Page 300: Tilting For Ladies
Tilting for Ladies
Summary: The Green at Terrick's Roost is host to verbal sparring and even a little tilting at the quintain.
Date: 15/May/2012
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The Green, Terrick's Roost
The Green is a large field of deep green grass, nearly flat, that runs along the base of the towers. The road into town runs along the far edge, hemming it in neatly to a confined area where beyond a line of trees serves as a subtle windbreak. This area is most often used for drilling or practice for the guards but also serves as home for festivals, tournements, and another other gathering that might require the space for a large number of the local residents. A well-trodden path winds around the side of the wall and moves towards the coastline.
May 15, 289

Most nobles would probably be standing by directing peasants or retainers to set up a quintain on one side of the Green, if they even bothered to be present at all. Kamron Mallister has demonstrated time and again that he is not 'most nobles,' however. A small pile of dirt and a shovel sit near the jousting equipment, and Kamron is currently engaged in muscling the quintain over slightly, apparently trying to make it stand straight. Percival Ryger, his squire, stands a few paces away, his head tilted to one side as he tries to give directions. Still, the weighted arm swings heavily to one side, demonstrating that the pair have not righted it quite correctly yet.

It has been, in all, a relatively busy day for the youngest Mallister. After spending time at the Sept, she took her maid and guard and went looking for certain herbs known to flower in this weather on the cliffs near the coast. Trudging up, the maiden looks windblown…sunburnt (Septa will scold)…and tired. Even so, Muirenn looks happy as she chats animatedly with her maid while the guard watches over, bemused. The girl pauses on the outskirts of the green and watches, a bit perplexed and then it dawns on her what her cousin is trying to do and instead of heading directly home she makes her way across the grass towards the quintain.

The strain in Kamron's voice is easy to hear as he puts a shoulder against the stand-post of the quintain and pushes against it, "Are we there yet, Percy?" The squire hops from one foot to the other, "Um… ah…" Exasperation enters the knight's voice as he continues, "We're there or we aren't, damn it…" The squire perks up, interjecting, "There! Right there!" Grunting once, Kam collects the shovel with one hand, pressing loose dirt in around the quintain's post until it doesn't resist his efforts to keep it vertical anymore. Tamping down the last of the loose soil with one boot, he turns to grin at his squire, and finds his cousin there instead. His female cousin. And her maid. (And her guard, of course, but he's just another man.) Clearing his throat, he bows his head, "Lady Muirenn." Glancing down at his dirt-caked hands a bit ruefully, he casts a glance over to Percy, "You might have told me…" The squire reddens and adds, "Ahh… I didn't see?" And then adds his own bow.

"Do not blame Squire Percy cousin." Muirenn giggles, "And it is not as if I haven't seen you with dirty hands before so please be at your ease Ser Kamron." Amused, the teenager makes a swipe at her dark russet tendril with a tired hand. "I am guessing this means that you will be joining the tournment at…" there is a pause and she contemplates the word…it is such an ugly word that 'F' word and so the girl settles for, "..the Twins?"

Kamron chuckles softly, nodding once and rubbing his hands clear-ish of dirt on the thighs of his pants, "Very true, Lady Muirenn. And I'm sure you'll see me with dirty hands many more times. It still offends my sensibilities a little to be caught out covered in dirty by a noble lady such as yourself." Still, the words are offered up with a laugh. Looking up at the quintain, he gestures Percy over and nods up at the swinging shield before he steps away. "Oh yes. If I can be spared from patrols and the search for bandits, I very much hope to try my hand up at the Twins. At least in the melee, although I'm considering the tilt." Behind him, Percy reaches up to give the quintain's shield a shove, sending the bang of sand on the back swinging around with a squeal of turning wood. Luckily, Percy isn't mounted, so the sack swings well over his head. Kamron nods to himself, and continues, "It will depend on how rusty my skills with a lance have gotten. There wasn't much call for cavalry on the Isles."

Laughter rings out as Muirenn gives a little curtsy, "I thank you for the compliment and consideration cousin." Nodding her head emphatically enough to make the curling ends of her hair sway about her hips, the young lady says "Please cousin, I want so very very much to watch you and my brother…if you perhaps see Uncle…Lord Jerold today, could you mayhap…please…reassure him that you and Martyn will ensure my safety and put in a good word for me? I have never been to a tournament and I want to go and see. Lord Jerold said he would consider it."

Kamron shrugs one shoulder lightly, "I don't know if a good word from me will do much good, Lady Muirenn. After all, the line of honor Lord Mallister has drawn so zealously is undoubtedly one he learned from Lord Terrick." There is only the slightest twist of a grimace to the knight's lips, evidently able to gain some distance from his humiliation as time goes on, "But whatever else the Freys may be, they are rich, and can certainly afford to host a grand tourney. And every young lady should get the opportunity to watch a grand tourney before she is married." Laughter lights up his features again, his grin twisting up crookedly at one corner, "And you never know, Lady Muirenn, some brave young Tully cousin may overbear all comers and name you Queen of Love and Beauty."

The girl's cheeks flush and she ducks her head with a soft laugh, "Oh cousin…you tease me." Her grey eyes sparkle, "I will be happy if I can just go and cheer for my family. I am told that they are very exciting." Muirenn glances at her maid and her grin widens, "Please just tell Lord Jerold that you will make sure no harm comes to me. I know I will have my guard, Minnie, and Septa but still." There is a pause and she considers, "I woulder if I should insist that Maester Pyrs come along. For all that he is old, I would not want to get ill and be so far from home and forced to depend upon the Frey's maester."

Kamron chuckles softly, "When the request is so charmingly phrased, Lady Muirenn, and so enthusiastically, I don't know how I can refuse." His smile fades a bit, "Although I must note that Martyn and I are likely to be rather busy — I'm assuming he'll enter the melee at least, if not the joust as well — but I'm sure you would be well taken-care-of amongst the Mallisters and Terricks present." A tiny shake of his head accompanies the mention of the maester, "I don't know that asking Maester… Pyrs is it… accompany you would be wise, Lady Muirenn. The Maester is sworn to the holding, not the Lord. It might be seen as an insult to the Citadel if you suggested that you didn't trust the maester assigned to the Twins." A chuckle returns to his lips, and he quips, "Even if he's the only person there I trust as far as I could throw him."

