Page 332: Trading Favors
Trading Favors
Summary: Senna broaches the topics of favors and alliances with Rutger.
Date: 16/June/2012
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Rutger Senna 
Nayland Tent — Seagard
The tent where Rutger stays.
June 16, 289

Senna rode with the Nayland party to Seagard, and while the joust was on, she stayed behind to make certain everything was in order for Lady Roslyn. And then she stopped by to make certain everything was in order in Rutger's tent. Including the lord's more personal needs, while most of those gathered were busy watching pairs of men cross lances. Now she lies naked next to him on the camp bed, the sheets a complete mess, with her head propped up in one hand as she traces a finger over his chest. A thin sheen of sweat glistens on her bare skin in summer's heat, a few strands of dark hair stuck to her brow. "Jousting," she laughs softly. "Personally, I think you have excellent control of your lance."

A chuckle comes up from the glistening Lord. Eyes are closed for a moment as he relaxes. One leg hangs over the edge lazily. One hand is wrapped around the woman with him, his hand resting on her ass, though covered by sheets. One eye does finally open after that comment. "I think you are oblidged to say that, after I have fucked you so thouroughly." he notes. "I could live like this for ages." he adds on before he raises his head. "Senna, should this folly with the Charltons become worse-and I am forced to flee for my life. Would you run with me?" An odd question coming from Rutger, but still one out there.

"Why on earth would you need to flee for your life?" Senna asks with some amusement, leaning in to kiss a droplet of sweat from his jaw. "You're Lord Rickart's heir, and you did nothing wrong." Still, she moves back again to give his question some serious consideration. Finally, she folds her hands over her shoulder, setting her chin down on them. "I suppose that would make you my kept man at that point. How good are you at making beds and giving shoulder massages?"

"I am assuming that in this, Lord Keegan some how obliterates us at Stonebridge and marches to sink the Sevens." Rutger notes. Before turning his head to steal a kiss, and scrape his teeth at her chin, before she settles. "Just a hypothetical. Really." he adds. "Would I be then?" a faint smirk at that. "I am better at killing, but I find I am good with my hands." he states before giving her ass a squeeze. "Beds. I do not know." Rutger chuffs. "Idle thought. What keeps me up at night."

"Mmmm. How much do /you/ have set aside in caches and stores, my lord?" Senna asks with a small smile, tilting her head back with his kiss and shifting into his touch. "My father was good with a sword and a lance as well. I can assure you, it's not something you want to rely upon for any amount of time. Anyhow, nothing is going to sink the Sevens. Your marriage prospects with the Groves girl, perhaps." And doesn't she sound crushed about that? No, wait. She doesn't. Pensive, she watches her finger trace a path along his chest, outlining each group of muscles with a healer's familiarity and a lover's caress. "Do you want her?" she asks, curious. "Or alliance with her family?"

"I like her fine enough." Rutger admits before he is looking back to the woman in his arms. "Do I want her? I I do not know. Before we finally broken the veil on this.." Whatever this is. "I would say yes. Now, I am not entirely sure." A look to Senna. "To be dreadfully honest, I would be happy with just you." He states before laying his head back. "But the alliance. The alliance with them is what we need the most."

Senna hums quietly, turning her head to brush a kiss to his shoulder once more. "And what about the alliance with the Terricks?" she asks, twining one long, slender leg with his. "How bound are you to that?" As she shifts, the last of the bindings in her hair comes loose, spilling the dark, silken tresses over his skin, cooler than the rest of her.

"I want it, in so much that it needs to end. Perhaps trying to bind in marriage is the wrong way for us to begin." Rutger says. "I am loathe to fork over our food to feed them in order to pass off my sister." the Nayland knight says with a faint frown. "They expect us to give them much, when they have little to offer at the moment." Eyes looking back towards her, her closeness not withstanding-the line of questioning tonight is certainly enough to have him raise brows. "Where does this come from?"

"Selfishness," Senna answers with a slow smile as she meets his gaze. "It seems to me there is more than one Nayland, and more than one Groves. Why not match your sister with Lord Kittridge, and if you'd rather not give the Terricks so much, then make a match of one of your cousins with one of theirs. No doubt everyone will be more comfortable that way, and happier." She arches a dark brow in return. "Besides, I can't imagine the Lady Rosanna has any pleasant plans for your sons."

"I think it has been mentioned, that they are a sticking point." Rutger states with a faint frown at that, before he is looking back to her. "Selfishness." he replies with raise of a brow. "Why do you think my sister should be matched to Lord Kittridge?" A pause there for a moment, as now his senses come to and he is propping himself up. "And what would be our dowry? They hold all of our fucking coin at the moment."

"Because Lady Rosanna is unlikely to settle for any but an heir, and Riordan is tied up in Stonebridge with Isolde. She'd not take Rafferdy, and I can't say I blame her." Senna props her head up once more, brushing her fingers through his hair. "I'd suggest you try for Lord Stafford for Lady Roslyn, but as you say, you've a limited ability to dower her at the moment, and lovely as she is, she's a bit past the prime age to marry an heir. Lord Kittridge, on the other hand, wouldn't be able to command quite as high a dowry from you anyhow. But you'd still keep the alliance with the Groves."

