Ser Tyroan Nayland



Tyroan Rance Nayland was born on the first day of 235, the youngest son of Lord Darren and Lady Rebekkah Nayland. He was a squalling baby, a perpetually-dirty boy, and a rough-and-tumble youth. He was sent to be page and squire with the Pipers, learning to be a knight. He was a quick study, and enjoyed his time as a squire to one Ser Rymun Piper, a boisterous tourney knight of some minor renown. Tyroan was knighted at twenty-one, a bit later than most.

Three years later, Maelys Blackfyre and the rest of the Band of Nine made their move. Aegon V called his banners, Lord Tully called his in turn, and Tyroan marched to war. While his own exploits came short of those of the Blackfish and Ser Barristan the Bold, but Tyroan Nayland was given the byname 'The Bootleather Harpy' for the toughness he showed, and returned to the Mire with something of a reputation and a taste for warcraft.


Tyroan made enough of a name for himself that he became something of a catch around the Cape, despite being a fourth son, and he was quickly betrothed to Anathema Flint. The marriage produced four children, two sons and two daughters. Their eldest son became a page and a squire at The Twins, while their second son was fostered with the Flints of the Mountains (his mother's mother's kin). Their eldest daughter married a Goodbrook knight, and has a 2-year-old daughter of her own. In 270, Tyroan was named Master at Arms of the Mire, a position he would hold for 12 years.

His tenure came to an end when Robert Baratheon raised his banners in rebellion against Aerys II. In response to a letter from his goodfather and the lack of call to arms from the Freys, Tyroan marched north to join the Flint forces. When Tyroan marched, however, he marched alone. His knightly son refused to go to war without the word of his Lord, and several of his family members had already slipped away to join the Royalists. He also marched without any title but Ser and Lord, having been removed from his position as Master at Arms by his elder brother when Tyroan informed Rickart of his decision.


Tyroan was a man aging and balding already, and served almost entirely as an adviser and member of the reserves at the Battle of the Bells, the Trident, and the march to King's Landing and Storm's end. After the war, he returned home to nurse his wounds, comfort his wife, and see their eldest daughter married. His stance on the Rebel side of the war did not sit well with much of his family, but he made it clear that he had done so for kinship alone, and he did not begrudge any who had joined the Royalist side.

He spent his 54th nameday helping to repair the defenses of Stonebridge after the ironman attack and helped plan the counteroffensive against the raiders. When the levies marched for Alderbrook, he was tasked with the defense of the Mire, commanding what remained of the Nayland levies and Guards. When the Army of the Riverlands came through, Tyroan marched with them, helping to plan the relief of Seagard, and went with Tytos Blackwood and his group of advisors to Harlaw.

Shortly after Ser Gedeon Rivers/Tordane was cut down by Tyroan's nephew, news came that his elder daughter was having a particularly difficult second pregnancy. Tyroan and his wife left so that she could be with her daughter during the end of the pregnancy. The child was stillborn, although their daughter survived, but the trip took long enough that they were still with the Goodbrooks when news came of a host of Charltons and Haighs marching on Stonebridge.

At the conclusion of the Charlton attack on Stonebridge, Lord Walder Frey assigned Tyroan as the Steward of Stonebridge until some conclusion could be brought about in the question of succession. As Steward, Tyroan has done his best to stabilize the town and the region, cutting back on some of his predecessor's excesses, sending grain to the Terricks and the Erenfords, parlaying with the Ashwoods, speaking with the Groveses, and gathering up a Haigh to eventually marry his second son.

He has, however, had to deal with the consequences brought on by the actions of Rickart's sons, investigating and charging one son, and repudiating the actions of another.


Lady Rebekkah Nayland: Mother.
Lord Ser Rickart Nayland: Eldest brother and liege lord.
Lord Tobias Nayland: Older brother.
Ser Stevron Nayland: Older brother.
Lady Anathema Nayland: Wife.
Ser Renholdt Nayland: Eldest son, 27.
Lady Lyna Frey: Gooddaughter, #.
Lady Gwenah Nayland: Granddaughter, 2.
Lord Aeron Nayland: Younger son, 24.
Lady Visenya Goodbrook: Eldest daughter, 21.
Lady Analyse Goodbrook: Granddaughter, 3.
Lady Merida Nayland: Youngest daughter, 19.

Physical Features

Even at somewhere over fifty, this man looks as tough as an old, gnarled root. He has a blunt jaw, a lined face, heavy brows, and ears that stick out just a bit. That isn't helped by the fact that he has shaved his receding hairline down to polished scalp, leaving no hair to soften those ears. Beneath those brows are eyes of dark gray, flat as steel except when some humor sparks in them.

His body, though as gnarled as his features, still has strength in it, from heavy shoulders and a barrel chest down to sturdy legs. He wears simple, militaristic clothes, a plain brown jacket of partially hardened leather, knee-high boots with reinforced ridging, and black pants with a second layer of leather over his thighs. A simple bastard sword hangs from his left hip, and a pair of gray leather gauntlets are usually tucked behind his belt when they don't cover his hands. A green and orange badge marks his left breast, proclaiming him to serve House Nayland.


nayland.jpg House Nayland My house, right or wrong. And right damn near almost all the time. I'll do what I can to ensure that we can keep grasping — and holding on to what we grasp.
Rickart_icon.jpg Eldest Brother He's grasped far, and I thought he had grasped firmly, but his children are fucking it up. He certainly used to have better control of them.
Rebekkah_icon.jpg Mother My mother may have been taken with me before Robert's Rebellion, especially once I learned to play cyvasse, but now she scarce acknowledges me save when she can find a chance for ridicule or scorn.
Anathema_icon.jpg Wife We're too different to ever love one another, but my strange little wife is a trusted partner, whatever gods she believes in and claims to hear.
Renholdt_icon.jpg Eldest Son The son I wanted was the son I got. He's brave, skilled, and smart. Either he or his son will rule a hold for House Nayland, godsdamn it.
Aeron_icon.jpg Son The son my wife wanted was also the son I got. The North infected him when he fostered there, and he married for love. Now that she's dead, we'll see what it means for he and I.
Visenya_icon.jpg Daughter Sometimes a bit of the forgotten daughter, but she has done everything asked of her. The stillbirth was hard on her, but she's from tough stock. She'll recover.
Merida_icon.jpg Youngest Daughter It's hard to imagine how fast she's grown up. We'll be finding her a good match soon enough, so long as Rickart's sons don't fuck up our chances of that.
Riordan_icon.jpg Nephew Left me a fucking mess to clean up in Stonebridge. If he'd thought with his brain instead of his cock, he might've amounted to something.
Rafferdy_icon.jpg Nephew An incompetent spy and a treacherous son. And all over a bit of trim. Should have just bought himself a whore.
Jocelyn_icon.jpg Niece Seems sweet enough, but she's obviously shaken from getting caught by those Charlton fucks. With good reason, apparently.
Taleryth_icon.jpg Stonebridge Maester A fussy little man, for all he's about my height. Has some odd ideas and some good ones. I'll break him in.
Karel_icon.jpg Stonebridge Captain of the Guard He's quiet, but competent. He'll take some work before he's really a top Captain of the Guard, but he's putting in the effort.
Hoekenn_icon.jpg Squire Not a bad kid. Quiet, but sharp. Might make a good knight some day if he can get over the quiet bit.
Hareth_icon.jpg Man-at-arms Young as all fuck, but I suppose we all have to go through that. Seems solid enough, but time will tell.

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