With a heavy sigh, the girl nods and murmers "You are right of course Cousin…and I know you are Martyn will be busy, but I think it would be a good thing to state. I will be fine though, there will be so many guards." Pausing, Muirenn smiles faintly "Besides, I made him a promise that I would keep my chaperones with me at all times and not do anything to hurt him or my own family. I wanted to reassure him, with everything that has gone on in the last few years I am sure he worries."

Kamron shakes his head, "I highly doubt anyone would be so foolish as to try to cause you or any other lady physical harm at such an event, Lady Muirenn. There will be far too many annointed knights about." Scrubbing at his palms again, he arches an eyebrow, "I bet your maid and septa will be of more need, as well as your own fortitude, Lady Muirenn. With so many knights about, there will be plenty looking to make a good match by hook or by crook." His smile softens slightly, and he shrugs a little helplessly, "I bet Lord Terrick knows enough not to worry about your actions, Lady Muirenn, with or without an explicit promise from you."

"I know he does" Muirenn replies simply, "I merely wanted to reassure that I would not cause anyone the pain that lady Danae has caused her family." Considering his other words, the girl gives another shake of her head "No, I think not. I have been kept too close to home for too many years. There are other maidens who will show brighter than I as we are still in mourning for Uncle Jason. But do not worry.." Giggling she continues, "I shall wear some of my prettiest black gowns so shall not embarrass the House too badly."

Kamron laughs lightly at that, "Clothes do not make a man or woman, Lady Muirenn." His grin goes very crooked indeed and he spreads his arms, looking pointed down at his simple — and very dirty — clothes, "At least, I certainly hope they do not." Shaking his head, Kam lets his smile mellow again, "You do yourself wrong in either case, Lady Muirenn. Although we knights are sworn to protect women, we cannot do so very well when the threat is from within. You are a very charming young lady, cousin, and I do not think that all of the knights and lords at the tourney will be so great of fools as to overlook that simply because you wear mourning."

Flushing, the teenager seems torn between being pleased and a bit embarrassed by the compliment. Finally she nods and then teases, "It is as you say cousin, I am a catch…though I wonder if you push the cause in order to give me someone else to scold other than yourself and Martyn." Her eyes sparkle like a storm tossed sea with green mingled with the grey, "Who knows what it might hold, but I really would like to go…so you will speak with Lord Jerold?"

Kamron arches his eyebrows high onto his forehead, sending his scar twisting and wrinkling with the motion, "Oh, you haven't scolded me too badly, Lady Muirenn. I'm still drifting on the gust of Harlaw I think. But you're very right, I should get you someone else to scold before that leeway runs out." Shaking his head slowly, he tortures his squire by solemnly gesturing to the youth, "Lord Percival Ryger has the qualities," he holds one hand a good half-foot above his head, indicating height, "necessary to match you, I think, cousin." Percival, for his part, looks like a pollaxed steer, his eyes wide, his face immediately red, and his mouth moving but soundless. That draws laughter up onto Kam's lips, and he claps his squire on the shoulder, "Don't worry Percy, I'm not trying to marry you off." Turning his grin to Muirenn, he adds, "Nor you, Lady Muirenn. Although some more attention in that direction may be nice, to get my mother off -my- case."

Biting her lower lip, Muirenn stifles her giggle and only inclines her head to Percy saying cheerfully "One day you will be a knight of renown and will I am sure win and wed a lady who will make you quite happy." Her attention returns to her cousin and her eyes twinkle, "I could name two ladies at least who would be imminantly suitable for you Kamron." Clasping her hands she beams in benign innocence upon her cousin, though there is a mischevious twinkle in her eye and the Mallister Guard behind her chokes as he smothers his laugh.

Percy is still utterly unable to speak, demonstrating that he still has a good long ways to go. Kamron, on the other hand, chuckles easily, shaking his head, "You mean that you've found not just one noble lady who would make an advantageous match for the house, is capable of managing a household, has no complaints about me travelling the Cape to deal with whatever might come up, is fertile and comely, has a sweet and kindly disposition, and no interest in running -my- life — but you've found -two- of them, Lady Muirenn?" Laughter fills his voice the entire time, but it is not until he finishes the question that it actually escapes, "Your services will no doubt be in demand throughout not just the Cape and the Riverlands, but all of the Seven Kingdoms." One corner of the man's lips curls up in a grin, "And who might these paragons of Maidenly virtue be?"

"Well, one is a widow. The Lady Tiaryn would be an excellent match for you. She is not only one of the last Camdens but married into the Flint family. In addition to that she is an extremely likeable person, she showed extreme bravery during the fall of Tall Oaks and resilience as she has worked through the loss of her family." Muirenn smiles, hands clasped together as she rocks up onto her toes and then back onto her heels, "Then there are any of the Banefort girls…Lady Anais has any number of sisters and then there is the Lady Saffron who would be quite suitable and seems to like her freedom so would not mind you wandering 'round the Cape." There is a pause as the girl contemplates this last, "I am not entirely sure she would get along with your mother though…then again your mother would be thrilled I think to have you married that she would not mind."

And now it is Kamron's turn to gape a bit as Muirenn manages to actually name off two candidates immediately. Well, she -did- warn him. He recovers quickly, however, laughing a little ruefully, "You do my mother's work far too well, Lady Muirenn." He rubs at his temple with the fingers of one hand, "While both are charming young women from what I have seen, cousin, House Camden is already tied to House Mallister with the betrothal of Lady Camden to Ser Aeric, and House Banefort already linked to the Terricks through Lady Anais." It took him a moment, but those are his excuses, and he's sticking to them. "But I do agree with you that both Lady Tiaryn and Lady Saffron are delightful conversationalists, although I have only spoken briefly with the former."

