Ser Tommas Belte
Ser Tommas Belte
Iwan Rheon
Iwan Rheon as Tommas Belte
name: Tommas Belte
father: Jonas Belte
mother: Eileen Fisher
spouse: None
issue: None
gender: Male
age: 28
height: 6' 10"
weight: 328 lbs
eyes: Blue
hair: Brown
honorific: Ser
house: Groves
position: Sworn Sword


The son of a leather-worker often becomes a leather-worker like his father, apprenticed to tool the material with strong hands and sharp eyes until he takes over the work permanently. Although he was trained so by his father, Tommas was not to be that son. The eldest of the Belte brood, he grew up fast and strong. His large body more akin to a blacksmith than a man of his father's trade local gossip even wondered at the possibility, but he was never named other than a natural son and by the time he was fourteen, he was head and shoulders above the other local lads and near as broad as a grown man.

Tommas never meant to become a knight. Without connections or aspirations to a calling so far above his station, he found employ with the Groves household as a guard at seventeen. A fine shot from a youth spent hunting along the orchards, he took to the bludgeon with a deadly strength that befit his size. Best of all, he looked very intimidating standing in the shadows of the household. When the time came to stand against Robert's Rebellion, he marched with Groves soldiers into the fray.

It was there he earned his title. Amid that battle, he spotted the Lord Kittridge being cut off and knocked from his horse into the fray. The stout man didn't spare a moment to think, jumping into the melee and bringing his hammer down on the heads of those rebels who threatened his lord. The hammer had been a gift off a rebel from an earlier battle, but it nearly fell from his fingers when his lord took his sword in his off-hand and knighted him on the spot. The unexpected act cemented his loyalty and his friendship.

In the years since Tommas has remained loyal to the Groves, standing as a sworn sword for the family and a protector of its lords and ladies.

Physical Features

Tommas stands a head above the average man with broad shoulders supporting a large frame that is thick with corded muscle. The twenty-eight year old knight is size of a small ox. He moves with a care for all those things smaller than he, slowly and full in awareness of his strength. His features are strong with a sturdy jaw made rugged with the shadow of hair, a high brow, a blunted nose, and blue eyes that are warmed by a life's worth of laugh lines that accompany a wide smile.

His gear is befitting of his station and marked with the heraldry of his house when he is on duty, although his leathers are of somewhat a finer caliber than some of his station. They are finely tooled and sturdy, matched swordbelt of excellent make and fit to his size with an additional hook for a worn hammer-like bludgeon.

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