Page 525: Tordane Tea
Tordane Tea
Summary: One of Anathema's famous teas with Perrin, Jocelyn, Tyroan, and Aralima.
Date: 30/12/2012
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Tower Hall, Tordane Tower
The entrance to the tower opens into a larger common room for receiving guests. Effort has been made to bring warmth and light to the interior, as well. Rugs have been hung from the stone walls as well as placed on the floor to bring at a welcoming ambiance. There is a large table with several chairs off to the left of the door, a cooking hearth against the back wall, and a wooden staircase that leads up. An antechamber behind the stairs is where the servants live and bed down.
30 December, 289

Afternoon is trending toward night, and Tyroan has extended an invitation to his niece's guest to join him for tea and something to eat before dinner. He's settled in at the high table, looking over a ledger as he awaits his guest. A few household knights, guards, and ladies in waiting are scattered around the lower tables, also taking a brief respite from their day. Teacups are laid out at the high table, with tea leaves already resting in the bottom of the cups, although no hot water is yet in evidence.

With a nod to the guard that had sent word that the Steward would see him, Perrin makes his way to the Tower Hall. He never pauses as his stride takes him across the large room. He never looks right or left, only to the high table and where Ser Tyroan sits. Perhaps the eyes of those that also find this a time to break from their duties are upon him, but for Perrin he either doesn't see them or doesn't care. Only when he is close does he nod his head "Ser Tyroan. I thank you for taking the time to see me this evening."

Tyroan rises as Perrin enters the Hall, setting aside and closing the ledger. As he comes around the table to greet the guest, the aging Steward knuckles his back, then offers out his right hand when the other man approaches, "Ser Perrin. Take a fucking load off." The curse doesn't seem directed at anyone — in particular or general — but rather just slipped in as a standard interjection. "Ana will be joining us in a bit, and who the hells knows who else might show up."

A little more relaxed than Perrin, Jocelyn enter the room a few seconds after him. A soft smile on her face at seeing her uncle behind the high table. She does not disrupt the greeting that Perrin offers Tyroan, and when its finished, Jocelyn has come and reached her Uncles side. Not wanting to interrupt their initial words to one another, she waits a beat until there is a silence. Pushing up on her tip toes, she gives her uncle a kiss on the cheek in greeting. "Good Eve, Uncle." her eyes lift and flicker to Perrin and then back to Tyroan. "Should I sent for water for the tea, Uncle?"

With a nod to the guard that had sent word that the Steward would see him, Perrin makes his way to the Tower Hall. He never pauses as his stride takes him across the large room. He never looks right or left, only to the high table and where Ser Tyroan sits. Perhaps the eyes of those that also find this a time to break from their duties are upon him, but for Perrin he either doesn't see them or doesn't care. Only when he is close does he nod his head "Ser Tyroan. I thank you for taking the time to see me this evening."

Tyroan rises as Perrin enters the Hall, setting aside and closing the ledger. As he comes around the table to greet the guest, the aging Steward knuckles his back, then offers out his right hand when the other man approaches, "Ser Perrin. Take a fucking load off." The curse doesn't seem directed at anyone — in particular or general — but rather just slipped in as a standard interjection. "Ana will be joining us in a bit, and who the hells knows who else might show up."

A little more relaxed than Perrin, Jocelyn enter the room a few seconds after him. A soft smile on her face at seeing her uncle behind the high table. She does not disrupt the greeting that Perrin offers Tyroan, and when its finished, Jocelyn has come and reached her Uncles side. Not wanting to interrupt their initial words to one another, she waits a beat until there is a silence. Pushing up on her tip toes, she gives her uncle a kiss on the cheek in greeting. "Good Eve, Uncle." her eyes lift and flicker to Perrin and then back to Tyroan. "Should I sent for water for the tea, Uncle?"'