With a light snort, Muirenn replies "The banns were read for Lady Camden and Cousin Aeric but there still is not much movement on that front. And Lady Tiaryn is also tied to the House Flint of Flint's Finger, and we have no connections there. Besides, strengthening ties to the House Banefort in our own right and not just through the Terricks is not necessarily a bad idea…and as there are only two members of House Camden left, if we manage to marry both into the family then assuredly we will have access to lumber." Drawing breath the girl pauses and peers at her cousin with a wide grin, "So, there are two at the very least, likely candidates for you. You just wish to avoid marriage and *that* is something I cannot help you with."

Kamron holds up a finger at the point about the Flints, grinning and recovering a bit of his facility to answer, "Ah, she may have been married to a Flint, but she is not of the House, so if we wish a connection there, we will have to look elsewhere. I've heard that the Young Lord Anders' squire is a solid young man." His smile spreads even further, curling at one corner into a distinctly crooked grin, "Perhaps he will be at the Twins and you might meet him, Lady Muirenn." Her last point draws a laugh from him, "And yes… I quite rather do want to avoid marriage, although under the circumstances that I noted, I suppose it wouldn't be too bad." Shaking his head in amusement, he notes, "Not that those circumstances are likely to present themselves. No, cousin, I think I'll avoid it as long as possible, until Lord Mallister finds some benefit to the house in marrying me off, at which point I'll do my duty to whomever he chooses and perhaps some sort of friendship may eventually result."

"Is Lord Anders' squire ugly with pox marks? And is he old…" Muirenn ponders this, "If he is not ill to look at and he is not aged, then I will make his acquaintance. If he is I shall balk and tell lady Tiaryn that you wish to meet with her." The teenager beams.

Kamron shakes his head, "I don't believe I've ever met the man, but from what little I've heard he's young enough, and I haven't heard anything about his looks, which suggests he's not ugly." Laughter bubbles up in his throat, "Since men will usually talk quite happily about the failings of their fellows in that regard." The 'threat' draws an arched eyebrow, and he shrugs helplessly, "I am ever quite happy to speak with the charming young ladies of the Cape, Lady Muirenn. That really is not much of a threat, I'm afraid."

Kamron, his squire Percival, Muirenn, her maid, her septa, and her guard have gathered at the base of a newly-erected quintain at one edge of the Green. The sun is warm overhead, and a light breeze blows in from the coast to offset what might otherwise be an exceptionally hot day. Both Kamron and Percival wear simple clothes that have gotten rather dirty, a shovel and a pile of dirt alongside the quintain suggesting that they probably did the work themselves rather than call in any smallfolk to do it. Muirenn and her entourage, of course, are certainly not dirty.

"Perhaps not, sadly you don't get flustered around women." Muirenn grins at her cousin, "Alright, I need to get these herbs to Maester Pyrs." While the teenager isn't dirty, she looks a bit windblown, a tiny bit sunburnt, and quite tired. Swinging the basket she smiles, "Don't forget to put in a good word for me to Lord Jerold." she adds.

Kamron laughs softly at Muirenn's words, "That's the thing, cousin… when you only concern yourself with being polite, kind, and amusing, it's so difficult to get flustered. It's those who are concerned with making a name for themselves with the ladies of the Cape who most often fall prey to that particular affliction." And as he speaks, he gestures over to his squire, who once more goes immediately red from neckline to hairline and kicks at some of the loose dirt at the base of the quintain. Bowing his head to his kinswoman, he glances up at the keep towering up toward the cliff, "Yes, I suppose I should see what he thinks of me anyhow. I will certainly do so, Lady Muirenn."

Tiaryn is actually on horseback today. She's riding, because it's far easier than walking, even for this short distance. And honestly Gethin is such a sweetheart with a rider, that he'll not let anything happen to her. So, her guard is there as well, and her maid, though as they come up to the greenway, they seem to be looking for something. Of course, the newly built items catch attention and Tia makes her way towards the interesting happenings at a slow walk, causing her guard and maid to change their direction as well. As she nears, she calls out, "Good day, Lady Muirenn, Lord Mallister."

With a laugh, Muirenn replies "Stop teasing the poor boy, cousin." As she heads towards the keep she waves a hand to her friend and calls out brightly, "Lady Tiaryn! How wonderful to see you!" Flashing a wide grin to her cousin she says, "I am just about to head back home to clean up. We have been gathering herbs. Perhaps I will see you at dinner?" With a wave of her hand, the girl heads down the road accompanied by one of her maids and her guard.

Percival stammers out, "It… it's alright, Lady Muirenn. Ser says that it's good for preparing to deal with noble ladies." And now it's Kamron's turn to laugh… at himself. Tiaryn's approach draws his eyes, and then he narrows them at Muirenn with teasing suspicion. Still, he nods a farewell to his cousin and then bows a greeting to the newly arrived woman, "Lady Tiaryn. Good day to you as well." He glances down at his dirtied and dusted appearance, and a crooked grin spreads across his lips, "I would apologize for my appearance, but I'm rather hoping that the charming young ladies of the area are starting to get used to it."

Tia's gaze is on Muirenn at first, and she sort of blinks as Muir is there and then gone. "I expect to be at dinner," she calls after her. "We shall see you later." And then she turns back to Percival and Kamron, incining her head. She brings Gethin to a stop - the short wide bay horse just a bit odd in some ways. Especially for a lady's horse. Still, he's behaving. As she brings the horse to a stop, Jacob comes up to take the reins. While waiting, Tia turns to look at Percival, not quite sure what she's missed. "Is there something wrong with noble ladies?" she asks, having really only caught the end of his words. And then to Kamron, she pauses, before she says softly, "I cannot speak for the charming young ladies of the area, but for my part, it merely reminds me of my brothers at times."

Making his way up from the direction of the coastline, on foot, Martyn looks rather relaxed as he makes his way into the area of the Green. Looking rather lost in thought as he makes his way forward, but then again, he does look like that rather often these days.

