Page 377: To Recovery!
To Recovery!
Summary: There is wine, laughter, and a bit of joy.
Date: 2 August 2012
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Lord Jacsen and Lady Anais's Rooms
There is stuff.
August 2, 289

As the good news starts to trickle out of the Roost, Anais can be found in the rooms she usually shares with Jacsen. Since his leg - and perhaps his treatment for his leg - has been bothering him, he's been in his childhood room, but Anais remains in their shared chambers. And given the occasion, she's indulging in a glass of one of the finer wines left from the cellars. The window facing the shore is open, admitting a breeze from the sea and a warm ray of sun, and Anais lounges in a chaise dragged closer to it as she drinks, as satisfied as a cat in cream.

Saffron is leading Kell into the chambers with a light laugh on her lips. "I promise to delay the talks of the wedding until after you speak with Lady Anais, Ser Kell," she promises to the knight with a warmth honestly. "I wanted to see what my cousin thought about the guest list — she is far more prowess than I in that regard." Indeed, even as the woman steps in, its easy to see the wooden chest in her arms that is full of parchment. She looks up to Anais as she enters, brightening. "Cousin, you look amazingly content."

Ever since his meeting with the Charltons, Kell had been trying to find Lady Anais when she is free but not to anyone's surprise, she has been very busy and preoccupied in dealing with the Charltons. At first, the Terrick Knight had his own silent concerns about how the talks are going with the visiting nobles, having mixed feeling about it all, between his personal dislike of the Lord of Highfield to the need of the people of the Roost, but with the latest news of something being ironed out, there is atleast some relief.

Now, Kell is on his way, with Lady Saffron, to see if Lady Anais is free for a talk with them. Secured at the side of his belt is a leather pouch where the top is tied together, similar to the one that the knight had after selling off his barrel of Reach Brandy. With what Saffron wants to talk to Anais about, Kell can only smile warmly at the thought, "I won't take long, I promise. And I am not sure if I have had the chance to at Seagard offer my congratulations but congratulations, Ser Kamron is a lucky man." Stepping inside the room after the Banefort girl, Kell follows before bowing his head respectfully to Anais, "Lady Anais. I heard the good news."

Anais looks up at the arrival, smile flashing into something warm and broad that hasn't been seen in some time. "We have an accord, Saffron," she says, raising her glass in a tacit toast. "The Roost is going to eat, it is going to recover, and everything is going to be all right." She drinks, then straightens as she sees Kell, laughing softly and smoothing a hand over her skirts. "Forgive me, Ser Kell. I think the wine and the agreement may have gone to my head a bit. I'm not sure how much help I'll be with a guest list at the moment, Saf. I might make all sorts of terrible, yet potentially entertaining decisions."

The Banefort brightens to the point of glowing as she looks at her cousin. As she steps forward, she sets the box down on the closest table so she can step forward to kiss her cousin's cheek. "I heard, Anais… I take it that the Charltons agreed to our own terms without much resistance, then?" Though she laughs warmly as she moves to take a seat beside her cousin, deciding to fetch her own glass in celebration. "I thought the point of the guest list was to invite potentially entertaining guests." She smirks a bit before she looks over toward Kell. "She was like this when she left for the Riverlands too, Ser Kell. I think the word is giddy." Then she shakes her head a bit.

"There is nothing to forgive M'Lady, it is certainly a joyous ocassion and one worth celebratings, especially with the success you've had to build such an accord with the Charltons." Kell manages a smile for Lady Anais as well, glad to see that she is able to smile and relax again, even if it is just for the moment but it is enough. Things have been tense and difficult for far too long at the Roost, far too long. Kell can't help but chuckle in amusement at Saffron's description of her cousin, and he certainly won't be one to disagree. "I had wanted to seek you out earlier, Lady Anais, but you were busy. Lord Charlton has finally paid me what was owed and I was going to hand the silver over to the Roost."

"Potentially entertaining guests, and then keeping them from ever seeing each other," Anais says with some amusement, grin flashing. "So that you don't end up doing damage control the next morning when there are a thousand other things you'd prefer to do. Would either of you like some wine?" she offers, pushing up and moving to the sideboard where the bottle sits. She pauses mid-pour at Kell's offer, smile softening for the knight. "Ser Kell, you have been so generous already. You know you don't have to, of course? Isn't there anything you're saving up for yourself?"

There is a warmth around Saffron, perhaps even some relaxation. She feeds off the energy her cousin gives her, and sends the same positive grace back. She nods her head at the offer. "Some wine would be wonderful," she says brightly before she looks over toward Kell at his offer. She blinks several times before she glances back to Anais as well to see her own reaction. For now, the Lady does not comment.

