Page 350: This Too Will Pass
This Too Will Pass
Summary: Saffron tries to sooth a tragic Katrin
Date: 7 July 2012
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Saffron Katrin 
Along the Coast, Terrick's Roost
There's a beach and stuff.
July 7, 289

The invite had arrived at Katrin's rooms in the early morning, couriered by the jovial and rotund Master Punbah Buttonton. Saffron Banefort has invited Katrin Haigh to meet her for a walk along the rocky shores of the Roost's edge — there is even a promise of a small lunch to be shared so the girls can have moments in quiet to speak. Hara Weatherfell has been said to be present to act as an escort and chaperone for the girls, but Katrin is more than welcome to bring her own caretaker. Just down from the little road that leads off the Green, Saffron now waits with her arm full of Bear and a little basket at her left. Hara is talking in earnest about something, and Saffron now and then nods in agreement.

Katrin has come, ready to enjoy the afternoon, dressed in a light gown of shifting greens to match her eyes. Septa Mira tags along, just to be sure that everything is well looked after. Somewhat sedated and calm to the point of lacking much enthusiasm for anything, she arrives at the indicated meeting spot, though a smile lights her lips. "I was pleased to get your invitation, Lady Saffron," she says by way of greeting.

Perhaps too masterful in observation, the sedate calm of the Haigh girl almost startles the smile right off her lips. Saffron sweeps up to her feet, moving to greet the girl with a gentle squeeze of her hand and kiss to her cheek. "Katrin, I am most pleased you accepted. I'm just sorry that we couldn't get together sooner." She offers her a ghost-lit smile. "So much is going on, isn't it?"

A more genuine smile appears. "Yes, it has been… quite an interesting few months I would say," Katrin replies with a nod and a returned kiss to the cheek. "I am quite glad that you made the invitation, in truth. The Roost can be a rather lonely place."

Saffron offers her a comforting smile, gathering up her arm with hers so the pair can walk side by side. Hara sweeps up the basket to follow, coming along side the girl's Septa with a polite smile. "Very busy and very lonely, I know," she says softly. "I've been meaning to talk with you — in fact, I was meaning to talk with you back at the tournament, but… well, the excitement around Stonebridge did its job in distracting thoughts on anything else." She purses her lips a bit. "But, at least Lord Rafferdy has been safely returned home…"

"I am sure that the excitement surrounding your betrothal announcement was also a factor," Katrin replies with a smile. "Ser Kamron seems a good man. I do hope that the two of you will be happy together." She squeezes Saffron's arm. "I admit that I am so very jealous. He is also a very handsome man," she adds teasingly. She's well schooled at keeping her expression constant because she does not even bat a lash as Rafferdy's name is mentioned. "Yes, I am sure his kin in House Nayland were grateful to see him back."

Saffron has to look a touch amused at the wearwithall of Katrin's expression, though she does offer the girl's arm a gentle squeeze. "I heard some rumor of a lady looking in on him," she says offhandedly as she continues along, guiding them down toward the rocky beach. She glances over her shoulder a bit toward Hara, who gives a knowing nod. Instantly, the Roost maid tries to engage the Septa in earnest conversation about Broadmoor, allowing the girls a bit of privacy in their own conversation. "He is alright then?" Saffron inquires to Katrin more hushed.

"He is a handsome man, Saffron," Katrin replies. "Any number of women might wish to look in on him." She shakes her head. Nope, she's not giving nothing up just yet. "From what I have heard, he survived his stay with the Charltons reasonably unharmed. But the Charltons would be fools to hurt him. We all know the Naylands are unpredictable and they would go to war if he had been injured or killed."

"Of course," Saffron replies in a casual note. "And all the cape needs is more war, I'm sure." A frown is pressed between her lips, and she looks down at their striding feet for a moment or two. "Katrin… I know you may not want to, and I understand the need for secrecy… but you would let me speak honestly with you, would you not?"

