Page 441: Two Mallisters and a Flint Walk into a Bar
Two Mallisters and a Flint Walk into a Bar
Summary: Well, the Flint is already there and one of the Mallisters is limping.
Date: 07/Oct/2012
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Einar Nedra Martyn 
Rockcliff Inn, Terrick's Roost
The Rockcliff Inn is one of the better inns within the town and it shows with the well-lit interior and the relative cleanliness to the other locations in Terrick's Roost. The tables are polished with oils and the floor regularly swept. A set of booths towards a darker rear of the Inn's bottom floor, just beneath the staircase, are where whores generally socialize and eye prospects from when not waiting tables. Signs over the undersized bar area advertise prices for ales and wines as well as several different choices of food to be served at the small eating area by the bar or in the main open area in its comfortable seating. A door behind the bar leads to the kitchen and cellar while another near the staircase leads to a private room that would appear to be off-limits to the 'wait staff' except for food and drink service.
Sun Oct 07, 289

It's late afternoon and Einar has made his way back to the Rockcliff. Knowing that Justin could be looking for him soon he's made sure that he can be found by claiming a small table near the fire. In front of him is a tankard of small beer and a plate with bread and cheese that he's picking at occasionally. Not perhaps an exciting evening, but one that does mean he's ready if needed.

It isn't often that Nedra gets thrown from her horse, and lucky it hasn't happened in the full view of anyone who might be prone to carrying the rumor back to her brother or, worse, her septa. But Lady Nedra is walking rather carefully, her left ankle complaining with each step of the way, but with the aid of her maid Shalla and the frowning observation of her guard Petyr, she makes her way to the Inn just fine.

Having chosen his particular seat soas to ensure he has a line of sight to the door Einar does not fail to notice the new arrivals. It's not Justin, rathat a lady he only vaguely recognises and her entourage. He starts to turn back to his beer before something draws his attention back. It takes him a moment to place it but then he spots the limp. A quick count confirms to him that there are enough seats at the table for all and so he rises to his feet and asks, "Do you require assistany my Lady? Please, take a seat."

Nedra has paused just inside the door of the inn, letting her eyes adjust to the light inside from the late afternoon/early evening gloom outside, not quite hiding the look of discomfort on her face as she sweeps a look over the room. The sight of brown haired, green eyed young lord that rises from a table nearby draws her attention and she offers a grateful smile as she nods, "That is most kind of you, Lord.. Flint, is it not?" she asks in turn, searching her memory for his correct first name. With Shalla's help she makes her way, with a reasonable amount of speed, to the table that he's seated at and offers a small curtsy - accompanied by a wince - before she takes a seat.

Einar spots the wince, but pretends, outwardly at least, that he hasn't. Holding the chair out for her to sit on he then retakes his own seat, nodding a brief greeting to the guard and Septa as he does so. To Nedra he then confirms, "Einar Flint, cousin and squire to Young Lord Anders." He still hasn't quite placed Nedra yet, and he's half hoping she's save him by introducing herself. "Would you like a drink?" he offers, glancing briefly to the bar, "I have heard their willowbark tea is pleasant enough." It's also a mild painkiller of course.

Nedra murmurs a word of thanks to Einar as he helps her into her seat, waits while Shalla and her guard Petyr take their seats as well, before saying: "It's a pleasure to meet you, Lord Einar Flint," Nedra replies with another glimpse of a smile, glad to be off both feet and gives a small - experimental - wiggle of one foot and stops (mid-wiggle) with another wince of pain. "That tea sounds like a lovely idea, and please allow me to introduce myself. I'm Lady Nedra Mallister, sister to Ser Kamron Mallister, cousin to Lady Muirenn and Lord Martyn," she offers the family ties to help untangle, just a little, which Mallister she is.

Einar knows and has indeed met all those Mallisters and so simply replies with a simple bow "the pleasure is all mine Lady Nedra." Pleasantries done he pardons himself for a moment to see to the drinks, checking what the other two would like as well. Returning from the bar he sits once more and notes "they'll bring it over once it's brewed." He then almost asks what she is doing in the Roost, but then the Mallisters have had a presence for a while but perhaps it's not such a useful question.