Taking the hand Perrin chuckles "I would be glad to take a fucking load off, Ser. I have been on my feet for most of the day," That half smile of his comes easily as he nods "Ah, Lady Anathema. I would welcome meeting her. Though I did see her once but we never spoke." As Jocelyn makes her way to the side of Tyroan he dips his head again "Lady Jocelyn," he greets, formally, and as if he hasn't seen her in a long time. He looks to the cups and the tea leaves with in and a brow raises just a bit as he turns back to Tyroan.

"No need, dear Niece," Anathema says just behind the young woman as she carries a kettle of freshly boiled water from the kitchens. A brand new maid is trailng behind the Witch, though this one looks stern and steely, not willing to give into the myths and legends that surround the Nayland wife. She casts a glance toward her niece before she looks toward Perrin and Tyroan. "Ser Perrin, Lord Husband," she says appropriately as she steps forward beyond them to set down the kettle on one of the trivets. "As I told you… four cups," she says to her husband, hinting that she had predicted the need for four instead of three. She starts to fill the cups with an appropriate level of water.

Tyroan tilts his head to accept the kiss on the cheek from his niece, "Jocey." A servant comes up to pull out the chair two down from Tyroan for her, leaving the one to the Steward's left for his wife. He gestures toward the Northern woman as she approaches, a faint smirk touching one corner of his lips, and then his gesture shifts to invite Perrin to sit at his right, "Yes, you were right, Ana." And then he settles down into his own chair again, leaning back and shifting in his seat a bit, "Good of you to come down from the fucking Haystacks. Though I suppose you haven't been up there for a while, have you?"

Lowering into a curtsey, Jocelyn greet Perrin formally, "Good Eve, Ser Perrin." her head bows respectfully to the Haigh Knight. Lifting her head and standing upright she sees her Aunt approach. "Hello Aunt." A glance is given to the new maid trailing behind her and there is a hint of curiosity of the new girl in the Naylands eye, eyebrows twitching together as a thought runs across her mind. And leaving the men to talk, she steps over to the side of Aunt, keeping an ear out for the conversation between the men. "Do you need help with anything, Aunt?"

The entrance of Anathema causes Perrin to turn slightly and when she greets him he bows his head, respectfully, "Lady Anathema, it is good to see you again." When she comments on the number of cups his eyes drift to them before returning. That half grin "And rightfully so it would seem My Lady," he says even though the words were not directed to him.
Taking the offered seat he laughs a bit as he shakes his head "No, I haven't been there for some time, Ser. What with the missing children and all of that it has been a while." He gives a bit of a shrug after his words. "But it all worked out for the better in the end. My father sends his regards though I am sorry to say that it has taken me so long to get here and deliver the message." He leans forward, arms propped up on the edge of the table though his head is turned to watch Tyroan.

"You can tell me if Ser Perrin prefers sugar and cream in his tea," Anathema says to her niece with a wry smile as she finishes filling her husband's cup — and neither sugar nor cream is added to this particular cup. "And hand this to your uncle, and remind him to let it sit for a few moments." She glances over toward Tyroan and Perrin as she adds a bit of sugar and cream to her own cup. The maid behind the pair of Naylands clasps her hands behind her back, her spine as straight as a needle. This alone seems to put the Witch off as she looks toward the girl with a firm, "Gods, Renna, do relax. You are making us all uneasy."

Tyroan nods at Perrin's response, "Glad to see Lady Hafwen and the others came out alright." He smirks a touch, "And that the new Lord Fucking Terrick went with heads on spikes." One hand gestures to his chest, "I'm a fucking traditionalist." Glancing over at his wife, his smirk twists up a bit tighter, and he speaks across to Jocelyn, "Because your fucking uncle hasn't ever had a cup of tea." Looking back to their guest, he leans forward to grasp a pair of walnuts from a small bowl on the table, rolling them around in one hand, "I appreciate your father's regards. Lady Sabriel's been a good ambassador down here so far."