And once again, Percy is speachless. Thankfully, Kamron fills in the gap, shaking his head, "Nothing at all, Lady Tiaryn. They are — nearly without exception — most charming company. But as you can see, Percy has a bit of a problem speaking to them." Percy gives his knight a thankful glance, and then flushes bright red again as Kamron adds, "In fact, Percy has a bit of a problem speaking to -anyone- when he doesn't have a mace in his hand." Perhaps he notices the softening of the woman's voice, because he spreads his crooked, boyish grin further across his face and returns to humor full-force, "Although I'm quite sure the laundresses of Four Eagles wish I was not quite so often unpresentable, given that it is usually their task to make me presentable once more, and as I bet my Lady mother would be happy to tell you, that is a task which would strain the powers of the Seven." Percy notes Martyn's arrival, nudging Kam with one elbow, and the knight raises a hand in greeting to his cousin.

Once the guard has the reins, he moves to the side, where he can help Tia drop to the ground without hurting her knee. Seems she's figuring out ways to adjust to the healing injury without needing all the brave knights to come to her rescue. She catches Jacob's shoulder, and then moves to hold onto Gethin, so she can get her balance back. She then takes a step forward, pausing to smile at Percy. "I think perhaps you will learn with practice. So long as you promise not to use a mace, you may speak with me to practice." Though yes, there is mischief in those blue eyes of hers. She might be adding to the teasing of the poor squire just a bit. Then Martyn gets a wave, before she takes Gethin's reins to keep him from misbehaving. As she's standing there, the horse comes to rest his nose on her shoulder gently. She ignores him for the moment, looking now to Kamron. "I suspect you are correct there, I do recall my mother complaining as much when we were younger, though it is possible that my own clothing was also included in that diatribe. Though I believe I have since become somewhat more presentable. Mostly."

Still making his way forward, Martyn blinks for a few moments as he notices something. Was it someone waving or something like that? He shakes his head a few times, as if clearing it, before he offers a wave in return to those that waved, and heads over in their direction, a bit slowly.

Standing beneath a newly-erected quintain, Kamron takes a half-step forward at Tiaryn's difficulty in dismounting, "My sincere appologies, Lady Tiaryn, I should have offered my assistance." Percival gapes at the lady for a moment, then swallows and manages, "I… uh… I wouldn't, Lady Tiaryn." He probably really wishes there wasn't a squeak at the end of her name. "Use a mace, I mean. I would… um… practice?" Poor boy. Kamron shakes his head slightly before turning his attention back to the woman, "Most certainly, Lady Tiaryn. Your beauty is only matched by your charm and wit." From most noblemen, that would probably be flattery with a purpose, but Kamron makes it seem a simple, polite compliment. Perhaps it even is. "Even with the presentability that comes with growing from a child to a young woman, I presume some of that interest in excitement remains, Lady Tiaryn? Will you be indulging it by attending the tourney at the Twins?" One hand gestures up to the quintain, as if to explain it.

Tia chuckles softly, inclining her head to Percival. "See, that wasn't so hard, was it?" she asks. "I should tell you that we most of us will not bite, unless provoked." She glances to where Martyn is, but he's not quite here yet, so he just gets a smile, and then she turns to Kamron. "Thank you for the thought," she says with a friendly smile. "But as you see, we have worked out a method that allows me my mobility and yet gets me the assistance I need. Still, if it will make you feel better, I will await your assistance next time." If there ever is such a time. "I will need to see what my Lord Flint has in mind, for the tourney. I would like to go, but it is a bit further to travel than here, from Stonebridge, I think. If Young Lord and Lady Flint are attending, I believe I will be able to as well. It promises to be most exciting, I agree." She pauses there, and then says, "Though I am not so certain I qualify any more as a young woman, but I do appreciate the compliment."

Martyn makes his way the rest of the way over to the others. "Lady Flint, Cousin," he greets them, offering a nod in Percival's direction as well. Pausing a bit as he listens to what's being sid now, keeping quiet aside from that at the moment.

Percival shuffles his feet, nodding slightly at the promise (threat?) from Tiaryn. Kamron, for his part, nods as well, "And I would no doubt have not only interrupted the method but," he holds up his dirty hands, "Given your servants flashbacks to your childhood. Perhaps we had best leave things as they are." The mention of distance and decisions draws a nod, but her self-depricating mention of age draws a laugh and a shake of the Mallister's head, "It was honestly gained, Lady Tiaryn. I would not think to make an estimation at a lady's age, but neither would I dare to suggest you were at all beyond the realm of 'young woman,'" One gray-blue eye closes in a brief wink, "Unless, of course, you prefer not to be included." Martyn's greeting causes him to point up at the quintain, "Look, coz, we can see just how rusty we've gotten and decide if we should join the tilt as well as the melee."

Tiaryn laughs at Kamron's comment about the flashbacks to her childhood, amusement bringing a gleam to her eyes. "A good point, Ser Mallister," she says with a nod of her head. "And the stories that would start were I to return with handprints on my clothing. Scandalous." She's not at all serious, given she's got the maid and the guard here, and really never without them. She puts on a thoughtful expression and then she opines, "Since you mention it, I think I would be pleased to be included among the young ladies, though often enough, as a widow, I am accorded quite a different perspective." She merely smiles at Percival, letting that poor fellow off the hook, and then turns to Martyn. "And Ser Martyn, where is it you have come from today? Is all well? You do seem to be deep in thought?"

Martyn shrugs a little bit, "From out by the sea," he offers, with a bit of a smile, before he adds, "All is well. It's just that I tend to think a lot, sometimes too much. But…" Here he offers a grin and a gesture in Kamron's direction. "One of us have to do that, at least." That part spoken quite lightly now, before he answers his cousin. "I'm trying to decide if I should try my hand at both of those events, yes."

