Page 540: Tia Tears Off
Tia Tears Off
Summary: After a brief conversation with Erik, Tia becomes concerned about the health of her good-brother and tries to go check on him. Others in the vicinity are less convinced of this plan.
Date: 14/Jan/2013
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Great Hall, Tanglewood Manor
A true testament to the nobility and grandeur of the ruling family, this enormous hall serves as the main gathering and feasting area of Highfield Keep, with a high, vaulted ceiling and tall, narrow windows lining the outer walls, allowing sunlight to stream through. Two long feasting tables, accompanied by benches, serve as a comfortable place to enjoy a meal or quiet discussion and flank the path to the raised dais at the upper end of the chamber. It sets apart those who oversee this Keep and the surrounding lands - a pair of high-backed, elegantly carved chairs none-too-subtly emulating the thrones one might picture in the houses of royalty. A vibrant display of banners decorates the wall behind these; namely the crowned wolf of Highfield, on its field of gold. Cautiously concealed behind these, hidden behind heavily draping curtains unless tied back to allow fresh air to circulate, a set of smaller double doors lead to the gardens beyond. Above, at the peak of the hall's roof and wall, a vast window allows light to pour in through leaded glass stained with vibrant hues, depicting the Seven in carefully inlaid detail. A huge fireplace along the length of the right wall is more oft than not alight and crackling with every fresh log that is tossed into its embers.
Mon Jan 14, 290

Tia is in the great hall, seated at a table. Her fingers not quite healed yet, she's actually got canvas in front of her and paints, as she plays at her other hobby. Day time provides enough light for her to see by, and she's humming softly as she works with this colour or that one, taking time to try to make the scene she's working on look somewhat realistic. She is painting a Weirwood, with a god tree in it.

Busy and occupied. Two words that describes what the Jast Knight has been like for the past week, actually, since he left the Flint encampment after being deemed healthy enough to do so. So many things to do, so many requests to attend to, and it was only earlier that he recalled that Lord Einar of the Flints had a request, for him to give his regards to Tiaryn who is now an Ashwood. After asking a couple of servants where the Lady is, Erik walks to the Great Hall in search of her.

And no music to use as a guide to Lady Tiaryn, that is a pity. Tia's guard and a maid are near by, and there are refreshments on the table. Truthfully, in the darker clothing of mourning, Tia's looking a touch tired. She pauses in her painting to stare at the canvas for a moment, drumming lightly with her fingers, and then frowning at them, with a sigh. The brush is cleaned off, the paints closed up. "I will never get this quite how I see it in my mind," she mutters.

Erik is currently in his Sheriff's outfit, which means studded, hardened, leather armor that offers protection but also ease of movement and flexibility. The thick, black ribbon that he has tied around his upper arm is his sign of mourning for the House. Not seeing Lady Tiaryn, the Jast Knight does spy the guard and maid so no doubt she is here as well. Approaching them, he sees the one he is looking for and while passing her escorts, the young knight offers them a respectful nod of his head before they are dismissed from thought. "Good day, Lady Tiaryn." There is a pause before he glances at the painting done, adding, "That is a beautiful painting."

Tia hears steps, and if she doesn't, Jacob warns her of the approach, so that she doesn't startle as Erik arrives. "My lord Sherrif," she says, with a polite inclination of her head. "Good day to you, Ser. And thank you. It is not quite what I was hoping for, but it is pretty. Do you paint?" She pauses to drink a sip of her watered wine, a curious look on her face.

"Er… paint? No My Lady, I do not have the skills and finesse that you do to paint something so elegant and colorful." Erik says with warm smile, perhaps it is just flattery but it is the right words to say to a Lady. "How long have you been painting?"

Tia's brow furrows softly, as she watches Erik. There's a glance down at her paints, and then she says, "off and on, since I was a child." She pauses, and then says, "It is one of the less obnoxious of the Ladylike activities that are permissible, you see." A breath, and then she says, "Would you care for a drink? I am certain we can find you some ale perhaps?"

Erik ahhh's as he sees that she has had years of training and experience. As for it being obnoxious, he can't help but grin in amusement, nodding his head understandingly. "The training we had to go through in our youths." At the offer of drink, the Jast Knight shakes his head, "No thank you, My Lady, and I do not wish to take up more of your time. I come bringing Lord Einar's regards."