While Lord Einar takes their order to the bar, Nedra takes the moment to smooth some of her hair back from her face, tuck the longer strands back into the braid that's draped over her left shoulder and brush some of the dust off of her attire, making her appearing a little neater by the time he returns. When he does so she smiles, "Thank you, my lord, that will be most welcome," she adds as he takes his seat again. "It is most generous of you to allow us to join you and to arrange for the tea and such." She rests her hands on the table before her, curiosity now kindled in her eyes. "I had heard that there were a number of new arrivals to the Roost in the last day or so, but what brings you to this fair city?" she wonders.

"Please, think nothing of it," Einar replies simply before he takes a small sip of his drink. "Myself and two others arrived last night," he explains, "here to help in the search for the Young Lord. There is a man among my Lord Cousin's household down here in the south who is a fine tracker and scout, so we rode to offer what support we may." Other new arrivals he knows less about, given that so far as he is aware a least, his party was the last to arrive.

"That's most generous of you, my lord," Nedra replies with another small nod, the look of surprise and then understanding in her eyes. "All the effort that is going into find Lord Jascen," her words are somber now. "I can't imagine how Lady Anais must feel, beside herself with worry and everything else." She rubs her hands together briefly, warming her fingers before entwining her hands, "Has there been any sighting at all? Any track or trail? It sounds like Lord Jascen has just vanished, and people simply don't really do that."

Einar isn't really sure on that, and that's partially what he's waiting to speak to Justin about. "I am afraid Lade Nedra that I do not yet know all that has been found. I know that there are some indications, although not what they are. There is also a small patrol out tracking that is expected back at some point today, it may even have returned by now. Lord Justin is, I believe, waiting to hear what they find before deciding on the next move." Hearing approaching footsteps he glances up to spot one of the barmaids approaching with the tea and moves his tankard away from the middle of the table to make room. "I have not been here for several months now," he says as the drinks are set down, "tell me, has anything else of note happened in that time?"

Nedra pauses as well, smiling up at the barmaid as the girl arrives with the tea, offering a quiet word of appreciation for the barmaid's delivery of the tea and slipping a small coin into the barmaid's hand to cover the tea and a tip before the maid withdraws from the table. Nedra lifts the pot of tea to pour herself a cup, does the same for her maid and knows better than to offer the tea (that he refers to is brewed lawn clippings) to her guard Petyr. "I hope Lord Justin can give you something helpful, or that something helpful will turn up. It feels like everyone is hovering on edge, waiting for word, waiting to know which way the future will shape." She curls her hands around the cup of tea, letting the warmth seep into her hands, "Anything of note, hmmm," she muses softly, "that is a big question, my lord. I would have to ask what would be noteworthy, in return."

The tea might taste a little odd, due to the willowbark, but it's not so unpleasant as some herbal remedies tend to be. Helping himself to more of his own beer Einar agrees, "I hope Lord Justin receives a solid lead from those returning too, I spoke to him earlier up at the tower and he seems to be carrying a lot on his shoulders at the moment. He could do with a step forward I think." Anais he didn't see, now does he know her well enough to speculation on how she must be taking this turn of events. As for what is noteworth, that makes him pause and think a moment. The initial question had been asked more as a polite continuence to the conversation, but now that clarification has been asked for he figures he should probably give a reasoned answer. "Anything of import I suppose," he offers with a faint shrug, "I hear your lord brother is now married for instance."

"He is now married, yes," Nedra confirms with a nod of her head. "The Lady Saffron nee Banefort, that is, is not Lady Saffron Mallister, my good sister. The Lady Muirenn is now betrothed to the Lord Ser Elrick Otto Erenford, though their wedding date has not been set yet. The return of Lord Terrick's other son, his wife and their children has caused quite the stir," she offers by way of news. "Kicked up quite the stir of gossip, as well, and a great deal of shuffling around. In the wake of the fight over Stonebridge there is some upsurge in banditry, though I don't know if it's connected or just coincidental, but it is what it is all the same. Hmm, the agreement between Lord Aleister and Lady Anais regarding food has been upheld, which is a great relief to a great many, Terrick and Mallister alike as well as the people of the Roost."

Lord Terrick's other son? That gets a faint raising of the eyebrow from Einar. Justin certainly hadn't mentioned that, but then the man had been busy. "I have been staying thse past few months at Highfield where the Lady Cordelya is lying-in before the birth of her child," he states, "so some of that is known to me. I will remember to congratulate the Lady Muirenn should I see her though." And of course Kamron and Saffron too, although Otto he knows by name only.

