Page 293: Treason to the House
Treason to the House
Summary: Lady Valda summons Lord Rutger to discuss the actions of his brother. Rutger does not take kindly to it.
Date: 08/05/2012
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Valda Rutger 
Valda's Chambers — Tordane Tower
A modest room but with a double bed that is crown in an oval headboard of maple, giving the room it's lighter look. A cream rectangular rug is angled in the center of the room. A chest for storing the visitor's goods is at the foot of the bed and a rich burgundy and cream cover settles over the bed. A hearth to the right of the windows which rests between it and the bed is done over with a iron screen meant to be removed when in use. A pair of chairs rest near the window and about a small circular table set with a candle. On the same wall as the door rests a low chest of drawers, a basin for water and a few wooden mugs rest there for use.
May 8th 289 A.L.

Valda stands by her tall, uncovered window. However, her gaze is toward the floor, her thoughts clearly more internal. Lips tugging down into a tight frown, the Castellan stands with hands folded primly at her waist, while a maid is tidying up the room and pouring wine for two.

Also, it's afternoon.

Per the notes, One of the Nayland men came as soon as he was able to. Indeed, one could say he rode like the wind. All the same, steps are heard outside amongst the corridor, before a knock would herald the arrival of one Rutger Nayland. He'd of course wait for the door to be closed behind him, before brows would raise.

"You summoned me?" Apparently he has other things on his plate at the moment, but the Lord has shown.

Valda's head snaps up as soon as she hears the knock. She motions for the maid to leave, but as the girl heads out without closing the door — for propriety — the Castellan herself moves to finish the job. Apparently, the topic at hand is sensitive enough that she will risk the rumors.

"You may wish to sit for this, ser." Her folded hands, one might note, are pressed tightly to her middle and her lips now make a thin line. "I have received a most disturbing report regarding an altercation between our Lord Regent and Ser Garett, our guest. His guest, truly, as he is the one who invited the man. Ser Riordan's words and actions were… dangerously close to treason against House Nayland."

"I may?" Rutger replies before he is looking back towards Valda for a moment. Eyes watching the Castellan, as she shoes out the maid and then sets about to doing the work herself, it seems. The Lord however moves slowly to get his own glass of wine. And he tilts his head. "An altercation-I see." still the man doesn't ring a bell for Rutger, until brows raise up "Oh the Westerling. What of him?" he tests as he waits to hear what is coming. Still, he remains standing.

"According to Ser Roland, whom I have no reason to believe is lying about the matter, the following occurred. Our Regent felt it prudent to finally meet with Ser Garett in the gardens and in the presence of Lady Roslyn." Valda pinches the bridge of her nose, inhaling deeply before continuing. At this point, he proceeded to discuss fucking Danae, Garett's sister. To the Westerling man's credit, he did not strike your brother down dead, nor even lift a finger."

If her body could stiffen any further, it would. "Riordan must have taken the silence to mean all was well, for he then pushed the knight, inquiring his reasons for not supporting the harlot. Words were exchanged and, again to Ser Garett's credit, the man stated that this was not his affair. I disagree, but better that than he should side with Danae due to this incident. Oh, and in his immense gratitude on behalf of his House," Valda continues dryly, "the Regent and your sister had men-at-arms escort Ser Garett from the grounds."

Lifting her chin, she eyes Rutger levelly. "So I ask you, ser: would you make haste to your Lord Father and tell him of this? With any luck, -you- shall be installed as Regent in your young brother's stead."

"According to Lord Roland," Rutger corrects. "My cousin is no knight- he is a merchant. Please remember that." And there he takes another sip of wine as he listens to Valda. "I see.." He states after a moment. Quiet, as one hand comes up to scratch his chin. "And how did Lord Roland come by this information?" the Nayland lord asks. "Can it be confirmed?"

"Ser Garrett told him the tale, as he was quite upset about being treated so when he came only at Ser Riordan's request. And considering things your brother has said and done of late, I admit I am not surprised, only disappointed. It will be confirmed this eve, if my invitation is accepted. I have spoken with him before and he came to see why intervention was necessary. He will not do it directly, but Ser Garett will see it done.

"Ser Garett, was upset." he replies before he is looking back towards Lady Valda. "Lady. As much as I can see the value of this information. I do hate ti disappoint you, but I shall not be running to my father with it." And he lets that sit for a moment. "For several reasons: One-My father will think it petty and completely stupid to report that my Brother hurt some poor westerlord's feelings. In fact, I would agree with my father there."