As the tea cups are prepared, a glance is given to the rim-rod straightmaid behind her. Jocelyn did feel uneasy, she suddenly felt very watched. She shivered, erie… To take her mind off it, she looked back to Ana and replied, "Neither sugar nor cream. Just the straight tea." the reply had come without hesistation, knowing the answer readily. Bitting the inside of her lower lip, she tries not to laugh as her Ana speaks her own thoughts on the matter of the maid. Respectfully, she doesnt add to it. Turning her head, she looks back at Tyroan and smiles. "Tea has never really been my favorite either, Uncle. Even if it should be."

As Anathema as Jocelyn about his tea, Perrin can only grin. Letting her figure it out it would seem. But when she speaks to the maid Perrin looks at her for the first time. A bit puzzled by it all actually. Then as Jocelyn correctly tells her about the sugar and cream he nods before turning to Tyroan. "Thank you Ser. She, Hafwen, was a little shaken up and a bit beat up but the last word I had she is doing well back in Broadmoor. I don't think my sister will be letting Hafwen out of her sight again any time soon." He gives a slight grimace at the mention of the Terricks and the new Lord. "He wasn't very helpful, actually. By his actions I think it took us longer to find them than it should have." He laughs as Tyroan talks about never having tea "Do not feel you have to on my account, Ser. Ale or what ever else suits is fine." With a dip of his head "I am glad to hear that of my cousin. She has been gone for some time now. I shall be sure to tell my father when I return to the haystacks." He says with a grin.

"You should also tell your uncle that sarcasm will get him sleeping with the newborn hounds," Ana says with a sly smirk toward her husband even as she prepares her niece's cup. "Well, I will be sure wine is at the dinner table tonight, sweet girl." Then she picks up her own cup after her niece's is prepared, and she allows her to give Perrin his cup. After all, an Aunt knows best. She takes a seat at the table with her cup, sipping at it softly. "I have enjoyed Lady Sabriel's company, yes… she is a good girl, despite her reputation. She is a fine match for my son." She glances toward Perrin at the reports he brings forth from Broadmoor, and then she arches up her brows. "How did Lord Bolland upset the search?"

Tyroan shakes his head at Perrin's words, "No Lord's happy having soldiers of other house's tramping the fuck around their land." That smirk returns, "Neither do Stewards." His sarcasm about the tea goes over the heads of both his niece and her guest, and he chuckles dryly, setting the walnuts against one another and then squeezing. There's a sound of strain from the shells, and then one of them cracks neatly into shards, exposing the meat of the nut within. "You can learn a shit-ton from sitting down for tea with someone. At least, Ana can." Maybe that's to make up for sarcasm.

Out of the first part of what her Aunt tells her, most of what she got was: "There are newborn hounds?!" Awww puppies!!! "Where are they?" I WANT TO SEE PUPPIES! her eyes wide with interest at the thought of seeing puppies. But then they are talking about children and the missing children, it would be rude to stop it to talk about puppies. Right? But its puppies, just saying. She had little should could interject about the search, as all of it came from Perrin anyway, she allowed him to fill in her Aunt and Uncle with all the details of it.

Perrin laughs out right as he hears Anathema tell Jocelyn what to say to Tyroan. He grins as he hears Jocelyn speak of the puppies. Letting her go on about them. His eyes are on her for a bit longer than really necessary before he turns back to Anathema. With both hands opened palm up he shakes his head slightly "We were all told to travel in one large group, My Lady," Perrin explains to Anathema "which made us as sneaky as a heard of cows. I am sure that anyone with in a mile of us knew exactly where we were at." Taking a deep breath "But it's all over now and the children are returned." there is a slight pause "I am glad to hear that of my cousin though I wasn't aware there was an issue with her reputation?" A slight nod to Tyroan is given "Of that I fully agree. But to have all of us in one group?" again he shrugs as if dismissing his spoken words "But we were guests of his so I should not be complaining." As the mention of tea and learning comes his eyes go from Anathema and back to Tyroan and the slightest of nods is given. Perhaps a bit lost for words.