"Einar? Did he get my letter?" Tia says, that the first thing that occurs to her. "And send a reply?" She is an optimist, despite all that has happened so far. She turns now, her expression brightening with the mention of her good-brother's name.

There was no mention at a letter as Erik's brows furrow slightly, there was no exact message for him to give the Lady either. "I am sure he received your letter, My Lady." He doesn't exactly want to put words in Einar's mouth either and he did not exactly prepare for this meeting, just searching for Tiaryn when he recalled that the Flint Lord spoke to him in passing before he departed.

Tia frowns at that comment, not at all sure, what she's missed. "How are things at the camp?" she asks. "And how is Einar? I'm sure the sickness out there must be wearing at him. Is he well?" she asks, thinking that he's probably working himself into a fit due to trying to help everyone all at once.

When the question is asked about Einar's status though, Erik thins his lips for a moment, "I am surprised he stayed, My Lady, and defied Lord Ander's order to return with the healthy ones back up north. But when I went in to escort Lady Arabella out of the camp, he looked like… he was being strong for his people." He didn't exactly say just how well the Flint noble was doing, "What we can do best now, My Lady, is to keep him in our prayers. To pray that the Seven will continue to watch out for him."

Tia pauses at the answer she's given, her face paling as she takes in the implications. "He - " she pauses, swallows and then she starts again, "He is sick then," she says, those blue eyes of hers looking haunted, concerned, worried, afraid. A breath, and then she covers her eyes with her hands, shaking slightly. "He stayed because he was not healthy?" she asks, guessing, always guessing. But - she was dreadfully afraid there was a reason why Einar had not gone back to Flint's Finger with the healthy folk. She sounds almost lost as she says, ever so softly, "I know Einar believes in the Seven - but they are not - "

Shaking his head, Erik quickly denies it though perhaps a little too quick, "I cannot say, My Lady, because when I left from the encampment when I was tr…" There is a pause as 'trapped' is probably the wrong term to use, "There to help oversee the healers' safety, he was fine. I believe he stayed because he felt it was his duty to be withthe sick ones." At the moment, Erik is speaking with Tiaryn with her escorts watching by a painting she was working on.

Tia is listening to Erik, but she's looking more than a little bit upset. She keeps those blue eyes of hers on him, as he speaks up to deny her thought, or at least to deny knowledge. "I should go see if he is okay then," she says next, worry and lack of information making her a little bit frantic. After all, Einar is one of her pillars and he's in harm's way. "I can help, bring some herbs and such. Surely they will need some," she says, as she resolutely gets to her feet. "Thank you, Lord Sherriff, for bringing this to my attention."

Moving a bit slowly as he enters the Great Hall, Robben looks around for a few moments now. Gaze stopping on Tia and Erik at the moment, he offers them both a bit of a smile. Looking quite a bit better all in all than he has been for a long while now.

When Tiaryn suggests that she go herself, Erik looks alarmed and quickly shakes his head, "My Lady, I must object. It is too dangerous to go to the Flint encampment right now." In fact, too many people have been going there and it has been a very sore point of irritation. "It is only the sick that remain and they are infected with the Bloody Flux. Lady Tiaryn, please understand." If it was up to the Jast Knight, he will not permit it but Lord Bastien can of course overrule him. Distracted by what Tiaryn had said, he does not see Robben's entrance.

Tia doesn't notice Robben, what with starting to be beside herself with worry. "And yet my good-brother is there, and you would have me leave him there? Without any family?" She turns those baby blue's on Erik, looking totally sweet, innocent and worried. The picture of sadness really. "You were there yourself, and have left. Surely it cannot be that bad."

Robben steps further in the direction of the two, his smile fading a bit at the moment, since there seem to be something going on here. "Problems?" he asks as he steps over towards them, sounding a bit worried for the moment. His expression a bit thoughtful as he studies them both now.

