Page 401: Unwelcome News
Unwelcome News
Summary: Muirenn, Nedra, Aemy, and Alric receive unwelcome tidings from Nathaniel regarding the situation in Stonebridge
Date: 26/August/2012
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Terrick's Roost - The Green
The Green is a large field of deep green grass, nearly flat, that runs along the base of the towers. The road into town runs along the far edge, hemming it in neatly to a confined area where beyond a line of trees serves as a subtle windbreak. This area is most often used for drilling or practice for the guards but also serves as home for festivals, tournaments, and another other gathering that might require the space for a large number of the local residents. A well-trodden path winds around the side of the wall and moves towards the coastline. Another heads southwest, toward Kingsgrove.
Sunday, August 26, 289

Wandering through the grass, Muirenn seems occupied harvesting wildflowers and lovely green shoots of grass. A basket dangles from her arm and she is pleasantly occupied in this activity with her Septa and handmaiden. Brengy romps, already grown to nearly her knee, here and there barking at shadows. Occasionally the girl looks up at the hot sun, and blows a puff of air that fluffs out the gossamer silk veil that covers her hair and face…affording some protection from the sun's rays.

Molly is galloping at a breakneck speed aaa from the town square and toward the tower along the road that parallels the Green. her dark chocolate tail and mane are whipping the air. Nathaniel is bouncing in the saddle and holding the reins firmly in his hands. When he sees Muirenn and the puppy ahead, he pulls back on the reins enough to slow the mare without causing her to want to rear on her hind legs, but he continues to advance toward the noble. "Lady Muirenn!" he calls. "I'm glad that I've found you. I just returned from Stonebridge. There is … news." He brings the horse to a stop nearby and dismounts gracefully before bowing to the young woman.

Nedra is leading Jinx at a slow walk along the green, one of her guards leading the way while the other follows; while there is no real need to increase security Nedra lost the argument earlier in the day and took both of them, along with the young maid who doesn't sit a horse with any sort of skill, with her when she went for a ride outside the town itself. Only now returning, she is walking Jinx at a slow pace out of worry for the horse the maid is riding, and spots Muirenn, Brengy, Muirenn's septa and handmaiden as she gets closer, waving once she draws near enough.

From afar, having seen Nathaniel riding by him near the square, comes Alric. Talbot at his side. Conversing with the knight while continuing to walk calmly. Though his eyes in the direction of where Nathaniel rode. Soon enough spotting the group but a bit too far to make them out. After another moment he is rather sure who they are. A deep breath of the fresh air before heading towards them with a big smile. "Hello my ladies, courier."

A hand shields her eyes as she spots Nathaniel approaching and Muirenn waves to the rider and then to her cousin who approaches a bit off the road. Cresting the hill behind her are two guards in Mallister purple, apparently off on some brief errand. They make their way up towards the group of women and wait for her friends to arrive. The teenager glances over her shoulder, "Miniella…please spread out the quilt here and let us get some of the cooled tea we packed out. I feel sure that both groups will wish for some refreshment." Once the quilt has been fluffed and spreads like a white patch upon the grass, Muiri settles herself down. A fan is withdrawn from the belt that girds her waist and is quickly implemented adding, "Why must we pick so late in the day, truly it is disgustingly warm." Beckoning her cousin, Nathaniel, and oh….there is Lord Alric…closer she invites "Please join me. Cousin, Master Corbitt….allow me to provide some refreshment for you both."

Late in the day, with the sun still baking down and the promise of cool air not yet realized with the setting of the sun, Muirenn, her septa, hand maiden and two guards nearby were picking wildflowers when first Nathaniel, then Nedra and her small entourage and then Lord Alric and his guard ride along the green as well. Nedra is dismounting her mare, a chestnut colored horse named Jinx, but waves one of her guards and the maid toward the keep, "Help her down, Petyr," she says in a quiet voice, "and send Anathe to tend to her while the horse is settled," said in the same private conversation tone as the maid is given a brief look of assessment before she waves both toward the keep.

She peels her riding gloves off and crosses over to where Muirenn is now seated and smiles a warm welcome, leaning down to hug her cousin before she takes a seat upon the blanket as well, using her gloves to fan the side of her face briefly. One hand lifts in a wave of greeting to Courier Corbitt, Lord Alric and Talbot once she is seated, "Good day to you both," she offers in greeting to both Nathaniel and Alric, her own guard having rounded up Jinx before the mare to make good on her escape.

