Page 586: Unconventional Nameday Antics
Unconventional Nameday Antics
Summary: It's Lord Martyn's nameday and he doesn't seem to be in the mood to celebrate.
Date: 01/Mar/2013
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Alric Martyn Mortimer 
The Green, Terrick's Roost
The Green is a large field of deep green grass, nearly flat, that runs along the base of the towers. The road into town runs along the far edge, hemming it in neatly to a confined area where beyond a line of trees serves as a subtle windbreak. This area is most often used for drilling or practice for the guards but also serves as home for festivals, tournaments, and another other gathering that might require the space for a large number of the local residents. A well-trodden path winds around the side of the wall and moves towards the coastline. Another heads southwest, toward Kingsgrove.
Fri Mar 01, 290

With the afternoon moving along Alric has decide on a walk on a bit of a colder day. Eyes gazing in the direction of the coast. Some sounds of training can be heard in the area as soldiers spar. Wind blowing and it does make the Fenster lord pull his cloak closer around himself. Continuing his wandering. A slow pace without an aim.

Walking around, and drinking. Those seems to be the two things Martyn has done most this last week, and today seems no different since he's out walking now. Just dressed in a shirt and the trousers, he doesn't pay much attention to the wind as he glances up towards the keep for a few moments now, shaking his head a little bit to himself. Expression distant as well, like it's been lately.

If Alric was to look closely, he might notice that it's not just the garrison that's drilling today, their numbers seem to have been swelled by a number of others. Not rank amateurs though, everyone seems to have at least some idea of what they're doing so it's reasonable to assume they've all had some training before. Amongst the crowd of added extras is Mortimer who seems to be attempting to prove that old age and experience can beat youth and enthusiasm as he spars with one of the current soldiers. It seems though that youth (and regular training) has it this time and the Deputy Sheriff takes a crack on the elbow that causes him to drop his sword, and curse, colourfully for a moment or two as he flexes the joint. Taking that as an excuse to take a breather for a few moments he collects his weapon with his off-hand and leaves the others to it for a bit, walking towards the edge of the Green for a few moments rest.

It isn't until the cursing that Alric actually looks towards the group with their extras. Grinning a bit towards Mortimer, although it seems that his path does move to cross with Martyn and therefore the lord has his attention first, blinking and tilting his head a bit. "Ser Martyn." He offers brightly before falling silent for a moment. "I do remember speaking with your sister and I do think she mentioned that you had a March nameday. I do not know which day though. Is it today?" He asks, guessing from the openly drinking. Glancing towards the deputy to see if he will be joining them.

Martyn grimaces visibly as he hears Alric's words, and turns to offer a bit of an absent nod to the man. "Does it really matter when it is?" he asks, a bit quietly. Lifting his wine skin again, he takes a long drink from it, before he shrugs, "But yes, it happens to be today…" Spoken a bit quietly, before he looks over at Mortimer for a few moments, offering the man a nod.

Mortimer spots Alric and Martyn easily enough and turns to make his way towards them. With it seeming that conversation is on the cards he uses his left arm to slip his helmet off his head while continuing to flex his right elbow, and grimacing slightly as he does so. "m'Lords" he offers with a brief nod to the pair, "the day finds you well I take it?"

Alric does nod as he listens, "I suppose that it might not." Though as he does admit to t being his birthday, he offers another nod. Turning towards Mortimer, bowing, "Deputy. I would say that is is a good day. A bit windy though. I hope you are alright?" Smiling still and watching the man as he flexes his elbow. Eyes do once more shift to the other lord. Taking in a breath and letting a moment settle before speaking. "Perhaps I should be bringing you along to the inn? Also, if there is a moment for us to speak later it would be nice. Not right now though, now it seems to be time to celebrate the nameday of ser Martyn." The last said to them both as he looks between both men.

"I'm trying to remember when the last time the day found me well was," Martyn replies, with a bit of a grimace, as he takes another long drink from his wine skin. He simply looks between the others now, as he shrugs a little bit. "Not much to celebrate, really," he offers to Alric, grimacing once more now,.

"Congratulations on surviving another year m'Lord," Mortimer offers to Martyn, even if Martyn doesn't seem to feel it's worth celebrating. He then turns to nod to Alric, figuring that that's where the conversation is likely to be in this gathering, "Aye m'Lord, I've had worse." There's another glance to Martyn although he's at a loss for what to say beyond, "the Rockcliff is the traditional place, unless you can get into the tower's cellars of course."