"I was lucky, My Lady." Erik pauses as he did not share the details he saw while he was there as it is certainly not fit for a noble lady to know. The details were too gruesome, and to share the fact that if one is sick with the Bloody Flux, they were as good as dead. "You are not leaving him, Lady Tiaryn, he stayed by choice and when this is over, he can see you." Of course, he is sick and dies, then there would be no such reunion. Only when Robben speaks up does Erik turn his attention to the new arrival, "Lord Robben. Good day."

Tia is pale, shaking, and looking pretty darn pathetic. She looks over at Robben, back to Erik and then to Robben again. "A straight answer. Is my goodbrother Einar sick?" she asks. There's a fragile cast to her face, and yet a snap in her voice with a hint of steel.

"Ser Erik, Lady Tiaryn. A good day to both of you," Robben offers, studying Tiaryn a bit carefully for the moment. Looking a bit concerned as he studies her. Looking to Erik again as the lady asks for a straight answer.

No matter how Tiaryn asks or what she asks of him, Erik's answer is not changing, "Like I said, Lady Tiaryn, when I departed from the Encampment, he was not sick. However, I do not know of Lord Einar's status as I have not returned to the camp." Nor will he, not for some filthy commoners that are sick of a death plague. "That is the only answer I can give."

"Then I will go find out for myself," Tia says, very clearly. Course, she then leans forward and throws up, maybe managing to miss Erik completely, and maybe not. Then, looking both sick, green, hurt, upset and embarrassed, she turns to leave, at a run.

Robben looks a bit worried as he listens to the two, looking about to say something, but unable to do so at the moment. Blinking a bit as Tia vomits and then heads off, he starts making his way after her now. "Lady Tiaryn! Please wait?" he calls out after the lady now. Sounding just as worried as he looks.

When the puke flies, Erik can't help but look shocked, extremely shocked. Stunned to the point where he does not know what to do, standing there planted so that he doesn't even dodge the flying, messy, foul mess. It is quite glorious in a disgusting manner as the flying, mostly liquid with bits of solid connect to the Jast Knight's chest. Luckily for him, he is in his studded, leather armor, however to clean it and remove the smell, who knows how long that will take. Part of the splatter goes to the ground after impacting the armor wetly. Erik, however, does nothing, he doesn't even call for the guards, or a Sepa, or a Maester. Nothing. He just stands there. Shocked.

Tia isn't slowing down, so Robben will have to catch up with her, on his own. Her guard and maid totally ignore Erik in favour of also chasing after Tiaryn. Though both take a moment to give the man a dirty look, in passing. Bethy is totally tightlipped as she chases off, leaving the paint and canvas there on the table for now. Tia actually heads out to the courtyard, retching as she goes, though not throwing up exactly, just fighting and struggling not to, feeling miserably sick.

A look is sent in Erik's direction for a few moments, as Robben starts moving faster now, trying to catch up with Tia. Wincing every now and then as he moves, frowning a bit as he does. Looking around every now and then, including giving both the maid and the guard a worried look now.

Whatever dirty looks given his way is ignored as Erik remains stunned and only when the lady disappears around the corner with her escorts does it finally catch up to the young knight of what just happened. With all the people out of range, words are finally spoken to no one in particular. "What. The. Fuck."

Tia is generally a decent runner, which may not be such a good thing at this point. She heads out to the Entrance Hall, and keeps going.

Robben frowns as he sees the running now, shaking his head a little bit. "Please stop!" Sounding a bit worried at the moment, as he moves to run a bit faster, ignoring the pain in his ribs at the moment. "Stop!"

Oblivious to anyone calling after her, the taste of bile in her mouth, tears falling down her face, Tia only knows that she has to get to Einar, to make him okay. She has to. She doesn't hear that stop, any more than she hears her guard and maid calling "Lady Tiaryn! Please stop!" The sounds begin to echo through the lower part of the keep, but Tia makes it to the door and out into the courtyard.

Picking up the pace now, Robben tries to get close enough to put a hand on Tia's shoulder, frowning quite a bit as he sees the state she's in at the moment. There's a grimace of pain on his face as well for the moment.

