Page 421: Thoughts on a Prayer
Thoughts on a Prayer
Summary: Kell and Aeliana share a few thoughts on Gods and war at the sept.
Date: 15/9/2012
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Kell Aeliana 
Sept of the Seven, Terrick's Roost
The Sept of Terrick's Roost was never a grand spectacle, but has been hit especially hard by the occupation. Recent repairs have made the sept usable, if in less glamorous fashion: the broken roof has been replaced with thatch, the broken statues with cruder clay representations, the smashed windows boarded up. The few surviving pews have been supplemented with simpler seating. On the floor is lain out with a bright seven-pointed star in representation of the Gods, defaced by hammer and chisel and not yet restored.
Sep 15, 289

Upon the floor, in the center of a shattered star, there came to kneel the lady Aeliana in the early morning when news of the battle had come to reach her. And news too, of their defeat. The girl had never been a pious worshipper and like as not, never would. But when so many put faith into a thing…there could come little harm in trying, could there?
"Blessed Father please find worth in their cause, that while driven by ambition there rings also true justice. Mother Above, let those who fall be those who's lives have already been touched in sorrow, that in death they find release while those who live have yet things to do. Dear Warrior, give those who fell the courage to rise again, the conviction of their beliefs and the strength to marshel on. Let the Smith give them strength and Crone true direction to their swords. And above all, let the Stranger reap all who have risen against us."
It was fierce at the last, quietly determined with a dark edge when her eyes finally rose up from the floor and settled upon the Stranger's image; lingered there and no where else while that prayer continued in near silence as if the girl were held in silent thrall.

The Terrick Knight, Kell, is also not exactly one would call a religious man as he does not frequent the Sept. Usually, he uses this place for some quiet and thinking, perhaps sending silent questions to the Gods but never expecting an answer. The doors to the Sept is pushed open and when he steps in, the knight is surprised to find the Charlton Lady already here in her own quiet prayers. Staying near the entrance, Kell remains silent and motionless, not wanting to disturb Aeliana until she finishes her prayers to the men of her House and cadet House.

It's only after she's done that Aeliana rises up from her kneeling position; a hand fluttering about the folds of her skirt to clear away any dust that remains as she straightens. A small bow of her head is given the Terrick knight, while the lady uses the time to school her features into some proper sembalance of a manner made carefree and relaxed rather than weighted with concern. "Good morrow, Ser Drakmoor," Ae ventures carefully, dipping a slight curtsy as befitting his rank but no more.

"Good day, Lady Charlton." Kell answers in turn as he bows respectfully to the young girl, maintaining his own propriety. "I did not mean to interrupt your time here at the Sept, I had not realized that anyone else would be here this early." However, he does have an idea why Aleiana is here praying to the Seven as word has come from the east that there has been a large clash between the Charlton host and the Stonebridge defenders.

"There is no interruption, Ser Drakmoor, for all that they might listen…I am finished," Aeliana sighs, trying not to let her doubt infect her. Outside beyond the Sept door there wait two guards and with them three extra horses; the largest of which could have been a knights courser, er his mistress wasn't a lady. "Though you may find that I am often an early riser. Yet..since this is your home, I should beg your forgiveness instead, for it seems I'm intruding on your own quiet time." Another soft curtsy was given; the girls hands catching against the folds of her skirt, "We will leave you to your peace."

Without the signs outside that someone of importance was inside, Kell would not have been as quiet in his entrance as he was, though he was also a little more subdued and wary after stepping inside. Though the accord does tie the two houses into some sort of loose alliance, it doesn't necessarily translate down to all who belong to each house. "Please do not apologize, M'Lady Charlton. You are an honored guest here so all the facilities are at your disposal, so please do not feel the need to depart." He does look back to the seven statues that represents each God, his tone growing a little more quiet, "War… is a messy business, M'Lady. A grim reality we must face."

"I will not stand between a man and his gods, Ser Drakmoor, and I am unsure of any of those of whom you keep company who would," as if the notion were an appalling one. "But you are correct, regardless, that war is a messy business and as this is not the first through which I have prayed, I suspect it will not be the last. Enjoy your quiet," another little bow of her head was given then, with a smile that was both compassion touched and kindly. "Ladies," the women were stirred to life, stepping away from the wall to proceed her towards the door; the matronly Septa pausing to hold it open.

An amused smirk appears on Kell's face as Aeliana speaks of him and the Gods, causing him to shake his head, "The Seven and I aren't exactly… close. I do hold my vows to them of utmost importance. But I know that we need to rely more on ourselves than on the Gods above." When the Charlton Lady chooses to depart though, the Terrick Knight steps aside to give her and her maidens room to move, "Thank you, M'Lady, and please enjoy your stay here at the Roost. Your men appreciates your prayers and thoughts." Words spoken more out of experience than hollowness as Kell's eyes follows the Lady as she leaves the Sept, his views of her through this chance meeting clashing with the ones that he had pictured in his head.

"How may we be close to Gods, good Ser?" Aeliana inquires, pausing at the door to look back at him. "The faith we have that they may listen, no different than the faith we hold in ourselves, in the end. Do we accomplish what we choose too because we choose it, or because the Gods answer our prayers through us?" It's not a question that Ae herself even has an answer for. But rather, something that she has considered from time to time and likely will again. Yet she smiles to him regardless, an expression of quiet warmth. "Thank you for that, Ser Drakmoor. Though…I may doubt you somewhat. I think, ere positions were reversed, the only thing I would appreciate would be leaving with all my limbs and having a home to return to. It may be easier than the waiting for news. Ah, but I have promised you quiet," her head bows, "And so shall leave you to it." And with that, Aeliana swept out the door.

Kell has an answer for her question but chooses to keep to himself for the time being, perhaps next time they speak and she brings up faith again, he will give her the answer. As to her doubts, the knight shakes his head at that, "When we fight, we do not fight only for ourselves, but for our loved ones and for those who keep us in their thoughts. Without that… there is not much to motivate us then, is there." Then again, that is just the type of warrior he is, not one that is purely motivated by selfish glory. With Aeliana's final goodbye, Kell bows his head respectfully to the departing lady before turning back to the Seven after the door closes behind the Lady and her entourage.