Page 318: To Wing
To Wing
Summary: The Mallisters head off to deal with some very, very over-ambitious bandits.
Date: 02/05/2012
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Entrance Hall and Courtyard, Four Eagles Keep
Two different rooms, they looks different.
02 June, 289

Morning comes unfortunately not with good news it would seem. Alric had heard of the news that had come early in the morning, through messenger. Now moving around near the entrance. A look of worry seen on his posture and eyes. Wanting to try and find someone it seems. Fist clinched, though he is trying to remain calm.

Martyn tried to be calm when he got the news. And he succeeded, for about thirty seconds or something. Something that Xander Paege, a rater minor cousin of that house, was very grateful for since it gave him time to find cover before the Mallister knight sent something flying through the room, to a meeting with the solid wall. And now Martyn makes his way down the stairs, easily heard by those below, especially since Xander is half-running backwards down the stairs in front of the man, trying to calm him a bit, at least.

Alric spots Martyn easily, his own breathing sounding stressed. As Martyn comes a bit closer he could most likely see the bruised hand on Alric and a little bit of blood covering the knuckle. "Ser Martyn." He says, in a stern tone. The man in front only getting a quick glance.

"But, Ser Martyn, your wounds…" Xander tries, while looking between the Knight and the stairway now, which earns him a bit of a shove from Martyn. "Do you honestly thing I care about my bloody wounds at the moment, Xander? And here I thought there was a brain up in that head of yours after all…" Thankfully for Xander, he was on one of the last few steps anyway, so it's not that much of a fall. Alric's greeting earns him a bit of a glare. Let's just say that if looks could kill, well there would be too many innocent bystanders killed, so that's probably a good thing that it can't. "Yes, Lord Alric?" And that is how it sounds like when Martyn Mallister is growling.

Half of Four Eagles probably heard the bellow that came from the guest quarters when the news spread through the castle, "PERCY! My ARMOR!" And then there was a whole load of clattering and pained curses. Now, Kamron Mallister is in armor, with the sling loosely wound around his neck to hold up his left arm — sort of where it's supposed to be. Percy is carrying Kamron's shield and axe, Kamron bellows out at poor Xander, "Out of the way!" And then Martyn shoves his knight, and Kamron can go on behind his cousin, "Are you ready?" That could be for Martyn or Alric or both.

Alric looks at Kamron and Martyn both, his own sword hanging by his side and armor on. He might not be a knight, but he will at least try and help as much as he can. Nodding at Kamron's words before looking back to Martyn. Thinking about something before he just shakes his head once. "We should be leaving already. How is the rest of the knights coming along? Or at least preparations?" He might be a bit less informed on the details about it all, but he does know what has happened.

Martyn turns around a little bit as he hears Kamron's, studying his cousin for a few moments. "I'm ready to take care of this bandit problem once and for all. I haven't quite figured out exactly how much I'm going to make them pay, but I can do that on the way…" Pausing very briefly at Alric's words, he shakes his head, "The rest of the… I don't know!" Looking back to his squire now. "Get up from that floor, Xander. Stop being such a fool…" Shaking his head a little bit in disgust, as he turns back to look at the other two. "Sadly, I doubt we will be facing that scum near a tower. I think testing to see if any of them can actually fly from a window far up sounds like an excellent idea, don't you?"

"Easy. We can find the fuckers now. I don't care how sneaky the sons of bitches are," Kamron's language goes sharply down-hill when there aren't women around, when he's angry, or both. "Bringing along a score of noble women'll leave a track even I can follow." He looks over to Alric, "Fuck them. I'm riding to Stonebridge right now. When they catch up, we'll have a plan in place." Indeed, he hasn't stopped to talk to his cousin or the would-be suitor of his other cousin, but kept walking toward the front door, "They can catch up, and Stranger take the hind-most. Are you coming?"

Alric looks at both of them, moving to follow along. Nodding at Martyn's question, though not giving that any more thought. "Let's go then." He says, walking a few steps behind Kamron. Walking quickly to hurry things up a bit. Eyes glancing around and mostly just looking ahead to where they are headed and to Kamron, who seems to be leading for now.

Martyn nods a bit, "We're right behind you, cousin. Let's go!" Growling a bit as he moves for the door a bit more quickly. Although he pauses a bit as Xander seems to be trying to talk some sense into him, or something. "Xander, if you don't shut up and get going, I'll hit you so hard, that… that… Nevermind. I'll hit you hard…"

Kamron starts to turn back toward Percival, but the skinny squire has already twisted around the knights and is getting up to speed with his run that is -all- knees and elbows, headed for the stables. The squire actually thinking ahead draws a nod from Kamron, and seems to calm him a bit. ""What did you do to your hand, Lord Alric?" He can't rage all the way to Stonebridge, so the question comes out relatively calmly, although the words are also more than a little distracted as the trio of armored men come traipsing down the front steps of Four Eagles Keep.

