Page 125: Unexpected Guest
Unexpected Guest
Summary: Ser Rygar and Riordan bring the Lady Castellan of Stonebridge a rather pleasing gift.
Date: 17 Nov 2011
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Stone Walk - Tordane Tower
The long stone walk up to the Tower.
November 17, 288

There is no concealing a procession of over two score men, and Stonebridge has turned out in significant number. Many of the families of the men who had marched out earlier that day, and a great deal of relief is in the air. For once, the muster of the levy seems to be met with enthusiasm, rather than dread. The pikemen are dismissed by their serjeants, and the Tower Guardsmen take over surveilance of the 19 prisoners. A twentieth prisoner remains lethered to Ser Rygar's saddlehorn, as the two Nayland knights approach Tordane Tower.

The news of the progression of pikes had been rushed ahead to the Tower and the Lady Valda stands just outside with her own guards as she waits for the march of the men towards the Tower. There is a certain expectant look she gives the tall Nayland astride his horse, as if some extra information had been brought as well - delicious information. For there is a spark in her eyes as she watches the prisoners progressed to the Tower and it's waiting holding cells. Her sculpted chin lifts and aged wrinkles pull at her lips as she can not help but let a very faint smile touch her lips. It is one of pleasure, at least in the package that is brought to her. The Castellan is cool and collect as she waits, hands relaxing at her sides.

Bringing his horse to a full stop as they make their final approach upon the tower, the Nayland upon whose lance stands a helmet passes the lance carefully down to one of the Guardsmen before hopping making his way off the horse and taking said lance back. Patting his horse gently, Riordan passes the rains off to a servant to take to the stables while he looks over to where Rygar and the prisoner are. He waits patiently for them so that they may all proceed up the tower together.

Rygar bows sharply in the saddle to the lady in front of the tower, before dismounting. He draws off the rope that had anchored to his saddle, and looks aside to Riordan. "Ser Riordan. Bring the helm, if you would." Half obscured by the warhorse is the man whose bound wrists are on the other end of that rope. His features are mostly obscured by dirt, stubble and the sweat that results from a march of several miles in full armor.

Stepping forward as the Knights advance to her, the four guards fan out, falling two to a side as she appraoches them. Valda lifts her chin further as the dirt streaked captive is given a look. But her gaze sweeps to Riordan who she studies for a long moment, perhaps measuring him as well before she nods to him. "Ser Rygar.." She finally states in her crisp tone, looking to him. "I heard rumors…rumors from those who came before you that you had some of interest in your control.." She says and then looks to the man tied off. "Tell me…who is this then? He appears to be nothing but what was left on your boot after your excursions."

"I would not think to do otherwise, Ser Rygar." Responds Riordan, taking the helm off the lance, no longer needing to parade it through the city. Stepping forward, his gaze finally falls on Valda, to whom he bows his head to slightly. There's a glance to the person in question as Valda speaks. "Oh, would that he were some…thing left on our boot after our excursions. But I'm afraid that was not to be the case, as our luck would have it."

"Lady Tordane," Rygar greets the noblewoman evenly. "This is your prisoner, my Lady. A man who has incited smallfolk to armed rebellion in your lands, and drawn away a number of Lord Frey's peasantry in the effort." He turns to regard the exhausted captive, who managed the dignity to offer a haughty look and attempt at a pithy word in greeting. "Lady Valda. I regret that I couldn't enjoy your hospitality under different circumstances."

"Ser Riordan…" Valda intones. "He is only that, what is left on your boot." There is a faint grin that slides to her lips and she takes a step closer to the dirt strewn Jaremy Middleton as he fancies himself. Rygar speaks and she hears but her cold eyes, now sparked with great interest and fervor. "Regret? Is that all you can regret? I thought there would be …something else perhaps. Maybe giving your father's name, or perhaps …something else." She draws a breath. "Tell me, what was your ultimate goal?" There is a fascination, perhaps more fascination in the stupdity of the actions of the once Lord before her. Is Valda happy? One might say she is.

Riordan smiles softly. "Perhaps that is true, Lady Valda." He turns the helm around in his hands gently, gazing at it lackadaisically. "You know, I'm surprised it was as easy as it was to find him." He tilts his head to one side. "Then again, I'm not, what with the people he had organized to 'fight'." He shakes his head. "Really, I'm surprised he surrounded himself with such lazy people. They couldn't have killed a wolf it was standing still. Shame on him. Shame, shame."

"I regret only that I return here a prisoner," Jaremy returns to Valda, "Had today gone differently, Stonebridge would have been at long last a happier place."

Rygar turns a look aside at his cousin as Valda savors her prisoner. "Ser Riordan. Idle boasting ill befits a knight's dignity," the stern knight voices quietly, before wondering, "Do you wish a chiurgeon, cousin?" he wonders, recalling the other's injury.

Valda is quiet, glad to just study as she listens to both Riordan and Jaremy. But there is a short laugh, derisive in nature at the once Terrick. "Is that so? What would make Stonebridge happier and who are you to judge so?" She scoffs and straightens a bit from her study of the stained captive. "And what would your goal have been, to have all our heads? I think that would make you happy, yes? But it would not improve anything.." She draws a breath and looks disdainfully at him. "As a threat to these lands the rightful heirs…you are to be restrained and held until we decide what to do with you. I don't think you need any specific accomodations." She steps back and looks up to Ser Rygar and then to Ser Riordan. "Good Knights…see to it that the rest of the captives are kept away from this one, gag him if need be so that he can not lead them if indeed, that is what this could be called." She waves a dismissive hand to the rabble.
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Riordan waves a dismissive hand to Rygar. "It is not idle boasting if it is not true." He shakes his head slightly. "No, no. It aches a bit, but…" He pats over the site of the injury and winces. "I'll live. I think. If you're concerned…it is duly noted. I've gotten worse injuries in tournements, though." He clears his throat. Turning his attention back to Valda, he bows his head. "I am sure it would be our pleasure to ensure that this…'gentleman' is properly taken care of and imprisoned for the time being."

Rygar, if he could ever be said to look amused, does not look so at Riordan's answer. He too answers Valda's request with a curt nod. "It shall be seen to, Lady. With your leave, we will inter him within the Tower, and the captive smallfolk under guard without. It seems only fit that the Ser reach the destination he spent so many lives to approach," he notes with a snort twisting his composure.

It seems Valda is not at all inclined to agree with 'gentleman' even if it is a mock. But she holds her tongue, her true venom as sweet as it is now, or as sweet as it will get is reserved for Jaremy. Her sharp eyes narrow back on him and then she nods her head decisively. "See that it is done. I am sure he will be glad to have achieved his 'goal' even if so small away. A few days may change his attitude." The Castellan takes a few more steps back and then looks to the Naylands. "I trust you and your hands at this. I will make sure the household is prepared for all of you, even Ser Bruce." She does not shirk her duties as a Lady. She then heads back for the Tower and enters, stepping off to the side to watch Jaremy be escorted to the bowels of Stonebridge.