Kamron bows his head solemnly at Tiaryn's mention of scandal, but his grin never even falters. Nodding his head decisively at her decision, he notes, "'Young woman' it is then." A faux thoughtful look slips onto his scarred features, and he notes, "Although I suppose 'Lady Tiaryn' would be more appropriate in most cases."Martyn's words for him draw a helpless shrug, "You think too much and I think too little. It all balances it out." Apparently, the man has quite a healthy enough ego to poke a bit of fun at himself. "Perhaps we'd best judge how rusty we are before we decide then. One armor's ransom may not beggar the house, but if we both are overtopped without defeating anyone, it might put a bit of strain on Lord Mallister, and we don't want that." Laughter lifts to his lips once more, "Although I doubt that will be too much of a problem. I don't expect the tourney to draw any true riders of renown. I expect we'll be spared Ser Barristan and Ser Jaime at the very least."

Really? Aww, too bad that. Tia does offer a bit of a charming smile to Kamron at his comments. "But how can you say that? Won't we have all of our fine knights participating? Even without such paragons as you name, I cannot doubt but there will be some knight to set all our hearts aflutter." She must be feeling better, given that she's relaxing more and more around all these folks. She looks to Martyn, a mischievous glance, and then adds, "Does that mean it is Lady Muirenn who thinks the appropriate amount?" Can't be helped - someone had to say it, right?

Martyn nods a little bit as he hears Kamron. "It's far too tempting though," he offers to the part about being rusty. He then pauses a little bit at Tiaryn's words, mouth opening, then closing, before he finally finds himself able to answer that, offering a grin while shaking his head lightly. "Quite probably true, that."

Kamron wiggles his dirty fingers in Tiaryn's direction at the mention of hearts being set aflutter, "The hearts of ladies, perhaps… the hearts of jousters." He shrugs a little helplessly, "Let's just say that without Lord Mallister — that is, Lord Jason — in the lists, there are few jousters in the Riverlands that truly strike fear in their competition." And then he's completely distracted by the woman's comment, laughing aloud to the point that he has to hold his stomach for a moment. Once he controls his merriment, he responds, eyes atwinkle, "My lady cousin would certainly say so, and who am I to cast doubt on the words of a noble Lady?" He nods his agreement with Martyn then, "The melee is my love, but it's been far too long since I hit anything with a lance. Far, far too long."

Tia grins at the reaction she gets from the men she's chatting with, enjoying the good humoured ribbing. It's kind of nice. "I can safely say I have never hit anything with a lance," she says sturdily, completely ignoring any possible scandalous retorts. "Though if you are wanting to practice, I can certainly take myself out of the way and watch from a distance admiringly." She's still teasing, though whether she's serious at all is up in the air. Seems she can also throw compliments out there without fussing too much about it. She leaves the bit about Jason Mallister for the moment, as she's not sure what to say. "I have to admit though, I did not think my jest quite so amusing. There is something I have misssed, obviously."

"I hit something with a lance once. I think it was someone's toes," Martyn comments a bit lightly before he shakes his head a little bit at the mention of Lord Jason. Keeping silent for a while at that point, before he offers a bit of a grin to Tiaryn now. "You haven't hit anything with a lance? That's good to know, I guess." Offered rather lightly now.

Kamron nods his agreement with Martyn's response to Tiaryn, "Important to know that we're safe from lance-blows if we jest too far, Lady Tiaryn." The offer to stand aside for practice draws a shake of the man's head, "I mentioned that we were rusty, right? I think I," he glances to Martyn, "at least, would prefer to knock the first bit of rust free without an audience." He chuckles softly, "I do have my pride, after all." Pressing one hand to his chest, he adds, "For my part, my amusement at your jest was in how close it came to the mark, Lady Tiaryn. The funniest comments are those which are the closest or the furthest from reality, and you have hit very near the mark indeed. I act before I think, simply to act, Martyn thinks before he acts, simply to think," He grins at his cousin in an attempt to assure him that he is jesting, not insulting him, "And Lady Muirenn thinks and then acts, doing both in their time." Another chuckle bubbles forth, "She also likes to think for others — us in particular."

Tia inclines her head, going easy on the curtseys, but still enjoying the conversation. "You are safe from lance-blows by my hand, indeed, though I make no promises for anything other," she teases. "I do know how to use a bow and arrows, at the least." Her knowledge of swordwork is negligible, so she doesn't mention that. Gethin actually nudges her, and she absently reaches a hand up to touch his nose. At the last moment the horse pulls his head away so that Tia misses. "Gethin!" she says, sounding a bit exasperated. Jacob and Bethy are with her, keeping their usual guard as Tia speaks with Martyn and Kamron. "Lady Muirenn is a lovely woman, and one I am pleased to know," she says, with a smile. "But I do believe she might attempt that thinking for others only for those for whom she cares." She pauses, and then she tilts her head for a moment. "I think I am perhaps as rusty with my archery, a shame given where I am from, so I tell you what, Sers. I promise not to watch your own efforts at practice with the quintain and the lance, if you do not watch my archery practice. Shall we negotiate an accord?"

"If you wanted to know why I tend to think before I act, Cousin…" Martyn begins with a grimace. "You saw that on Harlaw, right?" The moment of seriousness passes for when he speaks again, the grin is back. "She especially like to think for you, I think there's moments she's given up on doing that for me, really…" He then chuckles at Tia's words, "I don't mind an audience to such an event. Would be nice with witnesses that can agree that I'm less rusty than him." Grin widening for a few moments now.

Kamron chuckles at the horse's antics, "Now even your mount wants to tease you, Lady Tiaryn." His squire, Percival, stands a little awkwardly under a newly-erected quintain. Both Percy and Kamron are rather dirty, apparently from the effort of putting the jousting target up. "An archer? I've heard that Lady Terrick priders herself on her skill with a bow and arrow as well." He nods a bit ruefully at Martyn, "And you saw me — or heard about how I — act before I think." His disavowal of any attempt to negotiate has Kamron laughing, "Traitor." Looking back to Tiaryn, he puts on a sorrowful tone, "It appears that there can be no accord, Lady Tiaryn, as my cousin wishes to disgrace me before a pretty young lady." Once more, one eye flickers closed in a wink, and he looks to Percy, "My horse, shield, and a practice lance, Percy?" And the squire takes off running, all knees and elbows. Three steps later, he screeches to a halt, bows formally to Tiaryn, and then goes back to gallumphing off.

