Page 540: Try Everything We Can
Try Everything We Can
Summary: Dania and Ciaran arrive to assist Arabella.
Date: 14/Jan/2013
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Flint Camp
Large clearing with lots of tents. A big pvaillion and multiple smaller ones, also a cook fire and the foundations of a small manor.
Mon Jan 14, 290

Only having been allowed in the camp again just today, Bella feels like the battle to get in was worse than the one to get out! This time there is a tent for her and water and food, all put together away from the pavilion but near the fire and near the tent where Einar sleeps this day, sick. There was no denying it now, he was sick. Would the herbs and fluids be enough? Ragny is probably in the pavilion tending the sick and Bella is once more catching up on the painstakingly written notes of the Flint Lord. Notes she was intent were going to be written now that the others were getting too sick to see to such details.

Getting back in was easier for Dania and company, for one they are smallfolk and two they are experience in both healing and herbalism. The cart and horse have been left at the barricade and laden down with supplies the tired healer/midwife makes her way towards the pavilion and tents where the sick reside. Her wide brimmed hat shades her face and she is dressed in a rough woven gown of linen that she plans on burning when she gets ready to leave here again. Over her shoulders she has a plain woven basket that works almost as a backpack. As usual her appearance is neat and she smells of strong soap and herbs.

Following behind her is her new apprentice. Having a scarf, of sorts, covering his mouth even as they enter. Covered up, perhaps having seen a few different sicknesses on his way between the Riverlands and the Neck. Hands covered as well. His own smell not being anything of note really. Other than trying to keep himself as clean as smallfolk can get. Following close behind Dania and letting her take lead. Not really being familiar with this spot. It's not really Tall Oaks any longer after all.

Bella had not been expecting anyone, and as she looks up she has to do a double take. Her plague cloth is over her face and there are gloves on her hands but the delight in seeing life, health.. the other healer is more than she can contain and she rises and rushes over, a beaming smile on her face behind the cloth, but showing in her eyes. "You came back, oh, I am so glad you came back!"

Setting the items down Dania takes out soft cloth to covers her face and she then takes out an apron, gloves and sleeve guards. She put them on. Her face hand and arms and the body of her gown is now covered. From the saddle bag she takes out another set of sleeve guards and an apron and she hands the items to Ciaran. "Here you go put these on. Part of the prevention of this illness is keeping it from spreading. There is no cure. The key is to keep fluid in the patient and treat the symptoms as they come arise. There many treats for the bloody flux. Some patients will survive, but the numbers are small." This is said in a very quiet voice to him.
It is then she catches sight of Noble woman and she offers her a curtsy. "Milady Fenster, I see you got your brother to agree with you." She says to her. "It is good to see you again. I hope you do not mind. Despite those promises I made I had to come back I could not leave it, this was haunting my dreams." She moves her arm in a sweeping gesture to indicate the camp. "Milady may I introduce to you my healing apprentice, though he is an herbalist in his own right, Master Ciaran Fullbringer." She offers the introductions.
"Good Master this is Arabella Fenster."

Ciaran listens and nods as he puts on the offered clothing. "I understand." He says and will do what he can to help out. Bowing to the lady and offers a teasing wink to her. "I will do what I can as well. Hopefully I can be of enough help either way." He says and smiles. Not really knowing anything about the Fensters. Continuing to finish his preparations.

"It is nice to meet you, Master Fullbringer," Arabella nods in return. "Yes, Mistress, he finally relented and allowed me to return, but when I leave here now I have to go to Broadmoor for his wedding. I do hope to be out of here by then, but if not, surely he would understand." Her eyes drift back to the camp. "Lord Einar is under the weather." They still do not talk much about it.

"When is the wedding?" Dania asks her. "If it is within a month, it should have gone through its course and if you do not make it, you know what that means." Her answer is polite but honest. "I am glad he let you come back. I am certain he is fretting." She pauses. "How ill is he and what are his symptoms? There is no under the weather here." Dania adds. "Forgive me for my honest words Milady. Also what treatments have been used? For that matter what is the morbidity count?" She asks.
She then looks down over at Ciran. "Rangy is the Camp healer, she works for the Flints. Lord Einar belongs to house Flint." She explains. "Lady Fenster came here to offer her aid. She is a healer in her own right."

"Same, lady Arabella Fenster." Ciaran offers to her with a hidden smile. Though listens and nods a bit, "I must admit, I'm surprised any nobles are out here at all." He tells them both and shrugs. Moving around slightly finish of his preparation. Nodding as he listens to Dania's explanation. "I see." Not that he is changing his mind about being surprised to see nobles here either way. But for now their duty is to try and heal and help. To the best that they can.