Nathaniel bows once again to Nedra, and then feathers Molly to a nearby tree and exchanges her bridle for a more comfortable halter so that the horse can graze while he mixes business with the pleasantry of speaking with nobles who actually seem cordial toward common-folk. He returns to the blanket and spots Alric, and then he offers both a respectful bow. "If you will indulge me, lady," he then says to Muirenn, "as I explained, I have come from stonebridge with news. There was a … meeting outside the town."

Alric continues towards them until he is standing not far from them. Stopping as to not intrude. All of them offered a bow. Falling silent as he listens to what Nathaniel have to offer. Just smiling and watching them. Not barging in as he might do usually.

Hoping for that promise of cooler air, Aemy opted to appreciate it with a walk around, perhaps a final one for now as she will be headed home soon. Having been in Terrick's Roost since the festivities earlier in the month. Hearing voices nearby, curiosity gets the better of her and she makes her way over, followed by her usual guards and maid. Oh.. my. Alric being the first she notices, she continues her approach and upon seeing those gathered her delight is complete. "Good day!" Enthusiastic, she offers a curtsy to those seated, and Lord Alric, and a polite smile to Nathaniel. "I pray I am not intruding?"

Nodding, Muirenn gestures and tin cups of cooled tea are handed round. "Speak Master Corbitt, I listen eagerly for for your news." Nodding as she listens to the introduction of his information, she points towards a spot on the quilt "Seat yourself courier, whilst I may be tall, I still find it disconcerting to crane my neck so far upward." A hug is given to her cousin as she points, "Have some tea dearest, seat yourself. I am sure that this news will be quite facinating." As another noble arrives, the girl lifts a hand to Nathaniel, "Hold one moment Master Corbitt." A grin of welcome is given to Aemy, "Lady Erenford yes? I have been much excited about meeting members from my betrothed's family. I am Lady Muirenn, would you like to please join us?"

Turning to Alric, the teenaged Mallister gestures and asks "Won't you join us as well Lord Fenster and have some cooled tea? It is one of my mint blends so is quite refreshing on such a warm day." Muirenn flashes a wide smile to the Charlton vassal.

Nathaniel bows to the newly arrived noble lady, and after a quick glance at the others, he returns his attention to Muirenn. However, he remains silent, waiting for her direction on when he should report.

"Good day to you as well, Lady Aemy," Nedra says with a smile as she nods in return to Aemy's curtsy, though she'd have to get up to return it properly and having just taken a seat after a long morning of horseback riding she's only to happy to be seated on the ground. "Lady Muirenn, may I introduce you then to Lady Aemy Erenford?" she offers the introductions with a small gesture between Muirenn and Aemy. "Sister to Lord's Brennart, Nevan and Marvish along with the Lady Emylie," she adds, hoping she has that untangled properly. She lifts that same hand to shade her eyes briefly as she glances up again to where Lord Alric and Talbot are standing, which is to stay near the blanket but not immediately upon the edge of it, adding a smile of her own to accompany Muirenn's invitation. "Please, all, do join us," she says aloud, tucking the edge of her skirt a bit more neatly around her legs after she speaks and glances to where her guard Allain has left both horses into the shade offered by the trees.

On the verge of affirming to Lady Muirenn that she is indeed Aemy Erenford, she is relieved when Lady Nedra takes over the introductions and offers a smile of appreciation though there is a brief hesitation before gently relaying her relationship to them. "Cousins, the lot of them. Wonderful family, I might add." Adding after only a moment, "I would be ever so grateful to join you, thank you." Gracefully she lowers herself to sit, arranging her skirts to preserve modesty. "It is a pleasure meeting you, Lady Mallister, I admit to being rather curious as to the one who had captured my cousin's attention so thoroughly. I can see how he has become enraptured by your beauty." Her words are accompanied by a friendly smile to include both ladies. Clasping her hands together on her lap, she glances up towards Alric, only briefly, but long enough to share a smile with him as well. Finally, her gaze settles on Nathaniel expectantly. There was news?!