"In the stables, dear girl. I thought perhaps you could take your young cousins to see them." Anathema grins toward Jocelyn before she regards her husband at the Haigh. She waves her hand a bit at the mention of Sabriel once more. "She is a bit of a wild child, though I think Stonebridge is soothing that. " Then there is a sly smile from the Witch at her husband's compliment as she looks at Perrin over the edge of her cup while she sips at her tea. There is something piercing in those dark, earth-colored eyes as she examines Perrin from head to toe — a kind of soul-searching intensity. Then she sets down her cup with a tilt of her head. "Tell me, Ser Perrin, when will you be sending a letter to my goodbrother Stevron concerning my niece's hand?"

Tyroan sets down the uncracked walnut and starts to pick through the shattered shell and meat of the other, separating them neatly with blunt, gnarled fingers. Jocelyn's response to the mention of puppies draws an actual smile to his lips, although it fades back to a smirk as he turns his attention back to Perrin. Anathema's question for the Haigh causes the Steward to blink once, but that's the only suggestion of surprise, and it's covered up almost immediately, a chunk of walnut placed in his mouth to be chewed up, "Fucking polite of you to drop by and meet her Uncle and Aunt before you write, that's for sure."

"I should love to do that. I love to take them." Jocelyn did love children and then there was the deep love of her family. And of course… She loved puppies. "I'll take them tomorrow. I had not heard that there were puppies." Ok. Give up on the puppy conversation already. Taking a seat she picks up her tea, adding just a dash of cream to it for color and creaminess. Bringing the tea to her lips, Jocelyn blows on the top layer to cool it and then tilts it to take a drink from it. Though her aunts comment is heard, and the young Nayland begins to choke on her tea. Lowering the tea from her lifts, she turns and goes into a coughing fit. Patting herself on the chest, her eyes begin to water from he sudden choke. Slowly turning back, her eyes widen at her Aunt, oh embarrassment much? She turns her eyes to her Uncle and then lastly to Perrin. Her face as turned bright red with a blush.

Stepping off the steps in the back, comes the young Frey woman, along with her hand maiden and of course her guards. The two women are speaking in low tones, with Aralima giving a nod to the older woman. The Lady pauses as she sees a lot of people within the great hall and she cocks her head to one side. Moving along the outside of the room Aralima listens to what is going on, she's not going to interrupt, that would be rude.

Perrin can't help to not miss the gaze that is leveled at him by Anathema and he doesn't shy from it at all. But when the question is asked so bluntly he too blinks a few times. "My Lady," he begins "if a letter is to be written it would come from my father. For that is how it is done in my House. As for me letting him know of my feelings I will be doing so when I return home." The cracking of the nuts draws Perrin's attention and he watches Tyroan pick through the bits. He does grin when Tyroan says it's nice of him to stop by before the letter "Actually Ser, I have wanted to meet you both sooner but circumstances being what they are it just didn't work out. As for my real purpose here, though, is to talk with you about opening up trade between Broadmoor and Stonebridge, hopefully we can come to an agreement that would be profitable for both of our keeps."
There comes concern when Jocelyn chokes but once she seems alright he relaxes again. When her eyes meet his he just smiles. As his attention is fully focused on those at the table he doesn't see Aralima arriving.

Anathema seems unphased by the reactions at the table as she takes another sip of her tea. She glances toward Jocelyn briefly before she offers a small, knowing smile. "You will forgive me, but I thought we should go ahead and soldier forth on the topic at hand." She casts a glance toward the incoming Frey girl, and she gestures her to near the table. "Renna, please do go fetch the Lady Aralima a cup, and refresh it with leaves." She then looks back toward the Haigh Lord. "I encourage you to send the letter, my Lord… but I must also remind you of the state of the Nayland House in the wake of the assault on Stonebridge. It may take us time to build up an appropriate dowery."