Tia's probably not hearing the yelling, not realizing that Robben is there behind her. She heads straight for the gate house, though it takes a few minutes to get there. Robben's hand skims her shoulder, but she jerks from it, a yelp escaping her. She looks back at Robben, and then she tries to run faster. Tia is in quite a state, racing across the courtyard, skirt held in her hands so she can move. Her guard and maid are just out the door.

Robben grimaces as the hand to her shoulder only makes her running faster now. Pausing for a few moments as he sees she's heading for the gate house, he looks in that direction. "GUARDS! DON'T LET HER LEAVE!" he yells towards there now, hoping there's someone there who can make sure they're getting the runaway lady to stop for now.

Daryl emerges from the courtyard with Laryssa in tow, having heard the yells from their spot within the keep. Seeing Robben chasing Tia, he just lets out a rather improper, "Fuck." Before glancing at Laryssa and motioning his head towards the stables. Using his newfound Lordly powers, he yells across the courtyard, "MY HORSE! And a second!" Ahh. Finally people have to listen to his orders again. House retainers move quickly to go ready two horses. He wouldn't be able to footrace Tiaryn down, but he's in this for the long haul, and a horse is faster.

Along with the Lord Ashwood and Lady Haigh are the Lady's guards. Laryssa is not used to running and it's clear by how she moves and holds her skirts, but she heard the urgency in the shouts and there's just something keeping her going. She's breathing heavily by the time they near the stables, her pale gaze sliding past towards the gate house. She's confused, but aware enough to not try to inquire just yet.

Tia races on towards the gatehouse. And the guards when faced with a crying noble lady do move to stop her. But they think like most, and try to stop her with a hand outstretched. Tia dodges the first one, careens off a wall (yeah, that'll leave a bruise on her hip) and then manages to get past them, since they were set up to keep bad guys out, not crazy noble ladies in. Freedom! Or at least, she makes it out of the keep and into town.

As two horses are brought out, there's a look to Laryssa, and a raised brow, "…Coming, M'lady?" Strangely nonchalant and cool the way he says that, despite the situation. Should she agree, he'd hoist her up on one of the horses, then moving to join her on the same horse, taking the reins in front with one hand, and the reins of the unridden horse with his other. Should Lady Laryssa have joined him, he'd turn his head and speak casually, "Hold on." Then with a mighty spur of his heels, he'd have the horse lunge into a quick gallop after the fleeing Tiaryn. As he passes Robben at quick, mounted strides, he'd release the second horse as he yells, "Robben! What the -hell- is going on!" Well. Free ride for his not so favorite cousin. The Deputy tightens both his hands on the reins then as he moves to gain on the speedy woman.

Pausing for a few moments as he sees how Tia evaded the guards, Robben looks a bit thoughtful. Coming to a stop as he hears Daryl's words, reaching for the reins of the horse that was released. "I wish I knew. They spoke about Lord Einar, then she vomited on Ser Erik, and ran. I got a bit worried, so I tried to stop her." That said, he mounts up, and starts leading the horse forward in pursuit of Tia as well. A bit careful at first, since it's not Breeze, after all.

Kaelea heard a noise and stepped outside, taking a breath of fresh air.. the offer of a job on her mind

From the estate are a series of shouts. First, from the Gate House — evading the confused guards there — is Lady Tiaryn, who is clutching her skirts and upon foot. Not far behind her are a pair of horses. Daryl and Laryssa upon one, while the other — riderless — mount has been handed off to one Lord Robben. They are shouting after Tia who is heading into the square proper.

"Of course." Laryssa is barely able to get the words out before she's upon the horse. Thankfully, her evasion to the out-of-doors does not extend to the beasts and she's fairly at home. It's even easier in pursuit to not be the one driving, even if it is somewhat awkward nonetheless. She holds onto Lord Daryl as instructed, leaning around him to try to spot the fleeing Lady. Her lips curve into a frown, but she allows the men to take the point. Her own guards slow in their chase and pause by the Guard House to catch their breath. They will have to hope that the Lords Ashwood can tend to their charge before they can catch their breath and follow suit.