"Oh? When is the Lady Cordelya due?" Nedra wonders in return. "It seems that so many are due, or expecting, I so look forward to the day when I get nephews or nieces to spoil," Nedra admits with a laugh. "It's good to hear, it's good to know, really. I'll be sure to send a gift as well to Lady Cordelya with best wishes for her swift recovery and a healthy child."

Despite being undeniably fond of his good-cousin, Einar is also not one of those men who can keep track of womanly things. Thinking for a moment he works it back in his head and then answers with a hint of uncertainty, "she has a few weeks left I believe. Maybe sometime around the end of the month?" Enough time certainly that he felt he could make this trip to the Roost without having to worry about not being there. "I am sure that she would thank you for such a kindness," he replies with a smile, then adds, "I know that both myself and Lord Anders pray each day for the health of both." To different gods mind, but then thats sort of covering all the bases really.

Nedra can see the look of uncertainty on Lord Einar's face and feels a small smile of amusement forming on 's face in return. "Even a guess is fine, my lord. It gives me enough time to find something that I hope she'll like and send it before her time comes," she answers, fighting back a laugh, though it lurks there in her tone of voice, evident even without escaping. "Are you going to help with the tracking, my lord? After all these days, where next does the search begin?"

"I believe that that will depend on the news brought back today," Einar responds simply, and on the topic he's surer on. "All that I am aware of for now is that some indication was found, and that Ser Kell took a few men to follow that up. Once it is clear how they fared then we can decide where to take the search." He hoping that the lapse of time isn't too great, but equally he is aware that Pariston really can work miracles where tracks are concerned, so if anyone can do it, then the flint man-at-arms is the man. Hence bringing him really. "I believe," he then adds, a hint of caution in his voice, "that there may be some link with the manor at Middle March? ALthough I have not hear that through any source more reliable than your average tavern gossip." It was infact tavern gossip, gossip that he'd overheard not long before Nedra had arrived.

The manner at middle march?" Nedra wonders in return, not being the most conversant with gossip herself, she says these words with a measure of curiosity and confusion. "Who is your master tracker, if you don't mind the question. I have no skill in this area, of course, but I respect those with skill that I don't have, and this is certainly one area that is very useful. I wish there were a way to help. I hope that the kitchen at the keep is provisioning all of you, all of the trackers, as much as they can spare. I'd hate the thought of all these patrols going out and being forced to forage off of the land with nothing else."

Einar isn't overly sure on exactly where Middle March is, or how it fits into everything either, it's just a name he's heard. The other question though, those he can work with. "Master Pariston Vis," he answers with a smile, just a faint touch of pride touching his voice. "I am not sure of the state of provision at the keep as we took rooms here so as not to be a burden." He was here a while back, before the food deal with the Charltons, and that has in part tempted her choice. "I would imagine the patrols have basic rations," he speculates, "although sparing a short time each day to try and snare a rabbit or such is generally an option as well." Fresh hot food being better than rations of course.

"All the same, I can speak to Lady Anais if you'd like, see if we can spare more for the patrols. As much as fresh food is welcome, it takes time away from the hunt to snare, clean, dress and prepare it. That is, unless any of you have acquired a taste for rare hare," she suggests with a hint of a smile. "Master Pariston Vis? the archer?" she asks then in return.

Stepping in from the outside, Martyn looks around the room for a few moments now. He seems like he's been doing some training of some kind, probably looking a bit more sweaty and such than he should. Stepping in the general direction of the bar, steps a bit slow at the moment.

"I am sure that Lord Justin will have spoken to Lady Anais and sorted things," EInar replies with a smile, "though thank you for the thought. I have yet to ride from here in this hunt so must in truth confess to having speculated based on previous experience." As Pariston's other talent is named the young Flint smiles again and nods in conformation, "That would be him yes."
Should Martyn find himself looking towards the fire, he might well spot Nedra and her companions sharing a table, and conversation, with Einar.

"Master Vis is the one who won the archery tournament at Seagard," Nedra explains in return. "I remember that, as the competition was rather fierce but he made the most difficult shots look easy," she adds with a slow shake of her head. "That was one of the few competitions that didn't involve bash and smash, like the melee," a hint of a grin forms on her face after she calls it 'bash & smash'. Her head lifts slightly, attention shifting from Lord Einar toward the door and the arrival of her cousin Martyn, giving a wave of greeting.

