Page 037: Things Change
Things Change
Summary: Hushed words are no longer secret anymore.
Date: 18 Aug 2011
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Alyse Damara Sarojyn 
Lord's Chamber
Thur August 18, 288

Evening has now descended up Talls Oaks and with it comes the quiet time in which everyone is off doing their own thing. Archers and Dafydd practice in the practice yard. Alyse and Seryl are tending to their respective duties. Quietness lingers within the hall, disturbed only by the faint rustle of the breeze. Enjoying that simply sound for a moment, Saro finally breaks from the minor trance that had claimed him and as he begins to head towards the stairs, he's stopping a passing servant to murmer, "Please send a runner to invite Mistress Kells to the Keep. As well, have tea brought up to my room." With a slight bow, the servant turns to go attend to the task.

Now, within his room, Saro has moved towards the window, opening it so that the can breeze can drift through here. The tea has already been delivered, set upon the table along with some fresh bread and a pitcher of wine. Turning away from the window, he sets to pacing for a moment before finally moving himself to settle into one of the chairs.

The request is given at her home, where Damara has spent her time trying to keep busy and think less on the loss while traveling and perhaps more to come. Then the runner finds her, she says she will attend but takes longer to get ready. There is no dress this time, just her blouse and skirts that she had changed into to cool off.

She stands outside his doors now, having come down the hall with a quick look back and then forth, as if to prevent herself from being seen. The Mistress lifts a hand to the chamber door and places a soft knock there with her scarred knuckles. Her hand lowers back to her side and she waits, patiently with a dip of her head. Green eyes flicker back down the corridor.

Reaching across the table, Saro's lifting the pitcher of wine so as to fill the glass before him and as the pitcher settles back down, he's taking a moment to look into the glass. Then, it's claimed within his hand and lifted to his lips, a slight sip taken before he's lowering it back down. Fingers idly brush against the cup and when that knock finally comes to fall upon the door, his eyes are shifting in it's direction.

Rising from his seat, he's settling the cup upon the table before he begins to cross the short spanse of floor to the door, and when it's finally reached he's pulling it open. Catching sight of her has him standing to the side, an arm lifting to motion her to enter as he offers, "Please. Come in."

Realizing her sleeves are yet rolled up partially, she goes through the motion but stops from undoing them. Damara dips her head to him and steps inside, looking to the open window first then the soft lighting within the room. The tea brings a smile to her lips but she waits there, just inside before looking over towards him. "My Lord.." She says and bites at her lip, turning to look back out over the room, her heart starting to thrum heavier in her chest. Her eyes close slightly to try to calm herself.

Sarojyn had been 'good' while they were guests at Terrick's Roost, not having summoned her to his chambers for anything, including business. Now that they've returned back to Tall Oaks, though, it would seem that is something that he wishes to change. Her entry into the room and greeting draws a slight pause before he's dipping his head a touch towards hers, "Evening. Please, have a seat if you like. There's wine or tea and some freshly baked bread." With her inside, he moves to shut the door before making his way over towards the table.

"You didn't have need to have such laid out.." Damara says gently but there is still that smile upon her face. "Thank you." She moves to towards what is set out and lifts a cup, setting to pouring herself some tea and looking to the bread. Her stomach makes a quiet complaint as if its own realization that it hadn't had anything to eat. This brings her about and away from the food to look at him. "The Oaks are always such a blessing…made even more so after being away." She tells Sarojyn, studying him as she means to figure out what he might have spoke of with the Terricks.

"I figured a light snack and something to drink would do well," is the offered reply as Saro moves to claim his wine, lifting it to his lips to take a small sip. Lowered back down, he gives a nod of his head and the faintest of chuckles, "In all honesty, I couldn't wait to return to the Oaks. While I enjoyed the hospitality that we were shown .. it was simply not the same as being here. At home." His seat is claimed, a sligth shift of his body made to keep his attention on her. "But, I think things went well with the Terricks."

