Page 012: Truths Are Deadly
Truths Are Deadly
Summary: Ryker and Isolde have another moment to bond - over her mother.
Date: 24/07/2011
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Isolde Ryker 
Isolde's Chamber - Tordane Tower
A high headboard crowns the bed with carved flowers and vines at the top, a faded green velvet over blanket settled to decorate over the quilt beneath. A few pill pillows decorate the standard affair and a robe and dressing gown rest over the footboard. A chest is set at the side of the bed, open and showing a few personal items beneath folded blankets and robes. On the opposite side of the bed is the double slitted windows, a small table and chair set next to it with quill and scrolls rolled atop. Next to the chair and directly inward from the door is the hearth. Upon the mantle is strapped several dried bundles of lavender and rosemary that gives the room it's scent. An oval shaped rug of soft creams and greens decorates the main floor and the right wall holds the low chest of drawers.
Sun July 24, 288

Asha, the poor girl, caught in the web that is being steadily build by Valda stares inward as the door to the chamber is pressed open. Her last pleas die as her eyes widen to the scene beyond. "Wait, m'lord, the Lady isn't proper!" Milicent sits with Isolde who rests before the fire, knees to her chest, arms about them as her head rests upon the joints. Her gaze is settled to the fire and Milicent has a dressing gown draped over her backgwards so that the opening allows for the Lady's back to be exposed. Wincing, closing her eyes, Isolde shudders and bites at her lip, holding back a soft whimper as Milicent applies and herbal strip of cloth gently to the red long welts going crosswise over her back. Tears fall down her cheek and she flinches a bit more as the gentle hand of Milicent continues, dabbing over a few splits in the skin that have bled a little.

Ryker's boots can be heard on the stone stairs and flooring long before he can be seen. Those heavy footfalls denote a man on a mission. But considering what Isolde went through its no wonder. Asha can be heard protesting to him in the halls, trying to catch up. He promptly arrives at the door with Asha and nearly shoves her out of the way. He doesn't even knock. Ryker just fills the archway. Pursed lips add to an already determined look as he scans quickly and finds Isolde sitting as she is. He turns to Asha and leans in. "If you ever lie to me again about Isolde being harmed, I will have you strung up by your breast and drug behind a horse," he growls. His extended finger passes slowly by her face before he walks directly towards Isolde. Determined eyes move between his wife-to-be and Millicent. "Explain. Right now." This is not a request.

Shocked by the presence, Milicent is in movement already. The large plump woman now stands between her Lady and the invading Lord. "My Lord Ryker…please. The Lady Isolde is not dressed." She tries to shoo him, giving Isolde a long look over her shoulder. The Lady for her part is half numb to what is going on, but she is gathering herself to her feet and doing her best to grab for a blanket to cover herself, the filmy cloth hardly something that can be called proper clothing. Her dark hair polled over one shoulder away from her exposed back that he can not see now, she swallows. "I…stepped against my mother. I shamed her." Isolde speaks up, Milicent looking still a bit put out by the improper atmosphere.

Ryker's eyes turn on Milicent and he bores into her face. "Do. Not. Dare. Come between Isolde and me. Ever. You will not hear this warning again, Milicent." He's looking more and more like he might be on the verge of getting angry if he isn't already. The man's patience has been tested time and again, but his dedication to Isolde has also. The latter is not to be questioned. The man's eyes then move to Isolde and he steps around the servant with a 'Fetch her something if you must.' However, he is undeterred. The man isn't looking at her body or any hints of what is behind the sheet. His focus is on her face and what he glimpsed of her back. "You stepped against your mother. And she did this to you?" Reasonable assumption after the other night. "Why." Another statement, not a request. "What did you do?" Time to test that trust.

Milicent pales a little, though still showing some distaste, she bows and steps aside. Isolde watches the incoming Ryker and decides quite readily she would not like him mad at her. Her gaze does not shy from his, not quite yet and when he asks what she did, she flushes with color. "It is something I did before I met you…something born of desperation." She says, testing him as well. "My Lord.." She breathes quietly, her gaze dropping as she closes her eyes. "What ill you would think of me to say it..I can not. For I have come to care for you, respect you. My actions were not to harm, for I didn't even know you. It was to win something for myself and spite my mother, to feel…to know …what love is." She trembles, "this..was when I expected you to be unkind and harsh. To be cold…..and I do not think that now." She rushes to say the last, quick to lift her gaze to him. But those green eyes show uncertainty and remorse. "I do not think that all now…." SHe is not being direct, but it is something for her to speak as openly as she is.

Ryker's expression doesn't change, though the fire in his eyes grows. His lips are nearly white, they're pressed so hard together. He glances over towards Milicent as she busies herself. Ryker steps towards his wife to be and leans his head close. He speaks in a rough whispers. "You wanted to feel love? Something for yourself? I'm not a fool, Isolde. Do you want me to make assumptions or are you going to tell me to my face what has brought this about?" Its a very direct question and spoken sternly.

The way he moves makes her shrink some and catch her breath. Fear grips Isolde and she tangles her hands into the blanket held against her form. Her gaze lifts to meet his and his expression causes her chest to tighten. Her chin lifts slowly, trying to find some strength. She loved. It was done and now all as undone. "I met with Young Lord Jaremy….I lay with him, once." There is a dip of her head and her eyes lower. "I am sorry, my betrothed. I did it without thought of others…only for myself. I was to lose him forever.." She says and she states, "I have shamed myself and my mother. I am not untouched….but..I would do it again if I had to live that choice once more. I will not lie to you. But I am to be yours..and to that I will be true. Always."

Ryker listens but the ire in his eyes doesn't seem to rise more than it already has. "And Valda had you beaten for this." He takes a heaved breath, eyes still staring at her. "You and I will speak about this later." One of his brows lift and his eyes soften a touch. "Your trust is well-placed, Isolde." He keeps her gaze a second longer before he turns and steps for the door with a purpose. "Milicent: Fetch whatever is required for my wife-to-be. Any septon or herbalist required. Nobody see's the bill but me." The last word is spoken just as he passes through the arch, his jaw locking.

Worried that perhaps things would go worse than they do, Isolde's headl lifts to meet his gaze. Her lips part and a slow relief washes through her mixed with amazement. "Ryker.." She says after he gives his orders. The Lady watches him, a softness in her gaze now, marking him a curiousity. "Thank you." It is set with utter sincerity and not making him linger if he does not want. Still flushing with some embarrassment for what was shared, she dips her head faintly in respect as Milicent shifts, moving to send Asha out for a Septon, much as the Lady had bid them not.