Rutger sets his wine glass down carefully at a close table-one nearer the lady's bed. "Two. My brother-though tactless did WHAT WE HAVE BEEN DOING SINCE WE PUBLISHED THOSE FUCKING RUMORS" His voice raising there into a very baleful shout He takes a breath to compose himself, before continuing.

"I will agree that yes, inviting the Westerling here to tell him to his face was rather tactless and slightly stupid. But- We do not wish them to support Lady Danae- If that serves to anger them fine. It was tactless, but not beyond what we have done before. It is not as if he brought Lady Danae before her brother and Fucked her for all to see." A tightening of his jaw. " Also I will do something bold." Rutger states, as he paces slightly. "I will agree with Riordan. Ser Garett should be defending his sister, and it only the queerest behavior that he doesn't. If a man was to say that about Lady Roslyn, or Dame Rowenna, I would kill them. I would split them from sack to gullet. Where as I am glad Ser Garett did not do this, as I would have to kill him for harming my Lord Brother- Riordan was correct in his statement." And with that Rutger folds his arms looking back towards Valda

"Thirdly. He is my brother. And where as I think he has fucked us, in so much with leading with his cock instead of his brain, I will stand by him. I will not turn against him-no matter how much of a fucking idiot I may believe him in that time to be." There his voice turns cold. 'So, if you wish to write to my father and tell tale on the Lord Regent. be my guest. But I will not."

And Rutger looks as if he is turning to head back out the door. < but he stops and turns to regard the lady. "And don't you ever try to play us off one another, because I will end your little game abruptly, and scatter your pieces to the wind. I want Stonebridge to belong to us, I do, earnestly Lady, but I will not sell out my flesh for it. To call Riordan a traitor or say he comes close to being treasonous to my House and family is insult I will not bare. He may not know how to play the game, but he is earnest. A traitor would have sold us to Tully and Lady Danae Westerling by now. A traitor, would have seen Gedeon legitimized. Riordan has not done that. So be careful about that label where it comes to my brother." a beat. "He may be an idiot at times, but he is a Nayland and he is your Lord Regent till my father changes his mind." And a finger raises before he is tapping the door. "Send for me when it's of worth-not when a Westerknight is crying into his hands."

And he goes to open the door, a glance back. "I will speak to my sister, and my brother about this. And hear their side of the story. Should Garett still be about, Treat him as a guest, but if he has lost his welcome, I hope you conform to the Regent's wishes. We are a House United. Not one where we stab in the dark." A bow there. "My lady."

Valda's brow lifts, although she takes the tirade in stride, moving not a whit otherwise. Once the man seems spent, she notes, "Queerer still that the heir, the elder, was not assigned to be Regent, to learn how to manage lands, when he is supposed to be the one to do so for the entire House one day. Particularly when he has more diplomacy, skill, and forethought in his pinky than the other does in his entire body. Your little brother may do well one day, but by then he will have lost this place entirely. He requires seasoning, and in a position wherein he can do far less damage to your House entire. Do you know he has not made a single move toward diplomacy, toward enticing allies to our cause. You have, as I understand it. Ser Roland has. I certainly have, with your Lord Father's permission each step of the way. But your brother sits on his hands and cries over a lost love for a woman who was never what he still believes her to be."

Valda rises, facing Rutger squarely and unabashedly. "The Westerling slut could not steal her way into power in Stonebridge through your brother, so she attempted it through the bastard. While you have Hag's Mire and aught else to consider, I have only my daughter and unborn grandchild, who is supposed to inherit these lands. Under the current Regent's inept rule, they shall inherit naught but a bloody field. Of course, that is not your concern, but the severe loss of income and standing should be. For what is to stop those who take this place from continuing on to the Mire? Nothing. So think hard, ser, about what is best for your House. And what is best for your brother — he is in far over his head. Save him before he drowns and pulls us all down with him. Good day."

Now it is the Castellan who adds one last bit. "And Ser Garett is not 'some Westerlord.' He is one who may help tip the scales and convince Lord Westerling to push for an annulment and reign the girl in. That would end this entirely. I am offended you think I would waste your time for anything less critical than that."

"Then be offended Lady Valda." Rutger states flatly, before he looks back to the woman. "And if Stonebridge falls to enemies and not family. Pray you have a granddaughter." A sniff there, before he is looking to the door, and he opens it, carefully. "Always, at your service." A beat "My Lady." and with that he closes the door behind him.