"And an heir am I." Rutger says with a faint smirk to the woman whom has been tracing his muscles and is now toying with his hair. A chuckle there before he is nodding. "Indeed, Riordan is locked with Isolde for all good it will do him. And no one, I believe wants my sleeveless brother." A pause there and he is still tilting his head. "I understand, Mistress. But-I am curious as to why you would suggest back out of talking with the Terricks and Negotiating with them to look to Ser Kittridge?"

"Because it sounds as though the Terricks are asking for more than you're willing to pay," Senna shrugs one pale shoulder. "If you wish to give them less, then it only makes sense to offer them something of lesser quality. Not that any of the ladies of your family are lacking in quality, of course," she adds with a flicker of a smile. "But perhaps Roslyn is too good for them." Tracing a finger along the curve of his ear, she leans up for another soft, warm kiss before falling back to the bed.

"They will to see if they can wring from us, what they need to survive. I'd sooner have them choke." he states before shaking his head. And there to the rest he is silent and then he's turning his head, a groan leaving him when she traces his ear. A lick of his teeth before he comes back down and turns to face her. "Still." Rutger states. "It seems odd does it not to come to Lord Kittridge and say Nix on your sister, how about yours and mine?" A raise of brows. "Please tell me, beyond my frustration with the Terricks and your selfishness has brought this to come to my attention." A pause "If you wish my cock, all you need to do is ask-Though this?"

"I'm not sure if the fact that you don't accept my selfishness as sufficient reason is one of many things I particularly enjoy about you, or if I should be insulted," Senna laughs low, tucking one arm behind her head as she watches him. "Besides, I don't think Lord Kittridge would object. He seems so much more…agreeable than his sister. And I think your sister fancies him. And as mentioned, I'd be concerned for your sons were you to marry Lady Rosanna. Also." She shifts, tossing the sheets aside to wrap one leg around his waist and pull him closer. "I do want your cock."

A laugh there as he's caught by her pulling him closer, and hips, brush. His own hand sliding there as her leg wraps around his waist. "It is ever yours.." he says before pausing for a moment There as it seems his focus is aptly divided. "I do believe that she does fancy him. I do not know if it is mutual. But." And there Rutger leans in to steal a kiss. No more words, coming.

Senna hums against his kiss, lips curving in a slow smile as she wraps both legs around his waist. There's a roar of the crowd from the tournament fields, and she laughs softly. "This is a much better sort of jousting, I think," she murmurs, wrapping an arm around his neck. "Should I give you a favor for your next event, my lord?" she teases. "A nice ribbon to tie around your cock and retrieve after."

A tease of flesh and he is laughing low. His cock slowly coming to life, and growing hard. Eyes half close as lips catch hers again. "And how would you retrieve your favor, my lady?"Though clearly Miss Delacourt is no lady. Still it is applied. "And how should I broach this with Lord Kitt? Do you fancy my sister?" A shake of his head. "I am certain he does not. He's made no look to her nor asked of her with me."

"Perhaps I wouldn't even use my hands to retrieve it," Senna suggests, lips curving in a wicked smile against his ear. She nips at his ear, her laugh turning to a low purr as he starts to stiffen against her. "I'm quite certain he does fancy her, actually. Because I've a gift for reading those sorts of looks. As for how, I cannot imagine it would be difficult to see Lady Rosanna cross with you. Just wait until the next time it happens and speak to him in the manner of men. Ah, Ser Kittridge. I'm afraid your lady sister is terribly wroth with me. I'm not sure she'll ever forgive me." It's back to the Rutger impersonation for a moment. "I've grown attached to the thought of an alliance with your family, though, and I'm of a mind to let the Terricks know they're hardly our only option. How would you feel about a proposed match with my lovely lady sister?"

There is a grin there on the man's face. "And how would you retrieve it?" Rutger asks as he raises a brow back towards Senna. Slouching there on his propped arm, he listens to her proposal without cracking too huge of a grin, before he is chuckling. "And you believe it would work?" His brow raising there, after all. She's not led him too far astray has she?

"If not with my hands, then I suppose I would have to use my mouth," Senna says with a flutter of her lashes against his cheek. "An interesting experiment." Her teeth scrape his jaw again, and then she leans back once more, looking up at him with a faint smile. "There is no doubt in my mind that Lord Kittridge would not turn down a chance to marry your lady sister," she answers him. "Not if he thought it could be done without causing any other problems."

"Show me." Rutger suggests and slightly commands, as his hand moves to comb fingers through her hair. There's a grin in the movement, the feel of teeth against his flesh. That in and of itself brings out a chuckle from his throat. As to her other statement, there is a pause and a nod. "I can speak with him on it. Feel him out." the Nayland relents.

"Show you?" Senna echoes, arching a brow teasingly. "I couldn't possibly. I can't retrieve my favor until you've worn it into combat, after all. It's a reward for a valiant performance." Lying back, she reaches out to caress a hand over his abdomen with a soft sigh. "Those girls," she laughs, soft and low. "They have no idea what they're missing."