Tiaryn Ashwood


If Dafydd was a surprise to his parents, Tiaryn was even more so, as the youngest daughter of Lord and Lady Camden. She was born five years after Dafydd and as the youngest perhaps ended up a little spoiled by her older siblings as well as her parents. The sweet natured toddler grew into a wild tomboy urchin who loved being outside above all else, often coming home with grass stains on her clothing, twigs in her hair and the most gleeful smile imaginable.

She learned to shoot a bow and find her way around the woods as a wild and flighty child, untamable for the longest time and unwilling to be inside any more than she absolutely had to be. It was only her mother's introduction of music, by way of the harp, that brought Tia to see that there were other things in life than the woods. Through music, Tia was gradually tamed enough that she became presentable, at least when she has to be. Given the peaceful nature and neutrality of the family, Tia was certainly welcomed to learn all the music she wanted to, especially as it turned out she had a natural talent for it and could be bribed with music or art to learn other skills suitable to a young noblewoman. Art was something else that the young Tia turned out to have a natural aptitude for, being able to lose herself for hours on end with such activities when she had the materials to do so. And when she does not, her artistry has been known to lead to creative expressions of itself, in otherwise mundane tasks.

As she got older, her lessons expanded, including the proper arts for a young Lady. In some, such as riding and hawking, she excelled, while in others she was merely adequate, having little interest in them. Her stubborn nature was obvious from a very young age, no different from the rest of the family, but it is coupled with a generous heart and a bright, friendly personality even if it is more than a little flighty at times.

When she was 19, her parents arranged a marriage for her, to a lord of house Flint of Flint's Finger named Connell. It was a match meant to ensure both that Tia could be happy and to continue their reputation as neutral peacemakers. However, that husband died during the war, off fighting for his chosen side, the Starks, leaving Tiaryn widowed with no children. Although she spent some time getting to know her husband's family, she did not get along well with the head of his household and after his death, she moved back to Tall Oaks and the comfort of her own family.

At the fall of Tall Oaks, Tiaryn was told by her brothers to try to flee north to Flint's Finger. As those remaining in the Keep gave their lives in a daring distraction, the horses and riders raced out the gate to run the gauntlet of Ironborn. All of those who remained in the Keep were destroyed and Tiaryn was the only one of the ten trying to escape to make it out alive.


Lady Liliana Camden — Niece, Lady of Tall Oaks
Lord Einar Flint — Brother to Connell, Goodbrother
Young Lord Anders Flint — Heir to Flint's Finger, Goodcousin
Lady Cordelya Flint — Married to Anders

Physical Features

Tiaryn stands approximately 5'6" tall, not an imposing figure by any means. Her long sandy blonde hair has curls and waves all over, unruly hair that refuses to remain securely in any fashionable style and reaches to her waist when left to its own devices. Her oval face boasts high cheekbones, skin a light tan in colour, and blue eyes framed by thick lashes. Her nose is straight and pert, and her lips are perhaps a little on the thin side for her to be considered a true beauty. She's no longer in the first bloom of youth, but obviously has been well taken care of.

Song List

ABBA - Thank You For The Music
U2 - Sunday, Bloody Sunday

Allies and Foes

"There is always Music amongst the trees in the Garden, but our hearts must be very quiet to hear it."

Minnie Aumonier

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