Katrin falls silent for a few moments. "I already know what you will tell me, Saffron," she says quietly. "They are all things that I have heard before. You are right that we cannot risk further turmoil within the Riverlands at the moment. I am well aware of the situation that we have all found ourselves in." But there's a pause. "Speak your mind if that is your wish."

"Oh, I am more than certain that you have heard it all," Saffron reassures with a half-tipped smile. "I'm not sure if I would have gone as far as turmoil, to be honest… it takes quite a lot for a trio of hearts to send an entire kingdom into turmoil. I'm guessing that it was Lady Muirenn who said that…"
Dark brows draw together as Katrin eyes Saffron. "I still await your point, Saffron," she says patiently. She is not short-tempered or even upset, but gently pointing out.

There is a slight flush of pink at her cheeks, and she tilts her head a bit. "My point is… that all is not lost, and that you are undeserving of whatever bad light is being cast upon you." Saffron offers her friend a small smile, though she seems a bit drawn.

"Assuming that what you believe is fact, what do you suggest, Saffron?" Katrin asks mildly. "I have my orders from my father to desist in seeing Lord Rafferdy and to encourage the affection Ser Martyn feels for me. Am I meant to just be a pawn in all of this?"

"Katrin," Saffron says suddenly, "I am sorry… I had all these wonderful words in my head, hopeful words and reassuring words, and things that would make you feel better… they have failed me it seems, a rare moment." The redheaded Banefort purses her lips as she looks down at her feet again, and she offers a slight shrug of her shoulders. "You make it sound as if it is a terrible thing, to be matched with Ser Martyn."

Katrin shakes her head, "Do not mistake me, Saffron," she says quietly. "I care for Ser Martyn. He is a gentle and kind man, but.. it is not the same as being in love," she says softly. "I have resolved myself to be true to Martyn, because if my father has his way, I will be his wife one day, but… I am in love. And each day that I am parted from him is another day of endless pain."

Saffron frowns a moment. "Love sounds so painful then," she remarks quietly, perhaps almost ignornantly. "The stories are all quite unfair in that regard. They are never terribly honest when it comes to love. Its always… happily ever after, but you do have to wonder how true that is. Is there really such a thing?" She finds herself rambling now as she continues their walk. "The pain though," she says after a moment of quiet thought, "it will pass. I've seen that to be true."

"It's frightening," Katrin says quietly. "Fear that you might not ever see him again. Fear that your father will find a way to keep you parted. Fear that you will have to choose between your heart and duty to your House. I do not know what I am supposed to do, Saffron. I do not want to hurt Martyn. I care for him too much for that."

Saffron offers her a friend a gentle smile. "If this was a storybook, Kat, I would tell you to follow your heart through and through… but there is so little good that ever comes from that." She tries her best to resist the frown that threatens at the corners of her lips. "Unless the stars change, we are all bound to the duty of our houses. Give your heart time — perhaps it will come to love Martyn. Maybe not with the same passion or the same undying, but love all the same. I would say that… that is a stronger kind of love anyway." She tilts her head a bit. "Right now, your love for Rafferdy is burning hot and fast, and it will run out of fuel if you don't keep throwing logs on it. You might end up chopping the whole forest down to keep it going. But, the affection you have for Martyn is a slow, constant burn that will outlast the longest Winter." She smiles softer now. "Take some comfort in that."

"I know, Saffron," Katrin says quietly. "Believe me, I know. I know that I could have a future with Martyn. That is all I have been managing to hold on to. He will treat me as if I am the only woman in the Seven Kingdoms. And I want to love him for that." She takes in a deep breath, twirling a strand of her hair. "Please do not say anything to anyone, not even Ser Kamron. Very few know about… Rafferdy. At least not with confirmation."

Saffron makes a gesture that looks like she is buttoning up her lips, and she offers the girl a nod of her head. "Not a word from me, Katrin… you have my word." She offers her friend a squeeze of her arm before she looks over toward Hara and the Septa. "We will lunch just down there, Mistress Hara," she announces louder, as if letting the maid know that they are done with their more whispered talk — for now.