"That is well then…though with the ill happenings, one is to think that we may have brought some home with us. I do hope not." Damara says and sips at her tea, watching as he partakes of the wine. She looks to the window and the air moving inward from it. Slowly she leaves the smell of the bread which makes her stomach gurgle in favor of the sight outside. Her head tilts up as she looks outward, her gaze taking in the star ridden sky as she smiles even more for it. The sound of music from the homes below filling the air faintly even here. A fife. There is an audible sigh from her.

"That is good to hear.." Damara comments off-handedly before she turns to look at him, finding the bread there for her. The mistress' stomach grumbles audibly now and even as she means to turn it down, she flushes with color. Instead her hand lifts and she takes the offered token with a soft thanks, taking a small bite at first - it only opens up a deluge to come. A smile touches her lips and she takes another, this one a little more bold as she looks back out the window. "And we leave again, soon." She comments between consuming the bread.

Someone is knocking at the door.
From Chamber Corridor you hear shouting: Papa? Can I come in? I want to talk to yoooou.

When the bread is taken, Sarojyn can't help but give a slight nod of his head as the smile warms upon his lips. Then, the mention of leaving again as him offering a murmered, "Aye .. we do. For that, I am sorry. There is something that we must attend to. A request that was made of us." His hand then falls to her shoulder, but at the sound of the shouting, the hand then falls away and he's taking a step back, turning to face the door. A sigh escapes his lips before he's lifting his voice to respond.

At the knock and the young Lady's voice, Damara hesitates and her eyes widen a second. "I…I should go.." She says softly, holding tea and bread in hand yet. She makes a move for the table.

Alyse arrives from the Chamber Corridor.
Alyse has arrived.

At this particular moment, Sarojyn is standing somewhat near to the window, while Damara has made her way towards a small table in the room, a cup of tea in one hand and a piece of bread in the other. After having called out, he's cast a look back over towards Damara, only to give a slight shake of his head, "No, no. No need of that." A smile hints upon his lips and then he's looking back over towards the doorway and the impending arrival.

The Mistress, not in her usual wears that telltale blouse with sleeves rolled up and a set of blue skirts layered. It is something simple and not really fancy in any respect, but her hair is down and not in a twist or braid as per usual. As she stands near the table, the hearth not far behind her, she looks to Sarojyn and stills at his request. Setting down the bread, she keeps her tea and watches the door a moment before she looks away at…anything.

Alyse comes bouncing into the room, an armfull of scrolls clutched to her chest. Only to skiiiiiiiiiiiid to a stop and look between Damara and her father. "Oh whoops!" She smiles. "Were you talking? Hey Damara! I don't think I've ever seen you with your hair down. It looks nice!" She tromps on over with her scrolls and looks for a place to spread them out. Finally, she opts for the bed.

Alyse's entry into the room has Sarojyn lifting a hand to run it lightly through his hair as he casts a look over towards Damara and then back to his daughter, to whom he offers a quick smile, "Evening, Alyse." The mention of the Mistress' hair as him looking back towards her, the smile warming once more before he lets his gaze return to the younger Camden as she moves to the bed with those scrolls. ".. Why are you carrying a bunch of scrolls?"

Damara does her best to look innocent and she smiles gently. "Thank you, my Lady. I don't often have a reason to wear it down." Her gaze flickers up to meet Sarojyn's and she actually colors some at her cheeks. The scrolls get a look and slowly the tea is set down. "It looks as though you two are gong to be busy. I will excuse myself." She says gently and looks to the door as she grasps at her skirts. "At your leave." Either of them will do.

Alyse shakes her head adamently. "No no! You stay Damara! You can come talk to me about this too. I've been thinking about doing some…" The young woman pauses suddenly, looking back between the two 'older' adults. "Wait. Is something going on? Did it just get wierd in here?"

Looking back over towards Damara, Sarojyn doesn't immediately answer her request to leave and when Alyse voices her desire to stay, he's turning towards the bed with a motion of his hand, "It would seem, Damara, that you have need to stay." There's a faint chuckle that escapes the man's lips as he looks back to his daughter, "Wierd? A little, perhaps. But, what is it that you need? Because one doesn't simply run through the halls with an armful of scrolls for nothing."