Alric nods to Martyn, at his words, "Depends on what you mean with well, ser. You breathe. For better or worse. And indeed, as the deputy it should be worth celebrating surviving for another whole year." Eyes going back to the commoner as he grins a bit, "Or if someone brings all the drink along to the coastline. Although the Rockcliff or the tower are probably the better places." Trying to keep a light conversation, but unable to avoid offering a glance to the lord. "Seize the day, ser Martyn. Bad as things seem you can still make it another day. Instead of feeding the bad with self pity." Tough love, but perhaps it is about time. "Come now, ser. Let us try to enjoy the day at the very least." Giving a comforting squeeze to Martyn's shoulder.

"Ah, yes. I can almost picture the Seven, wherever they are. 'He's survived another year, hasn't he? Let's make the next one even worse for him'…" Martyn says this a bit bitterly, before he shakes his head a little at Alric's words. "Bad as it is, I'm just waiting for the next piece of news to make it even worse." At the part about self pity, he narrows his eyes a bit, but he doesn't say anything. Trying to move away at that squeeze to his shoulder as well.

"It's been a hard year m'Lord aye," Mortimer answers to Martyn, "so how about celebrating the fact that it's over?" Not that he expects the Mallister to see it, not any more, but he has to try. Nodding to Alric he adds "The Young Lord is right Ser. If there is anything this last year has taught us it's that we should live each an every day." Flexing his fingers a couple of times to ensure that there's no damage done he turns back to Alric, "how are yourself and your Lady Sister finding the Roost m'Lord? No issues I hope?"

Alric nods to Martyn, "I know, they are jackasses." He offers with a slight neutrality. Grinning at the narrowing eyes. "My lord, you know. Life never get easier. Not really. All you can do is smile. And to prove to the Seven, or anyone, that you won't go down." He offers with eyes fixed on the Mallister before finally letting his blue hues look to the deputy. Looking to the arm, perhaps to see the man's state. "We have been quite well. My lady wife has been enjoying herself as well." He offers with a smile. "I hope you and your family have been well?" Another glance to Martyn, but for a moment being silent before he let out a low voice to the other noble, "If not for yourself then enjoy each day for those you care for."

"Over? Nothing's over. The bad things have only just begun, I fear…" Martyn replies, with another grimace, before his eyes narrow further at Alric's grin. Taking a few deep breaths, as it seems he's trying to keep his self-control, but as he hears that last part, his left hand clenches into a fist, and he aims a quick punch for the Fenster now. More for the sake of throwing the punch than for any effect it would seem.

Mortimer offers Alric a quick smile as he confirms that the Fensters are happy enough "Glad to hear it m'Lord and aye, they're well, thank you. If anything does come up though then just let us know." Not having any further answers for Martyn, he glances back towards the still ongoing drill and is about to excuse himself to head back that way when the Mallister strikes for Alric. His attempt to force himself between them is unfortunately, a little late, as is Alric's attempted dodge, but he's in full Sheriff mode now rather than polite conversation and he doesn't stop in his efforts to get between the pair, saying sharply to Martyn "M'Lord! This is hardly the way! Calm yourself."

Alric smiles and nods to Mortimer, "That is good." Turning back in time to see the oncoming punch but not enough to avoid it. Getting hit in the face and perhaps there isn't the full effect there, as it doesn't seem to have been Martyn's intent. Though it still hurts and enough to cause some bleeding from the nose. "IS that better, Martyn?" He asks and shakes his head at him. Clenching his jaw for a moment before returning to his previous stature. Eyes having gotten slightly misty from the punch to the nose. "It's fine, deputy." Keeping his cool appearance and eyes fixed on Martyn. "Now. To celebrate." He offers as if nothing happened. Even if a slight warning does show. "Besides, I am sure ser Martyn has gotten to fume some frustration. I do still wish to talk to you in private, ser." He offers to him and glances between both men. Trying to keep up the appearance of being fine.

There's an expression of satisfaction on Martyn's face very briefly, as the punch connects, but he doesn't say anything to any of the two men at the moment, just taking a few deep breaths at the moment. Flexing his hand a little bit as he remains where he is, before he drains the rest of his wine skin. Eyes still a bit narrowed, though.

"I think m'Lord," Mortimer says to Alric, although he's very definitely still watching the Mallister, "that perhaps Lord Martyn has had enough for now." There's a slightly official edge to his tone, indicating his concern that a full on drunken brawl might erupt should Martyn do anything other than go somewhere quiet to cool down for a bit.

