people, it's that it's easy to move amoungst them. The art of being hidden in plain sight. "I had heard your masochistic tendencies kicked in again last night." he says to Justin, silent steps carrying him to the injured knight's bed. "I suppose this means we won't be hunting together for time."

Lady Muirenn's words amuse him. Justin smiles a little where he lays, "I am .. a little fond of her." He admits, his hand to move to seek the yellow ribbon that laid momentarily forgotten on his pallet beside him. Justin takes it back into his right hand and lifts it briefly to glance at it, "I'm told you are a most capable healer, Lady Muirenn. But aye, Mistress Dania looks after me." Slow speach, many brief pauses for shallow breaths but he is able.

Haha. Justin twists his mouth, turning his head to better see both Nathaniel and Kain, "Huntmaster … my liege Lord Patrek bid me ride as champion. I could not refuse him, now could I?"

Nathaniel nods to Kain when the hunter arrives, and smiles faintly at the mention of masochism, having witnessed the knight falling on two consecutive days. He glances at Muirenn when Justin notes her prowess as a healer, but he nods when Justin mentions Dania's ministrations. The noble has been conscious during her visits. The young courier takes that as a hopeful sign.

"You worry me, Ser." Kain states. "As much of an honor as that might be, be mindful of your own health." He's still as he looks over the man, flecks of cerulean eyes peeking out of the black as pitch depths of his hood. "No…I suppose you could not say no to such an honor, but still. I would not see one of the few people that I call friend be injured so. But. There is little I can do about that, can I? The least I can be is relieved that Mistress Dorsey is looking after you." Idly, his hands meet to rub at the strip of white cloth that's tied at his right wrist. The favor from the mystery woman.

A tired Dania steps into the Pavilion. Her long hair is primly bound up and held in place with pins and ribbons. She is dressed in a brown sage green linen dress and a brown wool apron dress. Under her arm she carries an ornately carved wooden box. She pauses just inside of the entrance when she sees the gathering of people. She leans back on her heels and is quiet as she waits and listens and hopes she is not intruding.

Ah, a bit of cough, not much. Justin's face shows the pain that coughing brings him. Yeah, that's no fun at all. He thins his mouth almost into a thin smile for Kain, "I was fit enough to ride." Breath, "I would have politely declined if I was not." Lady Roslyn's faour ribbon lays over his bruised abdomin, held loosely in his right hand. Justin rests his eyes a moment before he adds, "I will mend."

Justin opens his eyes and turns his head slightly, "Who won the joust?" It occurs to him that he hasn't had news of it yet!

Nathaniel frowns from his post near the entrance, and shakes his head. "I have not heard, Ser," he answers. "Our concern was to return you here as soon as possible so that you might heal. I also delivered your steed and other items to await your ransom." His face signals both regret at needing to attend that business, and pride in a job faithfully executed.

"I know, Ser, though that's not what worries me. I'd rather you didn't do any kind of damage that might be more permanant." Kain states plainly. "But do not be in such a rush to prove your valor so quickly. You will have many many years for that to come on it's own. And I have no doubt that it will come." The shadowed gaze of his hood turns away a little. "But I won't say anything more. Just. Look after yourself. There is little I can do help in a situation such as this. "I don't know how much longer I can stay. There is meat to be gathered. I didn't fare all that great in the archery contest," an amused snort. "I think I'm a bit glad that Mistress Dania didn't see me efforts. Not exactly a good way to try and impress someone. But no, I didn't see the second joust yesterday." No, he totally unaware of the healer's presence.

"Ser Lord and Lady Mallister." Dania offers a deep respectful curtsy. "Milady, I hope you have found my administrations to your liking and any skill would you like to offer towards his treatment would be appreciated. Lord Ser, I think you may have learned something from the joust." She tells her with a warm smile her words are kind and reflect her smile. "Master Kain, I am sure with the next contest that is held you will shine. These contests show that luck is a fickle thing. Sometimes it is with you and sometimes it is not. Master Corbitt, good day to you and I wish to thank you for your help last night."

"Thank you, Nathaniel." The Terrick lord replies low, "I ransomed Ser Frederyck fairly. I hope he'll do the same in turn." Justin's gaze goes back to his Master of the Hunt to listen to Kain. Sounding like a worried mother hen or a friend, he smiles, "I will try. Aye, so much to do at home." And there is Mistress Dorsey even now! Justin looks over at the cup but there is no willowbark tea left in it, left over from a few hours before.

Okay, so Kain might's managed to both of his feet into his mouth, one for realizing that maybe he's saying too much and second over the fact that when he hear's Dania's voice behind, his shoulders get a bit more rigid than usual. Thank goodness for hood to hide that look of embarrassment. "Yes. Well. I'll leave you to heal. I suppose I should get back to my own things." Nodding to Justin, he stiffly turns about to attempt to get the hell out before he says anything more drastic.(re)

Nathaniel bows to Justin. "You are welcome, Lord Ser," he offers sincerely. "You jousted well." Turning to Kain before the man leaves, he adds, "The people speak well of your talent, even if the targets at the competition did not." He watches Dania when she approaches the bed to speak to Muirenn over Justin's bruised chest.

Rising, Muirenn smiles at Dania "He looks well but I will send some of my special ointment to help with the bruising." Turning she flashes a cheerful grin to the rest, "If you will excuse me. My lady mother and Aunt are expecting me."

Without saying anything else, the girl moves out of the tent to rendevous with her family.

Justin would get up as two of his visitors are moving to depart but that's not the best idea, so he manages to lever himself up a bit on his good right arm with some effort, "Lady Muirenn… thank you for coming. And Kain also, my thanks." Something of a smile for both Nathaniel and Dania as well.

"Master Kain a moment of your time please?" Dania says as she calls out to him hopefully catching him before he heads out. Her voice is gentle and what she says sounds more like she is asking more than anything else. Dania offers a curtsy. "I thank you milady." She tells her. She looks to Nathaniel and smiles again. She looks to Justin. "I have an ointment I have been using that is made of comfrey but the ointment Lady Muirenn makes works really well." She tells him.

Kain stops in place in exit. He just stands there with his back to the rest of them, heading for the opening flaps to leave the pavillion. Then, his shoulders droop a little. A nod. "Yes, Mistress." he turns around to face Dania. "What can I do for you?"

Laying there, Justin doesn't understand why Kain's mood has dimmed, his shoulders to droop. He turns his head to look to Nathaniel, his voice quite low, "Did I offend him?"

"Shall we step outside for a moment Master Kain?" Dania asks him as Kain stops at the flap of the tent. She looks over at Justin and Nathaniel. "I promise I will not be long and I will be right back." She tells both men as she offers another curtsy and she takes a few steps towards Kain and the door.

Kain nods at Dania, pulling open the flap for her. Then a look back at Justin. "I'll check in on you again when I can." he states. "Just get better." Saying that, he'll follow Dania out.