Tyroan looks over to Jocelyn for the reaction, and he isn't disappointed. His lips twist into an amused smirk, and then are smoothed, "Don't choke, Jocey. It would do your prospects a fucking world of hurt." Amusement filters through his voice, and he nods, "Trade's our lifeblood in Stonebridge. More's always better." Picking out the rest of the walnut from the shell fragments, he dumps the shattered shell into the bowl with the remaining walnuts. "There's a bit of a fuck-up right now though. That nasty-ass sandbar." Aralima's arrival draws Tyroan up to his feet with a soft groan of effort, and he gestures to a chair alongside Jocelyn, "Join us, Lady Aralima." He doesn't protest, however, as Anathema directs conversation back to betrothal and dowry.

"I've always admired your keen direction in conversation, Aunt." Jocelyn says. It was meant to be a compliment. Looking a little uncomfortable, she glances between her two family members at their reaction. "I apologize, Uncle…" Clearing her throat. Again, she finds no reason to speak up on this, they were giving Perrin the direction that he needed and she was going to sit there and look indifferent about it. Even if she was blushing. Another attempt is taken to sip her tea and sooth her flaming throat from her choking. The conversation shifts to Business, and Jocelyn gives Perrin a look, before her eyes lift to the arrival of Aralima, a soft small is offered to the girl. Oh good, Dowery talk, she looks back at her aunt and then back to Perrin.

<FS3> Anathema rolls Omens: Good Success.
<FS3> Anathema rolls Alertness: Good Success.

Raising his tea cup to Arathema "It is refreshing to have it put so plainly, My Lady. There is nothing to forgive from where I sit. I would only wish that more whom I deal with where so straight forward with issues at hand." Perrin takes a sip as he turns and sees Aralima still crossing the hall who gets a smile and a nod of recognition. The cup is set down before he turns back to Anathema "I thank you, My Lady, for your advice. It is what I wish to happen, though I shall let Lady Jocelyn speak for her self as to what she would wish for." The mention of the dowery and the assault on Stonebrige doesn't phase him. He actually waves his hand a bit "Details such as that can be worked out and if we can come to accords," he turns to Tyroan before looking back to Anathema once more "on a viable trade pact between us, one that would bring profits to each perhaps such considerations can be handled easily."
Perrin laughs as Tyroan speaks to Jocelyn. "Uh, yea, he's right, Lady Jocelyn. Choking is not a good thing when marriage proposals are on the table," he kids with a smirk left in place. "And we have bandits on the road between Broadmoor and here," Perrin responds about the sandbar "which I was dealing with before Hafwen was taken. All are just details that can be handled if one really wants to." As Aralima gets closer and Tyroan stands so does Perrin as he dips his head "Lady Aralima," he greets.

Shit… she's been found out. When Anathema speaks to have her maid get her a cup, she turns an gives a smile to the woman, inclining her head and giving a bob of a curtsey, "Thank you Lady Anathema, I didn't wish to intrude." A smile is given to Tyroan and she inclines her head, "Thank you both for the invitation." A smile is also given to Joce and she says, "How lovely to see you Lady Jocelyn, and you Ser Perrin." She settles into the seat she is offered and inclines her head to Renna for the tea. Sirawen, Lima's handmaid takes up a spot just behind her Lady's seat.

"It is a talent that I encourage you to establish as your own," Anathema says to Jocelyn at her compliment, and she flashes her a quick smile before she sobers a bit more. She takes another sip of her tea, though she has almost drained it to its dark leaves and muddled cream. She looks down into the shapes and shadows they form, and something within them worries her — but perhaps only Tyroan would detect that furrow of her brow. Then she smooths her expression, nodding to Perrin. "I'm of the North, Ser… we are known for our abrupt bluntness… and though I have learned quite a bit since my marriage into the Harpies, I see no reason to be verbose on the issue." She taps her cup idly. "Perhaps we may be able to come to an accord, Ser Perrin. Would you be willing to accept our offer to stay here at the Tower for a few more days so that we may meet in a more… official setting?" Soon enough, the ramrod-straight maid of Ana's is presenting a cup, filling it with hot water, and letting it rest. All actions are done with acute precision.