Alric nods to Mortimer's words. "I do think so as well. But we can still celebrate somewhere else. The cove perhaps." He suggests. KEeping his own eyes on the Mallister as well. Shrugging after a moment of staring between them. "Shall we, ser?" He offers with that hint of a smile ever present. "Of course, you could join as well, deputy."

"No…" Martyn replies to Mortimer, shaking his head a little. "It's okay… If he would just keep his mouth shut every now and then…" Looking around for a few moments, he lets out a bit of a sigh. "Need something more…" Shaking his head a little bit now.

Mortimer relaxes a fraction as no further punches fly, although that doesn't mean he's decided there's definitely not going to be more in the near future. Silently glancing between both lords for a moment he then says levelly to Martyn, "I really think you have m'Lord. Now Lord Alric's suggestion is a good one, a bit of fresh air might do you the world of good."

"And how would that help you?" Alric asks with a sigh. "You do as you please. But want me to keep my mouth shut? Then you will be on your own." He offers as his eyes stay on Martyn. Seeing what the man truly wishes. Then he smiles and nods as he hears Mortimer's words. "Indeed, I think the cove or similar spot will do you good. Fresh air, calm and so on."

Martyn shrugs a little as he hears that. "Do me good…" He considers that for a few moments of pause, letting out a bit of a breath now. Looking fully unsure of what to do now.

Mortimer definitely prefers confused Martyn to aggressive Martyn and holds his hand out for the wineskin. "I'll see it gets back to the Inn m'Lord," he offers quietly yet firmly, so it' almost an instruction rather than a suggestion. "Go and cool off m'Lord," he then adds with an acknowledging nod to Alric, "go for a swim, or talk a walk, or maybe take your horse out for a ride."

Brushing back a little nosebleed Alric keeps his eyes on Martyn, even taking a step closer. "Come, my friend. Let us talk." He offers in a calm and almost soothing like. Nodding to the suggestions from Mortimer. "Any of those sound quite nice." He admits with a glance back to Martyn.

Taking a few moments to make sure the wineskin is fully empty, Martyn finally hands it over a bit hesitantly. "It won't work, you know…" he remarks a bit quietly, shaking his head a little bit now.

"If it stops you taking pot shots at Lord Bolland's guests then it'll do for now," Mortimer replies, seemingly starting to lose patience as he forgets either a m'lord of a ser. Still, he has the wineskin in his hands though, so thats a start. Turning back to Alric he checks, "I'm assuming m'Lord, that you don't wish to take this further?" He'd heard the 'It's fine' earlier but doesn't want to get caught out on something so simple.

Alric nods to both Mortimer's and Martyn's words. Still offering that walk to Martyn, for now. "No, I do not. It's just one punch, so currently it is not needed." He tells Mortimer with a polite smile. "Thank you though." Then the gaze of the young lord returns to the Mallister. "Shall we?" He asks. "You are free to join, deputy." He tells Mortimer, but keeping his eyes on the punch happy Martyn.

"Then who should I take them at now? One of Lord Bolland's sons or something?" Martyn remarks, although he forces a bit of a grin to his face now, before he adds, "It's a jest, relax…" At Alric's words, he shrugs a little, looking a bit defeated now.

Mortimer frowns slightly at the jest, obviously not entirely amused by it, but he'll let it go in the interest of keeping the situation defused. It's Alric that he speaks to though, as he shakes his head gently, "I have other things to attend to I'm afraid m'Lord, although I'll be around if you have the need."

Alric has an easy grin for the jest. "Perhaps you should try it on one of his enemies instead." He offers in a return jest before nodding to Mortimer. "I understand. I will send for you if the need arises." He offers and watches Martyn. "It will be good for you. Besides, it will be fun." Is all he says.

Martyn just shakes his head as he listens to the two others now. "Why do I doubt that?" he offers at Alric's words, still looking rather defeated and resigned.

With Alric seemingly happy to take Martyn somewhere else for a bit, Mortimer takes his leave of the pair. Offering both a polite nod he adds, "have a good day then m'Lords," before turning and making his way back towards those still drilling.

Alric bows his head to Mortimer, "Thank you. Be well." He offers before looking with a raised brow to the other lord. "Several reasons?" He suggests in reply. "Come on now." He offers and starts ahead with a small smile.

"Such as?" Martyn replies, before he follows after Alric now, steps a bit slow and heavy for now.