Page 266: Turn and Turn About
Page 266: Turn and Turn About
Summary: Tiaryn and her handmaiden Adara enjoy a short time of music, laughter and dancing. Oh, and maybe they talk a little about men.
Date: 10/04/2012
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Tiaryn Adara 
The trails are worn and well tended here and the fields on either side are lush and full of wildflowers amidst the lightly scattered trees of the central Cape of Eagles. A few packed dirt trails converge with the main road from outlying hamlets around Stonbridge.
Tue Apr 10, 289

Another day, and of course, Tia is heading for the fields. It's not the woods, it's close enough to the town that it should be safe from the brigands, and besides, Jacob and Adara are with her. She has a favourite rock, one that's actually tall enough and flat enough that she can sit atop it, without showing leg. It's a perfect spot to sit and play harp. There's a picnic basket and a blanket brought out with the trio, as well as a basket full of the herbs already gathered. But now, Tia is playing harp, a half smile on her face as she sings along to a catchy bouncy tune that often as not gets everyone up dancing. She actually pauses a moment between verse and chorus to say, "You could dance - I won't tell anyone."

Adara looks at Tia, where she was reclined on the blanket, setting out the sweets for her mistress. "You would like ME to dance Mistress? But.. How about if /I/ play and you dance?" she blushes a little, looking over at Jacob and up at Tia. Though she is standing, and curtsying to Jacob, ready to obey and dance with a smile on her face.

Tia chuckles softly, one hand moving from the harp. "It was only a suggestion, you don't have to dance," she says immediately. "Though now would be the time to practice, you know. Nobody here but us to see. If I were to dance, I'd have to do it on my own, I suppose." She is just lazily playing, relaxing after the digging for the roots and all. It's a wonder how she's managed to keep reasonably clean with the work done earlier. But - she's not likely going to dance with poor Jacob, who is on guard duty. "Though, did you want to play, Adara?" A pause. "I can see if I remember how to dance, if you wish."

Adara raises a hand "oh no no mistress! I will dance. You stay up there, looking like the siren in that story.. luring in the other dancers" she giggles a little reminding the two of the tale that was retold to them one night. She starts to dance with herself "I will just imagine my partner." she blushes a little bit and starts the fun little steps

Tia chuckles again, flashing an impish grin at Jacob. He can't help the wide smile on his face as he steals glances, in between doing his job making sure the two women are safe. Tia's fingers find a nice fun dancing song that she is sure Adara will know the steps to, and she doesn't play it too quickly, giving time for the dancers to catch on to the steps, even if they are invisible dancers. "That's the spirit, Adara!" she says, happy with the game way that Adara is playing along. "Though I don't believe I look quite like a siren, even if you can't see my feet.:

Adara giggles and is dancing, she lifts her skirt to expose her slippers, and encourages Tia "faster, lets see how fast you can go, and still keep me in step" she goads Tia, spinning along with the invisible man that is guiding her on the intricate steps. "and then you simply MUST teach me that new dance!"

Tia laughs outright at Adara, obligingly speeding the music up just a step or two, at least to begin with. "A challenge is it? Alright then, let's see how long you can keep up." She actually starts to concentrate as the pace of the song continues to speed up, one verse at a time.

Adara gets a look of contemplation as she wiggles, her feet lifting up and up, dancing and tapping toes. Her attentions are only on the dance and the invisible partner, the musical beat her guide. "Tia you play so well!" she breathes out in a giggled gasp, speeding up as she spins in the daylight warmth.

Tia has to work a bit, but not too much, since she knows this song so well. She keeps speeding up the song, seeing if Adara can keep up. It's got a set pattern of steps that need to be stepped in order, and she's watching for a mistep. "Thank you," she says, in response for the compliment. "You dance pretty well. Let me know when you've had enough?" But the music is still speeding up.

Adara is breathless, her skirt flaring out, spinning as she follows the pattern. Her body lifting to tiptoes, her steps growing shorter as the music goes faster, making it hard to do the full stretch. "enough enough!" she finally calls out, flopping in the grass to stare up at the sky, gasping out a laugh

Tia laughs outright, her amusement clear and musical. "Well done," she compliments, as she then sets her harp down and gets to her feet to make sure that Adara is still all in one piece. "Are you okay?" she asks, kneeling at the younger woman's side for a moment. "And which dance did you wish to learn?" she asks, her head tilting.

Adara rolls over, staring at her mistress "Tia that was so fun!" she still struggles to get her breath back. "That new dance that was played at the last ball. You know, the one that had people mingling and stumbling as they tried to figure it out?"

Blink. Blink. "The last - Adara, it's been over a year I think since I've been to a ball," Tia says slowly. "I'm not so sure I know this dance you are speaking of." She is thinking though, settled down on the blanket for the moment. "I think it would have been at Corrie and Anders' wedding. Is that what you're thinking about?"