Tyroan lifts up his teacup, blowing on it a moment before taking a swallow. "I don't know what you're fucking apologizing for, Jocey." His eyes cut over to Perrin a moment, his brows lowering, and then he looks back to his niece a moment, merely studying her for a heartbeat. The touch of frown on Anathema's face causes a mirror to appear on Tyroan's, "Stonebridge's Maester is looking into the godsdamned sandbar. I'm sure we'll have some solution — ruinously fucking expensive no doubt — soon." He smirks a touch then, adding, "Don't fucking buy the Northern excuse, Ser Perrin. That's just Ana."

"I can only strive to better myself, and accomplish attaining qualities that you pocess, My Lady Aunt. I work on myself daily." Jocelyn replies, and to Perrin she laughs softly. "Are you implying my choking my displeasure?" she raises a single eyebrow and smirks at him. The tea was warm and delicious, another drink was taken. As for her own feelings toward Perrin, and the allowance to speak herself about them… well, she chooses not to at this moment. Mmm Tea. When Aralima comes to join them she turns her head to the woman. "Its good to see you. I'm glad you could join us this eve." Dowery talk does draw her attention again, the business of such things and who is talking to who about what. The suggestion to stay longer has her turning back to Perrin for his reply. There was a lot of glancing about the table, and again, she looks back to her Uncle when he looks at her for the heartbeat of a second.

Out of the corner of his eye Perrin catches one of his Knights that travels with him just about everywhere as he steps into the hall at the far entrance. The man is much older than Perrin with grey strands filling the sides of his head. More than likely the two have been together since Perrin's early days. It is only a look the Knight gives Perrin before he leaves but it said enough for the Haigh. He turns back to Aralima and nods once "It would be my honor, My Lady to stay longer." Not to mention he really isn't in a hurry to leave for other reasons as well. "Then lessons from the North would be appreciated My Lady, to those that I come into contact with." No he doesn't catch her brow as she looks into the cup. He drains his tea and gently places the cup down.
All of Tyroan's words are not only heard but are understood and taken with out a comment. Well that is till he corrects about the Northern excuse. This brings on a deep laugh "Which ever it is, Ser, it is refreshing all the same." Since he remained standing he bows his head to the table "If you will excuse me it seems that I should see what Ryka," obviously the knight "is needing." With that said he begins to make his way around the table. "Ser Tyroan, Lady Anathema, thank you for your hospitality. Lady Aralima, I wish I could stay longer but," he holds out a hand to the door. The last person who gets a glance is Jocelyn and to her he smiles. "Lady Jocelyn, perhaps I shall see you tomorrow?"

Giving a nod to Joce she smiles a polite smile and says, "I wasn't going to interrupt, was going to go for a nice walk in the gardens but it is quite hard to say no to tea." She turns and watches Perrin with a chuckle, "Be well Ser." She wraps her hands around her cup, simply warming them on the heat from the tea within.

"Renna, perhaps you can be useful and see that a room is prepared for the Haigh Knight," Anathema says to the maid with a slightly dry note. The fact that she hasn't caused this particular girl to break down into tears yet truly vexes the Witch. She carefully reaches to pluck Ser Perrin's cup now that it has been left, and she looks down into the bottom. She examines the shadows and shapes once more, though she does not linger on them entirely as she looks up toward the young Frey and Nayland girls. "Merida will be terribly jealous, Jocelyn. She has been wondering who she will be fortunate enough to be matched with, but… in time."

<FS3> Anathema rolls Omens: Great Success.

Tyroan nods at the laughing words of the Haigh, rising to his feet again to offer a nod to the other man, "We'll talk later." Settling back into his seat to take another sip of his tea, he notes to Anathema, "And what does that haystack of a teacup say to you, Ana?" Amusement flickers into his voice, as if the whole suggestion of reading tea leaves is a joke to him. "He seems plenty fucking nice, Jocey. You'll have to tell me all about his faults." Glancing over to the Frey, he adds, "Do you know Ser Perrin, Lady Aralima?"