Well now. Here's the scoop. Tia is running. She's got hold of her skirts so they don't impede her way. She's pale, a little green, and there's a total look of determination on her face, that is totally at odds with the tears streaming down at the same time. She's quiet, but behind her, there's a ruckus, starting with the gate guards she just dodged. And going on to those giving chase. Why they might be giving chase is anyone's question at the moment, though it might have to do with the distraught Ashwood lady's racing along, not caring or even noticing anything or anyone. Tia just makes a beeline for the edge of town, heading for the woods at the nearest entrance. She's got a headstart, but she cannot run so fast as horses. And she's starting to tire, her quick sprint wearing her out.

First the lady she used to be a maid for, then Daryl and that lady from earlier.. on the same horse? Followed by Robben. The redhead watches one, then the duo, then the last pass by and shakes her head. Highfield was just getting odder all the time. Green eyes flick to the lords once more before she heads back inside..

"She's headed for the camp, godsdamnit! If she gets into the treeline we could lose her!" The Deputy yells back to Robben, "She's going to bypass the barricade!" He veers the horse around an unintended wagon left too far out from the side of the square to be safe. "-That's a violation!-" He comically notes of the misplaced wagon.
Okay…" Daryl speaks back to the Haigh noblewoman behind him as he races the horse faster along the town square, moving to close the gap before Tiaryn can reach the outskirts of the city…For if she reaches forest…"On the count of three, i'm going to need you to take the reins, alright?…" A glance back to Laryssa to make sure she's on the same page as him. "Just keep it steady and don't get yourself hurt." Gritting his teeth as he lets out a slow exhale, the Ashwood readies himself to jump off the speeding horse, slowing it to a steadier pace as he closes in on his fleeing goodcousin. "One…" He swings one leg over, hands gripping part of the saddle as he looks a little nervous now, "Two…" The horse slows a touch more at the weight change, and he nods to the Haigh noblewoman, "Three!" Then he jumps off, catching his feet underneath him as he races to close those final yards and grab Tiaryn before she and her -green- dress can disappear into the forest. "Tia! Stop!!" He attempts to wrangle her down, "Please." Well. Its nice to be polite.

Nodding a bit as he hears Daryl's words, Robben sighs a little bit now. Bringing his horse a bit after the others, he seems ready to let it run past the others in case Daryl doesn't succeed now. Just watching the jump and the attempted wrangle, while keeping his own horse clear for now.

"What?!" The Lady was not ready for that. And she only barely is as the Lord Ashwood prepares to leap from the horse. Laryssa looks quite uncertain, but takes the reigns from Daryl. As he jumps from the horse, she slides those few inches forward into the saddle, pulling in on the reigns to bring the horse in. To loop around and come back towards the fleeing noblewoman if necessary.

Tia runs and runs, that's her goal. That camp - her good brother needs her! Einar needs her. It adds to the adrenaline rush and keeps her moving. Thankfully she managed to throw up all over Erik and missed herself, though she's been crying all over herself as she runs. She's going to pay for this later, but right at the moment, she's racing hard, heart thundering in her ears. Which is why she doesn't hear the clopclop of the horse catching up with her. But as Daryl catches her, his momentum sends her flying forward, tripping over her own feet, and falling. She screams with the additional panic, struggling to get away.

Daryl just remains on the ground with her, arms clasping her tight as he looks up towards his cousin, "Robben! A little help here!" For a young woman, Tiaryn sure was a feisty one. "Tia," He says quietly, "Tia-Tia-Tia…" He tries to coo even as she struggles to get away, "Calm down, please…" She's already hysterical, he's not going to yell at her and make things worse. "Tia, relax…" Despite her efforts, and an initial slip out of his grasp, he's able to hold her down, waiting for her to finally lose that adrenaline rush before doing anything further. The Deputy is a little winded himself! There's a look up towards Laryssa then, almost apologetic…Looks like he's a little speechless right now.

Bringing the horse to a stop as he hears his cousin's words, Robben hurries to dismount and move the rest of the way over now. "It will be all right, Tia…" he offers a bit quietly as he moves to place himself by the two of them. "Here, take my hand?" Spoken rather softly as he holds out the hand in her direction for now. "Everything will be fine…" Looking to Daryl for a few moments, he offers a nod. "Good jump there, Daryl."

