Below is a timeline of events so far in the game's history. It is a constant work in progress, to be updated as the game progresses. It will also be fleshed out and better-formatted as we're able.

Robert’s Rebellion

Recent History

288 AL


  • Ser Cyric Valentin, Knight of Oldstones, dies, and his son Ser Anton inherits. He returns from mercenary campaigns in the East to take up his holding, bringing with him Ser Gedeon Rivers, now his sworn sword.


(OOC: The game begins.)

  • Lady Isolde and Young Lord Ryker are wed, and Stonebridge shifts its allegiance. Where before it swore to House Terrick, it now swears to House Nayland, instead.
  • Ser Gedeon Rivers approaches Ser Jarod Rivers, bastard son of Lord Terrick, and later his half-sister the Lady Isolde with some letters appearing to be from his father, Geoffrey Tordane. These letters name the Lady Isolde a bastard herself, product of a secret affair between her mother Lady Valda and an unnamed man, and express a wish for Gedeon to be legitimized that he might inherit both the name of Tordane and the lordship of Stonebridge. Isolde refuses to return the letters to Gedeon, showing them to the Naylands, whose new hold on Stonebridge is threatened by Ser Gedeon's claims.


  • In Stonebridge, Ser Gedeon Rivers is delivered some poisoned wine by a party unknown, falling ill after drinking it. Rowan Nayland, squire to Ser Jarod, happens to be nearby at the time and shares the wine, falling ill as well and inadvertently saving Ser Gedeon’s life by preventing him from ingesting the full dose of poison. Later, the boy that delivered the wine is found dead by the river, his throat slit.
  • In Terrick’s Roost, a Nayland retainer staying at the Rockcliff Inn is found murdered in his bed.
  • Amelia Millen, a common whore, and friend of Young Lord Jaremy Terrick, is arrested on suspicion of murdering the Nayland man..


  • Jacsen Terrick, Lord Terrick’s second son, is entrusted with his father’s seal, which empowers him to make decisions on behalf of the family.
  • Amelia is sentenced to execution for the murder of the Nayland retainer, and hung.
  • Young Lord Jaremy Terrick runs away from Terrick’s Roost, and is disinherited by his father for it. He is thereafter known as Ser Jaremy Middleton (his mother’s maiden name), and his brother Jacsen becomes Young Lord Terrick.


  • Young Lord Jacsen marries the Lady Anais Banefort, formerly betrothed to Jaremy. A tourney is held to celebrate the wedding.


  • With the approval of House Mallister, certain Terricks and Ser Gedeon bring his case for legitimacy (and lordship of Stonebridge) to Hoster Tully, Lord Paramount of the Riverlands. Several Naylands go as well, and present evidence of their own in an attempt to prevent Gedeon from succeeding in his bid, including a document purporting to be the long-lost will of Lord Ser Geoffrey Tordane.
  • Ser Jaremy Middleton (formerly Terrick) leads a group of peasants in an attempted attack on Stonebridge, hoping to rouse the people of the holding to rebellion against their Nayland lords. He is quickly defeated and arrested by the Naylands. Guilty of treason, he is sentenced to death, but he is mercifully allowed to take the black and become a man of the Night’s Watch instead.


  • At the end of December, The Greyjoy Rebellion, also known as the Ironborn Invasion, is begun, wherein Lord Balon Greyjoy, Lord Paramount of the Iron Islands, proclaims himself King of the Iron Islands, independent from the rule of King Robert I Baratheon.
    • Kathryna Harlaw and her man Asvard Nares attempt to spike the gates at Terrick’s Roost so that the attacking army can get inside and take the castle. Luckily for the Riverlanders they fail, but they escape. The Ironborn besiege Four Eagles Tower, wreaking havoc on the town of Terrick's Roost and reaving its surrounding lands in the meantime.
    • Seagard, seat of House Mallister is also besieged.



  • Kathryna heads to Tall Oaks, seat of House Camden, just in time to witness and fall victim to its total destruction by the Blacktyde contingent of the Ironborn forces. Tall Oaks is burnt to the ground, and the entire population slaughtered except for Lady Tiaryn Flint, the only survivor of a disastrous last-minute escape attempt by the Camden family.
  • The Battle of Alderbrook results in the Riverlord host, consisting primarily of those houses sworn to House Frey, breaking the siege of Four Eagles Tower and driving Maron Greyjoy's forces to retreat back to the Iron Isles.
    • It is estimated that a quarter of the Roost's population (~2000 before the invasion) was killed or kidnapped by the Ironborn. The town of Terrick's Roost was set to the torch during the retreat and suffers significant damage. This coupled with loss of population and ravaging of fields leaves the Roost with insufficient food stores to get them through to the next harvest.
  • Acquiring the additional forces of House Terrick and House Groves, the Army of the Cape joins with the larger Army of the Riverlands. Through there combined efforts, the siege of Seagard is lifted, and the last of the Ironborn are driven from the Riverlands.



  • After a nearly-disastrous attempt at single combat between Ser Martyn Mallister and Lord Rogr Harlaw, wherein Ser Martyn’s life is saved by the quick (and not precisely honorable) actions of his second, Ser Kamron Mallister, Grey Gardens is captured by the Riverlanders.