"Of course, Ser Perrin, if you wish." Jocelyn replies about the next day and seeing one another. Inclining her head to his leaving, she waited patiently for the questions to start, because she had a feeling they were coming. Finishing her tea, she set her cup down on the table. Confusion is what happens first, when her aunt looks into Perrins cup and then speaks about Merida. "I do not think I understand you." Her eyes shift to her Uncle when he asks what the teas read, and she too was interested, unaware that Tyroan might be asking in a mocking way. "Do you see something in his leaves?" she asks. Humor distracts her by Tyroans statement. "Stubborn to the deep pits and back again." she laughs, "Not a trait i'm too unfamiliar will." He was nice, and she agreed with that, "He has a temper, again, not something i'm unfamiliar with." dark eyebrows draw together in thought, "He might be /too/ nice."

Aralima gives a nod to Tyroan and says, "I do, not well but I've met him twice now. Seems to have an excellent sense of humor, a good shot with a bow." She brings her tea to her lips, studying Ana over them, "Oh Lady Anathema.." The girl finally says after she lowers her cup from the sip. "My Lady Aunt, said I should speak to you about learning more about herbs and their properties, and how they can be used for various teas, tinctures and ointments."

"Dutiful, bold," Ana begins to describe as she turns the cup a bit, watching closely the way in which the dank leaves tumble with the gesture. She looks up toward her husband, those dark eyes thoughtful. "A knight's heart, willing and able… but he was apart of those who assaulted this very town." She gingerly sets down the cup. "Though, if he has a heart for Jocelyn," and the Witch glances toward their niece with a small smile. "I doubt he will stand against the Nayland house again." She glances toward Jocelyn, and she offers the girl a confident smile. Then she sets down the cup, and she looks to Aralima now with the majority of her attention. "I can certainly provide some lessons in that regard. I've already been teaching Lady Sabriel, and have taught my daughters extensively."

"Violent?" Tyroan's question for Jocelyn is just a single word, and he lets her think on it as he drains off the last of his tea and slides the cup — tea leaves in the base — over to his wife. "A bowman?" That question is for Aralima, and spoken with an annoyed sort of grimace to his lips, "Does everyone use one of those godsdamned things these days? Back in my day, knights actually got close enough to hit one another." Now he's just grousing. Looking back to his wife, he adds, "The Haighs aren't as big of fucking dicks as the Charltons, or the shitstain Ashwoods."

"He…had something to do with the assualt on this house?" Jocelyn asks her Aunt, she'd never really talked about it with him. It'd been mentioned, but not as to which side he'd been on. It caused her to pause in consideration. Even when Ana uses reassuring words she just nods and keeps lost in her thoughts. "He says he does." while Ana turns to speak to the Young Frey, Jocelyn turns her attention to her Uncle. "No, never. The only time I've heard of him being violent was when he fought for protect his niece. I hardly call that a bad thing." interjecting between Aralima and Tyroan she says, "He was sparring with Ser Karel just yesterday, he does more than a bow." The tea leaves. She looked into her own empty cup and looked at her leaves. But she say nothing, personally.

Smiling she shakes her head, "Well I study archery m'Lord, but I dare say no one is going to be letting me rush into battle with sword drawn." She gives a brighter smile to Ana and says, "Thank you my Lady, it will go well with my healing skills, they aren't all that great but it is good to have a hobby other then needlepoint." She gives a wrinkle of her nose to that and a shake to her head. Aralima looks over to Jocelyn and says, "Most men at one time or another are lost in battle fever, where their blood sings to them calling them to aid their armsmen in battle. And the Warrior be praised for their help."

Anathema glances toward Jocelyn at her words. "The Haighs stood with the Charltons, sweet girl… but we are making amends with their House through marriage and alliance." She reaches to touch her niece's hand, squeezing gently. "Do not let it worry you, Jocelyn. The Cape was in a state of unrest, but I would see that the Haighs and Naylands never have to stand opposite each other on a battlefield." Then she carefully collects her cup and Perrin's, even pausing to see if she may peek into her husband's cup as she sets them on the tray to be taken away. "I'm not a gentle teacher, but if you can do as you are told and keep to my rules, you will benefit from the lessons properly." After all, everyone knows that Anathema commits to lessons in her strange menagerie.