Alric glances to Martyn as the man replies to Xander. Continuing to walk, Kamron's words makes him look to his fist before shaking his head. "Just an accident with a wall." He tells the knight, his own voice a bit shaky as he tries to calm himself. "Bandits got some fucking nerves…" He murmurs as they go on.

Maybe Kamron can't rage all the way to Stonebridge, but at least at the moment it seems that Martyn is planning on doing that. Thankfully that raging isn't at the eruption stage all the way, though. He glances to Alric for a few moments now, "Did the wall attack you, Lord Alric?" he asks, then goes back to focusing on the travels ahead. And planning the most painful, gruesome ways to kill a bandit. Thankfully he keeps that last part inside, though.

Kamron nods slightly at Alric's explanation, "Try not to hurt yourself before we get there." It will take some time to get the horses ready, and Percival comes rushing out of the stables to gasp that the grooms are getting it done right now. Kamron nods once, "Send someone to get Master Kain, if he can be found." And the squire is off running again. Maybe that's why he's so skinny. Kamron stops outside the stables, looking over to the others for a moment, "And here I thought you might be the sensible one to come up with the plan to chop these fuckers' heads off and shove them right up their asses."

You head towards Courtyard

Alric nods at Kamron's words as they continue to move. As they seem to wait for now and Kamron continues to talk he shrugs. "First impulse kinda thing." He says about his hand before nodding. "I'm sure we can think of something. For example, we might need someone that is used to this area, and knows it. Also needing trackers, just in case. Even if I want to, we should rush them head on, they have the advantage. Though first we gotta know where they even are." He says, trying to think of something for now. Occupying his mind as much as he can.

Martyn doesn't say much at the moment, teeth clenched together as he seems to occupy his mind with things that probably others doesn't want to know now. He's told people before what it took to put his mind into that kind of mode, hasn't he?

Jac Caddock is standing just outside the stables with his own courser saddled and readied. He is talking to one of the Terrick's stablehands, bestowing several compliments. His gaze moves over toward the other knights as they make their way out of the Hall, though he continues speaking to the hand for a few more moments. He bows his head then, taking the reigns of the dark brown horse so that the steed will follow as he approaches the other men. He has recently washed, so only now does the dirt slowly begin to settle over parts of his skin and armor.

Kain is not the happinest man about. Especially when he's about to leave town, Kamron's squire only barely reaching him before the ranger disappears into the woods. He's still geared up by the time in the courtyard, fast-paced steps still leaving much to be desired in the way of sound. The soundless hooded man follows the much more noiser squire toward the group, his bow for the moment having slung over his shoulder, a full backpack and dressed in his new seet of hunting leather suggesting that he was either already in the woods or was about to leave for them. Finally clear to work again since the bear attack, it hasn't been many days since he felt back to one hundred percent again.

Kamron looks over to the unknown knight flatly, then nods once, "You're coming along?" Percival is faster than he looks, really, and now he comes back with the hunter, hopping and skipping as if to drag the other man along faster without actually touching him. Kamron keeps his left arm tight about his stomach, tapping his breastplate with the fingers of his right hand as he provides introductions to the newcomer, "Ser Kamron Mallister, Ser Martyn Mallister, Lord Alric Fenster." There's a pause to receive the response, and then he looks back to the huntsman, "The ladies' picnic was raided by bandits. From what we've heard, all of them were kidnapped." Apparently, that's supposed to be enough of an explanation for why he sent his squire after the hunter. For his part, Percival is bent over at the waist, his hands on his knees, breathing hard.

Alric inclines his head to the Charlton knight. "Ser Caddock, could you see to that someone gets my horse ready as well?" He calls out before turning his attention towards the others. Listening to the explanation from Kamron. His hand on his hip, and the sword. Getting restless as they are just standing, though able to calm down just a bit.

Frowning a bit as he looks between the others, Martyn's almost kicking at the ground now. Seems someone is quite impatient now. "Faster…" he mutters under his breath as he looks around rather carefully. Studying Jac and Kain for a few moments, with narrowed eyes.

"I know. Everyone knows by this point." Kain responds simply, hood shifting enough to get a decent looking at the men gathered wit him, before looking back at Kamron. "There was a reason I was leaving as soon as I heard, my Lord." he utters. "And here I am standing here and not looking for your family members. Which is what I would rather be doing at this point in time. Once I did find them, I had planned to come back and show you exactly where they were being kept."