"The wedding is on the twenty-seventh of this month." Bella knows all too well what that means and she has accepted it as a possible option. "He is worried about me, I know he is.. but how could I stay away when I was needed? I am certainly not as informative as you are Mistress." When she asks of the symptoms, the Fenster looks sad. "Fatigue, dark circles," with a monotone voice she lists them all off, fevered, cramps, nausea, fatigue. "He is not well."

"Do you know what they have been treating him with?" Dania asks her. "No diarrhea or vomiting?" She then looks at Ciaran. "The symptoms for bloody flux are nausea, fatigue, a general sense of unwellness, fever, sunken eyes that cause the dark circles around the eyes, intestinal and stomach cramping and vomiting and bloody loose stools." She then looks back to Bella. "How far has he progressed? How long has he been with fever, are they keeping him hydrated with the barley water?" She looks back to Ciaran. "I apologize if I am reiterating anything that you already know." As she continues to talk she keeps her voice down and low so only they can hear her.

Ciaran raises a brow, "Shouldn't tansy in a heavier dose, or wasting potion, help?" He suggests, not really knowing a lot about the sickness though he does know what the herbs can do. Shaking his head, "It's fine. I do need to know about the disease more since that gives me an idea about what to use against it." He explains and smiles rather sweetly. Keeping his voice in the same tone as Dania. Nodding to the lady's words as well. "All we can do is treat it I suppose. When it is deemed too late, all we can do is give the person a painless death." Looking to Dania at that last though to see her opinion.
You paged Arabella with 'from here on in, go with whatever answers seem fitting. He's ill and getting worse, but beyond that all is good'

"Unfortunately I have not been able to give him anything except water. I am uncertain what Mistress Ragny has been giving him because when I got here before I was put in quarantine the very next day pending approval again. I had to go get it from all concerned again." Shaking her head she looks uncertain. "I have only just arrived again, myself but it seems like he is ill and he is getting worse.. not better."

"Tansy works in the beginning but only does so much; in the latter stages of the disease it will not ease the cramping. There are many different treatments based on the area in which the outbreak is located. I am not certain if they tried the Wasting Potion, but I would suggest using it on those that are just beginning to show symptoms. As it further weakens the patient and those in the later stages of the disease are decimated. Then again, we still might want to try it. I am not certain if they have been using willow bark tea to help combat the fever. It helps with both the fever and the pain. Milk of the poppy we have a limited supply of. But that is the key, what do we have and how can we utilize it." She then looks to Arabella and nods. "Mineral salts, barley water and little honey in it. If we can we need to work on breaking the fever." She looks thoughtful as she takes off her hat. Her hair is neatly and primly pinned up.
Her voice is now but a whisper. "The disease has to pass a certain point with patient and victim. When it passes that point I would not object to the painless. But, we have to be careful as this is the Flints jurisdiction. I do not want to be beheaded, stoned or drowned." Keeps her voice at a whisper. "There are other herbs that can be used, but we need to work with what we have. I also have a few ideas but once again infusions of some herbs, will work but I do not wish to be beheaded, stoned or drowned, call me selfish."

Ciaran nods a bit as he listens. "The milk of the poppy will only ease the pain but not really do much more, will it?" He says and tries to figure it all out mostly. Taking in the words from the healer and trying to figure everything out. Nodding slowly. "I milk of the poppy should give them rest. Will the tansy perhaps work more effectively when they get rest?" He suggests.
As Dania goes on in a whisper Ciaran only nods. Agreeing with what she says. Opting not to speak, in case someone tries to overhear them. The less said the better.

Bella listens intently to the wisdom of the healer who is worlds more experienced than she is, trying to commit all to memory. "We need to break his fever, perhaps as soon as he wakes or now, I think the sooner the better." Hearing about it being Flint jurisdiction gets a quick nod, though technically it is Highfield she believes. "There is no use for the tansy now for the beginnings. Everyone here is sick and has been for awhile. Everyone except the three of us. Master Fullbringer, I do so hope you know what you have walked into. It is a place few walk out of alive."

"Cool, cloths will be needed as well. The key is to draw the fever out or break it, poultices, mixing mint and roses in the water, feverfew, fengreek, woundwart, willow, we need willow bark tea. I am not certain if they have used leaches as well. But we can bleed the patients. But we do not want to bleed them too much. It is a fine line when one balances the humors in the body. Poppy only does so much like you said good Master and we will run out and it is costly to make. I would suggest for our own sake that we use it on the Lord. Any other herbs that you can think of Master Fullbringer I am more than happy to try. I have some ideas of my own. But, we will see. For now, keep clean. When we leave we burn everything we came in with. That is why I left the cart and horse on the other side. Milady, forgive me for sounding so forthright. Now I wonder if Lord Einar will forget what he had me promise him. I think we are beyond asking permission to treat his people, but we should ask first. Even though personally I think that we need to try anything we can." Dania looks thoughtful.