Shaking his head, Kell politely declines the offer for wine as it seems like the knight is eager to return his duties, especially with the rumors of bandits again. "You are most generous with your offer of the wine, M'Lady, but I must decline. And I know, but what benefits this House also benefits me, and the silver won't do me any good right now when our first concern is food. Who should I leave the pouch with, Lady Anais? I do not wish to disturb your rest and much needed break."

"I'll see to it," Anais promises. "But I'll hold it in reserve," she adds with a small smile for the knight, stepping forward and rising up to try to brush a kiss to his cheek. "In case you find something you need it for, Ser Kell. Don't hesitate to come to me if you do." She stays there, trying to hold his gaze until he consents.

Saffron beings to smile softly toward the knight at his offer and insistence. She lets the two have a moment however, feeling awkward in interjecting with anything beyond a soft smile.

Seeing that Anais will most likely not take a 'no' for the compromise, Kell finally nods his head in agreement, "Very well, M'Lady, I will come find you in case there is an emergency that I need the funds for." He does look a little sheepish from the friendly affection shown by Anais. "There is another reason why I came to seek you out, Lady Anais, and then I will depart so you and Lady Saffron can discuss things of most import. With the agreement reached with the Charltons, I am sure it changes things with the other Houses. Is there something that I will be needed for?" Since his last task with the Erenfords more or less was interrupted by the Charltons.
Someone is knocking at the door.

"We're not going to stop speaking with the other houses," Anais assures Kell, her smile more confident now that something has gone right. "The agreement with the Charltons only prevents us from aiding the Naylands in a time of war, so we're free to continue making alliances. I'd like to send word to the Erenfords quickly, to assure them that we aren't standing against them, but I think you can relax for the time being." She pauses at the knock, turning toward the door to call over. "Come in!"

When the door opens, a familiar baritone speaks low, "Anais?" Justin himself who has never come calling to these chambers steps in. When he sees the others already gathered here he smiles, but isn't eager to interrupt.

"No House can fault the Terricks for trying to find some stability, and it is a peaceful treaty which should be made clear. If anything, the Cape should take some kind of peace in that the entire Cape isn't about to fall into conflict." Saffron sounds very earnest in that. She looks up as she hears the knock and then seeing Justin. She offers him a gentle smile from her seat beside her cousin, wine goblet now in hand.

With that answer, Kell nods his head in understanding and he also inclines his head as Saffron speaks, as if in agreement with her as well. "When word is ready to be sent to the Erenfords, I will be available if you choose to send me again, Lady Anais." Or atleast an escort, since he still needs to collect the pack horse and some of his belongings as well from Heronhurst. "For now then, I guess I should find some time to find out some facts about the bandit attack that struck on the road to Stonebridge." Kell then bows his head to Anais, then Saffron, "By your leave, M'Lady?"

"Of course, Ser Kell," Anais nods to the knight, then turns to greet Justin with a swift smile. "Justin, come in," she invites with a laugh. "Please. I'm…celebrating. I'm sure there's another glass worth of wine left in the bottle, though," she adds with a glimmer in her eyes.

Justin still has something of a grim set to his mouth despite the brief smile, but he tries to let it go as the wine is offered, "Thank you. Indeed, we do have something to celebrate, if only Lucienne dosen't screw our new accord and father turn into an idiot." Yes, Justin is very displeased with his family. He accepts the glass and pours himself whatever of the wine is left that will fit before he takes a seat to join them. "I'd be eager to set up our hunt we had hoped to have but for now, I have more pressing matters. I leave in the morning to see what I can find out about our possible bandit attack."

Saffron frowns suddenly at Justin's words, worry setting in on her expression. "I had heard that Lady Lucienne had ventured to Stonebridge," she says, almost wearily. Her gaze glances over toward Anais and then to Kell before her gaze settles once more on Justin. She takes in a full swallow of wine, letting it swish between her cheeks before she swallows it down.

With him being excuse, Kell inclines his head to Anais before pulling the leather pouch from his belt and goes to a nearby table to place it on it, contents still closed and secured. But what most can deduce from the shape and the sound the clinking, is that it has coins inside. On his way out though, the Terrick Knight bows his head respectfully to Justin, "Lord Justin." With that, Kell passes on by and closes the door gently behind him, pretending not to hear anything after that.

"Oh, it was Lord Aleister who told me about Lucienne," Anais wrinkles her nose to Saffron. "That was lovely, really. What's this about bandits, though?" she starts to ask Justin just as a messenger arrives. Excusing herself, she steps away to hear what he carries - probably the same news.