"Already done, Lord Alric," Jac responds as he nods back to the stables. "I suspected that we would be riding out soon." The Songbird looks over toward the knights he does not know, though he does give Kamron a speculating glance. "You were Ser Efram's squire," he says without question. It seems to also satisfy him, as if he is now rest assured that a Bracken squire turned Mallister knight is among their ranks. He looks over toward Martyn and Kain, both receiving nods in greeting.

Kamron blinks once at Jac's recognition of him, searching back for the name Alric gave, "Caddock. Ser Henric's son? Good." The stablemen start to bring horses out for the Mallisters and their squires. He looks back over to Kain then, frowning a long moment then nods, "Don't come back here. Go to Stonebridge. We'll be there. If that's where word went first, that's probably the closest town." There's a long pause, and he draws in a breath, pushing down his anger again with a hiss of exhalation, "Thank you. Good luck."

Alric nods to Jac again, "Good." Looking over at Martyn as he mutters before most attention get caught by the conversation between Kamron and Kain. Alric starts moving towards Jac and to be able to take the horse as soon as possible. Staying quiet as he nods to those around, especially Kain as he seems to be leaving soon.

"And Master huntsman," Martyn offers in Kain's direction, words far calmer than the person speaking at the moment. "Find them soon." A brief pause, before he adds, rather quietly. "Please…" Going silent again now as he looks around rather quickly.

"Did anyone know where that gathering the Ladies were having was located?" Kain first asks of Kamron, then looking about to the others assembled. "Anyone? I'll get more work done if I can start from there. The bandits may be able to move well in a forest, but that many Ladies? All in dresses? The trail they'll leave behind might as well be a paved road." The shadows from within his hood deepen, and he nods at Martyn. "I give you my word, Lord Martyn. They will be found." Then back at everyone else. "If you no one knows, I'll be one my way, if there was nothing else."

"My father's reputation carries on," Jac comments with a half-smirk. It is about at this time that the Terrick's stablehand comes back out with Alric's horse, and the knight takes the reins so they can be handed to the Charlton lord. He looks over toward Kain with a nod. "Just beyond the Roost. I'm certain we will be able to find a place to begin, but we must not hasily assume that it will lead us there without challenges."

Kamron apparently doesn't have time to chatter about the past — at least that's what his expression says. He reaches up for his saddle with his right hand, putting a boot in a stirrup, starting to pull himself up, and a wave of pain washes over his face. Percival is there a moment later to help push the knight up so that he can swing into the saddle, and then the squire hands up the man's axe, and heads to get mounted himself. Kamron grimaces at Jac's response to Kain's question, "Fuck. Who the fuck would -dare-?" Shaking off that question, the now-slightly-pain-paled knight looks to the huntsman, "Find out what you can about them, but don't risk getting caught. We need them to not know we're coming more than we need information beyond 'where.'" He now looks back to Jac, "We're not following. We're gathering at Stonebridge with the other knights. I mean to overwhelm them with a wave of steel before they can touch a hair on any of those women's heads."

Alric takes the reins for his horse when it's offered. Moving to pull himself up on the horse. Listening and nodding as Kamron speaks. The other getting looks and glances. Eager to leave. "If you lot are ready, we should be moving towards Stonebridge as fast as possible."

"Because they're bandits, my Lord." Kain says in deadpan. "They dare because they don't care. To them, everyone is a target and no one is beyond reach. That is the way of things, beyond the limits of the cities." Watching for a moment, he nods. "I will have more to speak of then next time I see you. Safe jouney to Stonebridge." That said, he turns and makes down the hill at a brisk pace, silent feet carrying him rapidly down the hill.

Nodding a little and letting out a deep breath as he hears Kain's words, Martyn keeps quiet for a while. "Thank you…" he finally said, before he looks over to Kamron. "The 'who' and 'why' is what we'll find out right before we kill them, cousin." Not quite the normal Martyn, is it? Nodding a bit, "Let's go… The sooner we get to Stonebridge…" Then what? At least it seems to make some kind of sense in the man's mind…

Kamron grimaces at Kain, "But most bandits don't attack guarded groups. Not that many." Shaking that thought away, he nods to Kain, "At Stonebridge." Nodding to Alric and Martyn, he looks back over the little group, including Percival carrying Kam's shield. Seeing that everyone's set, he nods again, kicking his horse into action, "To Stonebridge — but not so fast that our horses can't go anywhere afterwards." Indeed, for all his impatience, he heels Three into a gait that the horse can keep up for hours and hours, rather than a full gallop.