Once everyone has settled, Nathaniel again focuses on Muirenn. "There was much bluster and rattling of spears, so to speak, lady," he begins. "The crux of the meeting was this." He pauses again when Miniella finally comes to him with a cup of cool tea. He inclines his head to her, and murmurs, "Thank you, mistress. I am in debt to your kindness." He sips. "One of the Naylands, a noble knight named Ser Rutger," he begins. Then he blushes and appeals, "My apologies, ladies, but I report what I hear so that you know it directly." He clears his throat and continues, "Ser Rutger said, quite loudly for all to hear, 'We will leave if Lord Aleister clambers down off his horse, drops his trews and fucks his mount right now. Those are our terms. Fuck your horse and you may have Stonebridge.'" He grimaces at the very words that he must report. Then he charges forward with hiis report. "Lord Ser Aleister answered, 'I'm afraid that I will need to decline that particular caveat, Ser Rutger. But it warms my heart to see House Nayland put on such a display. Since you have rejected our terms, you have two weeks to send your women, children, sick and elderly to safety, my Lords and Lady. Good day.'"

Aemy's expectant expression slowly turns to one of uncertainty then wide eyed disbelief. Flinching at some of the words as they are delivered, she says nothing in return at first, only looking at Nathaniel and noting the grimace he gives, she understands his hesitancy in reporting such… information. "Oh my…" blue eyes reflect her dismay at either the terms or the imminent war threatening. "Where will they go?" Concern immediate. "What of the ones too ill to travel? Or too old?" Hands clench tightly as she considers the repercussions to such an assault on the residents there.

With a smile and nod to Lady Aemy, Muirenn replies with a soft laugh to her words "You are exceedingly kind my lady. I must confess that Ser Otto has captured my attention as readily as I have his. While I was much surprised with the urgency to which he made his wishes known to my family, I cannot say that I am unhappy. Indeed, quite the opposite." Her green-grey eyes shine as she adds, "Though I will always be a Mallister, I very much look forward to my new family and home." Nodding her thanks to Miniella as tea is brought to her once the guests are served, the tall girl smooths her skirts deliberately before turning to regard Master Nathaniel.

The courier's words bring a flinch, but Muirenn stiffens and lifts her chin. Such words, terms, and attitudes she well remembers bandied before…but then it was the Ironborn reavers and the Terrick forces. Fanning herself delicately she says cool tones, "Such a response by the Naylands is typical. While perhaps the Charlton's offer was only right to be rejected, well… it would take a Nayland or Frey to deliver it with such complete crass." Delicately she sniffs and says, "I think perhaps we should see if it would be violating the treaty for the refugees of Stonebridge to find a place here on Terrick Land."

Nedra's face pales in response to the words that Nathaniel relates, her eyes fixed upon the Courier's face as he speaks and blanching even paler when she hears the summary of the 'terms'. "Two weeks," she breathes, tearing her eyes away finally and looking to Muirenn. "Old, elderly, children, women.. any in the city cannot fight or should not fight will be fleeing the city - post haste - as soon as they can pack and leave. Most will bring valuables and not food. Some will bring food but not enough. The stores here were already pressed to the breaking point before the deal with the Charlton's was made, how are the Terrick's - here - or we at Seagard to feed the refugees?" she wonders in a voice that's pitched in a carefully controlled tone.

Nathaniel frowns and bows. "I regret to bring such woeful tidings, lady," he murmurs, "but we should be aware of the threats."

Looking over at her cousin, Muirenn replies "To be honest dearest, I don't know how many of them actually *could* leave. The merchants certainly…but the crofters, the poorer craftsmen….they have no where to go, no place to stay, and likely no funds to pay for a place to stay. What of the widows and orphans? They will be unable to travel on their own. A lot depends how how the Naylands treat their smallfolks." There is a pause as she looks down at regards her tea, "I must say that I am more impressed with Lord Aleister Charlton than I thought I would be. Two weeks…that is generous. The reavers did not give us an hour before they were upon us. And surely, the Naylands knew that this had to have been coming and have already begun preparations." Inhaling deeply she holds her breath and then exhales softly, "Thank you Nathaniel. I appreciate your news, ill tidings though they are. You will be amply rewarded. I think before I return home I shall go pray at the Sept. I will be in my garden this even though, will you join me there Master Courier? There is more I wish to discuss once I have had a chance to absorb these tidings."

Nathaniel bows deeply once again, and answers solemnly, He glances to Molly, who still looks sweaty but is grazing contentedly on some long shoots of grass. "By your leave, I will return Molly to the stables. Then I will be in the garden at your disposal, lady."

As the courier takes his leave, the others depart as well to digest this unwelcome news and think on what is to come. Thoughtfully, Muirenn ponders Nathaniel's words as her handmaiden bundles up the quilt and repacks the basket. Rather than taking her return home as originally intended, the girl along with her guards, Septa, and handmaid continue on to the town and to the Sept.