Ciaran nods as he listens, "Ah, I just assumed that with the rest and the stomach pains it could help to have a heavy dose of tansy. I do know about wasting potion though. Might not be wise in later stages as it will increase the risk of death." He raises a brow and nods to Dania's words about other herbs. "Perhaps try to make them throw up? If contained that is so it does not risk spreading. Since you mentioned the bowel pains and perhaps this could get rid of whatever it is?" He suggests but not sure if that might make it worse.

"They will be throwing up soon enough, but it is worth a try. What of dill and fengreek or even…." Dania does not finish the thought. Instead she watches the lady head back towards the tent. "Dream wine, can be used. Shepard's purse mixed with wine could help as well. But I do think there is enough wine here." She chews on her lower lip.
"Boiled water we can have plenty of. Now the question remains what herbs do we have and what herbs are in season and can be found near here that we can gather? Perhaps a mix Tansy and dill. Apparently they have tansy aplenty, but the tansy is not helping with the fever which leads me to believe that they need separate treatment for the fever, and another when cramping get worse." She muses and rambles at the same time. "Let us do this… let us start with the fever. We know purge it from the system as soon as the first symptoms appear but if we move from that idea to the next stage in the sickness or teir if you would."

Ciaran listens and nods. Thinking a bit about it all. Not knowing too well about the effects of mixing the wine with herbs. Though he does know something else. "Perhaps garlic. I do think I remember those I stayed with in the Neck used garlic broth with milk of poppy. I do think that was for fevers at least." Not seeming certain, but he does suggest it. As for the cramping, he nods. "Something to paralyze the body? Or at least to get it to relax? Perhaps trying to apply breath of winter? To get the numbness to relax the muscles? Does that work? Or would cramping still happen despite going numb?"

"It is applied topically and would not work on the stomach. The garlic broth could work but we do not have enough of the milk of the poppy to go around." She frowns. "But we can use it on the noble. The question is do we have enough garlic. Would you mind checking the stores here and taking stock of what they have and what they do not have?" Dania asks him with a gentle tone to her voice.

Ciaran nods a bit, "Perhaps we could find something else to try and ease the fever. Do we have any sweetsleep? Perhaps it could help. As long as we do not use too much, since we could risk losing them in such case." Or rather, they just don't wake up. As for garlic,he nods. "I will try and see if there is any garlic around. If there is then we could use it effectively. I can go and check in the supplies." But seeming to want to know if there is more first before setting off since planning it all first could be wise.

Bella had gone to the pavilion that hosted the sickest of the Flints and after just a short while, she walks back out, pausing at the ever boiling water to clean herself before walking back to the others. When she does not immediately notice Lord Einar, she peeks into her own small tent, reaching just inside and extracting a bit of parchment. Once that is done, she approaches the Lord's tent. "Lord Einar? There is a message from Lady Tiaryn for you."

"The sleepsweet will not ease the fever just ease them into a deep sleep, which might be a blessing. It is the dreamwine will also help with the pain; I do have Sleepsweet on me. It will put them into a slumber. Cool clothes, willow bark, feverfew; tansy should have also helped with the fever along with the willow bark." Dania says to him. "But I adore the way you are thinking. This is good. Let us go inside and bring your kits and supplies. Time for us get to work. I should have never left. Damn me to the Others."

When there is no answer, the Fenster peers in, total invasion of privacy for sure, but.. she had to make sure he was breathing. With a sigh of relief, she notes he is and leaves the message for him to find near the door. Once that has been done she moves back and looks at the healer and herbalist and hears of their discussions. "I will be going back in the pavilion now, if either one of you want, I brought some things with me of my personal herbs from home and they are in my tent. Feel free to check through them." Once that is completed, Bella walks back to the pavilion, game face on.

"There are many herbs that we steep in wine to help break or draw out the fever, including willow bark. Willow bark is one the most wonderful herbs out there. I cannot sing its praises enough. It is up there with shepherds purse, woundwart and tansy. Then again there are many herbs out there, which can be used. Many just overlook them or just know of their one use…meaning they just think of it as a poison." She smile a little as she says this, though her face is covered her blue eyes shine. "Well, I will leave you to your own devices, I going to wade into the thick of things and see if I can make heads or tails of what is happening. You have my permission to go through my things, take what you need." She smiles as she says this.