As they both bid her to stay, Damara rises and releases her skirts, looking a bit uncertain as she moves about the edge of the room to watch them. She hangs back a little but stands at ready to assist should either of them need. Her eyes watch Sarojyn closely as her interacts with his daughter and a smile slowly returns to her lips. Her green eyes flicker back to Alyse and there is a gentlenss there that remains always for the Camdens. She is quiet and merely observes.

Alyse's face grows suspicious for a moment and then she ohhhhhhhs. "Oh. Whoops. Were you going to ask her to marry you again?" Her eyes are wide as she looks at her father. "Cause I could help convince her." She looks at Damara. "You should marry Papa. He loves you and I love you and Seryl loves you and you're like a second mother to us." She nods earnestly.

As Alyse begins to speak, the smile fades from Sarojyn's lips for his mouth has dropped open out of sheer and utter shock. And, he stays like that for a moment before he begins to shake his head, almost feverishly. Finally, while still shaking his head, his hands lift to give little motions that look almost like a mini-flail as he says, "No, no!" Pause. "Alyse! Enough! No!" It would seem that in this instance, his list of available words has dramatically decreased to three.

The easy smile that had been upon her lips is slow to dissolve as Alyse lets loose what she knows. Quiet shock, no flailing but the Mistress becomes three shades of red in less than a second and she takes a step slightly back, her eyes darting down at first. Lips part and she finally finds air to draw a breath, her brows furrowing as she looks up at Sarojyn as if for answers and then back to Alyse. Swallowing slowly, she clears her throat and offers in her respectful tone, complete with strained embarassment. "As I care for you all as well, my Lady. It is not quite so simple as that.." She tries to salvage the situations he suddenly feels so out of place in. Her gaze remains down and she teeters a little, giving that door a very considering look before she feels the urge to flee rising up so high that it will choke her.

Alyse suddenly looks a little frightened when her father reacts like that. Her face pales and she stands stock still, taking in everyone's behaviour. Without warning, she turns and flees from the room, not even bothering to grab her scrolls up.

Sarojyn isn't even sure where to go with this particular line of conversation and when Alyse suddenly bails from the room, his hand lifts to cover his face as he gives a quick shake of his head. Then, when it begins to fall away, he's turning so as to settle his gaze upon the Falconer before he takes a couple of steps towards her, "Damara. I'm -so- sorry. I didn't know she'd say anything like that. She mentioned that Seryl had told her about us and I told her about my feelings and what we had decided … but I really didn't think she'd do that."

As Alyse flees, Damara lifts her head, taking a step as if to follow but keeping herself in place. It is Sarojyn that moves towards her that brings her about. Her hand lifts to forestall and shakes her head. "You spoke what you wished, my Lord." She says softly. "It is best you tend your daughter…." Her eyes lift to the door and she looks back to him. Hesitating, she draws a breath, "I wish you had not said anything. About…our wishes." Our. "You need to marry into a noble line…not into one who mucks the bottoms of roosts. It is just that, plain and simple. Because of Tall Oaks…because of who you are; neither of your children realize the need for this." Damara realizes at least, even if Saro doesn't.

To her words, Sarojyn is giving a slight shake of his head before a hand lifts to come rest lightly against the side of her arm, providing she doesn't pull away. "It's not like I could help it, Damara. She asked if we were going to marry and when I told her no, she asked why. While I may avoid such questions with my brothers and cousins, my children deserve to know the truth and I won't lie to them about you or my feelings." There's a slight pause as he looks to the door, eyes lingering there for a moment before he's looking back towards her. "I need not do anything of the sort. I have done so once already and have a heir. Now, I think you are right, Alyse should be attended to." He pauses again, eyes remaining focused on Damara this time, "But .. I think we both need to speak with her. Together."