  • After a siege, and several waves of attack, the armies of King Robert succeed in taking the great castle of House Greyjoy at Pyke, forcing Lord (and would-be King) Balon Greyjoy to submit, killing several of his sons, and forcing the surrender of the last of the forces of the Iron Islands, ending the war.
  • Letters arrive from the king proclaiming his decision in the matter of Stonebridge: Ser Gedeon Rivers is legitimized, and Ser Gedeon Tordane is therefore the heir to the lordship of Stonebridge and will be invested with his lands by a representative of Lord Tully.
  • Rygar Nayland, sheriff of Stonebridge, accuses Ser Gedeon of lies and treachery and challenges him to a judicial duel in seven days’ time. Ser Gedeon sets up camp under the banner of House Tordane on the riverbank outside Stonebridge.
  • Ser Gedeon and Ser Rygar duel on the stone bridge, and Ser Rygar is the victor, killing Ser Gedeon. Lady Danae takes up her husband’s sword and announces her marriage to the assembled crowd, as well as her intention to pursue Ser Gedeon’s claim to Stonebridge on behalf of their child, should they have one. She and her sworn swords reside in the late Ser Gedeon’s camp outside Stonebridge, flying the Tordane banner.


  • Lord Ser Keegan, head of House Charlton meets with Lady Danae, and rumors begin to circulate of some potential alliance between the two. These rumors gain legs when a number of men in plain, unmarked livery join those guarding Lady Danae’s camp.
  • Lord Daemon Blackwood, representative of House Tully, arrives to formally invest Ser Gedeon with his lands, and finds himself having to investigate the messy aftermath of the duel instead. He makes no decision one way or another regarding who is the rightful lord of Stonebridge, and returns to Riverrun to confer with Lord Tully.
  • The Naylands approach the Terricks to suggest negotiating a betrothal between a lady of House Nayland and a lord of House Terrick. The Terricks tentatively agree to consider the idea and continue negotiations. Members of both houses hope that such an arrangement might begin to end the long-running feud between the houses, but others are skeptical and suspicious.
  • A tourney is held by House Frey at The Twins to celebrate the victory over the Ironborn.
  • A betrothal is announced between Lord Patrek Mallister and Lady Syrah Redwyne, daughter of Lord Paxter Redwyne of the Arbor.
  • House Groves sells its surplus harvest to House Nayland, making the food-shortage situation at Terrick’s Roost even more serious before.


  • At a picnic hosted by Lady Rosanna Groves on Terrick lands, almost a score of ladies and their attendants are kidnapped by bandits and held for ransom. A search is organized between the knights and lords of the area, based out of Stonebridge.
  • A host of Charlton knights and men-at-arms, under the command of Ser Aleister Charlton are marched into Stonebridge and take up residence at the Crane’s Crossing Inn, purportedly in the area to assist in searching for the kidnapped ladies, of which Ser Aleister’s wife Cherise is one.
  • After several tense days and at least one false alarm, the men of the area succeed in finding and rescuing the kidnapped ladies, who are all returned to their homes without serious injury. The bandits are killed except for one taken prisoner and one who flees into the woods.
  • After some months of work, construction is partially completed on the Charlton settlement called Highfield, in the plains just southeast of the former Tall Oaks (on land that was held before the Ironborn Invasion by the now-all-but-extinct House Camden). Irrigation channels, a lumber mill, housing for workers and settlers, and a simple motte and bailey have all been built, protected by a palisade fence. Whether the settlement has been officially recognized by Lord Tully as a cadet house of House Charlton is not yet clear.
  • Lord Tully announces that he declines to render final judgement until such a time as the presence, absence or health of Gedeon Tordane's alleged issue (by Lady Danae) can be determined. Lady Danae and her attendants vacate the camp just outside Stonebridge after word arrives of this decision. Rumor puts her at either Hollyholt or Highfield.
  • The Naylands arrest all of the Charltons present in the Crane’s Crossing Inn, and imprison them in Tordane Tower. The Lady Alys Charlton, already a guest in the tower, is held as well.
  • A tourney is held at Seagard to celebrate the betrothal of Lord Patrek and Lady Syrah Redwyne.
  • During the tournament, the Charlton prisoners, excepting Ser Aleister and the non-noble knights and men-at-arms, are released by Ser Rutger Nayland.
  • At the end of the tournament, a number of Erenford nobles near Heronhurst are taken prisoner by a Charlton force, and Lord Rafferdy Nayland, having ventured out to visit Lord Haigh, is taken as well. These captives are exchanged for Ser Aleister and the other Charlton men.


  • The two remaining men believed to have participated in the kidnapping of various ladies in June are sentenced to death at Terrick's Roost, but are offered the chance to take the black and serve on the Wall instead. Both choose the Wall.
  • Lord Tully awards Ser Aleister Charlton Lordship of the former Camden Lands, which are now known as Highfield. House Charlton of Highfield, a cadet branch of House Charlton of Hollyholt, is officially formed.