"I'm certain that Lady Lucienne wouldn't engage in behavior that would risk her House now that an accord has been struck, though it might take time to reach her at Stonebridge. Perhaps a letter should be sent that she return posthaste," Saffron suggests, trying as always to remain a helpful sort. She glances over toward Justin at the inquiry of the Bandits, though she tries not to look too worried.

Justin looks to Anais after he's taken a taste of the wine, "Lord Aleister told you? Did he say how he found out? I'm /very/ curious as to what he had to say about it." Yes, very curious. He makes a dismissive gesture with his injured but healing hand, "I have a suspicion that the murdered guards and handmaiden of Lady Aly's wasn't bandits at all, but I must ride out and see what I may. I'm taking the flint tracker, Pariston with me. If it's what I think however, it may be an internal Charlton matter. Which is very interesting but not something I really want to be sticking my nose into too closely so long as it doesn't spread too far."

Saffron gets a rather droll look from Justin, "A letter would be wasted. She defied me quite intentionally, Lady Saffron. I am beginning to believe that my sister has no regard for this House outside of her personal whims and ambitions. She hasn't been impressing me the slightest with her lack of maturity, self centered ambitions, or manipulations."

"I didn't ask how he'd heard," Anais shakes her head to Justin. "My main concern was getting the accord inked. And at least that worked," she adds, her smile returning for a moment. It twists ruefully at Justin's words, and she moves to reclaim both her glass of wine and her seat on the chaise. "To be honest with both of you, I'm inclined to let Luci dig her own hole. I tried pointing out what you see to Lord Jerold, and we know how that went. I'm going to have to let him see it for himself, and I think she'll show him."

Saffron frowns a bit. "Perhaps I wish to be optimistic and hope that she is there to politely inform the Naylands that there will be no aide nor supplies should a war be spurred by this conflict. The Terricks are proud and honorable, and it would destroy them if they become known as oath-breakers. I am confident that once news of the Accord comes to Lucienne, she will know that." She glances toward Justin. "Even if she is viciously ambitious, it will serve her ambitions poorly if the Terricks are dishonored as a House." She shakes her head.

"Shame that you didn't, Anais. I would like to know how Lord Aleister knew before any of the rest of us that she'd gotten free of us." Justin muses. He drinks his wine and then lifts the glass to you, "I do believe a toast is in order, to yourself my goodsister. I want you to know that I appreciate your efforts both in the negotiations with Ser Aleister, but also keeping your head at the meeting so we could stay on track. You'll be pleased to hear that Lucienne said afterwards that she intends to avoid family meetings in the future." Which is just as well. They might actually get more accomplished, though you can be sure she'll have her spies.

Justin lets out a breath, a careful glance about the room before he lowers his voice, "I have lost faith in my father and am very disapointed. I fear he is no longer a good, strong leader for this House." And while he doesn't say it with Anais here, Justin doesn't think much better of his brother, either.

"Lucienne objected strongly to aligning with the Charltons. I can't help but wonder what has changed that she suddenly wants to get us in bed with the Naylands when she didn't really pay them any mind before."

"Since Lucienne will be wed soon, I doubt there will be many more meetings for her to attend," Anais smiles faintly to Justin, leaving the 'thank the gods' unsaid. "Honestly, Justin, I really do think she just wants to go and be fawned upon for a little bit," she continues, taking a sip of wine. "Lord Rutger was very attentive to her at the dance in Seagard. Granted, I doubt his intentions are entirely honorable, but again, Lucienne is old enough to take care of herself, and take her lumps if she ends up with them." And her moon tea.

"I think," Saffron says after she drains her wine. "We should speak of more promising things. I think we should celebrate that the Roost will soon be back on its feet. Produce coming in from Highfield and the ability to hunt. I think it would be a wonderful idea to commit to a hunt soon so perhaps we can have a proper celebration for these good things." She offers the pair a smile. "The smallfolk and nobles both could use some excuse to celebrate a hopeful end to hard times."

"Perhaps. I agree the sooner she is married off the better. Though the Groves are not nearly far enough away as long as Father continues to fawn over her. We can only hope she'll take so much interest in bossing around her own House that she'll only remember us fondly, and be happy." But, enough of that topic!

Justin now more or less sprawls back into the chair to get as comfortable as he may, "You are absolutely right, lady Saffron. However, I think it needs to wait just a bit so we can see what is going on with our current guests. I am not keen to go off to the north if fighting may be about to break out very close to our east. Perhaps instead of the hunt right away, we can hold a small celebration right here. Ser Kamron was suggesting a local fair, with some tilting for show rather than for prizes, maybe a few events only for the smallfolk to participate in for small prizes, plenty of music. It would give our crafters an occation to sell a few goods even though most of them have had their hands put to the rebuilding more than to making merchandise."

