Lady Tressa Terrick


The youngest of Lord Greydon's daughters and treasured niece of Lord Eyrie, Lady Tressa was rumored for her beauty and kindness throughout the Eyrie. While she is reputed to have had many suitors, it was 'the Crimson Axe' that eventually won her suit, his physical prowess and keen military acumen said to have placed him as favored with her father and Lord Uncle. Many houses surrounding the Eyrie appeared disgruntled by the choice of the Riverlander Lord over their own sons, but in the end Lord Ser Bolland and Lady Tressa were married just after her 16th birthday.

She has since given him five sons and two daughters, helping to grow his own lineage of the house to surpass that of his brothers. Almost a complete opposite of her Lord Husband, the Lady Tressa is known to be filled with compassion and a whimsical soul. She favors the fine arts and is rumored to be responsible for fostering more than a few minstrels and artists throughout the Vale. Despite her calm and compassionate nature, she is a mother first and foremost and would go to any lengths to ensure her sons and daughters are accorded the best life has to offer. The Lady Tressa has been known to be responsible for the sudden change of interest in more than a few inappropriate suitors for her childrens' hands over the years, whether male or female.

After 15 years of courtly life and manuevering within the halls of her Lord Uncle at the Eyrie, she has finally returned to her Lord Husband's ancestral lands with her children. Why now after all this time is anyone's guess - though one cannot help but wonder if despite all outward appearances Lady Tressa might be just be a little more like her Lord Husband beneath that compassionate facade.


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