Martyn pauses for a few moments as he sees the wave. First moving to get himself some ale from the bar, and paying for it at once, he then starts moving over towards Nedra and Einar, steps still a bit slow for the moment.

Einar is fairly convinced that the approaching Mallister knight can manage his own chair and so simply gives Martyn a brief nod before turning back to Nedra. "He did yes. I had been considering entering it myself until he mentioned that he was. I wasn't sure on some of his competition but I know the man is a few better shot than me, so I contented myself for taking the money of a rich merchant from the Reach who didn't believe a northener could beat his champion, let a lone someone who wasn't even a noble."

Nedra's eyes take on a curious gleam as she sees the state that her cousin is in, "Good day to you, cousin," she offers in return with a smile of greeting. "Would you care to join us?" she asks before shifting her attention back to Einar. "If it's alright with you, Lord Einar?" she wonders.

"I can understand you not taking part when he was, Lord Einar. Remember how he shot down that raven on Harlaw?" Martyn offers after a few moments of pause, before he offers a smile at Nedra. "Cousin. How are you today?" Waiting to see if Einar should object before going for a seat.

Einar has no intention of objecting, although he does stop short of kicking a chair out for Martyn. "I do indeed remember," he confirms with a smile, "it is not a shot that I would have taken with any confidence yet he managed it superbly." He takes a moment to partake of his ale while the cousins greet each other before asking Martyn, "do you know if there is any news yet of Ser Kell's return?"

Nedra glances from Einar to Martyn and back, her cousins mention of Harlaw gives more shades of meaning to her understanding of things before she gives a startled blink at Martyn. "What have you been up to?" she wonders, wrinkling her nose a little at Martyn. "You look all sweaty," she remarks, as though this is somehow news to Martyn. "You fought together?" she asks next, trying not to pry but simply to curious to resist asking.

Taking a seat now, and a sip from his drink, Martyn shakes his head a little bit at Einar. "I haven't heard anything yet." A brief pause as Nedra's question, he offers her a bit of a grin, "Would you call me stubborn as a donkey, cousin?" he asks instead, before he nods, with a bit of a smile. "The forces of House Flint was part of the force under my command during the siege out there," he offers. Another sip taken from his drink.

"That we were," Einar confirms, "and happier to be fighting under a Mallister general than a Frey one." They'd still, all told, have rather that they had been able to form up with the rest of the northern forces under Lord Stark, but such things were not meant to be it seems. "Your cousin here was a passable leader I suppose," he adds with a smile, "always seemed to have me running the pickets at the rear of the camp where nothing ever happened though." Which is arguably better than being killed if the pickets had been rushed, but enough time has passed now that he can jest at least about the situation.

"Well no more or less than the rest of us, cousin," Nedra replies in turn to Martyn. "Which is to say, stubborn as a mule, as thick headed as a piece of granite, loyal as the day is long and once you set your mind to something you push for it - come hell or high water." She gives a glimpse of a grin, "So, much like every Mallister alive and kicking. Wouldn't surprise me to see you live past 100, to stubborn to die of old age when the time comes." She glances from Martyn to Einar again, "How rude of him," she commiserates with a smile. "Passable, hm? Boring duty, it sounds like, but then I suppose there must be boring duty even in the middle of war."

"Better boring duty than duty you get killed by," Martyn offers, before he chuckles a little bit. "Well, cousin. I guess it's now been proven that I'm more stubborn than a donkey," he offers, after a few moments of pause. Taking another sip from his ale again.

Einar is tempted to ask Martyn for a further explanation, but reckons that Nedra probably has a far better chance of getting details than he does. To the lady he replies simply, "For all the danger and the bloodshed, I can say from experience, that there is also a lot of boredom in war." He flashes a quick smile to Martyn before adding "and fish. We mustn't forget the fish."

"What have you been up to, cousin?" Nedra asks, laughing already, still searching Martyn's face and sensing some sort of story to be told. But then Einar's words tug even more at her curiosity. "Fish?" the single word asked and she glances - again - back and forth. "Please, someone tell me the story about the fish?" she asks, a smile already curving her lips, amused in advance.

