Anne Hathaway
Anne Hathaway as Tria Forester
name: Tria Forester
father: Roth Forester
mother: Niamh Forester
spouse: None
issue: None
gender: Female
age: 17
height: 5'0"
weight: 130
eyes: Dark brown
hair: Brown
honorific: Mistress
house: ?
position: Craftsman


Born in what was once Terrick's Roost, Tria grew up in her parent's inn. She learned from a young age how to make an inn work, learned who was who by what sigil they wore on their breast. Her mother was an excellent cook, and taught Tria all that she knew in the kitchens. When Tria was small her father would take her out and find berries from the forests, of which she'd help him turn into wine. They were never big batches of wine, but he taught her how to brew with the best of them. It  was the inn's specialty, aside from her mother's cooking. Growing up Niamh Forester, Tria's mother would often need her help, serving meals, milking cows or getting the eggs from the chickens. 

As Tria grew into her form the men started to notice, and the girl learned how to make them want to spend more on her father's wine and ale. A bright smile and a wink and some were wrapped aroumd her finger. When she was fifteen Tria's mother died and the girl had to take over the kitchens. She could still serve the customers and do her flirting, but just not as much as before which made Roth Forester, her father, quite happy. Tria was quiet a natural at singing, often times she'd be found out back while collecting eggs, singing beautifully. Her mother always encouraged her to continue, never pressuring her, and as she continued to give support. After some time Tria would sing for the crowds in the inn, happy to let them hear her voice. She is better when the song has a little happiness to it as Tria is quite bubbly!

All through her childhood her older brother, Dramon, was learning how to fight, and while he'd not let Tria use a weapon, he taught her to use her hands and feet as her weapons. All done in secret of course, and never to be used against nobles! Each night after closing, she would go out and practice with her brotherr. She'd never be able to kill someone with her hands but she may give herself some time to get away if possible! When war came to the to Terrick's roost The Iron Men killed her brother, burnt their inn to the ground, and sent her and her father fleeing, they wandered some time and found their way finally to Highfield, perhaps their they can find a nice place to live and work.

Long locks of umber brown hair flows freely down her back in several layers. Her face is oval, with soft tanned skin, high cheek bones, but a slight plumpness to her face showing a bit of youth to her. Her lips are a soft shade of pink which is usually curled up into a wide beautiful smile, her nose pert and small. almond-shapped eyes sit evenly on the sides of her little nose, they are the color of dark chocolate, holding a touch of innocence to them as well. Her long and slender neck is graceful and smooth, with a lithe and toned body.

Allies and Foes

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