Page 448: Times are Changing
Times are Changing
Summary: Young Lord Alric meets with his father over recent events
Date: 14-Oct-2012
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Alric Jek 
Meeting Room at Tavin's Rest
It's a meeting room!
14 Oct 289

Word had already reached Jek that his son was almost at their small manor that served as the seat of House Fenster and as such, the Knight of Tavin's Rest had made his way to the meeting room and to his seat at the head of the table. Wine and a small assortment of meats and cheese had been set upon the table. Word had been left with the servants to inform Alric that he can find his father within the small meeting room and that he should not tary in his arrival.

Alric is making his way swiftly to the meeting room along with those that were in his party on the ride back. Letting all but Talbot stay outside. Coming into the room and offering a bow to his father as the guard moves to be invisible for now. "Lord father." He offers and looks to his father, trying to read him. Moving to take a seat once offered.

As Alric makes his way into the room, Jek regards his son for a half-moment before he's offering an incline of his head, a move that's followed by a lift of his hand that motions to one of the empty seats at the table, "Welcome home, my son. Please, take a seat." When his hand lowers, it's so that it can fall to his lap, to clasp together with the other, "As you have no doubt heard, much has changed in the passing weeks."

Alric inclines his head as he takes his seat. "Thank you, father. And they indeed have, I have heard as much." He offers in return. Studying his father for a long moment. Wondering what he might have on his mind. Making sure not to speak up yet. Showing his father respect by letting him be the one to lead the conversation.

"And with it, my son, we must change as well." There's a touch of a smile upon the older Knight's lips and another slight incline of his head, "House Charlton is not what they once were. Loyalties have been broken and they've brought danger to those vassal's who rest on the edge of their lands." Hands unclasp so that he can lean forward, to claim his goblet of wine and lift it to his lips so that a small sip can be claimed. When it lowers, he's settling it back on the table, "We are vulnerable, my son. Our lands border that of House Haigh. A House that will not follow in Keegan's footsteps. As such, I have met with Lord Ser Leslyn, Head of House Haigh."

Alric furrows his brows, "Father, when have we been a house to back off when there has been trouble? I understand your concern, but is this not just keeping safe?" He asks. Looking a bit troubled. "We have been trying to establish ourselves but we seem to be crumbling again. What would lord ser Leslyn be able to offer? And what are we to offer? To bow under? Our house will will become nonexistant once again. What happened to loyalty, father?" He asks. Trying to see this from both perspectives.

"You are my first born, Alric, but you have much to learn of politics still," is what Jek offers, with just the hint of a smile. "Hollyholt and Charlton has offended Lord Frey and with it, offended his vassals. They will seek vengeance against Keegan in any fashion that they can. We put ourselves at grave risk, son, if we remain sworn to Hollyholt. And they will do little to defend us. And our three Knights and handful of Men at Arms will be no match for any force that marches upon us." That goblet is once more claimed, to be lifted to his lips so that a sip can be taken. When it lowers, he offers, "As such, Lord Ser Leslyn has offered us a chance to survive. To grow. And the price was not all that steep." Now, that smile returns to his lips once again, "In exchange for our oath of fealty to House Haigh, you will be betrothed to the Lady Ilaria Haigh, neice of Lord Ser Leslyn."

Alric can't really argue with the facts that his father put forth, knowing that they would need to separate. PErhaps just not wanting to. Keeping family and the motto of their house to heart. "I understand father. Though we have owed them everything. I fear that it would hurt the name of the Fenster loyalty. But I understand. What about the Charltons? If we leave their side won't they just attack us?" He asks in return. Studying his father. Taking his own goblet, that most likely got filled while they talked. "What do we get from all this? Except to stay alive." He says. Shifting in his seat.

There is a slight shake of Jek's head now, followed by, "Hollyholt has already destroyed the bonds of loyalty, son, by breaking their oath fealty to Lord Frey. We will be absolved from any scorn for breaking free of Charlton's grasp." Now, his hands come to clasp together upon the top of the small table, "We are at the edge of Charlton land, Alric. If the Charlton's muster their armies, then the Haighs will answer the call to aid us. And should Haigh and Charlton come to clash, then others in these lands will raly to aid House Haigh." A slight pause is taken, enough for him to level his gaze upon his son, "We gain a dowry from House Haigh, son. You gain a bride and with it, we gain an Alliance with a strong House."

Alric nods and seems thoughtful. Going throught all the options, it seems, before seeming to resign any arguement. "I understand, father. What ever way I can help our family would be for the better." He offers. Brushing back his hair. "We need the money and we need to build up larger. I still don't understand the Charltons decision." A sigh follows and he leans back in his seat. "Lady Ilaria, you say?" A deep breath taken. Hard to tell if he finds it to be a good or bad match.

"You do not need to understand their decision, my son. You only need to accept it. And accept that in which has come as a result of such things." A slight pause is taken, enough so that Jek's hands can unclasp and settle upon the table, so that he can push himself up from his chair, "It is a good match, Alric, and you would do wise to stop these .. chases of Ladies from other Houses that I have heard so much about. Return now to the Roost, my son. Focus on getting to know your betrothed. To understand her. Make not enemies of her family, either, but friends."

Alric nods, "I understand." Then being silent for a moment, though there is a nod about it being a good match. "I only chased those I told you of. The Mallisters. All else was were misunderstandings. Lady Aemy… Well, we just became too close friends I suppose. And to be able to please our liege I offered that I would be with her. Do not worry, I am fine with this." He tells his father and rises from his seat as well. Intentionally leaving out a certain lady. Nodding to his father's words. Still trying to let it sink in. "I understand. I will do my best, lord father."

"I ask not for excuses or explainations, my son. Do my bidding and remember what has been asked of you." The fall of his cloak is adjusted and then drawn more tightly around him before Jek begins to turn, to move back towards one of the doors that leads further into the manor. As he does so, he offers, "I expect nothing less of you, my son. Be well and ride safe. Lord Ser Lesyn and I will see that notice of your betrothal becomes offical and that word is spread."

Alric nods, "Of course." He then bows as his father starts to leave. "I understand. I won't disappoint you, father." He offers and waits until his father is gone before moving to leave along with his former company. To head to the Roost as soon as he is able.