Since the other Lady is subdued and in good — one would hope — hands, Laryssa brings the horse around and towards them. She's a bit uncomfortable where she sits and it's clear, having not been prepared in the least for a sudden ride through the evening. Still, she's at least handling herself well with the ease of one used to being on horseback. Her brow furrows somewhat as she watches the proceedings. Avoiding making any comments… for now.

Tia squirms, twists, breaks free! And is caught back again as Daryl restrains her. She at least stops screaming as she realizes it is her good cousin who's got hold of her, the sound of his voice at least bringing that much sense to her. With her escape curtailed, not able to flee to the woods any more, she slumps into bitter defeat. A moment of silence and then she starts to obbing, crying huge heart rending tears, gasping for breath, and totally out of control in another way. Robben's offer isn't quite noted, justyet, because Tia's lost in the totally irrational back woods of her own mind.

Daryl just shakes his head a bit at Robben with an incredulous sort of look. What do you say about this type of thing? "Take the horses and get Lady Tiaryn back to the keep, cousin…See to it that she's watched for the remainder of the night. And that she gets plenty of water." The Ashwood wearily lets out an exhalation of breath and straightens, holding Tiaryn in a hug/hold comfortingly. "Tia…" He moves to hand her over to the other man after a few more moments of soothing her sorrow, and then just shakes his head as he paces towards Laryssa, "…Lets get you back to your guard and handmaiden, M'lady." He reaches a hand up to help her off the horse, and then take the reins to give to Robben as well.

Robben nods a little bit as he hears Daryl's words, offering the man a brief nods for now. "Of course, cousin." A brief pause, before he reaches out to put an arm around their goodcousin for the moment, rather gently. "Come on, Tia. We will get you back to Saethwyr now…" he offers, quietly, taking the reins to the horses as well. Offering a brief nod and a quiet smile to Laryssa as well for the moment.

There's a glance for the other Lady, but Laryssa seems satisfied that she's in good hands. Or as good as they're going to get. The Lady Haigh gives a small nod to Daryl and accepts his assistance in dismounting. "My appreciation, Lord Ashwood." She smoothes her hands over her skirts, drawing in a slow breath. Pale gaze moves towards Robben and there's a brief falter in her expression. It's soon replaced, however, with a light, easy smile and she offers a slight gesture with her chin in return.

Tia's tears wrack her entire body, though they don't last too long. Daryl's shirt? Wet. Sorry. Hey, at least it's just tear stained, not puke stained. She ends up on her feet, wobbling a bit, rubbing at her eyes, and seems to have no fight in her, though as Daryl hands her off, there's a moment where she looks about ready to start running again. She pauses though, because of one word that rings through to her heart. Saethwyr. A breath, and then she looks over to Laryssa for the first time, a blush crossing Tia's cheeks. "I'm sorry," she says. Her shoulders slump and there's a haunted look in her eyes, a sort of crushed feeling about her. She doesn't step away physically from Daryl and Robben, but she does seem to withdraw mentally. Not another word, as she just turns to start walking back to the keep.

Daryl lets out a low exhale of breath, watching Robben lead Tiaryn and the horses away carefully to make sure the situation is finally over with. He does show some compassion when he looks on his goodcousin however, a frown and shake of his head, as he idly tries to wipe away at the mass amount of wetness his armor and tunic has. She really was putting out the waterworks. "Well," Daryl finally speaks with raised brows, just looking towards Laryssa a moment. "…I think I've earned that drink now. But i'm not going to step into that inn and get stared down by all the commoners who just heard all that. Lets just purchase something from the market." He looks down the way to see Laryssa's handmaiden and guard, "…And get your guard and handmaiden back."

Robben nods a bit, as he moves along with Tia for now, looking back to Daryl and Laryssa briefly, before he looks to Tia again. "Are you okay?" he asks her, rather quietly. "You had us all worried for a moment."

There's a final glance in the direction of Robben and Tiaryn as they depart and Laryssa draws in a slow breath. She turns back to face Daryl now and there's a slight quirk of her lips. "I do not believe I had accepted that offer," the Lady Haigh offers in a vaguely teasing tone. "But a drink would be nice and I do believe I ought to allow myself to be checked for my dignity, yes." Said guard is approaching at a quick walk even now.