An odd sight that - the gallumphing squire. Ilaria catches sight of the trio as her mount ambles along the road leading away from the Roost and toward the tower. As she draws nearer, the girl reins in her mount to a slow walk and finally a halt near enough to Tiaryn. She blinks once in surprise before offering the Lady Flint a cheerful smile, raising one pale hand in greeting. Ilaria refrains from disrupting the conversation further (well, for now) however, but does offer Martyn a respectful bob of her head.

Tia rolls her eyes at the horse. "I think it's Daffyd's fault," she says. "Gethin was his horse before he became mine." She pauses a moment, and then says, "That's my brother, Daffyd. And he was so good at training horses, you would not belive it. I used to follow him around when I was a child - thus the laundry requirement." She blinks at Percival, chuckling lightly, and then gives him a nod, acknowledging his bow. "It seems that you have the advantage though, Ser Kamron, as Ser Martyn's squire is not here to fetch his jousting gear," she says. And then after a moment, she adds, "Lady Liliana is also a fine archer, both of those ladies better than I am, I think. Though it has been quite some time since Liliana and I put it to the test, and I've not seen Lady Anais shoot, so far as I recall." She actually does have the bow and arrows, though no targets. As the incoming horse is spotted, Jacob nudges Tia to get her attention to it, and Tia's smile is genuine as she spies who is there. "Lady Ilaria! Come join us for a bit, as we discuss the finer points of the joust. Have you met Sers Martyn and Kamron?"

Martyn shakes his head a little bit at Kamron's words. "You've got it wrong, cousin. I'm not trying to disgrace you. I'm trying to make me look good in front of…" He notices the incoming rider, and her nod, offering a polite nod in return. "… pretty young ladies." Turning as Kamron speaks to Percy, he calls out to the squire. "And get that lazy one I call a squire to do the same, please. Wouldn't be as much fun otherwise." He nods a little bit at the mention of archery. "What kind of a bow do you prefer, Lady Tiaryn?" he asks after a few moments of pause.

Kamron watches Percy scarper off, shaking his head sadly. Grinning crookedly once more, he responds to the lady of the woods, "Never fear, Lady Tiaryn. I'm still working on the 'doing' part of Percy's training, but he's got the 'thinking' part down, when he has time to do it. I'm sure he'll roust Martyn's squire out as well." He gestures to where the running squire manages to extricate one arm from his pell-mell motion to gesture his understanding at Martyn's call. Chuckling at his cousin, Kam notes, "Aren't those one and the same, when it comes down to it?" Ilaria's arrival and Tiaryn's greeting draw his smile in the mounted woman's direction, "Ah yes, a pleasure, Lady Ilaria." To Tiaryn, he adds, "The Lady Ilaria and I had the pleasure of a brief discussion, and she had the misfortune to hear me sing briefly."

Ilaria's palfrey dances beneath her for a moment before the girl calms her. She turns in the saddle and slips down, landing with a dull *thump* on the ground. Dusting her skirts carefully, she straightens them as she approaches the last few steps to stand beside Tiaryn with the mount following. Up close, she studies both Martyn and Kamron briefly before dropping her gaze down to the ground. "I haven't had the pleasure of meeting Ser Martyn yet, Lady Flint," the girl murmurs quietly, dipping into a curtsey for the knights. When she rises, she is grinning in amusement at Kamron's jest.

"Ser Kamron has the right of it, though. We met by chance on the road when he was headed to the Roost, I think, yes? But you are too modest, good ser - listening to you sing was /hardly/ a misfortune. I have yet to meet a bird who sang so sweet." The corners of her eyes crinkle with her cheerful smile, and she looks askance to Tiaryn with curiosity. "But what is this - talk of bows? I am as curious as Ser Martyn to know your preference, my lady."

Tia inclines her head, turning to Gethin and the bow there. It's a good solid bow, of Tall Oaks make, a long bow in fact, that has been well taken care of. "This bow," she says lightly. "Tis a longbow that I have grown accustomed to." Gethin snorts, and backsteps as the other horse comes near, and Tia actually has to spend a few moments settling him down. She then thinks a moment, before she says, "Lord Ser Martyn Mallister, this is Lady Ilaria Haigh. Lady Ilaria, this is Ser Martyn Mallister. There, now you are introduced." She gets a look of sheer mischief in her eyes for a brief moment before she says, "Do you sing as well, Ser Martyn? Perhaps a bet for you two upstanding fellows. The loser must sing a song for us, though I can offer accompaniment on my harp if it helps?"

Bowing a bit to Ilaria as Tiaryn makes the introductions, Martyn offers a bit of a smile as well. "A pleasure to meet you, Lady Ilaria," he offers, before he adds, "You heard him sing? And survived?" There's a chuckle as he said that, before he adds, "I mean, it's almost as bad as my singing…" Spoken a bit lightly still, as he looks over at Tiaryn. "You are very brave even suggesting that, Lady Tiaryn."

Kamron returns Ilaria's curtsey with a bow of his own, although her comment draws laughter to his lips, "I'm afraid I must suggest that you spend more time out of doors, Lady Ilaria, if you have not heard a songbird who sings more sweetly than I." He listens without comment to the discussion of longbows, merely nodding agreeably, but the offer of a wager draws a chuckle back to his lips — and Martyn's words draw a scoff of mock outrage, "I'll have you know that I very much enjoy the sound of my own singing. And I've never had a complaint about it yet save from you." There's a pause, and his face grows thoughtful again, "Although that may be because my audience is usually well into their cups, or too worn out from battle to complain."