She doesn't pull away, but there is a dip of her head and for a moment she has to steady herself to keep from bursting. "Together…" She says that to herself and then adds, "There is no together…we are not." Damara says that faintly and then lifts her head. "Because I let myself give into selfish wants this has happened, it is best we speak to her separately and please…" She starts, feeling herself twitch a little as she finally takes a step back. "I beg of you to cease calling on me. This will make things a little more…less complicated for your children." She says, "The world is not..forgiving…they can not be so starry eyed." Perhaps that is a bit of bitterness rearing it's head or perhaps she has spent too much time with the Captain at Arms. Either way, that next step back is a heavy one.

There's no interruptions from Sarojyn as Damara speaks and it's only when she finally finishes and takes that last step back that the Lord of Tall Oaks gives a firm shake of his head, "If any is to blame for the actions of my children, it is myself, Damara. They have been raised as I saw fit and in a manner that most nobles would look down upon. Will I admit that it's the best way? No." He gives a slight shake of his head with that. "But, it's the Camden way. We are not everyone else. We do not bow to the pressures of the other Houses or to the standards that they impose. If we did, we would simply begin to lose who we truly are." A step towards her is then reclaimed. "Do I regret what has happened? No. Would I change it? No." Another step is taken. "You spend much of your time trying to protect me and mine, Damara, and for that I will be ever in your debt. But now and for this? Let me worry about the complications and issues that arise. I love you and will not lose you over something like this."

The Mistress is programmed to not draw away, so those last steps were hard ones. And so when the Lord reclaims them, one by painstaking one, Damara is holding her ground as best she can. THe urge internally to leave is strong and his words drive home that pressure that had once stolen her strength around him. Eyes close and she exhales slowly, "Then what am I to be to them? How am I to act?" She looks about the chamber and then up at him. "If we are not wed, I am a Mistress in another sense and will you explain that to your daughter too? Your son?" She asks softly. "I protect you because you are all I have left. You and yours. This…us, it changes things. I am the Falconer to House Camden…what am I now?"

Sarojyn's blue-green eyes regard Damara with a soft-hearted intesity and at her words, a warm smile begins to tug upon his lips once more. "You will be exactly what you have been to them for the past several years, Damara. That does not need to change and it should not. They know you, respect you and have come to love you." A hand lifts towards her, as if silently asking for her hand, though he doesn't reach out and claim it. "I will explain things to them as necessary. We are adults, ones who have married before and choose not to marry at this time. To us, there is a difference. To others, there is not." By others, he may be referring to those outside the woods. "But I will see that my children understand. As to what you would be? That is simple. Falconer to House Camden and Confident to the Lord of Tall Oaks. Someone who I seek advice from, much as I do my brothers and cousins. If I could convince you, I would make you the Lady of Tall Oaks as well. For now, I will settle for just having us. Our personal life need not be explained anymore then we wish it."

The seeking of her hand is not lost and after a moments thought, he lifts her smaller scarred one to his. Damara untenses some and nods, listening as her eyes search his chest. A soft smile tugs a her lips, "I can more be Lady of Tall Oaks than could you not be the Lord of Tall Oaks." She again stands strong to her position and in quiet thought her thumb moves over the back of his knuckles, brushing them gently. "I would like to keep us just for ourselves." She says softly. "But your daughter needs tending to in any case. I will go find her first." His hand is given a light squeeze and despite all her words from earlier, it appears the Mistress is willing to bend.

When her hand comes to his, Sarojyn allows his fingers to curl lightly around hers as he dips his head in a slight bow towards her, a gesture of silent thanks. The smile deepens a touch upon his lips before he's murmering, "You are wrong there, Damara, for you would be a wonderful Lady to our people." Another dip of his head is given and he's taking a half step towards her. "Then, we will keep us, between us." The mention of his daughter has him casting a quick look to the door before he looks back to her, a soft chuckle escaping past his lips as he offers, "In that, your advice is sound and one that I shall bow to. Please, seek me out after you've spoken to her?" That squeeze is returned and is followed by a soft brush of his thumb. "I fear that I may need your advice on how best to broach this subject with her."