"It would give us a chance to approach the apprentices and journeymen as well," Anais muses to Justin. "But you're right, Saffron," she adds, smile flashing once more. "It's time for a celebration. It's time for some unalloyed joy." She raises her glass, smile bright once more. "To recovery."

Saffron looks warmed by the acceptance of her suggestion, though it wasn't a terribly difficult one to propose. "Ser Kamron did enjoy the idea of a fair, and now we have good reason to celebrate. I've already seen a change in mood just by the gifts the Charltons have brought us." She smiles toward Anais, also raising her own glass after she has filled hers once more. "To recovery," she chimes in.

Justin likewise sits up and leans over, or moves to stand if needbe, to lightly touch his cup of wine to each of theirs, "Indeed, to Recovery! Seven, may we soon see the Roost thrive once more." Yes, he'll drink to that.

Anais does indeed drink to that. Although it seems like perhaps she's been drinking to that for a bit now, her cheeks flushed as she sets the glass aside with a contented smile. "It feels good to accomplish something. To see some light on the horizon. I wish Jacsen was in better condition to see it, but other than that…It's all very good."

Saffron nods her head in agreement with her cousin. "I am certain that even Seagard will be relieved to hear that soon the Terricks will recover. Once the hunger has subsided, trade can be focused on, and revenue can be brought back in. We could be able to actually rebuild, give the Sept a proper set of windows, finally finish the docks at the coast. This opens up so much possibility for the Roost. I am glad for it."

Resettling into his seat, Justin grows thoughtful, "You still owe me dancing lessons, goodsister. Perhaps in the coming days you'll indulge me the first one. Sooner or later we shall have more dancing and I wish to learn to be reasonably good at it." He nods to Saffron, "Though it will yet take time."

Oops, his glass of wine was finished off with the toast, alas. Finding it empty and knowing the bottle is already finished, he sets it aside, "I suppose I should retire. It is getting late, but congatulations were in order. I was beginning to think we might not reach this day." Sometimes it's very good to be wrong. Justin moves to stand, "I shall bid you both a most pleasant evening, ladies."

"I should have more time for dancing lessons now," Anais smiles swiftly to Justin. "Thank you for coming, Justin. I appreciate it. And I've appreciated your support. I know it must be hard coming home to all of this, but you've been so very helpful through it all. Sleep well tonight." Warm with wine, she leans over to rest her head on Saffron's shoulder. "You should tell Kamron I appreciate his support, too," she tells her cousin. "Because I do."

"There will be a wedding soon where I will require you to dance at, Ser Justin," Saffron teases him gently. "You have about six weeks to find your dancing feet." She winks to him warmly before she bows her head after him. "Perhaps tonight we will all sleep better, Justin. Good night." And once the man has left, she glances back over to Anais as she rests her head on her shoulder; she starts to gently pet through her cousin's golden hair. "It does me good to see you happy, cousin. I will make sure to add this to the letter I was writing to send to the Banefort. Uncle Erik will be proud of you." Then she laughs softly. "I will tell him when it comes to see me tonight. It has become a ritual of ours."

Both Anais and Saffron's words ease some of the strain that's made his face look all the more angular and lean. Or maybe it's just that he's lost some weight, "Thank you both. I do try, and I will continue to try. Dancing included. Thank you for allowing me to barge in, this evening, and for sharing the wine." Justin inclines himself slightly to each, then takes his leave.

"I hope Jacsen is, when he's feeling better," Anais admits, glancing toward the door where he's ensconced down the hall. "I'm just glad I finally had the chance to do something. And that there'll be food. And that…Everything," she laughs, shaking her head. "Everything. What a relief."

"He will be," Saffron offers gently. "You handled yourself wonderfully with reaching a swift and promising accord, and now hope will come to the Roost." She then offers her cousin a gentle squeeze before she smooches the top of her head. "I love you, sweet Annie… I should let you rest though. Wine and joy tend to wear you out." She smiles knowingly. "And Kamron is due soon," she adds, almost shyly.

"That's the real reason," Anais accuses with a laugh as she pushes away, though she grins back at her cousin. "And I don't blame you at all. Go on," she urges, laughing softly. "And do please tell him how much I appreciated him at the meeting. Without his solid and vocal support, I don't think we would have been able to push through what we did."

Saffron blushes a gentle pink at Anais's words and she shrugs helplessly. "I'm sure we will bore of each other eventually," she offers gently. Then she begins to slip away from her cousin, offering another bow of her head. "I will tell him, cousin. He only wants to see the Terricks thrive, as do I." Now she starts to step away, letting her cousin bask in the success.