Ilaria's smile widens and she nods once more toward Martyn. "It is true, Ser Martyn, that Lady Tiaryn is very brave, but it has little to do with singing. She has a secret weapon, of course - well, not so secret now. The accompaniment of her harp can make the least skilled singer sound beautiful, if only because she will play loud enough to drown them out." The girl giggles a little at her own joke before motioning with her hand toward both men. "See, Ser Kamron? You both /must/ take up the bet now, if only for the privilege of hearing the lady play. I will stand judge. I am quite impartial to these things, you know." She lifts her chin a bit and tries to don a more sober expression, but the corners of her mouth twitch in protest

Tia raises both hands, careful with the reins of the horse in the one. "I protest, such a thought was not in my head at all!" she says, giving a mock glare to Ilaria which is ruined by her lips quirkring into a smile. She then glances over at Martyn. "Well, Ser, it seems that Ser Kamron is willing. Will you take up the cause?" Yes, she's egging them on, does it show? "You even have a judge now, impartial as may be. Though I submit I am also impartial in this case, as I've nothing to lose or gain regardless of which of you wins." She pauses, and then adds, "Except perhaps the beautiful songbird voice of Ser Kamron's instead of the - whatever it might be - voice of Ser Martyn. Will you accept the challenge, nonetheless?"

"I enjoy the sound of my singing as well, cousin. Doesn't mean it's that good, you know…" Martyn offers with a bit of a grin, before he nods a bit at Ilaria's words. "You have that right, Lady Ilaria," he mentions to the part about the harp playing. Pausing a bit at Tia's words, he looks between the three of them for a few moments, before he puts on a very theatrical expression of defeat. "Oh, okay…" he offers, only taking moments before the grin is back.

Kamron grins at Ilaria's giggles, cutting his eyes between the two ladies before he looks at Martyn and throws up his hands, "We're defeated, coz." That grin sneaks back onto his face, however, and he notes sotto voce, "Or rather, we've won a special performance by Lady Tiaryn." And luckily, Percy is headed back down the hill with Kamron's stolid grey gelding, a tourney lance, Kam's shield (thankfully slung from the saddle so the squire cannot drop it), and Martyn's squire and gear in tow. Bowing slightly to the ladies, he adds, "I don't believe I've ever been so elegantly outmaneuvered by such an elegant pair of ladies. You have my compliments on your fieldcraft."

Tia is beginning to think that she and Ilaria make quite an entertaining team when they try. She actually does curtsey at the knights, both pleased and amused at their compliments. Though it's a gentle curtsey, taking it easy on her knee. "Excellent," she says, as she stands up to her full height once more. She does take a look over and then she asks Jacob to go fetch her harp, since that will still leave her with Bethy, and two knights. And incoming two squires. And Ilaria. Definitely safe, right? She sets her bow back on the horse, fastening it, and then turns expectantly back to Kamron and Martyn. It's before dinner somewhat. Tia and Ilaria have horses, though the knights do not. There's a newly built quintain and two squires incoming, leading horses and bringing jousting equipment. "I shall make sure that my harp is here when you have determined the victor, and of course, the singer."

Ilaria clasps her hands together beneath her chin in excitement, and her gaze darts between the three as they determine whether or not to have the singing contest at all. She opens her mouth to speak, but Tiaryn's movement catches her attention as the woman replaces her bow. "You flatter me much, Ser Kamron, I might be a master of /teasing/ but it isn't fieldcraft." Blushing, she looks back to the knight and dips her head in acceptance of the compliment anyway, dropping her hands down to her sides. "I am biased toward—no wait! I've already said I am impartial. Pardon me." She coughs politely into one hand, hiding a smile behind her fingers.

"Ah see, now we win even if we lose, cousin," Martyn offers with a bit of a chuckle. Looking between the others now, unable to hold back a grin as the squires show up. "Ah, now we're getting somewhere…" he remarks, lightly.

Kamron nods his head at Martyn, looking up to the approaching squires and then bowing formally in response to the paired curtseys, "Ah… teasing is about ambush, just as fieldcraft is, Lady Ilaria." He waves a finger at the Haigh lady as she prepares to name a favorite, tsking softly. As the squires and horses and gear arrive, he looks to Martyn, "Why don't you take the first pass, coz? Since you're the elder and all…" Percival guides Kamron's horse to a spot out of the way, then the knight moves over to examine the lance, shield, and horse briefly.

Tia moves out of the way, back to where she's in no danger from flying lance bits or any such thing, but has a good view. "Here, let's back up a bit, Lady Ilaria, so we can see but not get hurt. She's limping only a little bit, her knee obviously not bugging her quite so much as previously. "And we shall see who has the more accurate lance, yes?" A flash of teeth as she smiles brightly.

<OOC> Kamron says, "We'll each be rolling 2 tests for our single pass. A Spears test to hit the shield, an Animal Handling test to avoid the weight on the other side of the quintain."

It is about at this moment that three horses climb the path that leads down to the coast, to the rocky coves and stony beaches. The one at the front — a happy, prancing chestnut palfrey — bears a strawberry-haired rider who is looking about as pleased as the horse despite wet flanks and gown hems. The latter two are obviously guards of opposing stature and expression; the rotund Punbah is looking quite at ease and cheerful with some red in his cheeks, while the tall and scrawny Timmen looks about as sour as unripe grapes. They were on course for the Roost, but the sight of the knights and ladies catch their attention. Saffron adjusts the reins of her palfrey, and the prancing steed turns toward the gathering. She is all smiles despite the fresh cut at her left cheek.

<FS3> Martyn rolls Spears: Good Success.
<FS3> Martyn rolls Animal Handling: Good Success.

Ilaria takes Tiaryn's advice, moving back and urging her own bay roan palfrey away to a safe distance as well. She leans in to clutch Tiaryn's sleeve as she watches the men line up to prepare a pass, biting down on her lower lip. "I know very little of herblore, so I hope nobody gets hurt," she whispers to the Lady Flint before rocking back on her heels. She glances away from the group for a moment to spy an approaching riding, and she tugs once more on Tiaryn's sleeve to catch her attention. "Another rider, Lady Flint."

<FS3> Kamron rolls Spears: Good Success.
<FS3> Kamron rolls Animal Handling: Success.

Offering a few quiet words to his squire, while getting the equipment ready, Martyn seems to be doing some kinds of rituals as he readies himself. Nodding a little bit at Kamron's words, he mounts his horse, patting it a few times before he gets lance and shield ready and moves for the quintain. Aiming his lance for the shield now, he hits it like he's supposed to, and manages to avoid the object as it comes around. Slowing the horse as he's passed, he turns around, with a bit of a grin. "Not bad for an old man, right?" he calls back towards Kamron.