Tyroan nods in response to Jocelyn's question to Ana, although the response to his own question draws a nod, "Protective isn't violent. All knights are fucking violent when they're protecting someone." Aralima's response to him draws a nod, "Archery's fine for ladies, so long as they're shooting at fucking straw targets." As usual, the cursing doesn't seem to have any sort of ill intent, just part of the aging knight's speech pattern. "And it's fine for squires and men-at-fucking-arms. Just not for knights, Lady Aralima."

Jocelyn raises her eyes to her Aunt when she is touched she nods slowly. "It shouldnt. But everything about that time effects me a great deal more than I wish it did." in her lap her hand curls into a fist. "I have so much hate about it, everytime I think about it. Just thinking that the Haighs were on that side, I hadnt thought of it and it made my skin crawl." Anger issues. Turning to Aralima she nods in agreement with what shes said, "I've heard that said about battle." and then Tyroan speaks and again st nods again.

The Twins are full of men who have talked about blood lust during a battle. She gives a warm smile to Tyroan and nods her head, "Those straw men are fierce at time, the way they just hang there makes me so angry I just have to shoot at them." She gives a little bit of a chuckle as she speaks playfully to the Lord then looks to Anathema and says, "Of course my Lady, I am far too young to be set in any sort of way.." The young Frey Lady lifts her cup to her lips, and then peers into it, seems as she was gabbing the tea had turned cold.

Anathema leans forward to press a kiss to the side of her niece's head, and she murmurs something into her hair. It sounds vaguely Old Tongue at first, though there is a hint of common tongue as well, though it is mostly unheard. Then she looks back toward Tyroan with a bit of a smirk. "I will gently remind you, Husband, that your son proved his merit as a fine archer during the rise of King Robert." After all, the Flints were fierce rebels. She glances toward the Frey girl. "Do you need another cup, Lady Aralima?"

Tyroan rises from his seat, moving across behind Anathema's chair to place a hand on Jocelyn's shoulder, "Hate makes you fucking stupid, Jocey. It'll always be there, but you can't let it blind you." And this from the man who likes to throw tankards of beer. Still, he nods to Aralima, "Take the time, Lady Aralima. Enjoy being young. It goes away too fucking fast." He looks over at Anathema then, from his place between her chair and Jocelyn's, "Yes. He did. And yet, not a fucking knight, Ana."

A sigh came out from the affection that her Aunt gave her, and the words that were spoken had her turning her head after they were spoken. A single nod is given to her, "I'd like to talk to you about that more, actually. I have an idea." However, the blunt words of her Uncle are nothing like that of her Aunt and her head whips around to look at him and blink. Frowning she nods at him, "So true, Uncle." sigh. Slowly she raises chair she says, "If you'll excuse me? I've suddenly gotten a headache." Lowering into a small curtsey, she begins to walk out.

Aralima shakes her head at Tyroan and says, "I had to grow up rather quickly my Lord, my father and mother dead, I was kind of shuffled around from Septa to septa in the Twins, but I still enjoy life." She looks to the cup and then to Ana, "Thank you no my Lady I think since it is dark now that I'll retire to my rooms unless you need anything from me?"

"We will speak more," Anathema says to Jocelyn before she lets the girl go. She looks after her before she glances toward Tyroan, and a firm frown fixes on her lips. "Husband, we should be seeing to dinner," she says firmly. Then she bows her head gently to Aralima. "Come see me tomorrow and we can assess where to begin." She then steps toward her husband, linking her arm with his dutifully.

Tyroan frowns as Jocelyn excuses herself, glancing over to his wife and shrugging his shoulders helplessly. The frown draws a nod, "Dinner." Running his hand back over his bald pate, the Steward adds, "And some fucking beer." Turning his attention over to Aralima, he adds, "And there's always so many Freys at the Twins. Easy to get lost. Look forward to seeing you at dinner, Lady Aralima." And then he turns to depart with his wife.