"Thanks, I've tried to forget about that. Feels like I ate a mountain of it out there," Martyn remarks a bit lightly to Einar. Shaking his head a little at Nedra, "Oh, It's just that I and one of those Terricks I hadn't met before we got back here, Ser Darion, had to help this girl getting her donkey to move back where it was supposed to be."

"I'm surprised we don't all still smell of it," Einar adds, "although I have found that I can now eat it again, so long as I have notice that it's being served." He has another drink as he listens to Martyn's tale then leans back in his chair a little. "There is surely a joke in that somewhere Ser," he adds, "how many knights does it take to move a donkey?"

"Ahh. So. Neither of you would be interested in spending a lovely morning casting a baited line and bringing some fish to grill for dinner," Nedra suggests with a trace of a grin, eyes sparkling with amusement. "I mean, I'm pretty handy with a bit of fishing line and a fishing rod," she offers. "Done properly with a bit of herb seasoning and grilled just right, very tasty," she suggests. She manages to say this with a straight face before laughing and setting her attention back on Martyn. "How many Mallister knights does it take to move a donkey," she counters with a grin back at Einar. "One to determine that the donkey really won't move on it' sown. Two to determine that the best way to get the donkey to move is to move the entire world around the donkey. And three to determine that the donkey had the right idea in the first place and decide that where ever it was going was the right idea anyway?"

Martyn chuckles a little bit. "Well, I can eat fish, as long as it's only every now and then, and not every meal, every day, you know." He takes another sip of his drink, before he adds, "If we had stayed out there longer, I think I'd started getting gills or something." He then shakes his head at Einar. "Two, evidently." Another look to the others. "It started wanting to move a bit after I decided to speak to it as if it was a soldier…" Spoken a bit lightly.

"I have heard it said," Einar replies to Martyn, "that a handful of Dornish spices will do the trick. Although given the method I was told of administering them, I figure that I'll let someone else try it first." He finishes his drink but makes no move to acquire another yet as he doesn't know yet if Justin will be needing him tonight or in the morning.

Nedra is laughing quietly by the time Martyn is done speaking. "you tried to speak to the donkey, like it was a soldier?" she asks, sounding delighted and incredulous at the same time. "How did that work for you, cousin?" she wonders. She flicks a glance towards Einar next, laughing still. "The trick to administering spices is moderation and season to taste. Would it be correct to presume that this was not part of your instructions on how to administer them?"

"The trick to making food edible, or to get a donkey moving, Lord Einar?" Martyn comments with a chuckle. He then shrugs a little bit at Nedra. "We got the animal moved, didn't we?"

"Not to the donkey no Lady Nedra," Einar replies with a smile, "although the fish certainly. There was neither moderation nor taste involved in the trick to moving a mule though." He won;t go into the exact details, there is both a lady, and a Septa present, but suffice to say, he doesn't imagine it is a pleasant experience for the beast involved.

Nedra laughs even more, delighted by this conversation and amused more than she should be, but she should be but to amused to be anything /but/ amused.

Martyn chuckles a little as he listens now, unable to hold back a bit of a grin. "And of course, before we got to the moving of the animal, it was a training session with Xander. He's learning rather well, that boy."

"Your squire?" Einar asks, vaguely recalling hearing the name before but not being sure he's placed it right. Also, he figures that if he's going to be around for long enough then another get together of the squires drinking club might have to happen. Okay, so the other founding member has gone and inconsiderately got himself knighted, but that doesn't mean there can’t be new initiates for a night of beer and moaning about knights.

Martyn nods a bit at Einar's words. "Yes. The nephew of the knight I was a squire for, back in the days. A good lad, showing a bit of promise." Another brief pause, before he adds, "Did you get to meet with Ser Justin?"

"Briefly," Einar answers, "he's waiting for Ser Kell to return, or fail to, before he makes his next plan." That is, to work out what to do with whatever information Kell brings, or send a party out to look for him as well. "He was on his way somewhere else when I saw him though, and so he said he'd fill me in more on the situation either tonight or in the morning, depending on how things went." Either way though, he's not expecting to be snug in his bed in the inn tomorrow night. ot unless everything goes really well.

Martyn nods a little as he hears that. "I see. Hopefully things will go well in the end…" Going quiet again as he sips his drink once more now.