Adara nods her head "yes. yes that is the one. The one that the Bard with the red hair tried to teach. You seemed very quick to learn it. I enjoyed watching you." she admits. "and in the shadows, I tried the steps myself. but it was hard to remember them all"

"You were watching me then? Gods, Adara, that was even before we met!" Tia is startled, but she puts her mind to thinking through it. "Oh, let me see if I can remember it. Do you recall the tune? How did it go? Was it like this?" She hums a few bars.

Adara shrugs "you are a lovely person to watch." she shrugs. "I was there with father then, he was in the band, testing out the instruments." she hums the tune, blending into Tia's humming easily enough

Tia nods her head, concentrating on the tune for a moment. She gets to her feet, giving a flourishing curtsey, and then she starts to dance, working out the steps by feel. She can sort of see them in her head but she needs to be actually dancing them to make them come to life. "Keep humming?" she asks, as she slowly puts the pieces together.

Adara can even remember the words, and her voice starts soft, singing the tune slowly as she watches Tia dance the sort of waltzsambasalsa thing. "Tell me of Desmond?" she says after a pause, and then goes back to singing and humming when the words are forgotten.

Tia steps to the music, just humming along in harmony, and working out the steps. She's concentrating on that, rather than the words, so Adara's question surprises her. She blinks and then she shrugs, taking a big twirling step. "What about him? He seems a nice young man, don't you think? He is very young though, I think. Shy. And very different from Ser Quellyan." She pauses there, before she looks over at Adara. "I don't know if that one will come calling, after the war, assuming he is even able to. I think though, I'd like it if he did." She pauses, going back to thinking about Desmond as requested. "Can you imagine being unable to see during the day? It must be quite a challenge for him."

Adara shrugs "we all have weaknesses, you have to lead with your heart. Right?" she asks as she hums again "there was a spin in there somewhere. Wasn't there?" she points out, still stretched out on the ground, "you are ready though, right? to claim a new man, even if it takes you from flint?"

Tia works through the steps she's remembered, pausing. "Yes, you're right. There should be a spin here," she says. She goes through again, making sure to include the spin, even if it lifts her dress so that her feet and ankles show. Once she gets to the end, she looks over at Adara. "Well, either that's it, or we're inventing a new dance," she suggests. Though she then takes a breath as she thinks about it. "I think maybe I am. At the very least, I'm ready to think about it, if there should be anyone who is interested. Though I can't think why anyone would be, with all the sweet young things that are around."

Adara stands up, humming the song and playing the part of the man. She grins "if we made up a new dance it is totally cool. though if we make it up, it needs more spins and being close to the guy. Especially if he is cute." she grins. "and if Desmond cannot see, he certainly can TOUCH, right?"

That gets a half laugh from Tia and a half scandalized, "Adara! You have been talking to Corrie too much or something. Please." She takes a breath and then she shakes her head. "You know, I have only met the man twice, and both times he's been quite kind and chivalrous, but - I don't think that means he's got any interest at all." She pauses, giving Adara and then Jacob a look as if asking them both if she's making sense. "I think whatever dance we make up, it still has to be within the bounds of proper, as you well know. You're supposed to be my chaperone, not the other way around."

Adara grins at Tia, and tilts her head "I am to chaperone you to keep you pure. Making a dance that lets you gt close enough to see the man's eyes is not unnnatural. And you need something, someone. You are too young to rot. and /I'm/ too young to rot too." she stands up, spinning Tia in a circle, letting their skirts flare out as she spins faster ad faster.

Tia laughs outright at Adara's comment, reaching her hands to take Adara's as the two begin to spin faster and faster. She's laughing so hard she can't stop even while she helps increase the rate of spin dizzyingly. Until she ends up stumbling and then falling on her back, all helter skelter, and a good thing there's nobody here to see this little escapade or the rumours would be horrid. She has to wait until she stops laughing, so that she can speak again. "There are such dances already, and I'm sure once the war is over you can lead Pariston Vis on a merry dance of your own." Turn about is fair play after all.

Adara blushes hard, squirming and looking around to see if Jacob heard. She stares back at Tia. "I .. I don't know what you mean." she sits up from where she sprawled. "whatever do you mean?" she licks her lips. staring away, busted hardcore in her daydreams.

Tia reaches out a hand companionably to Adara's shoulder, briefly. "It's okay, Jacob and I won't tell anyone. Pariston is a great guy. You could do a whole lot worse, and you'd have trouble finding a better man,' she says gently. "I think it's sweet."

Adara smiles "I wish I could write to him, while they are gone. But I don't htink he would even remember me. And what if he does not return? or gets killed there? we should go there. I can help in the medical tent!"

Tia pauses at Adara's comments and then she shakes her head. "They have the maesters with them, most of them, and they will all come back, I'm sure of it," she says softly. She gets to her feet, dusts off her dress, and then reaches a hand for Adara. "C'mon, Adara, it's time to take these herbs back and clean them up so they can be dried. Let's collect our things and head for the inn before the sun sets." She even leaves the way, heading back into town.