Once he is satisfied with his gear and mount, Kamron hauls himself easily up into the saddle, taking first the shield and then the lance from Percival. Leaning forward a moment to murmur softly to his horse, he straightens up to watch Martyn's pass at the quintain. He gives a cheer at the solid hit, "The Rock of Seagard!" Laughter alights on his lips, and he nods to Martyn, "I think you've been cheating and getting practice in already, coz." Guiding his horse in line with the tilting machine as Percival steadies the shield and then gets out of the way, Kam puts his heels to Three's flanks, and the pair go charging after the target. The lance comes down, and its blunted point strikes the shield well, sending the sand bag spinning around to catch Kam's shield a glancing blow. The younger Mallister rocks a bit in his saddle, but manages to keep his seat, "Hah! Rusty… what did I tell you?"

Tia leans in to listen to Ilaria, and then she nods her head. "I think we will hopefully have no injuries," she whispers back calmly. "I do know a little herblore, so perhaps between us we can contrive to manage?" She offers a comforting smile as well, pausing to watch the knights as they set up. She glances to the direction that Ilaria is pointing out, tilting her head at the new arrival. She offers a nod and a bit of a wave, before her attention goes to Ser Martyn's charge at the quintain, bringing a clap to her hands. And then an "Oh," at Kamron's not quite so impressive run. "A fair pass," she calls out. "But it does seem victory on that run lies with Ser Martyn."

The spirited palfrey and her rider continues their approach until Saffron is just a ways away from the pair of ladies, one of which she is familiar. She inclines her head gently to the Lady Flint, her face lighting up with a smile. "Good day, Lady Tiaryn," she greets quietly as she remains perched on the saddle. Her gaze goes toward the jousters with a small smile quirking on her lips. "They must be preparing for the tourney at the Twins." There is a small wince behind her as Timmen and Punbah share expressions and glances before looking back over toward the Mallisters. "Always thought Ser Kamron would be better with his stick," says Punbah in what should have been a quiet voice, but carries a bit more than he intends and Saffron looks over her shoulder toward him with a half smirk.

Ilaria rises up onto her tiptoes, watching eagerly as the men make their passes. She emits a little whoop of a cheer for Martyn before nodding to Tiaryn. "I think we will be fine, though. The worst I foresee is a smack on the back of the head, and I have never seen that do much harm for a man. Not much good either." She clasps her hands behind her back now, swishing her skirt from side to side as an outlet for her nervous energy. Behind her, the commentary about Ser Kamron causes her to look over her shoulder at the small group; she studies Saffron briefly, offers a quiet smile, and returns her attention to the knights.

"You would think that," Martyn comments a bit lightly at Kamron's words, before he grins a bit, especially as he watches Kamron's pass. "Rusty sounds like the right word there," he offers, before he adds, "Wasn't bad for being rusty, though." Pausing a bit as he hears the ladies. "Seems like you get the honor of singing," he remarks to the other Mallister.

Kamron seems to take his loss with good grace, walking his horse over to Percy to hand down first his lance, and then his shield, "I stayed in there just a moment long just to spare the ladies the sound of your singing, coz." The words have a teasing sound to them, Kam clearly not actually serious even if he did stay upright and perhaps even leaning a little inward too long. Guiding his horse over to the collection of women, guards, and the like, he gives them a seated bow, "Lady Saffron, I hope you didn't arrive in time to see that." Turning his smile to the other ladies, he adds, "Given that it is nearly dinner time, and I should probably wash up beforehand, may I beg your leave to delay my song until after dinner? You're welcome to gather up an audience before then if you feel the need to make me pay for the delay…" Glancing aside to Saffron, he raises one finger, brushing it along his cheek as if pointing out a smudge of dirt (or a cut) on her cheek that she might not know about.

Tia inclines her head to Saffron as she arrives, but her gaze is taken by the knights for a moment. "Oh, I think we might indeed have to do that, Ser Kamron," she says. That mischief shows again on her face, just briefly. And then she glances over. Lady Banefort, this is lady Ilaria Haigh. Lady Haigh, allow me to introduce Lady Saffron Banefort. If you two haven't yet met, you have now." She glances at her horse, and then she simply turns back to the knights. "I think you are correct though - dinner is doubtless nearly ready and we would be poor guests to be late for dinner. I am certain we can arrange to hear your singing voice later this evening." She manages another small curtsey before turning to head back to the Roost.

If Punbah wasn't red enough from being out in the sun and whatever else Saffron has put him through, the look from Ilaria is about enough to make him turn as scarlet as tomatoes. Saffron gives him a smug, 'serves-you-right' kind of smile before she looks back around toward Kamron at the sound of her name, and she straightens up in her saddle. "I saw nothing, Ser Kamron," she says in a coy, earnest voice. At the gesture though to her cheek, she turns her head a bit as if to provide only her proper profile. As she is introduced to Ilaria, she inclines her head gently. "Well met, Lady Ilaria." Her excited palfrey is already beginning to back up a bit either from the subtle gesture of her rider, or just the tone of everyone's voice suggesting its time to move! She even gives her ruddy mane a little toss of excitement. "I look forward to dinner then," Saffron adds with a small grin.

Ilaria lingers long enough for the appropriate introduction. Her smile widens cheerfully as she inclines her head toward Saffron, accompanied by a polite, "Well met, Lady Banefort." She, too, turns toward her horse and takes a moment to mount it before turning it about to face toward the tower. "I hope we are seated near each other at supper, my lady, but I am afraid for now I must follow at Lady Tiaryn's lead." She then looks over to Kamron and Martyn, lifting her hands up to applaud them both quietly. "Thank you very much, Sers, for the show. Ser Kamron, I expect to be lulled to sleep by your dulcet warble after dinner. Do not disappoint!" With a gentle nudge, she sends her mount into an amble headed toward the tower.